Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Officer Henry "Hank" Nava, Jr.

Fort Worth Police Department, Texas

End of Watch Thursday, December 1, 2005

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Reflections for Officer Henry "Hank" Nava, Jr.

You are missed!

Officer David G. Deck #2296
FWPD, San Angelo PD, retired GPPD

November 19, 2013

Well, here we are at another birthday. Today you would have turned 48 years old. I can't help to think that you would be hating it completely. You were so worried about just turning 40!! Hank, birthdays and holidays are the worse time for us. We know you are in a better place but hate the fact that we got cheated out of our lives with you in it for longer. KayLeigh misses you so much. Your baby is a Senior now. How can that be? This next year is going to be so hard on her. Just keep watching and be her guardian angel. Henry, well what can I say he is as OCD as he was years ago when you were here with us. He is getting big and he wants to honor you so in everything that he does.

Happy Birthday, Hank. You are loved and never forgotten. You are always in my heart.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

May 17, 2013

Hank, not a day goes by that I don't say a prayer for you and your family, brother. At the time I was a young officer on our department who always had admiration and respect for the way you carried yourself and did your job with a smile on your face. I am now a Sgt. and at roll call today I told my young officers about you, many whom never had the distinct privilege of meeting you. I shared with them pictures of you and a few stories. I will continue to do this, letting these younger officers know the true hero you are is the least I can do!

Rest in peace brother!

Sgt R. Mendoza
Fort Worth Police Department

December 1, 2012

I will never forget where I was when I heard the call go out "Officer Down". What a terrible feeling. I still well up with tears when I think of that day and the following 2 days you were on life support. The procession from your funeral to your final resting place was an incredibly awesome sight to behold. (I would rather of not seen it though. ~ Meaning you would still be with us) I miss you Hank. You will never be forgotten.

I know how this tragedy has affected me and I can only imagine the loss your wife and children feel. I still pray for them.

Rest easy brother.

DM Mazurek #2689, Retired
Ft Worth PD

November 30, 2012

Today is the day.....7 years ago that I got the call you were shot. I was in Denial at first until they took me in to see you. I knew from that moment you were already gone. I will never forget the pain that i felt at that moment. Though you lived on life support for two days I knew I had lost you forever. It is hard to believe it has been 7 years. Seems like yesterday. The kids and I miss you so much. Keep being our guardian angel.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

November 29, 2012

Thinking of you and your family today. RIP


November 29, 2012

This week as always will be hard for us all. We miss you, even my mom started to tear up when Jorry mentioned this was the week we lost you.
KayLeigh now calls Justin Henryetta, I know you would of appreciate her cleverness! Chris Jr. Heard her call him it, he went, "you know what I like you, your just like your dad!" Everything is so different now, but when the whole family is together nothing is different same people, just older.
I know I talk to you all the time in the car when I'm driving alone, but thank you for watching over me uncle hank. Thank you for watching over the whole family. Love you and miss you more then ever.

Chelsea Bauer
Neice/God Daughter

November 29, 2012


Well, today we would be celebrating 21 years of Marriage. Today will always be a special date to me. I often wonder where we would be right now if you were still here. Wonder what we would be doing. I will always wonder for the rest of my life. All I know is I am thankful for the 14 years we had together and I will never forget any of the moments we shared. We had highs and we had lows but we weathered the storm no matter what. Your kids miss you always. They both remind me of you in their own way. They have grown up to be two blessings. I know you would be proud.

My life has been life with you and now my new life with Richard. Please know that Richard is doing a great job with the kids. He loves them unconditionally always. He is an amazing man and I will always be grateful for him. Though I know it is hard at times for him to constantly have to live with your memory he never once complains. We are very blessed!

You are never far from my mind. Please know that you are never forgotten and you never will be. My love for you is deep in my heart.

Happy Anniversary!

