Reflections Terms of Use

The following Reflections Terms of Use apply to all Reflections that are left on memorials of fallen officers. By clicking the "Submit Reflection" button, you agree to these Terms of Use in addition to ODMP's site-wide Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.



If you identify yourself as a law enforcement officer, you attest that the rank and/or agency you entered is true and accurate. Falsely identifying yourself as a law enforcement officer will result with ODMP notifying the appropriate law enforcement agency and may result in criminal charges being filed against you in accordance with local, state, or federal laws.


This is not a forum to display family grievances, leave political messages or to cast blame on any specific individual or entity. Any Reflection that is derogatory or abusive to any person or entity will not be posted or will be removed at a later date. Additionally, any message that is not a memory or a condolence will not be posted. A Reflection may be removed at any time if it is deemed derogatory, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate.

Reflections may not include contact information of any kind, links to other sites, or website addresses. Reflections may be edited to remove any names of people other than the submitter, e-mail addresses, phone numbers (or other contact information) or links to other websites before being posted.

ODMP staff members have sole discretion on what may constitute derogatory, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate comments. Deference will be given to immediate survivors who wish certain Reflections to be removed.


Under no circumstances should you leave a Reflection for any officer if you are in any way involved with an active investigation or ongoing trial involving the officer's death.


Submitted Reflections become property of the ODMP and cannot be reproduced electronically without permission from the ODMP. Any Reflection believed to infringe on a copyright without proper citation or permission will be removed. Any person who owns the copyright to material and posts that material to a Reflection hereby grants the ODMP a license to reproduce that material in other publications, both online and in print. To make a claim in regards to a copyrighted work appearing on ODMP, please use the contact form.

These Terms of Use are subject to change.

Rev. 5/31/2012