Fallen Canine Replacement Grant

We understand that losing a K9 officer in the line of duty profoundly affects a handler, a department, and the community in which the K9 worked. To honor those K9s who have sacrificed their lives to protect their communities, ODMP has partnered with the Stanton Foundation to fund the purchase of a new K9 for the agency and to outfit that K9 with a bulletproof vest.

The Stanton Foundation was created by Dr. Frank Stanton, long-time president of CBS, and includes canine welfare as a primary mission. The Foundation has funded several canine programs, including the acquisition and training of K9 officers for police departments in Massachusetts. On January 1st, 2017, the Foundation expanded its K9 grants to departments that lose a K9 in the line of duty.

The program is non-competitive and is open to any government-recognized police department in the United States. The Stanton Foundation will award grants to any eligible department that successfully completes the application process. To determine your department’s eligibility status or to download an application, please visit the Stanton Foundation's Fallen K9 Replacement Grants website.

After reviewing the Foundation’s website, please email the Foundation at [email protected] with any additional questions.