Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza

San Francisco Police Department, California

End of Watch Saturday, April 10, 2004

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Reflections for Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza


Sentencing is coming up and its been a long haul for you family, please be there for them and remind them to be strong with that comforting way you had. You could smile and charm anyone into handcuffs and into the back of a patrol car, I swear! Haahaa.
No matter what, it won't be enough for what was done to you and the sadness we've endured. No one seems to care what happens to us on the streets, its like an occupational hazard when we get hurt- even maliciously. Its ridiculous, but yet we still perform our duties with the utmost "intestinal fortitude" and energy that we would hope any other officer to have while keeping our own neighborhoods safe. Tu sabes! Prayers and blessings to you and yours always...

Bayview MIDS

March 17, 2007

I come to this page often to look at your face and to remember what was. I love you and will never forget the beauty you gave to everyone you came in contact with. I miss you.

March 13, 2007

Hi Isaac,

I haven't written to you in a while and I apologize for that..... I just wanted to you to know that I am reminded of you, your wonderful family and your brothers and sisters at SFPD weekly when I walk through the academy doors......

I have been talking to a couple of "your cadets" from Class 12.... One of them is over in the "sand box" as we speak and another is getting ready to go over in August. Normally I would be worried to the point of an ulcer as one of the nominated "Team Moms" but I know their "Blue Angel" is watching over them..... THANK YOU ISAAC!

The one that is over there now was asking me if "Class 12 and Isaac are still remembered." I wanted to smack him upside his head! Of course everything is remembered....You are the first on the Wall of Warriors. Your photo collage is the first thing that the Senior class sees when they walk in the door.... The junior class is not allowed to have photos yet! LOL When asking for permission to talk to Tac, the knocker was made to be a SFPD shield. Your 6' photo hangs directly outside the Tac office... So basically when they are in HUGE trouble, they not only have to answer to Tac, they also have to look at you and answer to you as they leave..... You are everywhere in this academy, in all of our departments, and our lives..... Once again, THANK YOU Isaac.......

Spring is on it's way (even though it rained AGAIN down here tonight) Thank you for continuing to remind us about what is truly important on this earth...... I hope that your family is doing well. They are such wonderful people. I will never ever forget playing catch with Bella and her bear on Class 12's graduation night... She is such a treasure.......

I am going to close now my Brother as tears are starting to come to my eyes.... THANK YOU ISAAC for everything you continue to do and work through in our lives....

God Bless

R.Akans #1354

March 7, 2007

Isaac today is Ash Wednesday, we cannot believe another anniversary is a few days away, you are still very much in our thoughts and prayers, we still miss you very much.


February 21, 2007


Do not follow where the path may lead...go instead where there is no path and blaze a trail.

February 21, 2007

A Valentines Day Thought,

Good friends are like great memories
They dont fade with the passage of time...

Sgt. Sherman Lee
Bayview Station-Third Watch

February 15, 2007

Thinking about you today, Valentine's Day, and everyday. I miss you. Mom

February 14, 2007

You are always on my mind.

February 8, 2007

I see him when she wakes up
I see him when she sleeps
I see him when she smiles
I see him when she weeps
I see him when I'm hurting and when I can't go on
I feel him in her kisses and in
her loving hugs and when she looks at me
I see him in her eyes
I hear him when she talks and see him when she walks
I feel his love in her heartbeat and when I hold her tight
and then there are those times when we are feeling sad and miss him so much the good times that we shared the happiness we had
Our lives were torn apart one cruel cold night when a murdered had no mercy and took away his life.
Our hopes and dreams were shattered our lives never the same that very cold night never to come home again.
His blood is in his hands and justice will be done.
And when she asks me where her Daddy is, I feel him give me strength and point at her heart and tell her there he is.
She asks why she can't see him or hold him tight
I say Daddy's in heaven but it dosen't mean goodbye cause for now Daddy's an Angel in a blue uniform watching over her from above
One day we'll get too see him and be the family that we where meant to be forever happily
She looks at me and smiles and then she holds me tight as she whispers so sweet and kind I love you Daddy have a Goodnight.

