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Detective Jared Scott Jensen

Colorado Springs Police Department, Colorado

End of Watch Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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Reflections for Detective Jared Scott Jensen

Stopping to pay my respects and let you know that you have not been forgotten. I use to meet with your Dad and we would talk about our sons, as I also lost mine in the line of duty. Others could never understand just what we both felt and had in common unless they walked in our shoes. You are both together now and keeping watch over all of your loved ones. Tell your Dad I miss him.

Bob Gordon
Father of Fallen Officer: Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

February 25, 2016

It is impossible to think it has been 10 years since I got the phone call that changed my life entirely. He was just out of PTO and I wanted him to quit to badly, terrified of what could happen to him. But, he wouldn't. He would never leave his brothers and sisters in blue, so I never asked him to. I saw the dedication to protect others in his eye, so I steeled myself for the years to come. It has been an incredible and heartbreaking experience all at once. I wouldn't change it for the world. We are blue family and we always will be. You saw to that. Thank you for giving me the courage to stand up and be strong when I needed to be. For pushing me when I wanted to quit. For trusting me to do the right thing. I will always remember your service and sacrifice. I will always look out for your family, both blood and blue. I will keep my promise.

Erin Gibson-Darrow

February 22, 2016

...I am here, my Friend.

With my love, my gratitude and my respect.
I would give anything to find myself on a call and have you there to back me up again.
But the truth is that you have been watching my "6" all along...
Keep up the good work, Jared.
God bless you.

SFC Pasquale Vittori (CSPD 2483)
US Army

February 22, 2016

I do not know where to begin...nor where it will ever end...none of us do...perhaps that is the message and learning...but sometimes, the learning just sucks. It hurts. It stings, it punches in the gut over and over. It isn't fair, it isn't right, it is not...possible. I know that it happened. I know that we have made it to today, together...we continue to grow, learn, breathe. We have leaned in to the light amidst incredibly, awful darkness. Been broken, been beaten and feel the absence and void. Have felt and received your messages. I know you are sending love and support and well wishes for us...and we all know that you would not want us in pain. I want to make it count, I want there to be some semblance of sanity when there seems it's not possible. Grief and loss, rebuilding and continuing is an everyday new normal...Even after all this time it is mind boggling. heart wrenching. The price of opening up and being vulnerable, and taking the chance that there can and will be is the price of loving freely - with full acceptance and beauty. Blessed am I to have been your partner in this life - Love like this is other worldly - indescribable - eternal - I would give anything for just one more moment with you - until we meet once more...I love you,

Your Natalie


February 22, 2016

Today you would have been 40 years old, Happy Birthday bro. Seems impossible that your were taken from us ten years ago. I think of you constantly, what you would be doing, what you would have accomplished. I pray you know though how unbelievably proud of you I am. You are loved, remembered and missed by so many and left such an amazing legacy. Give Dad a hug, not a day goes by.....

Jeff Jensen
Proud Brother, CSPD Det. Jared Jensen, EOW 2-22-06

February 6, 2016

Merry Christmas--- may the view from up there be the most blessed... Forever in my heart and soul... Forever grateful for the choosing of each other... Love eternal-


December 25, 2015

Another has fallen here in our city. It is unfathomable that this continues to happen.

I have not forgotten.

A Proud CS Citizen

November 27, 2015

When there is just the silence... You are there. When there is all the bustle and pounding throng of 'life' are there. When there are victories..unfathomable pain and, gratitude, gathered courage... You are there. For all and more, I am grateful. I miss and love you. ALWAYS. Please watch over those out there each and every day--- they are amazing... Forever grateful.
With infinite love,


November 26, 2015

I was a babysitter for Jared and his brother and sister back in the late 80s - something got me thinking about what wonderful, sweet children they were back then, and I decided to look them up. How terribly sad I was to find Jared's name here. To Jeff and Jonika (and your mom), I am so sorry for your incomprehensible loss. All three of you were always the sweetest, most well-behaved children, and I have no doubt you grew up to be similarly wonderful adults. Please accept my heartfelt condolences, and know that I have such special memories of our times spent together (along with your spunky black lab in the makeshift pen in your garage), in Spring Lake. I know Jared's legacy lives on through both of you.

