Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Officer Henry "Hank" Nava, Jr.

Fort Worth Police Department, Texas

End of Watch Thursday, December 1, 2005

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Reflections for Officer Henry "Hank" Nava, Jr.


The days that the kids miss you are the hardest. I know they miss you everyday but when they vocalize to me that they miss you it breaks my heart. There is nothing I can do to take that pain away that they feel. I can even imagine that void in their heart. All I can do is hug them and tell them that I miss you just as much.

Justin is having a melt down kind of week. Please be an angel watching over him and let him know that you are there watching him still. As for KayLeigh, your little girl is nothing short than strong. She got some news today that she isn't 100% pleased with. Watch over her Hank, we all are praying for what she is trying to do to honor you.... that's all she wants to do is to honor her Dad. She idolized you Hank. I don't know that anybody could ever compare to her. She is beautiful as I am sure you know.

Each day I am reminded of the loss we have faced, the journey that we have been on for the last four years has not been easy by any means. There was a reason that I will never understand but GOD did. You made me STRONG, you made me INDEPENDANT and on days I didn't think I could make it I looked at our two beautiful kids and I kept telling myself I had to make it for them. The journey has gotten easier along the way. Not because we forget just that our life has adjusted around it.

Everything I do Hank, the foundation, the wills, the academy talks I do those things to honor you and your commitment you made to your department and to your community. The book I am writing is in rememberance of you and the journey I have traveled the last four years and that we can be survivors, that it is ok to start a new journey in life.

You are always missed. I think about your smile and your kids running up to you the minute you came through that door. I didn't necessairly understand your committment to your job back then but I do understand it now.

Thank you for all that you gave to me during our 14 year marriage it has helped me SURVIVE the last 4 years.

The Heart Remembers!

Teresa Nava-Salazar

February 4, 2010

Hey Hank,
Today is the viewing for an Officer who was killed while working a traffic stop. It was very sad because the Officer did not even know what happen because they waited for him to turn his back to walk back to his vehicle to run a check on them and they killed him. I feel so bad for his family. I pray that he will be ok and hopefully he will have you to take him under your wing and please keep him safe until he can go around on his own.
I miss you a bunch and wish I could pick up the phone and speak to you. This will have to do and hopefully you can hear me. Please help the Officer and please put in a good word for Ryan.

Love Nina

Nina Nava O'Donnell

February 2, 2010


We went to lay Officer Story to rest today. It brought so many things back in my memory. I think about you every day brother. My little boys still ask me if you are watching over us.... I always tell them that you are ABSOLUTLEY watching out for us... I miss you brother. I know you are keeping the streets safe from up there... I know you watch our back every day...Some days some of us get called home... I guess even you could use a 63 from time to time... Story has our back with you today...
R.I.P. Hank...

Officer Sara Straten

January 19, 2010


Today a Arlington Police Dept Officer, Craig Story was called home. My heart is so heavy for his wife, and a Son he leaves behind. I know to well what it feels like to feel this unthinkable pain....which makes it harder hearing the news that it has happened yet again. Everyone takes for granite that it will never happen to them but, unfortunately none of us are guaranteed another day. We need to live life to the fullest and let our loved ones know how much we love them.

I will forever support Law Enforcement as it is and forever will be part of my life. I am thankful I started the H.A.N.K. foundation and that the foundation will be able to help the Widow just as so many foundation out there helped me. I do this in Memory of you Hank....this is my way to give back and keep your memory alive.

Keep watch over us as I know you do. KayLeigh, Justin and I will always miss you. But our HEART remembers.

Love You....

Teresa Nava-Salazar

January 13, 2010


Merry Christmas! This is our 5th Christmas without you here. That still seems very weird! We had a great night as it has been snowing in Fort Worth all day so we got snowed in. Richard's parents made it to our house so we have been celebrating with them tonight. Christmas is still a big deal around our house as it was when you were here. A tradition I am not willing to let go of.... We had so much fun shopping for the kids and watching their faces when the opened their gifts. KK is getting bigger so it is a little different for her these days but Justin still gets into the glory of Christmas and is so excited for Santa to arrive this morning....

