Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Officer Henry "Hank" Nava, Jr.

Fort Worth Police Department, Texas

End of Watch Thursday, December 1, 2005

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Reflections for Officer Henry "Hank" Nava, Jr.


I find myself thinking about you the last few days..I hate when the flashbacks start coming back. I re-live that dreadful day in about 5 minutes. Reading another Widow's entry to her Fallen husband I find myself feeling the exact same feelings as she feels. Its like I have lived two different lives... The life with you in my past and then the life with Richard here and now. It sometimes is so complicated in my mind. I don't regret moving on with my life. The way Richard loves me and the kids is nothing short of amazing. The way I feel about Richard and the boys is incredible. I can't imagine my life without Richard now. But I often feel guilty for that....I think it is fear of disappointment on your part. Damn Hank we were married 14 years.... Now, I can hardly wait to get to 15 years with Richard. I absolutely, cant wait to grow old with him and watch our kids have kids and the whole nine yards.

I went and talked to Pastor Danny about all of my feelings a few weeks ago. He asked me if we ever discussed how each felt about if something happened to either one of us. I was like NO! Why would we do that? He said well if you were the one in Heaven right now how would you feel if he had moved on. I said I would be fine with it...You have to continue to live life. It is God's gift to us. So he asked then why would you think he wouldn't want that for you? I was like I don't know. He told me that I needed to give Richard a 100%... and I agree I do. I want to be the best wife I can be to him.

KayLeigh gets more beautiful each and every day. I can't believe she is 13....It breaks my heart and I often wonder where all the years went. She is going to be in 8th grade and is a JV Cheerleader. She is so smart and such a nice young lady. Im sure you see that glow she has when you are looking down. KayLeigh has started to tell Richard things about you....Which I think is really good because she hasnt talked about you to him yet. It lets Richard know you through her eyes.

Justin is still the little spitfire he was when you were here. He has changed alot but all for the good. He is still my boy though. It is hard for me to let him grow up. He is going into 3rd grade. It is so hard thinking that you have been gone half of his life. He is playing Golf and loving it. He still has to learn alot but he is really trying. He really likes the sport.

Overall, I think the kids have adjusted well to all the changes that the last 3 1/2 years have brought to us. I still worry if they will resent me for moving on? or if they will understand that I needed to continue to live my life and to feel the happiness again. I am trying my best to take the best possible care of your two babies.... I hope I am doing it right.

I still think I have found a pretty amazing Man to understand this past life I have already lived.. Please understand that I have to live this other life now. I have to give 100%. It doesn't mean that I can't remember ours.

The Heart Always Remembers.

RIP Hank!! You are my Hero....

Teresa Nava-Salazar

July 28, 2009


I meant to write the other day after the dedication to the Police & Fire Memorial here in town. It is absolutely a beautiful tribute to the fallen. You are forever recognized in the City where you made the ultimate Sacrifice. The memorial will be there for years to come. For KayLeigh & Justin and then for when they have kids and are able to share with them the loss of their Grandfather. I am so sorry that you will not be here in person for all of that.

Keep watching over us Hank. I still need you to watch your babies....

You are forever in our Hearts and you are our HERO!

Teresa Nava-Salazar

June 8, 2009

Officer Nava,
Thank you for your service. I bet your smile just lights up heaven right now .
Tereasa, I am so happy to hear of your joy. Hank would be pleased for you. No, not merely pleased, thrilled! I bet he had a hand it in. Those who judge you are wrong. When they have walked a mile in your shoes, then they have the right but as they have not then do not look to them, enjoy your new life and your new blessings. You will always love Hank, always and there is NO jealousy in Heaven. God Bless Hank, you and your blended families.


June 4, 2009

Hi Hank-

Well, I just wanted to write and say your little girl is now a teenager. Can you believe that? I can't help that holidays, birthdays are especially hard for me. I just can't help but wonder what she was thinking or if she ever thinks to herself, my Dad isn't here to see this. That part of it makes it the hardest. I know I think these things myself. I often think how can I be so happy again when I have had to endure so much sorrow. At times it is so confusing. Today in Church the sermon talked about believing in Our God and never giving up hope. I was so angry at him for so long but to prove to me he was there he kept blessing me with all of these things in my life and the kids life. Even though I kept pushing him further out he kept saying haha I am still here and I am not giving up on you...I honestly believe he brought Richard into my life and both of us were meant to be together. It feels wonderful to feel happy again and to have someone to share my life with and someone who loves me and the kids and excepts all our memories of you. I hope you can see how much Richard loves us and how good he is to us and how well he takes care of us.

