Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Deputy Sheriff Steven E. Cox

King County Sheriff's Office, Washington

End of Watch Saturday, December 2, 2006

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Reflections for Deputy Sheriff Steven E. Cox

I also was born and raised in White Center and now own a business on 16th and only live one house away from the one I was born in.

I had the honor of knowing Steve and watched how our small community developed into a place that people were not ashamed to call home. I remember the first time I meet him. He came into my business driving his beat up old red truck with his dogs, wearing those holy sweats that needed some serious stitching. He maybe spoke 5 words to me ordering what he needed and waiting for me to load it in his truck. He was driving out of the property before I could even turn off my loader.

“Well, a man of very few words” I was thinking. Later that day he was back again and I made every effort to strike up a conversation but with no luck. He soon became a frequent customer and one day I thought I am going to mess with him. As he was paying, I asked him if he was a Fireman. I of course already knew he was a deputy having seen him all over White Center for years. He was very surprised at my question and responded "NO, why?” I told him he looked like one. Well, he left without even mentioning what he did for a living. Then the day came when he gave in. Out of the blue he pointed behind me and asked what direction that was. I said "East" and he said good not many women know their direction very well. With out hesitation Steve asked me his next dreadful question!!! "BURIEN or SEATTLE". I thought to myself this is like one of those questions women ask there husband …"Am I fat". I must have answered it correctly because he talked for at least an hour and before I knew it he was telling my husband I should run for an office on the North Highline Council. A GREAT guy he was!!

White Center was Steve’s love and passion. He never hesitated to give his cell phone number out to someone he thought would put it to good use. I know I sure did. Steve helped me shut down two drug houses in my neighborhood and ran off squatters in my rental house.

Steve and I had just talked weeks before he was killed about the next goal we needed to achieve in making White Center a better place to live by helping each other out. SOOOOO…I am really hoping that I can get in contact with Steve’s partner. It means everything to me and I know it would to Steve if I followed through with what we talked about. I just need a little help finishing what we started.

Steve, thank you for making a difference in all our lives. You will never be forgotten. I will look to you as my guardian angle in heaven.


Busniess owner in White Center

January 10, 2007

My prayers and thoughts to all who knew and will miss Deputy Cox.

May God lay His healing hands upon the family.

Retired Captain Joe L. Gilliland
Danville, KY PD

January 8, 2007

you may never know the profound impact that you have had on your community. my father and brother both work for KCSO and i know you will watch over them as you watch over your entire kcso family. thank you for being who you were. your legacy will never be forgotten.

January 6, 2007

To the Cox Family, Friends and the Brothers and Sisters at the King County Sheriff's Dept,

Words can not express how sorry I am for your loss. Words at this point bring little comfort, but please know that the loss of a husband,father,son, and friend is felt by all. I called a friend of mine who relocated to Washington after living down here with us in Cali. She was a former OPD dispatcher and I called her to tell her of the tragic news that we had just heard about losing one of our brothers at OPD, Officer Bessant. She told me about the tragedy in Washington and told me about the senseless selfish act which caused the loss of Deputy Cox and my heart was filled with such sadness and sorrow for you all. It does not matter where, when, or who, when we lose a brother or sister in the L.E. world, the grief is felt everywhere. I am sorry that I never got to meet Deputy Cox, but please know that he is held in highest regards as a true HERO!

May God Bless you all and my thoughts and hopes go out to you for a brighter New Year.

R.Akans #1354
Escondido PD/ Palomar College Police Academy

R.AKANS #1354

December 30, 2006

To the Cox Family,

I was in shock when I got off work, my partner told me a officer was killed in Washington. I threw the phone down, started to cry. Why is this happening to good men who is trying to protect us. This happens alot having a brother or sister lost in the line of duty. I look up to Deputy Cox as a inperation, the lives he touched every day. I now strive to be the one who everyone looks up to.

