Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Senior Police Officer Elmer Basco "Buddy" Christian, III

Athens-Clarke County Police Department, Georgia

End of Watch Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Reflections for Senior Police Officer Elmer Basco "Buddy" Christian, III

Lord Jesus, as we watch America’s Peace Officers succumb to the wicked and evil in this world, Shot and Killed in the Line-of-Duty, it becomes difficult for us to pick up and move forward. Our communities are on the brink of exploding with tension. In light of the peace officers who are no longer with us, I pray for endurance for our communities and law enforcement agencies. Carry us through this time of strife, that through our struggles, our bonds may grow even more unbreakable. In Your mighty and holy name, I pray. Amen.

Holy Scriptures on Law Enforcement’s Mission:

“For the policeman [peace officer] does not frighten people who are doing right; but those doing evil will always fear him. So if you don’t want to be afraid, keep the laws and you will get along well. The policeman [peace officer] is sent by God to help you. But if you are doing something wrong, of course you should be afraid, for he [the peace officer] will have you punished. He [the peace officer] is sent by God for that very purpose. Obey the laws, then, for two reasons: first, to keep from being punished, and second, just because you know you should.” [Romans 13:3-5 TLB]

[Jesus Said,] “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” [John 15:13 ESV]

And he [Jesus] said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.” [Luke 23:43 ESV]

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons [children] of God.” [Matthew 5:9 ESV]

“And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” [Isaiah 6:8 ESV]

Chaplain Steven R. Closs, DDiv, MSBS, NCCA, FCPO-USA
Ordained Christian Global Outreach Minister No. 36526
The Badge 183 Peacemakers Prayer Ministry

January 12, 2024

Hard to believe it has been eleven years. My thoughts are with your family.

G. Anne Birkholz
Mother of Officer Craig Birkholz EOW 3/20/2011 Fond du Lac PD

March 17, 2022

I go to school with his daughter he was a nice guy raised his kids right the man who killed him shoulve gotten a harsher sentence

Carson Rhoades

January 27, 2022

Officer Christian made the ultimate sacrifice. May your soul forever rest peacefully and your family be comforted in your absence. God bless.

Cadet FaLinda Johnson
Jesup Police Dept

December 2, 2021

SPO Christian,
On today, the 10th anniversary of your death I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for the citizens of Athens-Clarke. And to your Family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.


United States Border Patrol

March 22, 2021

Rest in eternal peace

Mark Mottola

March 22, 2020

Rest in peace Senior Officer Christian.

Rabbi Lewis S. Davis

August 16, 2019

Eight years. Time passes quickly. Grief does not. Thoughts are with your family as we remember your life. Your dedicated service and bravery forever honored.

Mother G Birkholz
Officer Craig Birkholz EOW 3/20/2011

March 21, 2019

I had the great honor of riding in Officer Christian’s memory at the Heroes Ride in Conroe, Texas, today. His sacrifice will be remembered always.

Lisa Martin
Cyclist from Texas

October 13, 2018

John 5:28, 29 - "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out". I pray that everyone can find peace in knowing that we will see this officer as well as many others again in Paradise soon. Until then, please accept my condolences.

A.W. Montgomery
Concerned Citizen

September 20, 2018

Five years ago, you gave your life for us all. At this time in 2013, I was in the academy in Athens, GA, and we did a run in your honor. I met your family, and I was humbled by knowing what kind of man you were. The road that the academy is on is now Buddy Christian Way. Everyone honors you, you did not die in vain, you held the line and we will continue to hold the line for you, brother.

Patrolman #1913 Rick Carter
Hartwell Police Department

March 22, 2016

On this day five years ago, I heard the disturbing news that hit too close to home. You gave your life for us all. In 2013, while in the academy in Athens on Buddy Christian Way, we did a run in honor of you. I met your family and it was a humbling reminder of what kind of a man you were. Rest easy, sir.....We will hold the line.

Patrolman #1913 Rick Carter
Hartwell Police Department

March 22, 2016

There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about you, but we know you're having a blast patrolling those streets of gold.

We miss you, Buddy.

Your Crew
Athens-Clarke County Police Department

March 22, 2016

To the wife of Officer Buddy Christian,

I am touched by your dedication to your husband's memory. It was your love for him which enabled him to put on the uniform daily and face every danger, as I know my wife's love and devotion does the same for me. It is the love, support, and sacrifice the officer has at home which gets them through each day. He is a HERO, but so are you and your kids. I'm sure your husband is rejoicing in Heaven, knowing you are carrying on his legacy for a cause greater than he probably ever imagined.