Teresa Nava-Salazar

November 23, 2012

Hi Sweetie-

I was looking through pictures last night of you and kids. Seeing your smile on your face and you holding your babies just made me sad. Sad that you are missing all of their milestones in their life. It is not at all what I had planned. Your beautiful baby girl was nominated to homecoming court and last Friday night as she went around the track in the convertible all dressed up and beautiful I just stood there and cried. How could our baby be so old already, how could you not be there to witness her night. The outcome of course was she got Homecoming Princess. And Hank, she is our little princess. She is an amazing young lady. You would be nothing short of proud for her. I never stop wondering how you would be with her driving now, or going out with her friends. I do know she has your EXPENSIVE taste!! That girl smells expensive........ But all I can do is think yep thats how her Daddy was. I know you would have just worked another part-time so she could have had what she wanted. Thats how you rolled.

I can't believe we are almost to year 7......there is not a day that seems possible. 7 years. You have been gone 7 years. Though I am extremely happy with my life right now, it does take away the pain and sorrow for the life that I lost with you. That part of my life I will always cherish so very close to my heart. I am forever thankful for my two babies that you blessed me with. The journey would have been different without them.

Keep the streets of Gold safe and sound. My heart always remembers.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

November 15, 2012

I saw your parents Friday, it was so good to hug their necks, but I can't help but to see the void in their lives. Your Dad had on his sweatshirt, your EOW and shield on it.
Your mom seems frail and empty.....She is missing you terribly. Watch over them!
Till we see each other again...


October 29, 2012

it hurts to this day still.


September 4, 2012

It will be 7 years now that you left to be with the LORD and patrolling the golden streets of heaven, and as I read through all these reflections, I didn't know you personally, but I realized that you were loved and respected by your family, LE family and friends, GOD always takes the best angels, so you are in the best of place.. Thank you SIR for your act of valor, may your heroism, bravery, courage and your ultimate sacrifice to your fellow man and your community will never be forgotten. May God watch over your lovely family.

Sr Detention Officer T. Tijerina #1366
Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office, Edinburg, TX

August 28, 2012

Its been awhile since I put my thoughts on here. Please know it does not mean you are not thought of. I think about you all the time and I know you are watching over us. I often think how could it possibly be almost 7 years since you left earth and went up to the streets of gold. How is it that Henry has already lived more than 1/2 of his life without you and soon KayLeigh will have too. It still never seems fair in my mind. I see the days when Henry and KayLeigh both long for you. I know what they are thinking just to have one more minute with you, to have that last hug, just to hear your sweet voice calling their names....... Hank, our baby girl is a can it be. We longed for so many years to have our first baby and she is almost all grown up. She has so much on her plate right now with finishing learning how to drive so she can get her drivers license, finding her niche at school, cheerleading.....and she is already trying to figure out what God has really called her to do with her life. Please put your arms around her and help her through all of this. Then your little spitfire of a son, boy he is you Hank.... He is in 6th grade and trying to find his place. He is so OCD, just like you!!!! But you can't just help but to love him to death. He will always be my baby...... You are missed and you will always be missed. Just keep watching over us. We always need to feel your presence.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

August 27, 2012

Another life taken by a senseless act of voilence. Please thank Jaime for his service to our Country and Austin, and show him the ropes as his new "Tour of Duty" begins!

Julie Dalton

April 9, 2012

Thinking of you today!


February 24, 2012

Odd that I should find myself here. A visting police officer from Ohio posted a picture, in a forum I visit, of Officer Nava's cruiser, which currently resides in the Police Hall of Fame and Museum in Titusville, Florida. Additionally, he attached a link, which leads to this site. I'd seen the patrol car on previous visits to the museum, however, never knew all the circumstances. Consider me now informed, and express my admiration to "Henry".

Master Deputy R.W. Dobbs
Lake County Sheriff's Office

February 5, 2012


Well, you sweet little KK will soon turn 16. We are getting ready for her big Sweet 16 party. While preparing for the big day I can see the sadness in her eyes that her Daddy is not going to be here for it. She misses you so much. We have been reflecting on so many things the last several weeks. We have been going through pictures, she has been asking so many questions about you. This is when it is the hardest for me. Not that is is not hard for me but when the pain has to do with KK and Henry it hurts me the most. Thats when I say it just isnt fair that they have had to go through this.