Justin is still upset that we took your watch away from him so we bought him a little watch for Christmas. This hopefully we keep him from wanting yours back so badly. I just dont want him to lose it forever! He asked how old he had to be to get your watch back and I told him 18-20. He was like awe man.....I told him I just dont want him to lose it and be mad at himself.

This was your favorite time of year Hank so it is so hard not to think about you during this time. It is also so close to the time you were taken for us. We know you are watching over us and I am so very thankful for that.

You made me what I am today by what we went through together. Thank you for making me a strong woman and teaching me how to be so independent until I met Richard. Richard takes such good care of the kids and me..... He is such a good man Richard. Sometimes I feel so guilty for moving on but it in no way takes away the love that I felt for you. I am so blessed to have a man like Richard who understands everything the kids and I went through and does not take that away from us or feel threatened by you.

Merry Christmas Hank....We love and miss you very much.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

December 25, 2009

I lost my daughter, Sherry Lopez this year. She kept up with you, your wife, your children after your death, Now she is in Heaven with you. Take care of her for me. Love, Martha her mom

Martha Sheffield

December 23, 2009


We just lost one our brothers in blue this weekend from Fort Worth. Even tho he did not die in the line of duty his loss is still great! He was a great person and officer just like you! Please tell God to look over his two daughters and his two beautiful granddaughters. And take care of John for us. You'll have a great partner to patrol the golden streets of heaven with!


December 14, 2009

Your heroism and service is honored today, the fourth anniversary of your death. Your memory lives and you continue to inspire. Thank you for your service. My cherished son Larry Lasater was a fellow police officer murdered in the line of duty on April 24, 2005 while serving as a Pittsburg, CA police officer.

I pray for the solace of those who love and miss you. Both the pain and pride are forever.

Rest In Peace

Phyllis Loya
mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater

December 2, 2009

Congratulations Teresa! God has definitely blessed you. I always say, keep the faith, and you certainly have. Hank will never be forgotten as he lives on in your hearts just as God lives in our hearts.


December 1, 2009


It's hard to believe that today is 4 years ago that you were taken from us by an act of violence.....There is never a day that we do not remember all of the memories we had with you. I thank you for giving me my two beautiful children who remind me of you every day. I also thank you for the indpendence you taught me to have through our marriage so I could make it through this terrible time in our life.

I have been blessed to have been given a second chance at a new journey in my life but it never takes away the pain I feel at this time of year or other times during the year. I am blessed by the support of my new Husband, and his family. It takes so much understanding to know what we have been through.

Today Richard my new husband is going through surgery. He has been in the hospital since Nov. 29th the same day you arrived and at the same hospital. I dont understand why it is all happening at the same time but I am praying that God will continue to give me the strength to make it through today.

You have such awesome friends and I couldnt have made it this far without all of them in my life. They all mean so much to me.

I love you Hank and one day we will meet again and together we can look down on our kids. There is never a day your kids do not miss you.

The Heart Always Remembers........

Teresa Nava-Salazar

December 1, 2009

To Officer Henry (Hank) Nava Jr, his family and his fellow officers with the Fort Worth Police Department:

Our heartfelt thoughts are with you on the anniversary of Officer Nava’s tragic death and we honor him for his valor and sacrifice to the community. Rest in Peace, Officer Nava and thank you for your service.

Wives Behind The Badge, Inc
Members and Staff

December 1, 2009

Its hard to believe it has been 4 years. There are days when I want to call you to talk about cars or go to lunch and it seems like a LONG four years since I saw my friend. Then there are days like today, when I am just reminded of the moment when I got the call that you had been shot and a short time later when I learned how bad it was. That seems as vivid as if it happened yesterday. I will surely NEVER forget your friendship. I will never forget the day we met and partnered up for the first time or the many long lunches or conversations on the phone on the way home. When I would walk in the door with the phone stuck to my ear and Oleta would assume it was you and say, "Tell Hank you're home and can't play any more!" You were one of a kind, and will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

Cpl. Brian Clouse
Fort Worth Police

November 29, 2009

Hi Hank-

I am so sorry I did not post yesterday. Yesterday was a crazy day. Yesterday would have been our 18th wedding anniversary. Wow! That would have been alot of years. This week is going to be a really hard week. We are almost to the anniversary of the dreadful day you were shot, and then the day you died. I can't believe it has almost been 4 years since you were taken from us. Just know that we miss you and we still think about you on a daily basis. Please watch over Ernest and Steve as well this week and everyone else on the CRT Team. I know that it is still difficult on everyone.

