Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza

San Francisco Police Department, California

End of Watch Saturday, April 10, 2004

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Reflections for Police Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza

isaac! wow! today was my first day of highshool! at westmoor. i saw you today walking in the halls. (:! i imagined it. you holding hands with renata! it made me happy! knowing that the life you lived was a happy and most memorable one! full of happiness and excitement. it was boring today! people dont know what they are talking about! im serious! i need a map! lol ! my teachers are cool! i guess! haha... i hope i wont be a menace like you or uncle! haha! i miss you isaac! im going to go visit your grave site tommorow after school! im going to take the bus! the only problem is, is that im not sure which bus to take! i think it is 390 or 391! ill check the schedules though! and its a good thing that the flower shop is right outside so i dont have to take a journey to go and get some! but if that was the case you know i would! anything for you. watch over me at school issac! i dont know what im doing sometimes. honestly i dont! isaac help me to learn right from wrong. help me to become a better person. please keep faith in me and help to keep me strong! thank you isaac! watch over uncle gerry in las vegas! you noe how crazy he is!!!!! love you isaac! see you in my dreams and hear you in my prayers...


September 1, 2004



August 31, 2004

issac, it just doesnt seem real. why did it hafto be you? i dont understand. theres so many " whys?" and " what if" but we dont know the answers to those questions. it was just too soon, and the only person that knows is God. isaac theres not one precious moment that im not thinking of you. i guess i really never got to thank you for everything you have done. thanks for always looking out for me when that incident happened late at night, that one night, do you remember?, im sorry. but i promise i wasnt mad, i was kind of glad, saved me from my mom yelling at me, but thanks for still calling and making sure i wasnt mad. you were the bestest and bravest person ive ever known. i miss you soo much. sometimes i just look out my window and can just close my eyes and see you working on the roof, or ont he side of the house, and you just looking up and saying
" hey monica!". i miss everything. God, it hurt so much to even sit and realize that your really gone.theres no one to bring you back home. noone. i know that your with us in spirit, and i know that you hear my prayers at night. just always temember that im always thinking of you, and so is Renata and Bella. there actaully on a tri[ right now with Renata family. i told Renata that we would watch over your guys' house just like good old times, and that i would have just a few parties but no worries. haha riiight. i used to feel so safe because you lived right next door to us. i know that nothing would happen as long as you were on the block, because you were so brave and you would probably do anything to save CUESTA!, but know that your gone, i feel even safer because i know that you watch over us and make it that way. i hope that your doing good up in heaven, i hope your shirts on isaac, come on now, your in heaven, behave. haha. the jokes we put on you. we're all so sorry for making fun of you all those times. but i know you loved it. getting so much crap from the Mendoza sisters. dont lie we know that we were your favoritest neighbors. i love you isaac,and i miss you soo mych. you'll always be in my heart. i start school tomorrow and a new school for my sophmore year, please let me meet new cool friends, who wont get me introuble. miss you isaac. byeee


August 31, 2004

Renata, How are you doing?

August 31, 2004

Eulogy for Isaac Espinoza
by Captain Rick Bruce, Bayview Station

One hundred and forty years ago, President Abraham Lincoln, at America’s most famous battlefield, stated that “The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here; but it can never forget what they did here.”

As we gather here today, and attempt to find the words that can do justice to the life and senseless death of Officer Isaac Espinoza, we experience that same sense of futility articulated so long ago by our greatest president.

On April 10, 2004, at 9:35 p.m., on the 1700 block of Newhall Street in San Francisco’s Bayview District, Officer Isaac Anthony Espinoza answered his final call. What’s important to note is that Isaac’s final call wasn’t actually a call for service, it was an on-view, and this is a crucial distinction for police officers. Isaac was attempting to approach a man because he thought the man might be armed. Because the suspect opened fire so quickly, Isaac, and his partner Barry Parker, never had a chance. It bears repeating that Isaac was approaching a man he thought to be armed.

