Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza

San Francisco Police Department, California

End of Watch Saturday, April 10, 2004

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Reflections for Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza

No matter if Im here or there, Know I love you and think about you, always, especially today. I know you are rooting for me, you know whats coming up, I know you will put a good word in for me up there, I'll need all the help I can get. We are strong and will fight till the end, that's what makes us who we are, right! You will forever be honored and respected because you were a good person, honest, and cared about everyone genuinely, no games, nothing phoney, just you, and that how I live my life. I will make you proud of me, and I will never let you be forgotten. Always, Your Cousin

April 11, 2008

Hey Isaac,

I just got off work and it was kind of surreal today, as it has become each April 10th in patrol. Thanks for riding shotgun with me each day and watching my back and guiding me toward good decisions in every aspect of my life. Thanks for being the best and giving us all something to work for. You're a stand up guy, a warrior and a man of honor. I am eternally thankful to have been inspired by you at that perfect point in my life and for your continued presence, pushing me to be the best I can possibly be; at work, at home and at life.

Next month marks a year since I lost my mom. If you see her up there, give her a hug for me and remind her how much I love her. She would be so happy to meet you.

Take care, brother, and thank you...

Officer Damian Jackson
Escondido PD / Palomar Police Academy

April 10, 2008


I never got to meet you
For our paths had never crossed
My son had joined your police force
Two years before you were lost

I remember when this happened
My son had heard the call
You had been shot, we were in shock
And prayed you would not fall

Our prayers were never answered
For your life just wasn’t spared
Your family was forced to suffer
And the killer never cared

Little did I know that night
My son would follow you
Two heroes killed while doing their job
There was nothing we could do

I now have met your family
And they have all met mine
You must have been an angel
For your family is divine

I know today’s the four year mark
Of that terrible heart-wrenching day
May you know my thoughts are with you
As I pray with your family today

Isaac……May the love in your heart continue to shine through Isabelle. I sincerely hope you are patrolling the gates of heaven with my precious son, S F Police Officer Bryan Tuvera – EOW 12/23/2006. There is nothing that eases our pain down here, but knowing that Bryan is with you, one of S F Police’s finest officers, I get a little comfort. You two are both angels in my eyes.

Sandy Tuvera
Mother of fallen SF Police Officer Bryan Tuvera #1941 EOW 12/23/2006

Sandy Tuvera
mother of another fallen S F police officer

April 10, 2008

I remember and honor you today. I wear your star near my heart. I missed your face among the others on Easter, at family gatherings. I miss your smile. I miss you everyday, every year. The pain, the loss I feel is never ending when I think of you. But I must remember, you are with the Lord, in his army now, protecting from above, and that gives me peace.

Sgt. Poni
SFSD, Retired

April 10, 2008

Thinking of you and all of your loved ones on this day. I know for some it has felt like just yesterday that you were here, but for others it has felt like a lifetime since they saw your smile, felt your warm touch and heard your tender voice. You will never be forgotten and all those cherised memories of you will live on in the hearts of those that love you. Continue to watch over them and protect them. You have not been forgotten.

Bob Gordon
Father of fallen Chicago Officer: Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

April 10, 2008

Isaac, you are in inspiration today as you are everyday. I can't believe tomorrow will be four years, Your memory lives on everyday, and just yesterday T did something you did when you were 10, all I did was smile, knowing how cute he was and seeing your mischeif in him :) You were an absolutely beautiful person, and I so miss you!

I am so thankful for your beautiful wife and daughter. Because of them, it helps :( I sure miss you but thanks for all the memories. I love you !


Your cousin

April 9, 2008


See you Thursday night in the garden...

Sgt. Sherman W. Lee
Bayview Station-Third Watch

April 9, 2008

Always in our hearts and prayers


April 9, 2008


April 6, 2008

As this 4th year comes up quickly, I was reminded of this awesome poem that sums up a lot. For you and your family, I think it's very fitting:

Not long ago, the struggle between Good and Evil erupted, again, into war.

The Devil threw his forces against the very Gates of Heaven, themselves.

His attack beaten back, and his forces decimated he withdrew and called for a meeting with God.

And Satan began.....

“Who were those men who stood their ground, When they were just some thousand few?