Jill Miller Rockwell

September 12, 2015

I just read a story about two officers in Mississippi - I know you're welcoming them to your beat right now. Not a day goes by where I don't stop to remember. Godspeed.


May 11, 2015

I am stopping to remember you after 9 years and also your Dad who will be gone 1 year tomorrow. I use to meet him for breakfast and we would talk about our hero sons and the accomplishments you both attained in your short time here on earth. In honor of your Dad I entered his bio and photo on find a grave website which if anyone is interested can search for him by name. He was so proud of you and has every right because you are a true hero and heroes never die. Continue to watch over all of your loved ones. Thank you for your dedication to others and say hi to your Dad for me.

Bob Gordon
Father of Fallen Officer: Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

March 7, 2015

Nine years.... Today I cleared the snow from the memorial, up here in DC, so that my son could read your name. He asked about you, and I did my best to explain who you are and what we do.
I left a flower in the snow, and he said "Good bye, Jared".

SSG Pasquale Vittori, US Army
(CSPD 2483)

February 22, 2015

Dearest Jared,

How can it be that 9 years have passed? When at times it seems 9 minutes might just as well have passed...So much has happened, so many lives touched and changed...We quantify, we mark the days, hours and minutes, but nothing can claim that which is most precious...your spirit - your heart - your soul - How very blessed are we to have walked part of the journey with you...
My love, I can never express enough the gift you are to me - my life was and forever will be completely altered FOR THE GOOD over a can of Pepsi and a magical walk at Hoover...our connection continues, beyond the stars and moon, through valleys and high mountains...over the ocean and into the sky and its Keith always said, "it's the 'stuff' of storybooks"...I will see you again my love...I know it's not yet - I know there is still work to be done here - I pray for the patience, strength and faith to carry on the mission you emulated...

With my love, my heart


February 19, 2015

I never knew Jared as a police officer, just as a goofy guy I did theater with in high school. We did many plays together and were in the same youth theatre group for four years. I considered him one of my good friends.

Then college came and we lost touch. I'd think of him time to time, especially when I caught a cartoon on TV or I tripped over a line drawn on the ground. Jared was a clumsy kid.

My parents still live in Rockford, IL and my mom told me about Jared's death. I was shocked. I had no idea he had become a policeman. The more I thought about it, the more fitting it seemed. Jared would give you the shirt off his back, befriend the friendless and help those in need.

I think about Jared frequently and the sacrifice he made. I think of his family and friends and how our lives are better for knowing him. My thoughts are with those he left behind.

Josie McCanse
High School Friend

February 6, 2015

Missing your smile and your laugh so much.......It has been far too long since we heard that wonderful chuckle of yours, but I just know that you continue to smile down and laugh with us all the time (and you are probably laughing AT US sometimes too!)

Your legacy and the incredible memories of you continue on.......ALWAYS!


February 5, 2015

Happy Birthday my beloved Jared....your smile, your laugh, your light are ever present reminders of joy... Yes joy...may there be ice cream, cold beer and perfectly grilled burgers aplenty....

Please continue to watch out for all those who serve... They are faced with unforeseen animosity and challenges daily... They continue on despite it all... They will always answer the call... Because they serve with their hearts and souls. I know you are right there with them...

I love and miss you eternally....


February 4, 2015

To the Jensen family, my condolences in losing an officer in the line of duty. I lost my son Joshua Delaney to murder and come to this site to honor my great grandfather Allen Moore Lawrence Ks who also lost his life in the line of duty. I reflect on the conditions of the world today and only wish to pay my respects to another fellow officer killed doing his job. I see things from both sides of the fence and hate anyone has to go through this grief.

Kay Crawford
Great great granddaughter

December 24, 2014

Twenty-five years of Service don't carry enough wisdom to help me find ways to fill the void you left.

Since the days we worked together, I have learned a lot, and I have become a better man, as I promised you I would. But I still cannot understand why God took you from us.

To Natalie, whom I only met briefly once, and to all of your Family and Friends, I offer my love and utmost respect.
To you, Jared, my unfading memory.

All of my uniforms, gadgets and weapons could not protect you... But I know for a fact you watch over me wherever I go.