To the lay person that doesn’t even sound rational. If he thought the man might be armed, why didn’t he try to get out of there. It is difficult to explain to the public why Isaac actually moved toward, rather than away from, the danger. For police officers in the Bayview, no explanation is necessary.

Following the events of September 11, 2001, America had a collective revelation. In the days that followed that now infamous event, many Americans marveled at the fact that, as hundreds of people streamed out of the Twin Towers, hundreds of firefighters and police officers streamed in.

Although public safety officers appreciated this national recognition of the dangerous nature of their jobs, many a police officer I spoke with expressed some sense of frustration also. ìWhat did they think we would do?î was the question I heard asked by more than one cop.

Had Isaac Espinoza been at ground zero on nine eleven, he would have been the first cop through the doors of the towers. And on a Saturday night in the Bayview, when Isaac thought a man might be armed with a gun, he actually tried to get out of his car and approach the man. This single action cost Isaac his life. If you had the opportunity to ask Isaac why he would attempt to approach a man believed to be armed, he would have simply responded, ìBecause it’s my job.

I was speaking with Mr. Espinoza on Sunday and he related the following story to me. He said that when Isaac had finally finished his field training, he asked Isaac if he still wanted to be a cop, particularly taking into account the type of people which police routinely deal with.

Isaac told his father, in no uncertain terms, that yes, he did still want to be a cop. Isaac then said, ìDad, there’s a lot of really good people out there, and they need us. And besides Dad, someone’s got to do it.

Several young probationary officers are just finishing their tour at Bayview, and are preparing for their transfers to their permanent stations.

The other night I was speaking with some of these officers and I told them about Isaac’s remarks to his dad. One of these officers then approached me and asked me what he needed to do stop his transfer out of the Bayview. I told him that he simply had to write me a memo, and I then asked him if he was thinking about staying in the Bayview. ìI can’t leave now Captain,î he told me. ìIsaac would have stayed.î In the months and years to come, this will be a part of Isaac’s legacy, and I believe that the memory of Isaac will inspire other young, and not so young, officers to remain in the Bayview District, because, as Isaac stated, ìSomeone’s got to do it.

One of the ways that we keep the memory of our fallen brother officers alive is to exchange anecdotes about them. The following story was related to me as a classic example of Isaac’s rather unique world-view . Isaac recently approached his lieutenant and inquired how he could go about obtaining star number 64. You see Isaac had been issued another star number in the Police Academy, but many officers change star numbers during their careers in order to wear the star of a family member or a friend.

The lieutenant immediately assumed that this was the case with Isaac’s request, and determined that Sergeant John Payne, who had recently retired, had worn star 64. John Payne was one of many heroes from the Pine & Franklin incident of 10 years ago, and the lieutenant asked Isaac if this was why he wanted the star. Isaac responded in a very matter of fact manner, “No lute, I want star 64 because I have a 64 Chevy in my garage.”Pure Isaac.

It wasn’t until last night that we realized that Isaac and Barry were wearing the star numbers of Officers James Guelff and John Payne, the two officers shot ten years ago at Pine and Franklin Streets.

Wednesday night, the officers of Bayview Station gathered to talk about Isaac’s life, and the impact that his life had on those who knew him.

There was a story told about Isaac’s hair, and it is the height of understatement to say that Isaac had a special relationship with his hair.

One night recently Isaac had had to wrestle a man to the ground in order to arrest him. And when he walked the man in to the station, some of the officers jokingly pointed out to Isaac that although half of his hair was still perfect, the other half was quite messy. Isaac was none too happy about this development and stated that there ought to be a specific section in the Penal Code which could be used against someone who had messed up hair as nice as his.

Another officer said that Isaac often had a theme when he worked, and he would utilize that theme throughout the night. One night Isaac had told her that the theme for the night was that he was a country western star, and so, for the rest of the night, as Isaac would answer his radio, he would do so utilizing a Southern twang. The dispatchers must have believed that a new officer from Nashville had just arrived in the Bayview.