And when Gabriel's Army is clad in gold, Who were those warriors all clad in blue?

They were out-numbered one thousand-to-one And should have run like new-born foals,

But when they showed no fear I knew That you'd sent out men who have no souls,

And there, at last, I have you, Through all your boasts you've lied,

So no more claims of righteousness And behind your Commandments hide,

You've cheated and you've robbed me, Those men, they are my proof,

The soul-less can't be yours in Heaven, But mine in Hell, beneath my roof."

God listened, then replied....

"My poor, misguided child The countless errors of your ways,

Those warriors stood against you, now, As they did in mortal days,

I knew they wouldn't turn and run, For they've faced your worst before,

And that is why I placed them there, To keep safe and guard my door.

As for those battered coats of blue, They wear with such fierce pride

That if I ordered them to change, Even then I’d be defied,

Yet, you believe they have no souls, When their souls are why they're here,

For in life each took an oath they kept With a price so steep and dear,

When even in the face of death Their honor did cowardice decline,

Their hearts, they never could be yours, Blessed children, they are mine,

And it's strange that you don't know them, Since you've sent me every one,

Each time your murderers and thieves Killed a policeman's father's son,

With tear-stained eyes I greet them all, Cut far too soon from their families' joys,

So send your worthless soldiers of Hell...

And they'll meet Saint Michael's Boys."

God bless.

Officer Damian Jackson
Escondido PD

April 3, 2008

The other night Dave and I both had dreamed about you. It was if your spirit was in our home. I had a dream it was your bday and all these people were were in your home giving you gifts. You were so happy and the smile on your face was just contagious. I woke up knowing that you are really happy where you are.
Dave had dream that he was going to back you up the day you were shot. He flew across town just like the night of april 10th, but when he got to there it was too late.

It's amazing to me that we were both were dreaming of you. We didn't even talk about you the night before, so that was even more weird. All I can say is that I know you are around us at times. If it wasn't for you, who knows if our own paths would have crossed. For that reason, we will forever remember and be grateful to you.

I love you cous.


April 3, 2008

God Bless you, Isaac and the Espinoza family,

Yesterday was an amazing service at church, the most important of the year and I thought of you and your family and kept you in my prayers.

We had a small gathering at home following the service. It had been a while since it had happened, but once again, all on her own, my daughter Emily let two balloons go up into the air and told me that she was giving one to Bella and that the other was going to fly up to see everyone in heaven.

I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Easter, tell you that you are all still and will always be in my thoughts and prayers and to give you some heads up on those random balloons coming your way...

May the Lord walk with you always.

Officer Damian Jackson

March 24, 2008

Hi ,I`m Kassy I`m 8 years old now HappyEaster.I MISS YOU.

March 22, 2008

Always remembering you and keeping you in my prayers. Today is Good Friday and always such a sad reminder of what is just around the corner. Tonight was the night that my husband saw you for the last time, you and Renata were going out to dinner for your anniv. something he will never forget. Always in our hearts and prayers. Happy Easter!


March 21, 2008

This is Holy Week and today is Good Friday, the last day that I saw you in 2004. You were waiting for me to pick up Isabella, and I was late. I'm sorry I was late.

I miss you,

March 21, 2008

Though it has been a few years since you left this place, your memory still inspires me. I never knew you personally, but your influence is felt upon me by the others you have touched. Whenever I feel like my judgement may be slipping or is flawed in a specific incident, I remember back to my academy (class 12) and ask myself "What would Issac Do?" I also ask myself what would God do...somehow the two decisions seem similar to me. You lived your life as a true hero, always walking in the light of the Lord. I am thankful I knew of a person who walked through life in a manner many cannot acheive, as daily I see many who are on the opposite end of the spectrum. You, as well as others close to you, inspire me daily to: temper my judgement with empathy, put myself in another man's shoes, treat the people I deal with as a fellow soul, and to remember what is important in life. Working in the job can jade that perspective often times, and I am glad I can reference you as an anchor to hold me to what is important in life: God, family, my fellow man. Thank you Issac...God bless you as you walk with him...and your family as long as they still walk here with me.


February 26, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!! :)
Still think of you. You will never be forgotten.

