Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza

San Francisco Police Department, California

End of Watch Saturday, April 10, 2004

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Reflections for Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza

Sometimes when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated. With you being gone there is a heartache that no one can heal, but love leaves a memory that no one can steal. My family and i miss you ZAK. We think about you everyday. Take care my friend.

December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas, my precious Son:

I received the following on a card from your cousin, Nancy, and I wanted to share it with your page.

"Always Remembered

I know I am still with you
in your prayers, your thoughts, your heart.
And though you cannot see me,
I will always be a part
of life's sweet celebratons
in those times when you reflect
on how, though things are different,
through our love, we still connect.
We'll see each other someday
when our spirits all are free,
until then, I am with you
because you remember me."

I love you,

December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas Isaac. I know that all of you boys are together this holiday season. I would have never thought in a million years I would know two killed in the line of duty. My boyfriend reminded me sometime ago last year when I folded your shirt (the one we received at your walk) and I muttered out loud (and unknowingly) and prayed I would never have to go through somethng like this again. I never wanted to see another fellow officer to be harmed ever again. Little did I know the evil, pain and tragedy lurking literally right around the corner that would affect and change my life forever.

I remember you too this holiday season. Merry Christmas from a friend who was greatly touched by you even if only having the pleasure of knowing you for a short while.


December 26, 2007

Hi Isaac,

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.... I know it has been a while and I am sorry that I have not left a reflection, but I wanted you to know that you are always in my thoughts when I go 10-8. Your memorial Isaac sticker sits on my computer keyboard so I look at it every time I am in my car. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many!

Please give Larry, Tony, Dan, and now our newest member to the Wall of Warriors, Jeff, a big hug for me.

R.AKANS #1354

December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas my sweet little God Son. You are always in my prayers, my heart, my memory. Auntie

December 25, 2007

Hi Cous:

It's that time of year again and we can't help but think of you and popo and uncle tony and all those that are with them in heaven. X-mas can't be the same without you, but life goes on and time helps the wounds but never completely heals them. There are about 18 little ones running around or about to, that's nuts, you'd love the chaos and the looks in their eyes when they are opening gifts, I know you would, we'd have to calm you and the kids down Im sure, ha. Not to mention, the Bostons, can't forget them, the joys of our day, what keeps us going. I know you'll be watching us and know we'll be thinking of you. I love you and wish you were here with us. Love, Big Cousin.

December 20, 2007

I came across this and thought it was so fitting to share with you and sums up so much. You're still with me each and every day. Renata and Isabella - thank you for the beautiful Christmas card (it is my favorite and Emily wanted to hang it in her room!...she should be letting another balloon go your way very soon!)

You called us Soldiers for St. Michael and I carry that honor each day. For you too, I thought this was very special.

Not long ago, the struggle between Good and Evil erupted, again, into war. The Devil threw his forces against the very Gates of Heaven, themselves. His attack beaten back, he withdrew and called for a meeting with God.

And Satan began.....

Who were those men who stood their ground,
When they were just some thousand few?
And when Gabrielle's Army is clad in gold,
Why did they all wear blue?

"They were out-numbered ten-to-one
And should have run like new-born foals,
But when they showed no fear I realized
That you'd used men who have no souls,

"And there, at last, I have you,
Through all your boasts you've lied,
So no more claims of righteousness
And behind no more Commandments hide,

"You've cheated and you've robbed me,
Those men, they are my proof,
The soul-less can't be yours in Heaven,
But mine in Hell, beneath my roof."

God listened, then replied....

"My poor, misguided child
Can't you see the error of your ways?
Those men just stood against you, now,
As they did in mortal days,

"I knew they wouldn't turn and run,
For they've seen your worst before,
And that is why I placed them there,
To keep safe and guard my door."

"As for those battered coats of blue,
They're worn with such fierce pride
That if I ordered them to change,
Then even I might be defied,

"Ye, you believe they have no souls,
When their souls are why they're here,
For in life each took an oath they kept
Although the price was steep, and dear,

"Even tempted by the face of death
Their hearts did cowardice decline,
You see, they never could be yours,
As they were then, and always, mine,

"And it's strange that you don't know them,
Since you've sent me every one,
Each time your murderers and theives
Killed a policeman's father's son,

"With tear-stained eyes I greet them all,
Cut too soon from their families' joys,
So send me all your soldiers of Hell...
And they'll meet Saint Michael's boys."

God bless you guys this holiday season and may the peace of the Lord comfort and hold you.

All my best...

Officer Damian Jackson
Escondido PD / Palomar Police Academy

December 20, 2007

I never met you. You passed while I was in the academy. Your service and dedication still motivates me to this day.

Reading all the reflections from your friends, family and co-workers makes me realize that I will never be even half the man that you are.

I've got no doubt you are with God now and are looking over us all. Rest in peace Isaac. The world needs more men like you, not less.

My prayers are with your family.

December 19, 2007

My thoughts are with all of your loved ones as Christmas approaches and I know that on that day you will be in their loving hearts, probably more than any other day of the year because it being a special day. You have not been forgotten by those that love you. I have decorated the outside of my home in all blue lights, one of those lights is lit in your honor to let you and those that love you that you have not been forgotten. Continue to watch over your loved ones.