Sergeant J. Ellison
Cobb County Sheriff's Office

February 27, 2016

Hi Babe, There are so many things going on right now on our road to seek justice for you. Today has been four years and four months since that tragic day. The trial for your murderer started 4 weeks ago. This road has been long and hard, but we are almost there. Praise the Lord a guilty verdict was read on Saturday July 18th. Today I gave my victim impact statement in the sentencing phase. I hope that God pulled back the clouds and let you watch as your family and friends poured out their heart with nothing but love and honor for you. It felt so good to finally tell my story and get to say my peace. I pray for the jury as they have endured these past four weeks. I pray that this road to justice will soon be behind us and you and we can rest in peace. I love you always, and between now and then LOVE ME!

Wife of Buddy Christian

July 22, 2015

Buddy will never be forgotten, A true hero as the rest of the ACCPD community and other police officers. Rest in peace and stay a wonderful person in Heaven,

We all love you dearly, Thank you for your service and dedication when you were here with us. All my regards go to your family and blue family.

Daughter of ACCPD Officer.

June 18, 2015

God bless. He is of Manx origin (his ancestors came from the Isle of Man, and is not part of the United Kingdom).


April 17, 2013

Rest in Peace Brother, we have the Watch

Phoenix Police, Brother in Blue

April 5, 2013

Melissa Christian & family:
I am a former ACCPD (Badge 2357) Officer who was working during the time when Buddy made the ultimate sacrifice! I now live and work in Delaware and still continue to send thoughts and prayers to you and your family! He will not be forgotten.

Patrolmen Howey-Newcomb
Smyrna Police Department

January 31, 2013

Thank you for your service and for helping to make America a safer place.

Deputy Brian Jones
Boulder County Sheriff's Office, CO

December 12, 2012

i feel so sadened when i read about these tragic stories, i am a police officer in australia and it takes a special person to do this job, wanting to keep the community safe even if it has dire consequences, your a brother in arms and glad he has such a loving family, RIP mate

first class constable
western australian police

August 6, 2012

Hi baby, We are just getting settled back in from our trip to DC. The Police Unity Tour was amazing. I met some awesome people along the way and I know you are so proud. I DID IT all 270 miles and I know that you were with me as always. I rode with your patch on my jersey and the badge that you carried in your wallet was attached to my bike. It was an honor to ride for you and all fallen officers. My emotions hit me on the second day. There were 186 in our chapter riding and each had a special officer they were riding for. They had pictures on their bikes and patches on their jerseys. It was overwhelming to think about. How could this world be missing so many amazing people. The feeling of accomplishment when we rode into DC was worth every minute of the tough journey.

The kids had a great time in DC. They enjoyed their first plane ride and looked so cute in their little ACCPD uniforms with brass like yours. The three of us placed the flower for you on the wreath at the ceremony at the capital. I know you would have been amazed by everything. It was all very overwhelming and comforting all at the same time. I was able to meet some of the families from GA, and families and officers from other states as well. Seeing your name on the memorial is hard to comprehend. Just another reminder that this is reality and not just a dream.

And, our baby girl graduated Kindergarten last night. It also happened to be 14 months since the day you didn't come home from work. It was a tough day for me. This was one of the first big things for Callie that you missed. I remember the day we took her to K4 for the first time, and how proud you were. And now you were not here to see her go to K5 and not here for her graduation as she becomes a 1st grader. I know you were so proud of her as she sang in her play and accepted her diploma. She is your buttercup after all. I prayed that God pulled back the clouds and let you see our precious girl. And, I know my prayers were answered because as we left the graduation it started to rain. I tend to think they were tears from heaven.

Between now and then I will be loving you... LOVE ME!

Melissa Christian
loving wife of Buddy Christian

May 23, 2012

I am watching the live feed of the memorial in DC-for some reason you & your small children caught my attention as they read your husband's name.
I just wanted to send love & hugs to you from California.
I have been where you are-8 years ago I lost my David, our children were ages 17-30.
So I know the path you are walking-
Buddy sounds likes he was a wonderful man and my heart is heavy for you.

Richie Grant
Surviving spouse of Deputy David Grant/EOW/5/31/04
Tuolumne Co Sheriff's Dept
Sonora, Ca.