February 14, 2008

Missing you on Valentine's Day and everyday. I love you!


February 14, 2008

Isaac although we were not here for the holidays, you were in our thoughts were we were. Went to mass and said a prayer for you and your family. You are so very fresh in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Miss you always. Love


January 19, 2008

dear issac,its been awhile since ive written but younare never out of my thoughts holidays have come and gone,but they are never the same. you and gil are not here anymore and i feel we just go through the motions. we do it for the kids but our feeligs are very sad. i still expect you and your family to come over xmas eve and have dessert and see mike and athena. she turned 10 yrs old already. just yesterday was the christening and you were her godfather. we miss you very issac and still cant believe you are gone. watch over gil for us and we will be looking forward to your vigil again love marian

January 19, 2008

Dearest Son:

Its New Year's eve. Looking back over 2007 I'm remembering after nine agonizing days of waiting for the verdict in January, "guilty with malice, for the murder of a police officer," you my precious son. Then in April the sentence "life in prison without parole." God bless the Judge for the most severest sentence possible in your case because of the politics of the city.

Then the very next week after the sentence, Regina telling us that she was five months' pregnant, and on Labor Day weekend, the birth of Aiyana, a gift from Heaven. Isabella turned 7 on her birthday and she, along with Aiyana are the joys of my life.

Three other trials ended this year for Police Officers, Stephan (E.O.W. 2004), Larry, and Dan (each E.O.W. 2005), killed in the line of duty in towns near our area. All three ended with death penalty sentences. The facts in your case, the witnesses, testimonies, and evidence collected all were just as compelling as theirs. The California and Washington D. C. Memorials honored three of your SFPD brothers, Darryl, Nick and Bryan, each killed in the line of duty in 2006.

Your cousin Lucy, died of breast cancer. And numerous new cousins were born. Jerry received the Police Officer of the Year Award, Hans graduated the academy, Ruddy got married and Derrick turned 40.

Nothing will bring you back, and all the changes of life can't heal the pain. As I "move on" in this life I'm reminded that I'm moving closer to where you are. Three years and eight months since you went to our Heavenly home. It's as if it was yesterday. Time passes quickly, and one day at a time helps to see it through. I miss the way it was, and the joys you brought to my life.

As the new year approaches I can't imagine how it will be. For one thing I am sure, it will have its ups and its downs; its joys and its sorrows. Until we meet again your love, my son, and my motherly love for you remain a constant in my heart. With every breath I take and with each beat of my heart I give thanks to God for, and I treasure, our time together.

I love you,

December 31, 2007

Sometimes when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated. With you being gone there is a heartache that no one can heal, but love leaves a memory that no one can steal. My family and i miss you ZAK. We think about you everyday. Take care my friend.

December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas, my precious Son:

I received the following on a card from your cousin, Nancy, and I wanted to share it with your page.

"Always Remembered

I know I am still with you
in your prayers, your thoughts, your heart.
And though you cannot see me,
I will always be a part
of life's sweet celebratons
in those times when you reflect
on how, though things are different,
through our love, we still connect.
We'll see each other someday
when our spirits all are free,
until then, I am with you
because you remember me."

I love you,

December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas Isaac. I know that all of you boys are together this holiday season. I would have never thought in a million years I would know two killed in the line of duty. My boyfriend reminded me sometime ago last year when I folded your shirt (the one we received at your walk) and I muttered out loud (and unknowingly) and prayed I would never have to go through somethng like this again. I never wanted to see another fellow officer to be harmed ever again. Little did I know the evil, pain and tragedy lurking literally right around the corner that would affect and change my life forever.

I remember you too this holiday season. Merry Christmas from a friend who was greatly touched by you even if only having the pleasure of knowing you for a short while.


December 26, 2007

Hi Isaac,

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.... I know it has been a while and I am sorry that I have not left a reflection, but I wanted you to know that you are always in my thoughts when I go 10-8. Your memorial Isaac sticker sits on my computer keyboard so I look at it every time I am in my car. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many!

Please give Larry, Tony, Dan, and now our newest member to the Wall of Warriors, Jeff, a big hug for me.

R.AKANS #1354

December 26, 2007

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