Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza

San Francisco Police Department, California

End of Watch Saturday, April 10, 2004

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Reflections for Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza

The trial starts and the pain rushes in all over. I cannot tell you how much it hurts. I cried a bucket full this morning, just thinking about it. No one knows the pain unless they have walked in our shoes, lost someone so young, who you loved and admired so much. Someone to young to die. Riped from us, like our heart torn out of our chest. A life taken from us. A life taken from me.

The trial brings back all the loss, like it is new. I am torn, I leave but want to stay. My time away will only be mixed with missing my family while the family stays. They will sit in a courtroom, their hearts breaking, but unable to show their emotions. Sitting there without showing their pain. It is just not fair. Not to them, and espeailly not fair to the young wife and child left behind.

I will think of you each day and pray that the family stays strong. Always YOUR Auntie

September 27, 2006

My beautiful Godson, you are never forgotten.

September 25, 2006


Although it's been a while since I've written, I still continue to think of you and your family and am still reminded of the little amount of time we're put on this earth to do the best we can to make an impact. I'm currently on my last deployment before I retire from the Marine Corps and am still looking forward and excited to putting on a new uniform. I pray that all is well with Bella, Renata and your wonderful family.

US Marine from Class 12

September 25, 2006


Hope to be visiting you soon, its been a while...It's easier if I go by myself and take in the beauty of the cemetary and be thankful for life, who knows how long we have. I don't want to have a sad visit and give up that energy to negative thoughts. I enjoy our time and pray for your family and friends' strength, we all miss you. P B

patty b.
sfpd mids

September 19, 2006


We love you and miss you so much... You are always in our thoughts and prayers. AM

September 18, 2006

You will always be remembered, your beautiful face warm smile. Your Uncle is always talking about you,last week he had a Flat tire on his Car trailer coming home from work it was very late and he didnt think that he would make it, cause it started to smoke and grind really bad. Because of the heaviness of the truck he couldnt change the tire with the jack that he had. He called to tell me how bad it was I prayed and told him to pray that God would bring him home and his workers home safe. Well he called back half hour later and told me that Isaac and his Dad was carrying that side of the truck for him, because there was no more smoke and no more grinding it was as if he didnt even have a flat. Crying he said Isaac and my Dad are my Guardian Angels,always watching out for me.
We all Love and miss you very much.....

September 7, 2006

I was driving into work this morning and was listening to a song named 'The Wind Beneath my Wings' and thought of your Popo. I cried,, then I thought of you. You were a lot like your Popo. Popo always made us feel like we were the most important person in the world. He made us feel like we could do anything. He always looked at the positive and rarely said anything negative to you kids. Isaac, you were a lot like your Grandfather in so many ways. I looked up to him like I looked up to you. WE all lost so much when we lost him and we lost (him) more when we lost you. I love you so much and miss you so much. You will never be forgotten. Watch over us and over me today, Your Auntie

September 6, 2006

So much has changed Iz since you've left us, and life isn't the same, so much that use to matter, just doesn't anymore. It's like an emptiness inside and I don't care anymore. I feel like a part of me died when you died. It's sad cuz it should bring people together but it just tore us apart. I can't deal w/ bs and phoniness, I have no patience and I know this is sprirling from this day, I just know it. I love you, pls watch over me and guide me.

September 1, 2006


As I told Birco, you two MUST have been there for us last night, for real! I'm tired of the anger and coldness in people's hearts, it seems to get worse. Now can you understand why we value you sooo much and why you are thought of often! You bring out the good in people, goodness which spread during your time here, and even after...

Adele, I saw your husband and he showed me a pic of the baby, she's beautiful!!! Congrats and much happiness, smiles, and laughter! He's sooo proud, his face totally lit up!

Please be with us on Sept. 4 at about 2100 for a Labor Day dinner held in Birco's name (EVERYONE WELCOME, PLEASE ATTEND). Love u brother, thank-u, PB.

Patty B.
SFPD, Bayview MIDS

August 28, 2006

I wanted to leave a reflection to let you know I was thinking of you today and that you have not been forgotten. I know your loved ones think of you every hour of every day. Keep visiting them in their dreams as you have done in the past to let them know you are okay. Keep watch over them. I know your parents would trade places with you as I would with my son in a heart beat if we could so that you could both be here to be with your families and live your dreams. You are a hero and heroes never die and you will never be forgotten.