For the officers of the San Francisco Police Department assembled here today from other police districts, the officers of the Bayview thank you for the backup on Saturday night, and for the support you have provided them during this difficult week. I want to thank you for the manner in which you police this city, because it’s not easy to be a police officer in the city of Saint Francis. Within hours of this tragedy, you were back in your cars, responding to calls, and dealing with the myriad situations which everyone else turns away from. There is no rest for the weary if you’re a member of this proud organization. God Bless the officers of the San Francisco Police Department.

For the officers of Northern Station, it seems like just yesterday that we honored Jim within these same walls, but it’s been ten years. You have kept Jim’s memory alive, and provided this department with the example which we will follow in the Bayview in the years to come as we celebrate Isaac’s life, and remember how it was cut so short. God Bless the officers of Northern Station, and the memory of Officer James Guelff.

For the officers of the Bayview District, particularly those of you who choose to remain here when you could transfer to another station. Travelers have long recognized San Francisco as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You know that you could be walking a foot beat in North Beach, or patrolling a car sector on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, or riding a bicycle down Chestnut Street or Union Street. And yet, in a city filled with tourists and magnificent vistas, you choose to spend your days dealing with the problems of a troubled and dangerous district. God Bless the officers of Bayview Station.

For Barry Parker. Barry, the officers of Bayview Station thank you for all that you did that night. No words can express the love and respect we feel for you. Isaac was proud to ride with you that night. God Bless you Barry.

For Mr. and Mrs. Espinoza, for Regina, and for your large and loving extended family. You must feel such pride when you think of the wonderful young man that you raised. Isaac’s many successes, and the legacy which he leaves behind now, are a testament to your love and your strength of character. In speaking with you this week, and seeing the quiet and stoic manner in which you dealt with this unthinkable tragedy, I understand why Isaac became the man that he was. Mr. Espinoza, when talking about your son the other day, you said simply that, ìHe was a good man.î And he was.

The love and guidance provided by you, by Carol, by Regina, this is what made him into the man that he was. God Bless the Espinoza family.

For Renata, and your supportive extended family. You told me a few days ago, that when you first met Isaac in high school, you weren’t too sure about him. But he was so funny, and throughout the many years when you were building a life together, he always made you laugh. Try to remember Isaac in that way. Let his memory comfort you and Isabella in the years to come. Think of the things he said and did which made you laugh, and these memories will allow him to accompany you through your life as you raise your daughter.

I know that you were a wonderful wife for Isaac. He was a very lucky man.

Nothing could illustrate the love you had for Isaac more than the story you told me about coming home one day to find that Isaac had painted the walls of your new family room in 49er colors, and all you did was smile. Any man married to a woman who would only smile when coming home to find a maroon colored room in a brand new addition, was a lucky man. And Renata, I commit to you again, that the members of the San Francisco Police Department will finish that addition for you. I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have called me this week to volunteer for this project. And I’ve got the perfect photo for you to hang in your 49er room.

For Renata’s family (in Spanish). Renata will need you now more than ever.

But don’t forget, that even though Isaac is gone, his brother and sister officers are here for you and for Renata. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. It will help us all to deal with Isaac’s absence if we can help you. God Bless you all.

For Isabella, your Daddy loves you so much. And in the years to come, on your first day of kindergarten, and when you make your First Holy Communion, and when you win first place at a swim meet, and at graduation time, and on the night that a young man comes to your home to take you out on your first date, your Daddy will be there with you. You won’t be able to see him, but he’ll be there. And hopefully, some day, when you choose a partner to build a life with, he’ll be a man who makes you laugh. Your Daddy’s smiling down from Heaven at you right now, Bella. God Bless you.

Police use a variety of codes to communicate with each other and with Dispatch. An officer who is available or “in service” is 10-8. An officer who is done for the night, or “out of service” is 10-7. I have heard commanding officers in the past refer to a slain officer as being “10-7, end of watch.” But I believe that’s inappropriate for Isaac. Because I believe that Isaac's spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of his fellow officers. And although Isaac now walks in heaven, it’s not there that he’s 10-8. Because you have to realize, that for a street cop like Isaac, it would be pretty boring to walk a beat in heaven. No, Isaac will be 10-8 on the streets of the Bayview, for eternity. And in the years to come, Bayview officers will relate a strange sense of calm as they respond to the most dangerous and serious calls. That’s because Isaac will be there with them. And whenever they arrive at a particularly dangerous scene, such as a shooting, or a call of an armed gunman, they can rest assured that Isaac will be there to back them up. And he’ll be the first one out of the car.

