Honoring Officers Killed in 1979

Officer Fred L. Lucy

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, FL

EOW: Monday, January 8, 1979

Cause: Aircraft accident

Agent Ronald P. Chelius

Nevada Division of Investigation and Narcotics, NV

EOW: Tuesday, March 13, 1979

Cause: Gunfire

Inspector Austin Dewey Gay

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement, FL

EOW: Saturday, April 14, 1979

Cause: Gunfire

Inspector Kenneth G. Ward

United States Department of the Treasury - United States Customs Service, US

EOW: Thursday, May 24, 1979

Cause: Gunfire

Captain Roy Huskey

Rutherford County Sheriff's Office, NC

EOW: Thursday, May 31, 1979

Cause: Gunfire

Park Ranger Ward W. Hall

United States Department of the Interior - National Park Service, US

EOW: Monday, July 16, 1979

Cause: Automobile crash

Patrolman David R. Wiley

Mayfield Village Police Department, OH

EOW: Wednesday, September 5, 1979

Cause: Gunfire (Inadvertent)

Agent Harold Lane Caldwell

Mississippi Department of Public Safety - Bureau of Narcotics, MS

EOW: Friday, September 14, 1979

Cause: Gunfire

Pilot Weldon Smith

United States Department of Justice - Immigration and Naturalization Service - United States Border Patrol, US

EOW: Friday, October 19, 1979

Cause: Aircraft accident

Patrolman John Coffey

Millston Police Department, WI

EOW: Saturday, October 27, 1979

Cause: Automobile crash

K9 Sarge

Garrett County Sheriff's Office, MD

EOW: Thursday, January 18, 1979

Cause: Stabbed

K9 Rex III

Chicago Police Department, IL

EOW: Tuesday, February 13, 1979

Cause: Exposure to toxins

K9 Beau

Altoona Police Department, PA

EOW: Tuesday, April 17, 1979

Cause: Gunfire

K9 Sieger

Chicago Police Department, IL

EOW: Monday, May 14, 1979

Cause: Exposure to toxins

K9 Vem

Napa Police Department, CA

EOW: Monday, July 2, 1979

Cause: Stabbed

K9 Magnum

Saddle River Police Department, NJ

EOW: Saturday, July 28, 1979

Cause: Struck by vehicle