Lay in Peace, My Brother
Family hang in there and God Speed.

Officer Dow
North Pacific Security

December 28, 2006

To the Cox family: I pray that god blesses you and comforts you now and always. When it hurts so bad that you don't think you can go on, look to the lord and remember that he has a plan for you. Merry Christmas.

Deputy Cox, thank you for your service and for your dedication to this profession. God Bless.

citizen OKC

December 25, 2006

God bless you sir. May god comfort your family and bless them abundantly now and in years to come.

December 25, 2006

Rest in peace, brother ...

SA Erik Sulonen

December 23, 2006


It has been almost 3 weeks since your sudden and tragic death. I still am having a hard time believing that you are no longer with us. I keep thinking that you have just taken a much needed and well deserved vacation to some warm, tropical place. Each night as I drive into work and go through my shift there is silence on the radio....your voice, tearing stuff up in the center. I can not even begin to tell you just how much I miss you. I will never forget the conversation we had, when I came back to the center from the nora district. All the calls we went on, doing your transports, becuase I41 ALWAYS had someone that needed to be transported to town! Since your passing, I am constantly finding myself asking, "what would Cox do?". Without a doubt my brother, you were the hardest working Deputy in White Center! There will never be another Deputy like you! No one knew EVERYONE in the center like you did. You worked so very hard to cut a path and begin to pave the road. It is our job now to see that the road is paved and your mission is accomplished. Watch over us, as we continue to do what you would want us to do.

Deputy J.J. Milne

December 21, 2006

Well, I don't know even where to begin, losing you has been a shock that I am still processing on a daily basis, working Southwest radio has not been the same without you.

Since seeing the many reflections of you I guess it brought back a few memories;

One is the very first time I actually met you in person, after working as a dispatcher on your shift. I was on a ride along with another deputy, and you pulled up to back us on a traffic stop in the White Center area {of course}, I remember being introduced to you as #17 from the Communications Center, one of the dispatchers, and you said to me "Are you one of the dispatchers who hates me?"...I still remember my response to this day, I said, "No, and as long as you always tell me where your at and what you are doing we will get along just fine." We did not have much longer of a conversation since you were off to patrol the beat in White Center, and do your "cleaning up" for the shift. But, that day will be etched forever in my mind, and from that day forward, everytime we worked a shift together, you always told me where you were at, and what you were doing.

Yes, you worked hard, and tirelessly, and many a nights, I thought how many more names is going to run?... but, when it was all said and done, you got what you were after, the bad guys. One more quick reflection on that note, we worked together one shift, and I promise it was like twenty names in a row, you ran, and not one of them had a warrant. I could almost feel your anticipation as you waited for each return, wanting so bad to make sure you filled your backseat for the night. So then I hear your radio key up "I41 a name", and I said ,"Go ahead"....and your response was: "If you would give me a warrant I would leave you alone" which I replied "Trust me I am trying to find one", I said to you with a smile on my face. And then lo and behold, two names later we found one. That is the kind of relationship as officer and dispatcher I enjoyed with you, the ability to throw your sense of humor in there, just at the right times, and keep me smiling. I will miss you forever, and every time I ever worked with you was one I will never forget. To your family, thank you for sharing the love of your life with us, and making our work productive, and enjoyable, my prayers are with you, your sacrifice was not in vain. To all your fellow deputies, thank you for doing what you do, fighting crime on a daily basis, and making this world a safer place. not only your families angel, but all of our angels, you may not be here in the flesh, but you are always here in spirit, I will never forget you!

