Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Peter Alan Grignon

Louisville Metro Police Department, Kentucky

End of Watch Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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Reflections for Police Officer Peter Alan Grignon

It is your time to walk with the Lord brother. May his peace and love shine upon your family.

Wilmington Police Dept.

March 25, 2005

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Police Officer Peter Grignon and the Louisville Metro Police Department..our hearts and prayers are with you all... Thank you for a job well done Peter... rest in peace as you continue your watch from the heavens......your memory will never be forgotten...

God Bless....Be Safe..... and wear your vests...

Vin, Pook and all of us at beyond-the-blue

Vinman & Pooky - Site Owners

March 25, 2005

Although your watch has come too an end, rest easy my brother knowing that the battle will rage on and that your sacrifice was not in vain, nor will it ever be forgotten.

God bless you and your family.

PC Ferko
Toronto Police Service, Canada

March 25, 2005

To Officer Grignon, his family, friends and all of the law enforcement community,
I wept when I heard about Officer Grignon. Thank you all for your sacrifices. As a soldier I kept watch over you and this great country. As a citizen of Metro Louisville I honor and respect you Officer Grignon and your brothers and sisters in blue. Our pride, patriotism, sense of duty and honor, love of our families, communities and country all serve to bring us together as one big extended family.

Every time that I hear about a law enforcement officer or one of our military paying the ultimate price I feel a deep sense of sadness and loss. It is difficult to put the feelings into words, I’m sure that you all know what I am talking about. There is a bond that is shared between us and words are inadequate to describe it.

I share your pain and feel your loss. I offer my deepest, heartfelt condolences to your wife, family, the LMPD and friends. To your fellow Officers I say thank you for doing the job. I appreciate all of you, every time I see a police vehicle pass by or an Officer in uniform I think to myself, “There goes a hero”. Please know that the community that you serve mourns with you. Thank you to the parents and the wife of this fallen hero for sharing him with us. God’s speed hero, go rest high on that mountain your work here is done.

C. Raymond

March 25, 2005

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and fellow officers. May God be with you during this horrible time. Thank you to Officer Grignon for the unselfish act of making the ultimate sacrifice.

The Handshoe Family

March 25, 2005

The roll up yonder has been called and your name was on it. Your new tour of duty has begun, we'll take it down here. Rest easy now brother. On behalf on the NCSHP, I'd like to extend our hearts and prayers to your wife and your family as well as the Louisville PD. God Bless.

NC State Highway Patrol

March 25, 2005

Pete I remember working with you before you left our district and moved to the second division,I feel very sadden and hurt.We lost a very good officer and person.You will always be in my memories and prayers.May god Bless you,your family and fellow LMPD Officers. REST IN PEACE !

Retired Officer Booker T. Polin Jr.
Louisville Metro Police

Retired Officer Booker T. Polin Jr.
Louiville Metro Police

March 25, 2005


Cops are human ( believe it or not) just like the rest of us. They come in both sexes but mostly male. They also come in various sizes. This sometimes depends on whether you are looking for one or trying to hide something. However, they are mostly big.

Cops are found everywhere-on land, on the sea, in the air, on horses, in cars, sometimes in your hair. In spite of the fact that "you can't find one when you want one", they are usually there when it counts most. The best way to get one is to pick up the phone.

Cops deliver lectures, babies, and bad news. They are required to have the wisdom of Solomon, the disposition of a lamb and muscles of steel and are often accused of having a heart to match. He's the one who rings the door-bell, swallows hard and announces the passing of a loved one; then spends the rest of the day wondering why he ever took such a "crummy" job.

On TV, a cop is an oaf who couldn't find a bull fiddle in a telephone booth. In real life he's expected to find a little blond boy "about so high" in a crowd of a half million people. In fiction, he gets help from private eyes, reporters, and who-dun-it fans." In real life, mostly all he gets from the public is "I didn't see nuttin'."

When he serves a summons, he's a monster. If he lets you go, he's a doll. To little kids, he's either a friend or a bogeyman, depending on how the parents feel about it. He works "around the clock", split shifts, Sundays and holidays, and it always kills him when a joker says. "Hey tomorrow is Election Day, I'm off, let's go fishing" (that's the day he works 20 hours).

A cop is like the little girl, who, when she was good, was very, very good, but, when she was bad, was horrid. When a cop is good, "he's getting paid for it." When he makes a mistake, "he's a grafter, and that goes for the rest of them too." When he shoots a stick-up man he's a hero, except when the stick-up man is "only a kid, anybody coulda seen that."