I’m going to speak for Isaac now when I say, “Dispatch, this is Charlie 37, and I’m 10-8 in the Bayview.” You have to pretend that I sounded like a country western singer when I said that. God Bless you Zack.

Renata los va a necesitar ahora mas que nunca. No olivden, que aunque Isaac ya no este aqui con nosotros, sus hermanos y hermanas de la Policia estaremos aqui para ustedes y Renata. Por favor no dejen de pedirnos ayuda si la necesitan.

August 31, 2004

Hey Zak,
Took Josephine to visit you day before yesterday. You have a lovely memorial set up there. I heard from a caretaker that Renata visits you everyday. You are a lucky man, you have a beautiful family that loves you very much. Just wanted to say hello and that you are missed daily..God bless and say hello to my son Derek, he is with you too and my father...Much love in memories to all of you...

Nia Ripley
Lucky Chances Casino

August 30, 2004

hey issac! well its an early monday morning! today im going with grandma and chris today and i just wanted to say ill be thinking of you like always... love you...


August 30, 2004

Hey Issz,
I just finished putting putting my collage/frame together. I had all pictures of you, renata, and bella in it, but the pain in heart wouldn't let me hang it up. I had to take some pictures out and revise it a bit with other family members because i couldn't even look at it without crying. You were an amazing person. You had so much love in your heart for everyone.... We all went to Blackberry Farm a few weeks ago. That was hard! I remember you and I catching frogs and polywogs in the creek. I remember all of us cousins swimming in the pool, but this time it was all our/your kids swimming in the pool. They had a lot of fun. They have a big slide there now. I wish you were there, so you could've grabbed bella and took her down that slide. She was so scared. I know you.. You would of grabbed her and told her to not be afraid because shes with her daddy. I know you would have done that. I miss you Issac. Its really hard for us. Its such a VOID now.
I went out with your wife for the fist time the other night. I know you were always scared of us taking her out. You loved her so much and you really protected her. She will be fine with us...don't worry. I love you Issz. I miss you.


August 30, 2004

Hey Zak,

I visit this sight every Monday, I think in a way its therapy, but it also makes me sad to see the numerous other brave officers who have also been taken from us. I'm still bitter about all this, but I guess God knows best. How are doing? How is heaven? I was holding my son yesterday and I couldn't help but think how precious life is, how sweet it is to hold someone who has nothing but love for you. I thought about you and your daughter and I said a prayer for strength for your wife and daughter. How do you go on after such a tragedy? Only the strength of God, and I am glad your wife is full of that strength and all the support and love.

August 30, 2004

Just a daily hello!!!!!

August 30, 2004

isaac! i forgot to write my name down there! but you know it was me! christian and grandma pointed it out to me today! they made a special phone call just for that specific reason! hah! oh yah and something else! YOU KNOW! lol! grandma goes on here everyday! i bet you shes reading this right now! "hi grandma" haha.... anyways how are you issac? we miss you so much! its still not reality to have you gone. not gone! but just not in site! where we cant see you. you will never be gone! you will always be in my heart and in everyone elses! 2 days ago i went to your grave and layed some roses out for you! im sure you saw that. renata made it so nice with her and bella's pictures! im going to try and visit you once a week now! maybe more. i hope you hear me when im praying, talking, and even asking you questions bout things. why? why isaac? why did it have to be you? you were so happy! everything was perfect. im just stating the obvious but why? i ask myself that over and over but noe matter how many times i ask myself that one particular question i can never figure out why! but then my mom said to me the other day it was because angels cant stay on earth for long. and thats true. you were our angel that came to touch our hearts and inspired us in many ways. even motivate. cuz i want to be like you. have as much spark and brightness in me as you did. you are in a better place where one day we all will be, you just beat us there! cause you were our borrowed angel. well, school starts on wednesday!!! im going to westmoor! just like you and renata!!! haha.... i went there for orientation last wednesday and all i saw was you! i went in the bathroom and started to cry because i saw you. i saw your bright smile! it was sad but then my tears were of joy. i feel so lucky to have known someone as special and mesmerizing as you! i wanna be like you! you were so cool!! haha... uncle gerry is okae. i guess! i honestly dont know! you do, but i dont know! i noe hes hurting deep down inside but hes strong and knows your watching him like you are watching all of us from above! i love you isaac! see you in my dreams and hear you in my prayers....