Katie Dispatcher #17

December 19, 2006

As a new officer, I was assigned to the White Center districts with Steve. From day one, I remember approaching suspicious subjects only to be told, “I don’t have any warrants, Cox ran my name a few hours ago.” I quickly learned that Steve was more than a cop; he was the heart and soul of White Center. He grew up there. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. Most importantly, he took ownership of a place the rest of Seattle shunned. Simply put, he loved White Center. A tall and imposing figure, he took it upon himself to tell me the way things worked in his town. He said, “You commit a crime in White Center, you go to jail.” He was a tireless workhorse. I brought almost every ride-along to the Center just to watch him in action. Just five years ago, White Center was a haven for crime. It was Steve that motivated us, both new officers and veteran, to work with the community to take back the streets. His diligent efforts were quickly rewarded with success; businesses flourished, criminals fled in droves, and new families moved in knowing that they were safe under the ever watchful eye of Deputy Cox.

Just two weeks before Steve died I went to him for advice. I asked him if he was happy where he was, what were his career aspirations, and what did he hope to accomplish with his life’s work. He smile and replied, “This is where I’m supposed to be, and I’m not planning on going anywhere.” It would seem God had other plans.

Steve, I keep telling myself that you must have been taken from us for a reason. Perhaps your work here was done. As you watch over us, know that we, your friends, are committed that your legacy will live on. Goodbye for now, dear friend, you will never be forgotten.

Deputy Steve Lysaght
King County Sheriff's Office

December 18, 2006

Deputy Cox has left a lasting impression on his department, the community he served and the public in general. What an honorable legacy! Heros are never forgotten.
To the family of Deputy Cox and our brothers and sisters in King County, we grieve with you. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
He will be remembered always!

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.

December 15, 2006

Deputy Cox, thank you for your courageous and valuable service. My prayers are with your wife and child, extended family and friends, and Police brothers and sisters who carry on the mission. Bless you all, a thousand times a thousand.

Tim Reise
Nashville, TN

December 15, 2006

We are so sorry for the loss of one our finest , It is so hard to express what a great loss it is to lose a very good police officer he was a person that deeply cared about his family,his police work and most of all his community that he work in couldn\'t ask for anything more than that ..i went to the memorial last night 12/05/06 and to see the love that his fellow officers and a the community of White Center had for him It was just so awesome . The cards flowers ,wreaths,the posters are beautiful .

My wife is a King County Sheriff for 15 years ..she was a F.T.O. out of Precinct 4 and she was one of the lucky ones 9 years ago to have had Steve as a recruit and a friend, she knew he was a good police officer especially the way he carried himself ,He had the love, the passion for police work …he will be sorely missed . He has a special part in our hearts .

The Funeral was very beautiful I wouldn\'t have missed it for the world …..

God Bless you Steve …please keep her and your fellow officers under you are our Hero …
you will never be forgotten .

Dave Syson
Husband of a King County Deputy

December 15, 2006


As law enforcement has evolved through technology like patrol cars, radio's, and dispatch centers it appears we have lost the "beat cop" concept. The concept of police officers and citizen's alike taking ownership in their community.

When I met you I realized your were the exception to the rule in several respects who thoroughly enjoyed being the "beat cop" of the White Center area. We will miss you because we have have lost one of the best "beat cops" to walk down SW Roxbury. We will never forget you and continue to fight the good fight. We know you will be watching over your family and your brothers and sisters of law enforcement until we all meet again.

Thank you Steve . . .


December 15, 2006


As law enforcement has evolved through technology like patrol cars, radio's, and dispatch centers it appears we have lost the "beat cop" concept. The concept of police officers and citizen's alike taking ownership in their community.

When I met you I realized your were the exception to the rule in several respects who thoroughly enjoyed being the "beat cop" of the White Center area. We will miss you because we have have lost one of the best "beat cops" to walk down SW Roxbury. We will never forget you and continue to fight the good fight. We know you will be watching over your family and your brothers and sisters of law enforcement until we all meet again.

Thank you Steve . . .