Bob Gordon, father of fallen Chicago Officer
Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

Bob Gordon, Chicago Gold Star Father

August 28, 2006

I had a dream with u in it last week. You walked in to one of our family parties with one of your boys and u were so happy. You had a smile on ur face that i never seen before. Then u gave me the biggest hugs of ur life and you smelled sooooo good. I asked u what was that smell, and u said, "well, u know." Then u walked away ... with that happy bounce walk u had. You were so happy! I woke feeling happy allll day because u came to me in my dream. I love u. Del

August 21, 2006

Life goes on without you, but you are in our hearts, and will not be forgotten. We all miss you. Love Sonia

August 19, 2006

Dear Espinoza Family,
I too would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting my good friend Nick rest next to Isaac. These last few weeks have been rather difficult and I can only imagine how it was and still is for you. There are times that I really struggle to understand why bad things happen to good people. We need more people in the world like Nick and Isaac. I visit Nick frequently and this last Wednesday I was there I left a flower for Isaac. My son asked me why I did that and I explained to him what you had done for Nick. My son wants to get Nick a little heart when he gets his stone and now he wants to get one for Isaac too. Thank you for your kindness and may you always be reminded of the good times that you had with Isaac as I remember those with Nick.

Claudia U
Friend of Officer Nick Birco EOW 72606

August 18, 2006

I think of you often, but today you have been on my mind a lot. I have come to this page twice today. This time I thought I would leave you a message to say Hello and tell you that I love you.


August 17, 2006

Who are you "Little Carmen"? We would all love to meet you, especially someone who loved Isaac. Please let us know next time.

August 16, 2006

I saw the movie, The Twin Towers. My every emotion reminded me of my experience of losing you. There were so many heroes on 9/11; those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who labored tirelessly looking for survivors. Heroes; all heroes. One comforting thought is that you now "live" with so many heroes; ie, War heroes, 9/11 heroes, Law Enforcement heroes, Fire Department heroes, Marine heroes, Military heroes. You are models of bravery, self-sacrifice and love for others. (I am the resurection and the life. He who believes in me, even if he dies, will 'live,' and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. John 11:25). M.

August 16, 2006

I love you and I miss you.

Always thinking of you.

"Your Little Carmen"


August 15, 2006

Espinoza family,

I remember 2 years ago when Isaac lost his life so tragically in the line of duty. I read many articles about Isaac and thought of the pain that your family must be going through.I remember talking to Nick about him-how he worked out at the same gym, how he was a local Daly City boy and how they worked together in the Bayview . Nick kept his memory alive by wearing t-shirts ("ISAAC WOULD")and sharing stories about him.

These past few weeks I have felt the exact pain that you were going through 2 years ago. When we lost Nick, it hurt beyond belief. I thought of Isaac and how they were somewhat the same...both local SSF/DC boys, working in the Bayview, seeing each other at work, (but sadly) both losing their lives in the line of duty.

The one thing that has brought a smile to my face is that you have allowed them to be together-buried right by each others sides. I cannot tell you how happy that has made me. I cannot tell you how much that means to his family and friends. Your gesture was so kind and you have eased my personal pain knowing he is with a friend. Words cannot thank you enough.I laugh sometimes because I know that Nick is probably talking Isaac's ear off-all the time, all day. (Nick talked A LOT-I'm sure Isaac knew that since they worked together)

To personally thank you all-I promise that when I visit Nick, I will always say hello to Isaac and tell him what a wonderful family he has. And of course, I might tell Nick to stop talking so much to Isaac in case he needs to rest :)

My deepest thanks and condolences to a great and loving family. Isaac would be so proud.

Friend of Nick Tomasito Birco EOW 072606

August 10, 2006

When I lost my partner in 1994,(Jim Guelff EOW 11/13/94) my son was only four years old. I thought he was too young to understand what was going on. Then one day, as I was heading out the door for work. He stops me and hands me a picture he had drawn. It was a kind of stick figure holding a gun in one hand and a nightstick in the other. I thanked him and asked what the picture was about. He looked up at me with all of the wisdom his fours had given him and said “ Dad, everyone needs a partner...”

A heart-felt thanks goes to the Espinoza family. What a beautiful gesture. It is very comforting to know that our guys are together.


