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Police Officer Irma Lozada

New York City Transit Police Department, New York

End of Watch Friday, September 21, 1984

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Reflections for Police Officer Irma Lozada

I remember that day, and I recall on the day of the funeral, her mother looking out a the sea of blue, all of the NYC Transit Police directly in front of the church, and watching her blow us a kiss and saying, "God bless you all". I still get misty eyed about that.

Former P.O. Guy Sanders
NYC Transit Police District 32

July 2, 2018

Another year in Heaven my sister. Rest well.

Lieutenant Ray Flores
NYPD (retired)

September 22, 2017

RIP Officer Lozada you are not forgotten.

Police Officer-retired
New York Police Department

September 21, 2017

Rest in peace.

Lt. Jim Russo

September 21, 2017

Rest my sweets you did us proud

kirk ochoa

August 10, 2017

Although many years have gone by, you are still my hero. I was in the police academy when you were taken from us. I was so deeply saddened. I will forever honor your life and thank you for your outstanding service. You paved the way for fellow female officers such as myself who came behind you. God bless you my sister, and your beautiful family. Rest in peace.

(Retired)PO Cathy Williams

July 17, 2017

She is my sister Im child when she past away RIP my sister i love you for ever

Manuel Lozada Acosta
She is my sister and James Lozada is my brother to

June 7, 2017

She is my sister Im child when she past away RIP my sister i love you for ever

Manuel Lozada Acosta
She is my sister and James Lozada is my brother to

May 17, 2017

Her killer must stay in prison. these were violent times that only those who were there could understand. She is one the bravest young women God has created and took way too soon.

Washington heights Firefighter

February 20, 2017

I still remember that day when all of us were present at your wake. God has a way of taking beautiful people into his Kingdom too soon. Continue to rest my sister. One day we shall meet.

N.Y.PD. Lieutenant Ray Flores (Ret.)

September 22, 2016

You are not forgotten sister. Your brothers and sisters in blue always remember everyone.

Ptl Mike Giannetti
VA Police, Boston division.

December 26, 2015

Thank you for your service. May your selfless act be Never Forgotten, Always Honored. Thank you for being out there.

P.O. A.J.Rossi
NYNJ Port Auth Police Retired

September 22, 2015

Philip...I had just gotten on the job in July of 1984 and I share your sentiments about this tragedy. Such a terrible, terrible thing to happen. Her name has also been with me all these years.

Sergeant Scarlet St. James

September 22, 2015

I had just gotten on the job in January of 1984. When we found out about this, it wasn't easy to bear. I took it personally that anyone could do such a viciously, horrible thing. My heart was broken and I have never forgotten about Irma. I still talk about her til this day. Rest in peace Irma! You will always be missed!

Sergeant Philip Cervone

September 21, 2015

I was working a day tour in the 83rd Precinct when we got word from District 33 that a female Transit Police Officer was missing. I hung around the precinct until we got word that she had been found dead in an empty lot that covered in garbage. I cried even though I had never met her thinking about her last thoughts and how she must have felt when that animal shot her. I also cried when I thought about how she had lain in that garbage and trash for possibly hours all alone. No, I shall never 4get one of the saddest days of my career. May you 4ever R.I.P. my sister in blue in Heaven!!!

Det. Ethel J. Riddle

September 21, 2015

I did the removal of Office Lazada. We treated her with great dignity and shielded her from the press.

Lieutenant Paramedic

September 21, 2015

Sad to say I remember that day. I was working as a detective in the Bronx. I remember attending too many cop funerals and now, nearly 25 years after retiring, tonight I will be going to the Memorial Mass I'm having said for Brian Moore who was gunned down in Queens earlier this year. I worked with his uncle Ronnie, in the 88 Pct in the early 70s. May all officers killed in the line of duty Rest In Peace

Det. Philip Bulone
NYPD (ret.)

September 21, 2015

I joined the Transit Police Department in 1985, and we were told about the tragedy of that day. I will never forget Irma Lozada, and to this day I still speak about her during my seminars....

Even though I have never personally met Irma, she will always be forever in my heart...

Det. William Perry
Transit Police Department

September 20, 2015

I had two years on the job when i heard the news about your untimely death. Throughout my 20 years, I've thought of you often and still do after retiring in 2002. RIP my sister in blue

P.O. Lorraine Ortiz

June 2, 2015


Sgt(Retired) Susan Pinto Tulino
Yonkers(NY)Police Department

May 8, 2015

Proud to send my No Parole letter today. Rest in peace sister, we still stand with you. God bless the family, friends, and former co-workers of Officer Lozada during this time of re-opening a still painful wound. Prayers this murderer stays behind bars for life.

Sr. Ptlmn (Retired) Donnie Meaders
Wewoka (OK) Police Department

May 7, 2015

RIP my Sister of the badge, God Bless your Family, friends and Department. My NO PAROLE for COP Killers, went out today.

Retired Police Officer Bob Reed
South Lake Tahoe Police Department

May 7, 2015

my memories of fran we had meet on the m line on Knickerbocker and myrtle. we had become very good friends used to go out and eat lunch when ever we could meet up. see I was A auxiliary police officer out of the 83rd precinct I started to develop a relationship with fran in early 1982 this is something that i never talked about. but those who knew her I was her tennis star so she called me. she was a great person funny personality never forget how our conversation started she asked me if I knew what nationality she was i had said I thought you was Puerto Rican she advised me that she was Spanish she asked me what nationality I told her I was Italian and came from Sicily she told me how she liked European men here I was a 20 year old male didn't know what to do i felt like she was hitting on me but I didn't think it would be possible for a especially pretty girl police officer to like me in that way but she did an we had gone out a few times into the city to watch a movie and to grab some dinner yes we used to meet up an awful lot on post my coordinator used to flip out on me because we were not allowed to hang out by the train station especially that I was making gun arrest every time I went out I think that's what got frans attention about me that I have received Medal of Valor for a homicide back in 1982 along with several commendations an merits the day that my partner came to get me an said that fran is missing we drove over to Evergreen a covert with the search team was going on and assisted with the search it was crushing when they finally found her my life had just came to a halt my heart just got ripped out of my chest do I say anything do I tell any body of our friendship but I paid my respectson that very sad day at the wake and funeral
tears coming down my face all I hear is people saying look at the tears coming down his face not knowing the real pain that I was going through not being able to address her mother and her brother on who I was to fran all I seen was all the brass that came to pay their respects like Who am I so for the last 30 years I crawled in a hole come out to let everybody know little bit about fran and what you meant to meret

ret spo.marty ben

April 8, 2015

30years 6 months have pasted and i find my self thinking of you everyday. no one ever new the pain i felt. you had to go and leave me i was more then a friend I was someone special in your life an you in mine you called me your tennis star. it crushed me when i went to the Wilson Avenue Station an they had found you. I had a big gaping hole that I could not breed when it was confirmed it was you. just the night before we had gone out to teds Steakhouse. Never to see your smile no more your partner nat was shopping on Myrtle Avenue buying a baby crib that's why he never heard the shots. he was two and a half miles away from you as you was chasing darryl jetter who had just stolen a gold chain from a woman so he can get high on his birthday the same day he took yours.marty D


March 29, 2015

I worked with Irma at the bakery at Macy's before she joined the force. Even then she'd warned shoppers during the Christmas rush to be watchful of pickpockets! Hard to believe she has been gone over three decades but I can still recall the sound of her voice.

Dale Hopson

March 27, 2015

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