February 1, 2007

Just thinking a lot about you today, especially at mass. We all miss you very much. Always in our hearts and prayers.


January 28, 2007

Just thinking about you today.

January 28, 2007

Last week I was in the area of Bayview Station, so I stopped by to see your garden. The garden is still beautiful as I last remembered it. As I looked at the plants I saw a few lemon bushes and a pepper bush. I thought how great, fresh vegtables growing. It put a smile on my face. I was met by Officer Petterson. He took me inside the station and showed me three places where pictures of you hung. In one place a picture of you and a picture of Nick Birco hung side by side.

What a great station Bayview is. The officers keep the garden looking like new. There are pictures of you and Birco. I can tell they miss you (both).

Thank you Bayview Station for your kindness and rememberance of Isaac (and Nick). May God Bless you all and keep you safe.

January 17, 2007

Isaac, your daughter is so adorable, she looks so much like you, you would be so proud of her, she is such a joy to have at the house. We all miss you very much.


January 16, 2007


Can you believe DJ's 40th is here! He knows that you'll be there next week. You are a great part of his life, I see it in his eyes when we talk, how much you did together and how much you are missed. You are not forgotten, we love you!


January 12, 2007

Isaac I saw your picture and read the verdict last week. I can't believe it's you. As I read the other reflections, I feel that I can't breathe. It makes me sick that a good officer was taken from this world. You were someone that the "people" could relate to. I still think of you often. It was good meeting you again in our adult years. See you one day in Heaven. God Bless.

January 9, 2007

My lady of justice shed a tear as the verdict was announced. Does the average citizen of San Francisco have any comprehension of what a law enforcement officer does in his/her job every single day? Do they know the meaning o the word hero? Or do they have the same mindset as the editors of the Chronicle? They obviously have no insight into the deviant mind of a career criminal, a ruthless gang henchman. Bet their attitudes would undergo a dramatic transformation if they were personally victimized by one of the thugs who prey on good people.

The safety of their streets are only ensured by those who are sworn to serve and protect them. Isaac, his family, and his departmet did not receive the full measure of justice they deserved.

Phyllis Loya, mother of Officer Larry Lasater, Pittsburg PS
eow 4/24/05

January 8, 2007

Espinoza Family,

Angry, hurt, and let down (to say the least) is how most of us feel. There are special circumstances to somewhat safeguard officers killed in the line of duty, and because of personal beliefs, the penal code was not upheld the way it was intended! I was there that night and no one can tell me any different. I hope at the very least I still have freedom of speech, especially since I served 8 years for my country and an additional 7+ on the streets of San Francisco.
This morning I asked my recruit when he started the academy and it was on your 7E date. I logged off the MDT with 612 messages- Birco's star number. The K-9 officers show up to every run and then let us play with the dogs, it reminds me of Sgt. T. Everything in our lives reminds us of someone we've lost no matter how we try to rethink it, and for that moment in time, we freeze in sadness because we're only left with memories...I'd rather have my friends back.
The jury was not yet finished with deliberations and yet, another SFPD officer was shot and killed, and they still didn't get it! All I can say is bless the family, friends and Officers of the law enforcement agencies nation-wide.


January 6, 2007

First, I am happy to see that your murderer will likely never see the light of day again. Second, to be honest, I am not sure why your death has hit me the way that it has. I learned of your death, like many others, I am sure, via this web page. I have been a police officer, in Indiana, for nearly 14 years. ODMP was acknowledged, on my part, for what it is; a needed venue, for honor.

On December 13, 2003, I lost two brothers, Bryan Verkler and Thomas Roberts, two friends, to a (expletive deleted) coward, who, after being shot four times by one of my guys, decided to off himself. At that point, ODMP became a necessity, for me. It, and its staff, do an incredible job maintaining the need to memorialize you, Bryan, Tom, and every other fellow brother and sister that gives their all, to protect us, from the scum.

In July 2006, I was able to make it to DC, to see my brother's names on the wall. It was good. But also, in the lobby of the "store" I saw the SFPD patch, and your name, in a display. Needless to say, that was not a great time for me, but thanks to my wife and son, I coped.