From the Members of Bayview Station

Sgt. Sherman W. Lee
Bayview Station-Third Watch

August 9, 2006

We celebrated Isabella's Sixth birthday today. She had a good turnout, lots of little cousins and friends. She had a pinata and a big jumper. She received lots of beautiful presents. She was happy. We missed you. The color you selected for your 49er room is so beautiful. Your house is so beautiful. It is so amazing how you designed your addition to your house. You sent the drawings back to the architect so many times because he didn't get it right the way you wanted it. I can't get over how you only lived in your house for two years when you decided to put in your addition. It saddens me that you are not here to enjoy the addition you so looked forward to living in. The police and everyone who pitched in to complete your house did such a beautiful job. Your yard, deck and Isabella's swing and slide area are so perfect. You would be so happy. We miss how you made all of us happy. I love you, Mom.

August 6, 2006

Hi! Nick was my cousin and I just wanted to say "thank you" to you, Officer Espinoza, and to your wonderful family for their warm and caring thoughts of having my cousin rest next to you. I did not get a chance to meet your family and personally thank them. It's a good feeling that even at times like this that even though you are no longer with us, your loved ones who are left behind still look out for your brother's family and no matter how much it hurts, they remain strong and supportive. It's a comforting feeling for my auntie, my uncle and their kids and grand kids. Again, thank you.

LA - San Francisco

August 4, 2006

Thank-you for having Birco next to Zak, we are so comforted by this, they are not alone. I simply can't believe this, the same department/station/night watch, and two wonderful men. Just 2 years ago, I stood in the same places and said goodbye to Zak...its not fair. I'm selfish, I want them back and I want their families happy again.

Your family is so wonderful to have participated in all of the services, as it must hurt them and remind them of losing you. It was good to see you Carol, Aunties, Regina, Renata, and Big Cuz. Thank-you!

Bella, wishing you a blessed 6th bday to a beautiful little girl!

patty b. bayview mids

August 3, 2006

He was his mother's precious baby, he was his fathers loving son
He was his sister's favorite brother, he was a friend to everyone.
He had a life that had a meaning, he had a future with his wife,
He had children whom he lived for, he had a job that took his life

Not a badge or a uniform, not a flashing blue light,
Not a faceless nameless officer,not a siren in the night,
He was...

He never called himself a hero, just an ordinary man
But there were things that he believed in, and a need to take a stand
So he lived each day with courage and he prayed each night for strength
And his life must now be measured by its depth, not by its length

Not a badge or a uniform, not a flashing blue light,
Not a faceless nameless officer,not a siren in the night,
He was...

He was his mother's precious baby, he was his fathers loving son
He was his sister's favorite brother, he was a friend to everyone.

When I read these lyrics, I thought of your mother and the pain she feels everyday. Now that I'm a mother, I could never imagine the pain of losing my child. You were her baby. She held you in her arms when you cried. She stayed up with you all night when you were sick. You soothed by her voice. I know she loved you like no other. You were her baby boy.
People always told me that you will never know... or even imagine the pain of losing a child unless you are a mother yourself. I hope that I will never know or even understand the pain, but I can only imagine the heartache you feel everyday. I love you aunt carol. Just thinking of you today as I hold my angel in my arms. God Bless you always. You were and still are a great mother.
May god bring you peace.
I love you , Adele

August 1, 2006

This past weekend was the 3rd Annual Isaac Espinoza Softball Tournament. Isabella pitched the first ball at the Championship Game. It was a fast and perfect pitch. We were so proud of her. Everyone was smiling and clapped for her. She was so happy to be at the game with our family and friends. She didn't want to leave when it was over. I remember your last week here on earth. You had two softball games and Isabella went to both of them with you. I went to one. Isabella loves softball. She remembers you playing softball with her. We miss you, Mom

July 31, 2006

Hi baby,

Just wanted to come by and tell you how much I miss you! There isnt a day where I dont think about you. Its a little harder right now because a couple of days ago, another of your Bayview brothers was killed in the line of duty. This sucks cause it makes me think of how much his family is suffering right now.

It reminds me of your death and all the sadness and pain that sorrounded me when u were taken away. It's really hard cause I understand what they are going thru, I wish I could take their pain away.

I will be attending Nick's funeral and it makes me a little scared cause I know that it will bring back so many memories. He will be buried next to you, your brother in blue. Please give me strength to make it thru the funeral and please watch over him and his family.

Bella will be six years old that day and that gives me strenth to know that I will come home and see her beautiful smile and know that we willm be okay. We will be going to her most favorite restaurant that night.
She will be happy and we will talk about the first time we took her there. Wish you where here!

I love you always.


July 31, 2006

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