Honoring Officers Killed in 1986

Officer Thomas M. Rees

West Jordan Police Department, UT

EOW: Sunday, February 23, 1986

Cause: Gunfire (Inadvertent)

Sergeant William J. Chapin

Ithaca College Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management, NY

EOW: Saturday, March 15, 1986

Cause: Drowned

Special Agent Jerry Dove

United States Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation, US

EOW: Friday, April 11, 1986

Cause: Gunfire

Sheriff Osborne Bell

Marshall County Sheriff's Department, MS

EOW: Wednesday, May 7, 1986

Cause: Gunfire

Border Patrol Agent Norman Ray Salinas

United States Department of Justice - Immigration and Naturalization Service - United States Border Patrol, US

EOW: Monday, August 4, 1986

Cause: Automobile crash

Lieutenant Leo Chavez

Valencia County Sheriff's Office, NM

EOW: Friday, December 12, 1986

Cause: Automobile crash

Special Agent William Ramos

United States Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration, US

EOW: Wednesday, December 31, 1986

Cause: Gunfire

K9 Yeager

Phoenix Police Department, AZ

EOW: Wednesday, January 1, 1986

Cause: Fall

K9 Gero

Gainesville Police Department, FL

EOW: Thursday, January 23, 1986

Cause: Gunfire

K9 Max II

Chicago Police Department, IL

EOW: Sunday, February 9, 1986

Cause: Exposure to toxins


Ontario Police Department, CA

EOW: Wednesday, July 2, 1986

Cause: Gunfire

K9 Murph

Tempe Police Department, AZ

EOW: Friday, November 21, 1986

Cause: Gunfire

K9 Ingo

Metro Nashville Police Department, TN

EOW: Thursday, December 4, 1986

Cause: Gunfire