Richie Grant/wife of Deputy Dave Grant

May 15, 2012

Hi Baby, I have found my way to this page tonight on this the week of the start of the police unity tour and the national memorial in DC. This is truly the greatest honor that I wish I never had to do.
I have not been to his page very often, because it is still so hard to see your name here in black and white. However, I wanted to leave this note for you as I start the unity tour in your honor. I am so proud of you. I know you can't believe what an impact you made on the lives of so many people. You are truly a man of God and your children have the greatest hero of all to look up to. I still receive stories from people I have never met who tell me how they met you only once, but will never forget you and how you helped them. I know you are proud of our community and how they have embraced our story and came to our needs in so many ways.
This year has been such a roller coaster. I feel that I have come so far and get stronger every day, but on the other hand I feel so lost and still can't imagine life without you in it. We were just kids when we met and grew up together. Our wedding day was the best day ever. It was perfect in every way. I love my ring that you gave me when we celebrated our 15 years together one month before that tragic day. I have never lived on my own, and yet now I am a single mother trying to hold it all together. It is still so hard to believe that this world no longer has you in it. I still find myself saying Oh, I have to tell Buddy this or that when he gets home. I remember every detail of that day and the few days prior to the tragic day. We had a date night on that Saturday before, and date nights were few and far between. We both missed the kids so much we never wanted to leave them behind. That evening was so much fun. Nothing extravagant just the two of us out to dinner and a walk around the mall, but somehow it seemed like a perfect evening. I remember our last evening with you at home you took the kids for a ride on Papa's old John Deere L tractor while I fed all the animals. I remember talking to you on the phone just one hour before that tragic event would take place. It was like any other numerous phone call conversation that we had. We talked about the kids and how you planned to spend the evening when you got home. Little did I know that at that moment when I heard you say I love you it would be the last words you spoke to me. I love you so much with all my heart, and long for the day to run to you again and wrap my arms around you so tight. When I was told of the events that had happened I was in total shock. How could it be, you always promised me you would never leave me and you would always come home to me and the kids. And, yet March 22, 2011 would be the day that you left for work just like any other, but never returned home. I never heard the sound of you coming in the door, and the sound that your vest would make as you took it off ever again. That sound was always a sigh of relief, I never knew that I would miss it so much. I thought that the worst thing that had ever happened to me was when police officers met me at work with this terrible news, but then I realized that I had two precious children to try to explain this too. They were only 5 and 2 they should not even know that there are bad people in this world much less that one of them has killed their father that they love so much. I know you are so proud of them and I am sure that you check in on them from time to time. I told them that you are always in their heart and they can talk to you whenever they want. I remind them every day how much you love them and will always make sure that they remember and know how awesome their daddy is. It breaks my heart when they get upset that you are not here. Callie understands as best she can that you are in heaven and she will see you again. But, Wyatt has no idea or concept he still thinks that you will come home at any moment. It is just so hard to see it through their eyes. You are the greatest daddy in the world. I thought that was the worst day, and yet harder things still come. I have faced your killer in the court room and have had to sit there and not say a word as he complains about his rights. The road to justice will be a long one, but I intend to be there for you as I know you would be for me. I have come a long way since that day. When I look at pictures of me before that day I think who is that person she has no idea. I thought that I was strong and independent little did I know that I was far from it. I wanted to give up and throw in the towel, but all I could hear was you saying "come on girl, cowgirl up". So I did, and I know that you are proud of the kids and I. It is amazing how strong you can be when strong is the only option you have. People often ask me how do you do it how do you survive. Well surviving is the option I have. God still has a plan for me on this earth and I have to see it through. I just keep putting my feet on the ground every morning and hug our children tight. I know you are proud that I have (somewhat) overcome my fear of talking in crowds. And, that I have started a foundation in your name to help other fallen officers families and to enhance the safety of law enforcement departments. And, can you believe that I now have two tattoos in memory of you. One on my right shoulder that has a picture that you drew for me in high school and in your handwriting the words that we often told each other...Between now and then until I see you again I will be loving you LOVE ME....And, one my right side with blue roses and your SPO badge complete with your number and wedding rings on each side. I know you would say Howboutcha!
I have somehow made it through a year of first including our children's birthdays, our birthdays, wedding anniversary, and Christmas without you here to hold my hand and kiss me goodnight. I can still feel your presence sometimes and will hold you to your promise that you said you would never leave me and would love me forever. In just a few days I will start the police unity tour that goes from Virginia in DC. I am riding in your honor and memory and also for three other officers whose stories have inspired me. I feel that this ride is a symbol of my journey over the past year. There have been hills and valleys pain and strive, but through it all God is and will be by my side.... "For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you" Jeremiah 29:11.
So, baby as I continue this journey always stay in my heart and know that I will always love you. You gave me and the children your best and now it is our turn to keep your name going with your foundation and help others just as you loved to do.
So, here I go cowgirl up! and between now and then until I see you again I will be loving you LOVE ME!!!

Melissa Christian
loving wife of Buddy Christian

May 8, 2012

I am a police officer from Newport, RI and a rider in the Police Unity Tour. The tour is a 300 mile bicycle ride from New Jersey to Washington DC during Police Week to pay tribute and spread awareness of our fallen officers.

This year, it my honor to be riding in you memory this year. You will never be forgotten, rest easy brother.

Officer Joe Carroll
Newport, RI Police Department

March 22, 2012

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