SSG(P) Pasquale Vittori (CSPD 2483)
US Army

December 4, 2014

I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for your little "visits" and all of the ways that you (and our other Angels) have watched over and protected us. Whenever it seems like there is no explanation for "why" or "how" we made it through yet again, I find myself smiling, and glancing upwards in appreciation----because I just KNOW that you all had a hand on our shoulders.

Kyle is excited to play in the Turkey Bowl this year at your park for the first time-----and I am sure there will be cards, darts & pool as well. Lots of new memories made for we share the old ones too!

Always Thankful for the gift of YOU in our Lives, and Forever in our Hearts...........


November 25, 2014

Honey -
I miss you so very very much.


July 28, 2014

To the Jensen family...I am so sorry about the loss of your father. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I have not forgotten...

A Proud CS Citizen


June 10, 2014

The Unity Tour Motto is "We Ride for Those Who Died" but during my first experience with the Unity Tour I found that we also ride for those who survived. I chose to ride for Jared and indirectly it was for you Jeff and Natalie and all of your family members who lost Jared. Natalie told me that Jeff and Jared's dad passed away. It was in reading their Dad's reflections I realized that I would ride for Jared. I am sorry he passed, I only wish I decided to ride in the tour sooner. I met Natalie at the memorial and we spoke and shared stories. She rides for Law Enforcement United and continues to honor Jared's memory. The Unity Tour raised $1.9 million this year to help fund the memorial. It ensures that all families who have lost loved ones have a place to visit so these warriors will never be forgotten. Jeff thank you again for all you have done for me and my co workers when we flew there for our case. Your a true example of why law enforcement is a brotherhood and I can imagine how Jared must have learned from you and carved his own path in this profession. Thank you for allowing me to ride in his honor.


Jim Brazofsky

Det. James Brazofsky
Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Major Crimes Unit

May 15, 2014

For all who continue to remember, thank you. I felt I should post that in March of this year, mine and Jared's father Tom Jensen passed away from a long, hard fought battle with cancer. Dad cherished reading from this site so much, that he checked it daily. He would also post his heartfelt sorrow for the families and co-workers who also recently lost loved ones. Please know how much your continued comments, thoughts and prayers meant to him and to our whole family. James, thank you too for riding in Jared's honor this year to help raise money for the National Memorial. Can't thank you enough for doing that brother. To Jared and Pop, not a day goes by..

Jeff Jensen
Proud Brother, CSPD Det. Jared Jensen, EOW 2-22-06

May 14, 2014

Its been 8 years since I was in CS while my husband was stationed there. I remember very clearly and think of you often the day we heard that a officer was killed. I remember very clearly watching your funeral on TV for all to watch. I didn't know you but I think of you often and tell your story. I wish the family peace after all this time!. Thank you for you service!!!!

Melissa Andrade
former CS citizen

May 4, 2014

I had the pleasure of meeting your brother several years ago when I worked on a homicide case that lead to the Springs from my home state of New Jersey. Your brother Jeff told us about your sacrifice. It is something that stayed with me since I visited in 2008. I decided that this year I would ride for those who died in the Police Unity Tour to benefit the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C. You were the first officer I thought to honor. Your brother went out of his way to help us on the case that brought me and my co workers to Colorado that year. Jeff along with your co worker Det. Mike Happ and Maresha Hale (I hope I spelled it right) treated us like we worked together in the same department. Whatever we needed they went out of their way to help us get the job done and put a murderer in jail. That is how this profession works, we take care of our own. I could think of no other way to thank you, your brother and your entire family for the sacrifice you made, than to ride on the tour this year in your honor. I will wear a memorial bracelet during the ride that I will then send to Jeff to give to your family. The motto of the Police Unity Tour is "We ride for those who died." I am riding for you, your mom and dad and all your family and friends. The reflections I see on this site have given me but a small idea of your character. They will never forget and I will work to raise money to keep the walls of the memorial everlasting. I am a part of Chapter 37 named for the 37 Port Authority NY/NJ Police Officers who perished in the 9/11 attacks. I have 9 co workers who are part of that chapter. We will be leaving on May 9 from the former World Trade Center Site and ride 300 miles over four days to the Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C. We will arrive on May 12 and attend the candle light vigil that night. I will make sure that I find your name on the wall. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Detective James Brazofsky
Bergen County Prosecutor's Office NJ

April 14, 2014

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