Well, it has been very hard getting use to calling our son Henry. KK and me have the hardest time remembering. however, Henry gets quite mad. He wants to be Henry and only Henry. You would be so proud of him Hank. What a big step for him to take. He wanted so badly to make a statement and have your name....I am so happy he got that wish.

I love you Hank and I always will. You are always in my heart.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

January 29, 2012

Merry Christmas Hank!

S Telfer

December 25, 2011

I am so proud of your son for taking the courage to say this is who I am and Im proud to carry on my dads name. God Bless!

Nathan Preston
San Antonio Police Department Traffic Division

December 6, 2011

Thinking of you and your family today. The pain and pride are forever and they are in my thoughts.

Phyllis Loya
mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater, PPD, eow 4/24/05

December 1, 2011


Here we are again at another anniversary. How could it be 6 years? It does get easier with each year there but all the memories of those two days flow through my mind like a movie. It all seems so surreal. I will never forget our life together. We have two beautiful children that I know you are so proud of. I thank my lucky stars that I see so much of you in them. You will always be my HERO..... RIP, HANK until I see you again.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

December 1, 2011


Well, Hank it is with great honor that I tell you that you Son, changed his name to Henry Nava, III. This all took place on Thursday and we couldn't be more thrilled. Henry is so excited and proud to have your name. He has been beaming ear to ear! He is so proud of you Hank and he so wants you to be proud of him. Which I know you are for sure.

He looks like a Lil' Hank. I know you are up there is Heaven just looking down at complete amazement of how your children have just grown and all their accomplishments that I in deed know that you are so proud.

We love and Miss you always.

Teresa Nava-Salzar

November 14, 2011


Well, it is that time of year! The time of year I dread each and every year. I can't believe it has been almost 6 years. It just does not seems possible. The HANK Run was a couple of weekends ago. It went well as always. So lucky to have all the help I have getting this all done each year.

This Thursday is an extremely important day! Justin is changing his Name to Henry Nava, III. His idea!! He wants to honor his Daddy and for that I am so grateful. He loves and misses you so very much. Please watch over him this day and know that all he says to that Judge comes straight from his heart.

Through your death, God has continued giving our family many blessings. He has made us stronger than we were before and I hope KayLeigh and Justin can continue to be an example of not giving up because of the loss that they sustained....

We love you always, Hank!

Teresa Nava-Salazar

November 7, 2011

Thinking of you today, 22 years... Time flys by.

Julie Dalton

October 21, 2011


I know it's been awhile.....but never think it is because I forget you. Trust me I remember you daily when I look at your two precious babies. Of course, they are not much babies anymore as they have grown up so much. Watching KK cheer at the football game the other night. I just watched her and I couldn't help but think about you and what you might be thinking about her cheering out there. She has such a beautiful spirit Hank. I know you know that as you are watching us from above. She is your baby girl......she has your giving heart. She is learning to drive. Big thanks to Bruce for helping us out where that is concerned. I am reminded how thankful I am for the friends that you have that are still such an important part of our life. They have all of our best interest's at heart.

Justin is growing up too. He is such a spitting image of you. And of course he wants to change his Name to Henry. He wants to be just like his Daddy that he misses so very much. I have been trying to work on figuring out how to do that. He reminds me about it quite often. I am all for him changing it if that is what he really wants. I will always support them.

It is also the time of year for the Hank Run. I can't believe we are on year 5....... I know you would be honored Hank.

It is so hard to believe we are coming up on year 6. It just does not seem possible. Sometimes when I have flashbacks it seems like it was just yesterday.

You would be proud of your babies.....I know you would be. I hope when we meet again someday that you will be proud of how I raised them and proud of what they became.

You are always thought of. The heart remembers.

Love you always.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

September 11, 2011

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