December 15, 2006

The morning it was announced that Steve had been killed & he was from White Center my heart dropped I cried for his family & friends... I then raced thorugh my memory who was Steve in High School (what was he like then). I talked to a few old friends from High School who as I, did not have a good memory of who/what he was like back then..... I then just today as I was talking to the husband of one of his co-workers/friend from the precinct, decided I really need to take a look at my 3 annuals to remember more clearly what he looked like & who he was... As I went through each annual not finding his name or picture, I then checked in the back of each year whose name was listed in the not shown column but Steven Cox.... If I recall correctly he was nice, kinda quiet & did not really push himself out into the lime light. I feel blessed that he took his adult life to serve/love others, everyone of you who new him well I can only imagine how great the loss is.

We now only have great memories, life in White Center I am sure will never be the same...

Citizen Cheryl Gordon
Went to High School with Steve

December 14, 2006

Thank you Steve for everything you and the rest of the KCSO have done to clean up the White Center area. Your efforts have made a significant impact on crime in the area, and have even improved the quality of life for the students at our campus. Your life was not in vain and those whose lives were fortunate enough to have been touched by yours will sorely miss you.

Rest in peace, and may God bless those of your loved ones who remain behind and your fellow deputies who carry on without you.

Officer George Curtis
Seattle Community College District

December 14, 2006

I didn't know you, or your family. I am truly sorry. Thank you for giving your life to protect the lives of strangers including myself and my loved ones. I wish there had been someone there to protect you. May your wife and child find comfort, somehow. You are a hero. Thank you for your dedication and service. Rest in peace.


December 13, 2006

I finally had the privilege of meeting you after several phone conversations about my neighborhood. I was at the jail dropping a guy off and I saw a tall, bald deputy at the booking counter. I knew it was you. As you walked closer I double checked by looking at your name tag. I introducted myself and you remembered me. Although our conversation was quick, I had finally met "Cox". You were everything that your legend made you out to be.

You are greatly missed. I hope that by increasing my standards as a cop I will in some small way carry on your legecy in my heart.

My thoughts are with your family and friends.

Amy Branham
Seattle Police Department

December 12, 2006

Maria, I hope you are able to find comfort and strength in the fact that Steve was so obviously loved, honored and respected by all who met him. Your "superman" will always be a hero, not because of how he died, but because of how he lived his life and conducted his work.

Their duty is to serve. Our duty is to remember. Steve will not be forgotten.

Wife of Retired Deputy

December 12, 2006

Dear Steve,
Every once in a while, a law enforcement officer comes along who shines as an example for others who choose this profession. Your tireless work has had an immeasurable impact on the community of White Center, which will be felt for years to come. You have raised the bar for us all. Thank you and Rest in Peace.

Sergeant Pat Harasek
King County Sheriffs Office

December 12, 2006

It was a honor to have met you, and known you, my friend.
R.I.P. my Brother, for I know you are in a far better place at this time. God Bless -
E D Brown -

Deputy Brown

December 12, 2006

It was a honor to have met you, and known you, my friend.
R.I.P. my Brother, for I know you are in a far better place at this time. God Bless -
E D Brown -

Deputy Brown

December 12, 2006

I remember the first time I actually worked with you it was during the WTO riots. I heard about your history as a prosecutor and your reputation as a hard working deputy. When I transfered to Precinct Four I immediately asked to ride with you a night in White Center so you could show me the ropes and introduce me to some of the players. It was very educational and informative. You were a wealth of information. You worked hard non-stop for 8hrs.

Since then I have been constantly impressed with your work ethic, and your keen ability to find bad guys no matter where they were hiding. I have gotten pretty used to hearing your voice and assisting you in your arrests, foot chases etc.

I just took for granted you would always be here. Your life was cut short too soon my friend. I am just happy I had the last three years to get to know you. You were my go to guy for any legal questions I might have had. I enjoyed chatting with you about not only police work, but purchasing investment property, family, kids etc.

I miss you so much Steve, I know you are up there watching over the rest of us. I strive to be half the Deputy you were.

God Bless

Deputy Melissa Deer
King County Sheriff's Office

December 12, 2006

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