The Heart always remember!

Teresa Nava-Salazar

November 24, 2009

Hank, I was recently in some training and we finished the day at the task force impound lot. At the lot is the mobile home that you were shot in. As I was looking at the trailer, I had great sadness looking at where an outstanding officer lost his life. But I also had a sense of calm come over me, almost as if you were there. I pray that you are at peace and that everyday that I work, you and other great heros are riding shotgun with me and giving me that extra sense to get me home at night. God Bless you my brother in blue. Rest in peace.


November 14, 2009

We miss you Hank. The garage is empty without you.

One of the Boys
Mustangs and Camaros

November 9, 2009


Well, once again you came through for us and brought us awesome weather for the 3rd Annual 10-4 for H.A.N.K. Run yesterday. It was awesome! All I can say it was your smile that lit up the sky. You have such awesome friends and together they help me may it a very special day. I do it not only to keep your memory alive but for all the other fallen officers who have made that same sacrifice. KayLeigh, Justin, Richard, Lil' Rich & Nick helped out so much as did Richard's parents and Sisters. I am so lucky to have the continued support. Of course, there is Brian and Doyal who also pour their hearts into the run as well and without them I could not do it. And of course so many others that play a part of the run in some way or another. It is so amazing. Yesterday, I got to see Bruce, Geno, Brian Farmer, Tom Busker, Charlie Ramirez and other's that have been such a huge part of my life. It is getting to be that time of year. In 29 days it will be the 4th Anniversary of that dreadful day that you were shot. To me that is the day you were taken from us though you died two days later. That was the day that changed my life forever.......

Though my life changed and my life has taken on a new journey until God calls me home you are never forgotten. God has been faithful to me and to the kids and he is allowing me to live a new life and keep my memories close to my heart.

You will forever be our Hero, Hank. We love and miss you very much.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

November 1, 2009


Well, this is the week of the HANK Run. It will be such an amazing week and on Saturday the feeling of accomplishment is unbelievable. I couldn't do this run without all your friends, Brian, Doyal, Anita.....They help me to make this possible. I do this for you as away to keep your memory alive as well as help Law Enforcement families now and in the future.

Thanks for keeping watch on all of us. We for sure need it.

The Heart Remembers!

Teresa Nava-Salazar

October 26, 2009

20yrs today. It seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago. Thinking of you.

Julie Dalton

October 21, 2009

Hank, I stopped in to see you today in the rain. I couldnt help thinking of how you used to call me chunky boy. I miss you brother every day and thank you for watching over me.

Chris Ramirez
FWPD -Friend

October 6, 2009

Dear dad

I miss you so much. I'm sorry that I almost lost your watch. I wish you did not die. I love you.


Justin Nava

September 21, 2009


I can't help but think about you alot this week. The 10th Anniversary of the Wedgewood shooting was on Tuesday. Sunday, they did a memorial at the church and I attended. It was a very emotional night for me listening to all the testimonies of the survivors and the families who lost their loved ones. The one that stood out the most was Kathy JO. She lost her husband that day. She got remarried a few years later. The way she explained her feelings about getting remarried were exactly the same. After the Wedgewood shooting you gave a statement to the Star-Telegram as follows:

"How do you relate to what happened that night?" "It will take awhile to get past this....We can't let this incident make us hostages because when God wants you, he will take you."

It is kinda ironic that you spoke those words then. I know in my heart that is exactly how you would feel about you dying. You always told me when it was your time it was your time. And you are right when you say we can't let what happened to us make us hostages.....You have to move on in life. I have read that article over and over and over. So has KayLeigh. I think reading that after almost 4 years is very comforting.