Lots of them have homes, some of them covered with ivy, but most of them covered with mortgages. If he drives a big car, he's a chiseler; a little car, "who's he kidding?" His credit is good; this is very helpful, because his salary isn't. Cops raise lots of kids; most of them belong to other people.

A cop sees more misery, bloodshed, trouble, and sunrises than the average person. Like the postman, cops must also be out in all kinds of weather. His uniform changes with the climate, but his outlook on life remains about the same: mostly a blank, but hoping for a better world.

Cops like days off, vacations, and coffee. They don't like auto horns, family fights, and anonymous letter writers. They have unions, but they can't strike. They must be impartial, courteous, and always remember the slogan "At your service." This is sometimes hard, especially when a character reminds him, "I'm a taxpayer, I pay your salary."

Cops get medals for saving lives, stopping runaway horses, and shooting it out with the bandits (once in a while his widow gets the medal). But sometimes, the most rewarding moment comes when, after some small kindness to an older person, he feels the warm hand clasp, looks into grateful eyes and hears, "Thank you and God bless you."

Officer David Carroll
Choctaw Oklahoma

March 25, 2005

I was never lucky enough to work with you Peter but I know you were an outstanding Officer. You will never be forgotten. You died a Hero and I am proud to say that you were one of us! My sympathy goes out to your family. Rest easy my brother...

Officer Julie D. Schmidt
Louisville Metro Police Department

March 25, 2005

My prayers go out to the family and loving wife of Officer Peter Grignon. Just know that Peter is in a far better place now. It is always sad to see that another brother has fallen. I say brother not in blood but by a job that most of the men and women on this Earth could not handle for more than a 10 hour shift. However, from all across our land everyday officers dedicate their lives to helping those in need. I graduated from Eastern High School in 1994. Although, I did not know Peter I recognize his face. Peter's passing has hit very close to home with me. Being a graduate from Eastern High School and EKU, Im twenty-eight years of age and a newlywed myself. Like I said I did not know Peter but let me leave you, his family and wife with these few last words. I sometimes come home after a long night of work and ask myself why do I do this. Why do I care so much about making this world a better place when 99% of the people I deal with don't care about themselves much less anyone else. It's that 1% why I do it. It's when my time comes that I can look back on my life and say truthfully to myself and God that I made a difference somewhere. We may never see first hand what impact weve made but I'm sure that when God opens those golden gates it will be made crystal clear. I am sure that Peter had these thoughts as well. He not only gave his love to his family he also gave his life for all mankind in which he made a difference for this world. I will be present to pay my respects to this true hero on monday morning and will keep Peter's family and friends in my prayers.

Patrolman 1st Class Keith Guidice
Florence Police Department

March 25, 2005

It's alarming how quickly this list grows. Having just sustained the loss of a fellow Deputy recently, there's little that can be said to truly ease the pain of family and associates. Hopefully the fact that we visit this site, discuss, honor and remember our fallen brothers will shed the slightest beam of light on what will always be a black day. Rest in Peace Officer.

Deputy Sheriff / Bravo Shift
Lake County, Florida

March 25, 2005

May your family and fellow officers know that your law enforcement family mourns the loss of such a brave officer.

Sgt. Tracy A. Easterday
Lawrence Police Department - Indiana

March 25, 2005

God bless you, and your family, Officer Grignon. Many years ago, I had the privelage of going through the Academy with one of your brother officers of the LMPD. My condolences to you all.

Officer John Encinias
Oakland, Ca. P.D.

March 25, 2005

Rest in Peace Brother. We are grateful for your dedication, service and faithfulness to duty above and beyond the call. We are proud to call you Brother. Be assured your loved ones are not alone for we are but a phone call away.

Bob Johnson VA-VI

Bob Johnson U.S. Marshal's (Ret'd)
Blue Knights International Police Assn.

March 24, 2005

For we have never met we share a common bond. Myself, departments all across the Commonwealth and this great country as well as the citizens of it appreciate all that you gave. God Bless to you and your loving family.

Kentucky State Police

March 24, 2005

God Bless you Officer GRignon, your family, and Department.

Pecos Police Department
Pecos Texas

March 24, 2005

THE CHILDREN OF GOD" -- Matthew 5:9

Knoxville PD

March 24, 2005

Thank you parents for raising a son that has made you proud and has contributed to the decency of humanity.
Thank you Officer Grignon for being a asset to the community. I regret that you will no longer be a part of it, but am convinced that you have left a legacy with many of the people you have touched day to day, you will be sorely missed.
May God bless and be with the family.