Bob Gordon
Father of Chicago Officer: Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

December 18, 2007

Isaac, today was one of those especial days we could not stop talking about you. Remembering everything about you. The very first day you guys to look at the house, when you moved in and all the cars you guys had! Veronica asked, "do you think Isaac spoke spanish? And I said, are you kidding, but he knew how to salsa dance, well thats what Isaac said, who knows, we never got the chance to see you dance (uhm), who knows you might have made it to dancing with the stars. We miss you every day of our lives Isaac, you were such a especial neighbor and friend. We keep you in our hearts and prayers. By the way Tim sold his house and moved out. Your daughter is so big, and so beautiful, she looks so much like you. We laughed so hard at all the pranks you played on us, and then we cried, yes we still cry for you, isn't that something!! Miss you


December 14, 2007

YOU MOTIVATE ME!!! enough said right??

-Dunn, Eric W.


November 27, 2007

Although I did not take the time to write, I did not forget you on Thanksgiving. I know you were there at the table, because I could feel you in my heart.

November 26, 2007

Dear Son:

I love you, and I miss you.
My stomach hurt so bad at Holy Mass this morning. I asked God what I could do to make it stop hurting. I started thinking about "some" of the things about you that I'm thankful for, and my stomach filled up with love.

Thank you for being such a good son.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for letting me love you.
Thank you for forgiving me when I wasn't a good mother.
Thank you for Isabella.
Thank you for the fun we shared while "we" were growing up.
Thank you for calling me your life-long friend.
Thank you for the hope you brought to my life.
Thank you for the hope of eternity you bring to my sorrow.
Thank you for the joy of each and every day we shared.
Thank you for the joy I now look forward to when we shall meet again.
Thank you for your honesty.
Thank you for trusting me.
Thank you for the laughter you brought to our home and our family.
Thank you for being respectful, caring and understanding.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for always giving me something to look forward to.
Thank you for your unconditional love.

I love you,

November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Isaac, always in our prayers.


November 21, 2007


Have you ever known a person who reminds you of someone? So much that you can't place your finger on it at first? As I read through your reflections, I am reminded of someone I know, who reminds me of you. Although I never knew you, I feel as though I do. Your mother,father, Regina and Renata have shared stories about you with me that make me feel comfortable enough to say that you remind me of someone...or like I said...they remind me of you... who knows!!!

This person is such a phenominal human being with the biggest heart of anyone I know! He faces every day trying to be the best son, husband, father, partner, friend and cop that he can be. He ceases to amaze me because he never settles for mediochrity and always strives to do more than is expected of him. I know, you know who I am talking about.

I am so fortunate to know this person and little did I know that three years ago, he would come into my life again. He was a recruit in the police academy and I was one of his training officers. He came to the academy every day, giving nothing less than 110%... always knowing there was more to give. He graduated and hit the streets in Escondido, California and I always knew I would never forget him. Years passed and I was fortunate enough that our paths once again had crossed. I was the new supervisor for the Palomar College Police Academy and one of my training officers came to me and told me that he had a partner that wanted to come on board as a recruit training officer. When he told me who it was, I didn't even hesitate,I knew that this officer would make a difference and would be a great influence to many recruits that he would supervise and mentor. His performance alone in the police academy years ago was never forgotten. His work ethic was consistent and he made it hard for anyone to forget him, let alone me. Little did I know what would come of giving him a job at the police academy.

He felt a special connection with you through reading your reflections. In many ways, he is every bit of the person you were in life. He is a father to three daughters and a devoted husband. Many of us call him friend and he is always there to lend a hand to those who need it. I consider him to be one of the most sincere people I know. I think because he felt such a connection with you and your family, he felt that you should not be forgotten.

He had his first class honor you by doing push-ups for you every day...what he started was an amazing thing. Push-ups grew into so much more!!! For the past five classes, the Palomar College Police Academy has honored officers who have been killed in the line of duty. You, Officer Tony Zeppetella (Oceanside Police Dept.), Officer Larry Lasater (Pittsburg Police Dept.), Officer Daniel Bessant (Oceanside Police Dept.), and Officer Jeffrey Mitchell (San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept.).

It is unfortunate that we have officers to honor, but what has come out of all this has been more than amazing. The recruits who honor their fallen officer come to learn about them, honor them and strive to be just like them. The fallen officers are a source of motivation for the recruits, to help them through their training and influence each recruit to be every bit of person and officer that their officer was.

Throughout their year of training the recruits do communtiy service fund raisers to raise money for the fallen officer's children. Your family was the first; Isabella received a check for what we would hope would go towards her education, but ultimately, it was for whatever the Regina felt it should go to. Your parents, Regina, Renata and Bella were great. I am so fortunate to know them. Every year when I am in San Francisco for meetings, instead of having dinner with colleagues, I choose to have dinner with your family. I have told you this before, but you are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom. I truly adore her. Your whole family is special.