August 30, 2004

hey isaac. well the niners played the raiders a while ago! i meant to write to you about it sooner but i never really got the chance. im sorry. but the RAIDERS won. i remember at bella's party a couple years ago you said " DONT EVER COME TO ONE OF MY PARTIES WEARING A RAIDERS JERSEY "...HAHA you yelled it so loud everyone heard. i miss you isaac. so i hear that they are now done with the video and i cant wait to see it. christian told me about it! she also told me that renata got a tattoo!!! i cant wait to see it! i should go to bed now! i love you isaac! till next time...

August 29, 2004

Reneta I wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your lost. I cant imagine how hard it is to loose someone that you love so much and how difficult it is to move on. You are a strong woman and I admire you for that. I also have a daughter name IZABELLA and as a wife of a SFPD officer this really hit home, when I heard the news that there was and officer down my heart was in pain and I could not control my tears, right away I called my husband to reassured him that once again I was there for him, he was so devestade as he knew Isacc and he was in state of shocked. My prayers goes for you reneta and your daughgter Izabella

officer wife

August 27, 2004

lets not think of your death, lets set that aside and celebrate your WONDERFUL popular life Isaac. hah i miss you Isaac.


August 25, 2004

Did you go blonde? :)

August 24, 2004

Hey bro, its Eggy. Ice, I miss you so much man, not one day goes by that i dont think of you. Not one day goes by that I ask why this had to happen to my brother. I pray to our Lord that he keeps giving us the strength to carry on. I love you and miss you

your Little brother

August 23, 2004

it's early in the morning and for some reason i cant sleep. I thought about you. Every time i come to this page and read what other people say about you and I ALWAYS find myself crying.

I'm going away for college this Saturday. Actually, I'm flying three thousands away from home. Im living in the most dangerous area of DC to attend to Gallaudet University and I thought of you and it always makes me feel safe. Please give me the strength to feel safe around DC and help me in school especially when im living so far away from my family. ALso, please watch over my auntie velia and uncle eric and their new baby coming up. God Bless you.
You're always in my thoughts.

Godspeed. You're my hero.


August 23, 2004

Isacc we miss you easc day that goes by.
It helps a lot to read this reflections and to know that there is a lot of people that still remembers you, not just family but friends.
You touched a lot of lives, you are an ispiration. Will alwaya remember you, you live in our hearts and mind.

friend from the east bay and family in c

August 23, 2004

Even in death you are able to bring everyone together. There was just something about you that made folks want to be near you. I think about you everyday. I love coming to this website and reading what is said about you. I still can't believe you are gone. I feel like it's not true. By the way you are still on my caller ID, just a reminder that I knew you! :)
Isaac always the life of the party! MISS YOU!