Sorry for being long winded here, but, I hope that your family, colleagues and friends can get (some (I know second degree was not right)) closure now.

Rest, brother. And thanks for helping me, because you have.

Cpl Steve Headley
Mishawaka, IN police

Cpl Steve Headley
Mishawaka, IN police

January 5, 2007

Angry,angry,angry, thats what a lot of us feel, you were never given the option to live or die, he just took your life, yet he will stay on and live, feel, touch, smell and laugh. Its not fair.

January 5, 2007

As a long ago friend of both Carol and Isaac, I would like to send my deepest sympathy to their entire family. I know that this young man's specialness was rooted in a strong, loving family. My heart goes out for such an immense loss of life. Isaac's desire to protect others, his bravery to stand up and put himself out there for all of us is what made him unique. My thoughts, and prayers go to this very special young man now and always.
Rita (Montero) Emelia-Mclinn

rita montero
friend of Carol and Isaac, Snr.

January 5, 2007

Hey Isaac,
Sad by the verdict, but still hopeful that he will get life without parole.
Miss you.

January 5, 2007

What kind of world are we living in when a jury finds a cop murderer guilty in the 2nd degree??? He should be executed for what he has done, but life in prison is probably the next best thing (if that is possible). I just pray that this nightmare of a trial will all be over soon. I pray that you, Renata and family, will have a peaceful 2007.

Officer's wife

January 4, 2007

Isaac, another year gone, this was not a very good Holiday for me, don't know why, tried to get myself to the cemetary to see my mom, peggy and you, and just was not able to. I tried to leave you a note but when I got to this page I just could not do it, looking at your picture seemed like you were ready to speak to me, and just couldnt do it, and other times I can look at your picture and laugh at all the things you use to do., just last week Monica and I were having lunch at a restaurant and somehow someone cute, dont get ,excited, looked like you and we ended talking about that awful April 10th and just ended crying at the restaurant. You were after all our dear neighbor, your house is the first thing I see when I get up, and when you were here and made any kind of noise, that was the first thing I would hear, you are missed so very much. Now that the verdict is in, your loved ones will have some kind of closure, your dear family's wound will never heal but the pain wont be as bad, I keep your mom,dad, regina, renata and bella in our prayers. Your daughter is an amazing little girl, just like her papi, playing little jokes, she does that when she comes over. When she came over the last time, she knock on the door very softly, and I wasnt sure it was the door, so I went to check, because we were expecting her and I saw her in her little pj's, I opened the door, and she said, I thought you were not home, and when she came in I told her, "Bella when you knock on our door you need to knock really hard, like you are going to break the door down, just like your papi use to do it, she giggled and laughed and said, my papi use to do that, and I said yes, thats why my door is so chipped, and she gave us the biggest smile, that it made me sad, but she loved the fact that we were talking about her 'papi'. Many will now move on with their lives, not necessarily meaning that you have been forgotten, believe me the people that truly love you, have set you permantly in their hearts, you left behind a beautiful little angel, and because of her, you will live through her. You are and always will be missed and loved very much.
Always in our hearts and prayers

January 4, 2007

Isaac...a new year is upon us and you and your family are still in the hearts and prayers of many of us here at the academy. You are still an inspiration to many new rookie officers and deputies, former partners, as well as those who knew you or missed out on knowing you. I'm sure by now you have met up with Tony Zeppetella and Larry Lasater
who have joined you in the "Hall of Warriors." May you all continue to watch over your loved ones, until you meet again.

Carol, Isaac Sr. and Regina, Renata and Bella: Happy New Year. I will be up in June 2007, (I'll try to bring Damian with me, I know he would love to see everyone!) You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you.

Shanon Dreyer
Palomar College Police Academy

January 1, 2007

To all of Isaac's family and friends:

I know what a torturous time this must be for all of you, but I also know of your strong faith. May it give you comfort now. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
May your beloved Isaac continue to rest in peace and may you feel his special love for you.

Carol, you are constantly in my thoughts and my mind embraces you each and every day.

Phyllis Loya, mother of Larry Lasater, eow 4/24/05

December 30, 2006

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