March 24, 2005

My thoughts and prayers are with Officer Grignon's wife, family, friends and co-workers. May God bless you. Psalm 55:22

Denise Nichols - surviving spouse
Alabama State Trooper Brian K. Nichols EOW 2/17/2002

March 24, 2005

to the family of officer grignon i am deeply saddened by your loss. there really isnt alot i can say to make you feel better. pete was doing what he loved helping the people of louisville. i didnt know him personally. pete even though i never met you you did your job and you wil never be forgoten. you made this earth a safer place to live. godspeed officer grignon may god bless you and your family and the city of louisville.

greg schulz

March 24, 2005

“On behalf of every member of the Kentucky State Police, I offer our sympathies to the family of Officer Peter Grignon and to the police force he so valiantly served. I have called LMPD Chief Robert White to express our sorrow over the loss of this dedicated police officer. Our thoughts and concerns for Officer Grignon’s family, friends and fellow police officers are with them this day and in days to come. I offer our agency’s assistance in any way possible.
“Officer Grignon was struck down while performing his sworn duties. He paid the supreme sacrifice. These are words we never hope to utter, never hope to write. But when a day such as this comes, we should take time to consider the gravity of these words … the ultimate sacrifice in service of others, the laying down of one’s life for others.
“We are deeply saddened by this tragedy because all police officers share a common bond, one that transcends departmental affiliations: To protect and serve the public by putting their lives on the line every day.
“The Kentucky State Police has lost 23 officers in the line of duty, the last being in 1988. The outpouring from other police agencies is always overwhelming and moving. That is because the pain is shared and it is real.
“We pay homage to Officer Grignon, his commitment to community and his selfless service in the honored profession of law enforcement.”
As a visible tribute to both Officer Grignon and the LMPD, Kentucky State Police officers will don customary black mourning bands over their badges until Officer Grignon is laid to rest.

Commisioner Mark Miller
Kentucky State Police

March 24, 2005

Upon the markers of their graves
Our heroes etched in names we save
For all the life they gave with pride
To keep the peace within life's stride

To honor serve and do their best
To keep us safe through any quest
They gave up what was theirs to share
Their spirits shall be always near

No fear within the hearts and minds
To keep us safe within our times
The glory that is ours to see
Those special hearts of bravery

They have walked where no man dare
Their lives in danger with no care
For they have given all they could
For their courage we have stood

In awe of every one who gave
His life for others who they saved
So we will know their contribution
Their firm resolve and resolution

For those they left with hearts so broken
In every whispered word that's spoken
We bow our heads in confirmation
In every word life's revelation

Those who stand within their shoes
Will follow courage as they choose
And give to all the best they had
They carry on with spirits glad

We will know that they walked through
With colors bright and hearts so true
No Island stands alone they say
For heroes they are born this way

Protecting those with loyalty
A glimpse of so much royalty
Within the years of courage bound
These officers have earned their crown

Upon the earth we shall remember
The special goals and all their thunder
That proves a hero came our way
Who left their hearts on earth to stay.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
(c)Copyright November 16, 2004
In Memory of all those lost in the line
of fire with courage, strength and love.

E.O.W. 10/10/04


March 24, 2005

Peter Grignon is a True HERO !! .... And as we all know HERO's do not leave us , they live on in our hearts forever ... My thoughts and Prayers are with Officer Grignon's Wife and Families .... Peter is patrolling the streets of Heaven now watching over us still protecting us as his Dreams of becoming a Police officer are no longer a Dream .... Peter just has a safer beat to patrol now ..... There isnt enough words to express the loss of such a fine young Officer ....Rest In Peace Brother Grignon you will be missed tremendously but you will never be forgotten !!

March 24, 2005

Rest in Peace Officer Grignon. We salute you for your sacrifice, honor your life, and will never forget what you did for your citizens and community. You are 10-42 Sir, rest easy

Melissa Smock
Friend of Jake Laird EOW 8/18/2004

March 24, 2005

Godspeed to you, Officer Grignon. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrafice to your community.I am honored to be your fraternal brother, and know that here in Louisville you will never be forgotten and your memory will live on forever.

Officer William Gregory Wesley
Louisville Metro Department of Corrections

March 24, 2005

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