You will always have a very special place in my heart.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

May 25, 2009

Hi Sweetie-

Today is National Peace Officers Day..... You are in our thoughts always as well as all the other families who have lost an Officer in the line of duty.

The kids and I love you....

Teresa Nava-Salazar

May 15, 2009

Well Hank I just wanted to let you know that we are all still thinking about you and miss you. I still hear a story about something that you did or the way that you would have handled a call about once a week. Officers that come out of the academy always want to know about you and what kind of officer that you were. I still go to work every day and hope that I will become half the officer that you were. May you rest in peace.

Cpl S.E. Myers #2984
Fort Worth Police Department

April 12, 2009

Hi Sweetie-

Yesterday I returned from my honeymoon! Wow, I am still in awe over being married again. It feels a little weird I must admit but wonderful.....For the longets time i never thought I would ever meet someone and love again. At least not until Richard came into my life. He has taught me how to love again and not let go of what we had together. So now I am Richard's wife which I absolutely am happy about but I often think I am no longer your wife. Or I guess after you died I wasn't your wife I was you Widow....So I am confused if I am still considered your widow. It was a beautiful wedding. So much more than I could have hoped for. Some of the people from your team came.....I was heart broken that ones that I really wanted there weren't. So I have been a little sad this week. The best thing that happened to me this past year was Richard but then I also lost so much this past year as well as the kids. No matter how hard I try I can't get passed it. I was so happy to have Richard in my life and I had hoped to share all the happiness with some of the others but it just didn't work out that way. I guess eventually It will pass and I will never look back I guess. I don't know.

KK was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society today. WOW!!! She is so awesome Hank... Such a smart bright young lady. She often reminds me she gets that from you and not me. These nights are always the hardest for me as it is times I think you should be here....

Anyways, I love you forever....

Teresa Nava

April 6, 2009

Officer Nava
I read your reflections alot tears come to my eyes each and everytime I read it. I met you when I was a ride in with a friend and you guys worked a wreck together.I well never forget the beautiful smile you always had on your face while at the sector or in your patrol car patroling the street. I often think of your wife as being a great lady and wish her well with her new adventure. Keep up the great work you and the other guys and gals are doing patroling the streets of gold.


April 6, 2009

Officer Nava, may your sleep be sweet.
Theresa, congratulations to you and Richard. There is NO jealousy in Heaven and I know Hank is celebrating your happiness with you. For I believe he spoke to the Angels and arranged for a very special man to come into your life.
God Bless.


April 5, 2009

Hi Sweetie-

Today I had a weird experience and it took my breath away. I was picking up my Step Son from school and we went a different way because there is road construction going on in the area that we live in so we have to go a back way. Today was my first day taking that road. So when I turned the corner onto W. J Boaz road and looked up I saw the street sign that said Seth Barwise...... It really set me back a minute. That was the road where you were at the day you got shot and were taken from us. It was the weirdest feeling. It made me want to turn around and drive down that road but I didn't. But, I know I want to do that. Richard said he would go with me so I wouldn't have to do that alone.

I miss you..... your kids miss you. This weekend is a big weekend for us. Richard and I get married Saturday evening. I am really excited but hope that it isn't a hard day for me. It's hard to think that I am getting married after being married to you for 14 years. It would be 17 years if you were still here. I have to start all over...... But God is good to me Hank. He has brought me a very very special person. I just ask that you understand that I needed to have that joy and happiness back in my life again.

Your Daughter made National Junior Honor Society! What an accomplishment hah? She is absolutely beautiful Hank..... you would be so proud of her.

Justin started Golf Lessons this weekend. He did incredible and has been practicing everyday since. Maybe he will be the next Tiger Woods.... who knows.

I love you sweetie.

Teresa Nava

March 23, 2009

Hi Sweetie!

I am thinking about you today.... I meant to write the other day on Justin's 8th birthday. His birthday was especially hard for me this year. He is 8 years old! I can't believe it. It was also a reminder to me that you have been gone half his life..... That kills me. He loves to talk about you and him going to Taco Bell. That is such a wonderful memory for him. He really holds tight to that one and sitting on your lap watching all the Star Wars movies together. He said he was never scared when he watched them with you. He has grown up so much it is really amazing!