August 22, 2004

You know with each day that passes by, I pray to god I'll never forget who you are. My God Isaac, i miss you so much. i miss seeing you everyday working on your house, and always making fun of me. i miss you driving away in your car, and me always making fun of you as well. i miss Bella and You comming over our house. i miss going over your house and seeing you and renata so happy. I just miss everything. i dont know how Renata does it. She is such a strong person. She misses you so much and so does little Bella. It seems like time just goes by so fast. you know what i hate the most and what hits me everytime is that I HATE THAT WE LIVE TO DIE, but only god knows why he takes us, and we all have a purpose, and just to have you drive away in your car or to even hear your voice would be oh so worth it. i hate the fact that God takes the good people away from us down here, and the people that should be taken from us, because they bring harm to us are still here brining harm. you didnt deserve to go. i still wonder and sit down here why it had to be you. you didnt deserve to go. everybody always says hes in a good place, which is true but the good place is down here doing the job you loved, and being down here with renata and bella, not up there far up from all of us not being able to touch you. we want you down here with the people that love you. i still remember the day that my mom told me that there had been a shooting where you worked at night. she got up in the middle of the night to make sure it wasnt you, and to see if your car was there. but it wasnt there that night. my mom couldnt sleep at all. the next morning we were eating breakfast, and my mom asked my dad if she had seen you, or if your car was there when we left, and my dad, my sister, and i said no we havent seen isaac. and then she told us that there was a shooting where you worked, and my mom worried so much isaac. and i told my mom " mom you think isaac got hurt?, isaac is so strong, hes fine, maybe renata and him and bella went out somewhere, dont worry mom, issac is just too cool, hes fine, and i bet when we get home hes going to be there at home." i wish thats the way it would have gone, but when we got home there were flowers at your door, and the man told my mom what had happened. and my mom started crying. and i just started crying and went in my room , and started crying. i couldnt belive it. it hurt so much to know that i wasnt even going to say hello to you again or even see your face next door. i wish none of this would;ve happened. i guess you have to cherish the people areound you more often and not take them for granted because life is just too short. and life was deiftely too short for you isaac. everybody always asks if i knew you, and i just smile and love to tell them about you, i always tell him " hes my hero, i want to be just like him when i get older, i want to help people, i want to love my job, and i want people to remember me just like how they remember issac, i miss him." i miss you isaac. hear my prayers at night, and watch over me and all of us, but most of all watch over renata and bella, you were everything to them and you will always be. make sure that there always safe. i miss you, i know your with us in spirit and in faith. never go anywhere okay. be good up in heaven isaac. miss you.


August 22, 2004

I was in court last month on an assault rifle case (2 rifles in custody), and the bailiff asked me why I had a mourning band across my star, and who had died. I told him that I still wore it for you, and that I wanted everyone to be reminded of that unfair night that you were taken away from us. I wanted everyone in that courtroom to think of you when they saw that band across my star, the sign of a fallen officer. I am not the only one who still wears that band...and I am not the only one who will not take it off- even if ordered to! We love you Isaac...Patty.

Off. Brown, Bayview Station-MIDS
San Francisco Police Dept.

August 22, 2004

Well Isaac I finally did it. You know what I always wanted to do and we would always talk about it. Well yesterday was the day I got the courage to do it and went for it. I know you helped me through it and now I am happy I finally had the strength to do it after such a long time. Bella and I miss you so much especially this weekend when we were away. All she could do was talk about you and remember the last time we took a trip with you (last October). But I could see the joy she felt in talking about you and remembering you. She loves you so much Baby. I still don't believe it. It's not fair. I miss you. I'm still waiting.


August 21, 2004

I found this Prayer in my uniform jacket the other day. I thought I'd share it with you. This is only a part of it. The Policeman's Prayer to St. Michael:

And when we lay down our night sticks, enroll us in your Heavenly Force, where we will be as proud to guard the thrown of God as we have been to guard the city of men. Amen

I know you are up there doing your job, the job you loved so much, protecting God and those of us down on earth. Thank you for that.

Forever in my heart, I love you so much,Auntie

August 19, 2004


We all miss you.
So many inquiries on this tragedy?
What if you would have taken a left turn right before you reached that block?
What if you would have called in sick that day?
What if you had gotten a flat tire an hour before or had stopped for gas?
Would the outcome have been different?

What if? What if? What if?
I've replayed so many senarios in my mind? and only God can answer as to what if? I know it is all in his plans, but why?

God Speed! Rest in Peace.

August 19, 2004

still thinking about you, you will remain in our hearts for as long as we live. Missing you

August 19, 2004

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