Isaac, you are the first officer on our "Hall of Warriors" and it is all due to Officer Damian Jackson who works for the Escondido Police Dept.(and me). He has been such a role model and mentor for the recruits who have been fortunate to have attended the academy. He is my lead training officer for a reason and every single recruit who walks through our halls seeks out his approval and respects him more than words can say. It's hard not to respect him. The amazing thing is that he works his full time job and comes to work for me 20 hours a week to mentor recruits because he truly believes in what these recruits are trying to achieve. He is making the difference in the lives of many.

I know I don't have to tell you, you know exactly what type of person and man he is. He's just like you. He has made such a difference, not only in the lives of many recruits and officers, but he makes a difference in my life and although I am his boss, I am truly fortunate to call him "friend."

I just want him to know that he his truly "one of a kind" and I truly value his friendship and have a great deal of admiration for him. He is the most well rounded person I know. He has his priorities straight; God first, family and then the rest follows. He is such a caring person and it shows in all that he does. His family is truly amazing as well. His wife is the most supportive person and understands how important his job as a police academy training officer is to him. Just like him, she is just as amazing. I have read several of his reflections to you and the other officers and he has no problem sharing his feelings and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Through his reflections it is easy to see why he is the type of person he is.

Isaac, I just want to thank you and Damian. If it wasn't for you two phenominal men, our program would not honor fallen officers. Had Damian not had such a strong connection to you, who knows what would have been.

Damian, for all that you do and all that you are, thanks is not enough. Words cannot describe how special you are and I am so fortunate to have you in my life.

Shanon Dreyer, Supervisor
Palomar College Police Academy

November 20, 2007

As the holidays approach we need to be thankful for the times we shared, the bonds and memories that came from those times, and the love that will always be in our hearts. You are always in ours hearts, that can never change.

It's times like these where we see who we value in this lifetime, who we appreciate, who we trust and who are our true friends. Even though we were cousins, you will always be more than that, you were the brother I never had. You were honest and sincere and caring, and that's more than I can say for a lot of people who focus on themselves, and the material things in this lifetime which mean nothing. Instant happiness and gratification is just that, it satisfies the moment not the future. Self Respect is another thing that you exemplified, that was a characteristic of the man you who you were, a Good Man and a Good all around Person, and that is why you were looked up to and always will be looked up to for years and all the classes that will come after you. You inspire others to be the type of officer you were. You didn't just talk the talk, you walked the walk. I love you! BC


November 19, 2007

Wishing you a Happy Halloween from a family that cares about you and yours.

October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2007

I haven't been here in a little while and just wanted to take a moment to let you ALL know that you are still and will always be in my constant thoughts and prayers.

The strength and love of your family inspires me each day and I set out to be the best friend, father, husband, son and cop that I can be.

Isaac would...

Damian Jackson

October 29, 2007

Always thinking of you, of course. This would be time that you would be helping Bella carve her pumpkin. We saw her the other day on the deck, she had a little table and her pumpkin, she was with her little cousins helping, and it just brought tears and pain to see her, and that you are not here to share that with her. There is always something that gives us something to remember you by. Always in our hearts and prayers. Happy Halloween, Isaac, we keep you close to our hearts.


October 27, 2007

This message is for Regina. Your brother brought you up often in conversations. We used to talk about my single life, and he always said he wanted a good guy for you. I being a single gal, complained to him about being "out" there. I never met you formally, but I knew Isaac from the "R" Ranch days. I'm the one who always asks him to watch over you. He had his wife and daughter and your parents, but there was YOU too! I hope reading this makes you smile.

October 22, 2007

My dearest brother,
As my daughter sleeps peacefully, I sit here staring out my window thinking of you. I'm looking up at the sky one minute smiling as I see your face and the next minute crying. I miss you so much. The pain continues. The joy of my daughter is better than what I imagined it would be, but the sadness continues. Spending time with Isabella fills my heart with laughter and joy, but again the sadness continues. You were a blessing to all of us. I'll go back to staring at my daughter and staring out the window thinking of you. Stare back at us when you get a chance.
I love you

October 17, 2007

The holidays are coming and all I can think about is you. You will be missed as you are every holiday since you were taken from us. There is always a void in my life when it comes to you. I wished spent more time with you, called you more often, hugged you harder each time we said good-bye. If I had only known that you would be taken from me as such a young life. If only......

I love you my little angel and I miss you dearly.

October 16, 2007

It has been a pleasure and an honor to have met and getting to know your family, wife, and beautiful daughter Bella. You have inspired the lives of many, including your childhood friend, Hans. We met 3 years ago and I will never forget the first night we met. All he would talk about was you. Your family and friends keep your memory alive. They talk about all the funny pranks you would pull. I even saw the video of the whole gang when you guys were in high school. LOL. You guys were great actors by the way, especially you. I feel like I know you through them and it would have been a pleasure to have met you in person. Now you are in heaven with God and his family and I ask that you please watch over my Hans as he will be graduating from the San Francisco Policy Academy in only 3 weeks. Thanks Isaac. Our prayers go out to you and your family.



October 2, 2007

You are my little angel.

September 28, 2007

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