In 17 days I will be getting married! Wow! I never ever in a million years thought I would ever go down that road again. But I am thankful that God has allowed me to love twice in my life. Richard is a good man Hank, I hope you see that when you are watching over us. He reallly takes good care of me and the kids. I still think about you and all the memories we had together. Those will always remain deep in my heart no matter how many years go by. Sometimes it still doesn't seem real. I don't know that it ever will. But I know that you did what you had to do that day to keep the community safe from harm. God decided it was your time to come home and rest. I hope you are doing just that. I feel your presence with me all the time. Please continue to watch over us..... I still need to know you are there for me.

I love you sweetheart....RIP

Teresa Nava

March 11, 2009

Congratulations to you and the children on your upcoming marriage. I wish all of you as much happiness and love as you had with Hank, it is because of that love and happiness that you were able to open your heart for more. God Bless all of you and God bless Hank for making sure you were able to love again.


February 18, 2009

To Officer Nava, Sweet Sleep.

Mrs Nava ,have you heard of The Mourner's Bill of Rights? No?
This is the 11th and final right of the Bill: :-)

You have the right to move on with your life. It is your loved one who is dead, not you. You are alive. When you have reached the point where you are ready to move on. Do it! Your loved one would not want you to be alone and in mourning forever. You are not being disrespectful. It is a compliment to a dead spouse that you miss the relationship that is now gone and you want to seek another to replace it.

I rejoice to hear of your happiness. In heaven there is no jealousy so I know that your Hank, for he will always be your Hank, rejoices for you as well. May you, Justin, Kayleigh and your new family all receive His Blessings.


January 28, 2009

Hi Sweetie-
You have been heavy on my mind the last few days......Its almost as I can feel your presence real strong right now. The kids are doing great. Though I know you already know that.... Justin is becoming such a little man. He has this new independance about him. He doesn't need me like he use to. It is hard for me because he is my baby. I know he needed to grow up though. I just wasnt ready. KK is doing just as well. She is so sweet and such a caring young lady.. Always, worried about others. We are leaving for the Miss America Pageant tomorrow. It is such a huge opportunity for her to be there given her connection to Miss Texas this year. I know, I can't believe it either. Our little girl involved with the organization has been truely a blessing. It has given her so much self-confidence in herself. She is determined someday to become Miss America. She can start next summer by competing for Miss Teen Texas...... Can you say UGH!!! Well, I haven't brought myself to just flat out say I am getting MARRIED! I really can't believe it myself. I know I said I would never get re-married after you died. But I never thought I would find anyone as wonderful as Richard to except the way I still love you, cry for you, grieve for you. He is an amazing man Hank. I hope you can see that. He takes such good care of the kids and I......and still lets us talk all about you, remember our life together just like it was. It is absolutely amazing.......... I feel so blessed to get a second chance at happiness. Of course, I get two more Sons in the package deal as well. Which I am so happy about. Can you imagine me a Mom of 4. Well, I am learning as I go but I truely feel blessed. I often tell people that I think this is your way of getting back at me because you always wanted 4 kids and I didn't. So if it is.....I GET IT!!!!! It really isn't bad having 4, it is actually FUN! Life has a funny way of turning out. But I am thankful that GOD brought me somebody understanding enough to except what we have been through. I think of you often and always always wonder what if that day would have never happened.

Keep watching over us sweetheart. I will always love you.

Teresa Nava

January 21, 2009

I have watched my sister go through the same things that you are going through. I can tell you that it seems to get easier in time. It does. I can tell that you are a strong woman and you will find the strengh to do what is right for your children. Like you, my sister wishes she had done some things different after but that is in the past and you can not dwell on it or change it. Our family is now at the point where we can laugh about the good, funny times when we celebrate our fallen officers birthday instead of all of us crying. Tears of happy memories fall now too. This too will come to you and your family. It will.


January 12, 2009

Well Hank....we lost another warrior this week. Losing a brother like you again in the same manner is gut wrenching. Thank you for protecting my family who are all proud residents of FW for the years that you did. Thanks even further to your surviving teammates for doing the same in the present day. I feel great knowing that my daughter and family are in the hands of FWPD when I am working overnight. Another loss like you only motivates my fellow teammates and I here at SPPD to work even harder at what we do. Please continue to watch over us all from the beat in the sky as you have since you left us.

Young #112 SPPD Patrol

Young #112
Sansom Park P.D.