I am leaving for C.O.P.S Spouses retreat tomorrow morning. I am really excited! I love to go visit with all my friends I have made all of the United States. It is unfortunate we had to meet the way we did but it is such a great support group for Widow's. I am excited to tell everyone that I got re-married this year and to listen to the others that had already made that step in their journey. My feelings are sometimes confused still about the way I think I should feel about things. At spouses we can all let our hair down and talk about it all. It is so amazing on so many levels.

Watch over me why I fly to Missouri tomorrow and fly home on Monday. I need to come back to my family. That is the only part I hate about going is I dont like leaving everybody....I love my family so much.

Hank, I think about you often. Sometimes more than others but I never forget. I can't believe it will soon be 4 years since you were taken from us.

We are working on the 3rd Annual 10-4 H.A.N.K. Run too. It is coming up really soon on October 31st. It is such an awesome feeling of accomplishment. I know you would be honored and proud of all of your friends helping me put this on every year. I do this for your memory and to help other families that have to face what the kids and I have.

The HEART Remembers.

Teresa Nava-Salazar

September 17, 2009

Its been almost four years since we lost you and it still hurts like hell. Not a day goes by I don't think of you and miss you. Everytime I walk into the Decatur sector I have to stop and close my eyes for you. You were the best, my hero....I love ya Hank...


September 14, 2009


I miss you a lot. Keep watching over me.

I love you.......

Justin Nava

September 11, 2009


I was thinking about you and wanted to write. I know it seems writing to no one but I feel like I am able to express what I need to this way. Life is great! I have been somewhat of a mess lately. I had surgery in July and then had to have emergency surgery this morning.... Thank goodness, praise the lord I am ok. Even though neither were life threatning I just had this fear of death. I just couldnt imagine our children bearing another loss. I have to believe it is not only GOD that is watching my back but also you because you need me to be here for our kids. Richard has been amazing through all of this. He has been by my side through both surgerys and recoveries. I couldnt have done it without him either.

Austin came for a visit last weekend. Hank he is so grown up! Please watch over him and give him the guidance he needs to stay on the right path. He really doesnt have a father figure in his life like he needs. I wish I could take him in and just give him the love that he is so desperately needing. We looked at old pictures over the weekend which ended up being very hard on KayLeigh.

KayLeigh misses you so much Hank. She was the apple of your eye. She knew she could always count on you. It just sucks for her. She is going through so much being a teenager and then having to wish her Daddy was there with here every step of the way. Richard so wants to help her get through it, I hope she will allow him one day to help her when she needs the help. She is doing great in school and is loving cheer. She makes the cutest cheerleader Hank. Just beautiful.... when they announced her name the other day at the pep rally she got lots of screams.....I was like wow! That is our girl out there....Just keep watching over her. I told her you are there watching her. I told her there will never be a day that she doesnt miss you or wish you were here. It doesnt matter how long it has been.

Justin is doing good too! He hasnt started off the school year very well. He signs the book for talking....However, you cant fault him because his mommy is very much a talker. I was always in trouble for that at school. He is making good grades though.....and he still is playing golf.

My life is great Hank. I hope you can understand. I finally feel so complete again if that at all makes sense. Does that make me not remember? Absolutely, NOT! I still remember our days, months, years together. That will never change.

Be our guardian angel sweetie....

Teresa Nava-Salazar

August 27, 2009

I remember watching America's Most Wanted with my husband and children when we saw the "Fallen Heros" segment. I saw your picture and couldn't believe what I saw and was hearing. I pulled out the picture we took at the SPJST Hall and held it as I cried. I explained to my girls that you were my sweetheart in high school and how I watched you play baseball and how long you used to stay at my house after the games even though my mom kept turning the outside lights on and off until I came in. That was hilarious! I'm sure she didn't think so.

I know that you are in a much better place now with GOD, but my heart goes out to your wife and kids for the loss of you.

You were a wonderful person and I miss you. Be the angel you are and watch over your family.

Pam West
High School Sweetheart

July 30, 2009

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