January 10, 2009

I have never left you a message, but not many days pass that I don't think about you. You were such a big part of the FWPD and all the units you served in. You are missed my friend. Keep watch over all of us. We will meet again someday.


January 7, 2009

Brother, we find ourselves mourning the loss of another fine officer tonight, a senior corporal from Dallas PD. I imagine you, and all the other fallen heroes would be standing at the ready to welcome him home to the Lord. I visited Teresa and the kids the other night. They are doing so well finally. It has been a long hard road. It is so nice to see them genuinely happy and looking forward more. Kayleigh is growing up so fast. She is such a beautiful young lady. Justin is still gonna be a heartbreaker and is growing so fast. I know you have to be so proud. Teresa is doing well and is such a wonderful friend. Richard is a good man and seems to be just the man to try and help fill that space that was left in their lives after you were taken from them. You are still impossible to replace, but I think he will do pretty good. I know I like him so far. He really loves them and seems to be a man that can live with your memory in their lives, and all the functions and activities that Teresa is constantly involved in supporting fallen heroes.The new memorial room looks great. I went by the cemetary the other day and got to spend a few seconds before running code to something else. I even had those ladies stop and was asking me if that was your grave. I almost cried trying to tell them that it was yours and OFC Freeto's next to you. God Bless

Officer Spakes

January 6, 2009

Officer Nava, you were and are one of the best.
mrs nava, no matter where you go or who is in your life, you will always have the most awesome guardian angel watching out for you. May you and your children be ever blessed.


December 29, 2008

Hi Sweetie-

Today is one of those days that I am so angry at you for dying on us. I am sure you heard me screaming at you last night and this morning..... If you didn't dye then all this crap going on wouldn't be going on. Your kids are hurt and I know you know that. I made so many mistakes when you died Hank. If I could go back and change some of them I would. I was so oblivious to so much until now. I am so ready to let go of everything. The foundation, the talks. I don't have the energy to deal with all of it anymore. I wanted so much to make a difference. I wanted to give back to others that made the same sacrifice you did. That is all......

I love you sweetie..... There is never a moment that I dont have flashbacks of our life. The day we got married, having KayLeigh, having Justin. Those were our moments..... our moments that are forever in my heart.

Take care of yourself Hank. Keep watching your beautiful babies... they still need you by their sides.

Teresa Nava

December 29, 2008

Hope you are doing well up there. Keep watching over your family. We all still miss you, doesn't seem like it's been three years already. I remember it like it was yesterday.
Take Care

Ft Worth Citizen

December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Sherry Lynn

December 25, 2008

Hi Sweetie-

Merry Christmas! Here it is Christmas Eve. This would be our 4th one without you here. It is hard I wont deny that...... The kids already openend up their presents and loved all of them. Lots of Toys for Justin and mostly Clothes for KayLeigh. She is getting past the stage of toys. It made me cry today..... I think she knows who Santa is now...... So that made my cry...... So I am down to Justin and keeping it alive for him. We are fixing to go spend Christmas Eve with some of Richard's family so our Christmas Eve is a little different this year. But it is all good and wonderful.... Our new start in life, new family traditions but still incorporating some of the old. It is all good! I am continually blessed my love.

I hope you are watching from above. Please keep watch on us. We still need you. I love you always and Forever. You are still very much a part of our lives and in our hearts.

Merry Christmas!!!

Teresa Nava

December 24, 2008

On the 3rd anniversary of Officer Nava's death, we honored his service in our patrol briefing by reading his entry from ODMP. Each day, we honor one fallen officer on the anniversary of their death so as to keep them in our thoughts, and also to remind us of the dangers inherent in our job. Officer Nava is not forgotten.

Sergeant Zach Perron
Palo Alto (CA) Police Department

December 1, 2008

hi hank! its been a while since i have left you a message but you are deffinatly in my thoughts often. i have gone threw allot of life changes over the last 2 years, being divorced and just kindof struggling sometimes. i know you know what i am talking about cause i know you are watching over. its christmas time again and has made me think of you, i know you loved it. i am the same. my boyfriends mom has come to be with yall in heaven just about a month ago. say hi to her she was great lady and is missed. thank you for keeping our city safe when you were here and being a great dad to your beautiful children and a great husband and provider for teresa. please watch over us and guide us in the right directions. happy holidays! maybe a request for snow this year?
mary taylor


December 1, 2008

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