Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Deputy Sheriff Steven E. Cox

King County Sheriff's Office, Washington

End of Watch Saturday, December 2, 2006

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Reflections for Deputy Sheriff Steven E. Cox

Dear Steve,

Although we have never met, I thank you for you heroic service and your steadfast call to duty. You will be remembered and honored for your life of service and commitment. My heart breaks that your family will now have to walk such a difficult road but you are safe and God's glory.

To Steve's family,

I pray that you lean on our Lord and allow him to wrap you in his embrace and grace. Although this road is difficult and filled with such saddness, please know there are many of us already travelling it and will reach out a helping hand.

To my brothers and sisters of King County Sheriff's Office,

Thank you for your kindness that you showed my entrie family in August of 2003 as we faced the same overwhelming loss of my cousin, my friend, my brother, Officer Patrick Maher, EOW:8/2/03.

May God Bless us all.

Sgt. Mary Huggins
Orange County Sheriff's office, Orlando, FL

December 8, 2006

To Deputy Steve Cox

Thank you for your dedicated service. You will be missed by your family, friends, and all members of the police department family. No words I can say will easy your family's pain as I have found. We are praying for you and your family.

Brother of PO Jeremy Chambers 101
E.O.W. 04-24-2006

PO Chris Chambers
St Louis County Police Dept Mo

December 8, 2006

Officer Cox and Family,

Thank you for you dedication and love for your work. You obviously were loved by many. I have family in law enforcement and appreciate every member of the police force. To your family I give my condolences and will pray for them. I know you will be an angle to watch over your little one. Rest in peace Officer Cox.

December 8, 2006

I am glad you found what was important before your passing; family. To have enjoyed that time, even the short time, with your wife and children makes everything arbitrary.

Thank you for your dedication and sense of humor, you are truly a hero.


December 8, 2006

We live in West Seattle and shop quite often in White Center. H&R Block, HangHang Market, McLendon's and other spots nearby are quite familiar to us. We are very sorry to hear of this incident. My wife is quite active in the community and I sometimes volunteer my time with her to make a contribution. Our condolences then to Officer Cox's family, friends and fellow officers. I'm sure he will be sorely missed. Sincerely, Rex & Rose Long.

Rex & Rose Long
AFTRA-SAG Talent Unions & Neighborhood Housing-Highpoint

December 8, 2006

Maria, your superman will always be a hero to me and to the citizens of Washington. May you and your son forever be blessed with the support of the law enforcement family. Take comfort in knowing Steve will never be forgotten. It is not his death that makes him a hero, but how he lived his life and dedicated himself to his job.

Blessed be the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

December 8, 2006

My thoughts and prayers are with the family and the King County Sheriff's Office.

Fallen but never forgotten.

Officer B. Laurie
Haltom City Police, Tx

December 8, 2006

You were the hardest working deputy I have ever known. There is no way for us to know how many crimes you prevented by arresting a bad guy and taking him off the street for a night or two, or merely by your presence in White Center. I know that if we had a way to quantify your crime prevention, the number would be astonishing. To me, that is your legacy: White Center was a better place because of you.
As a detective, I received many of your arrests for follow-up work. And there were many. When you filled up my in-box, I used to think, "Great, more Cox cases for follow-up." I wish I could come to work tomorrow and find a fresh stack of cases from you.
Your presence in the Center was just as powerful. Working in plain clothes, I vividly recall the time I heard one thug say to another on the street, "We gotta get outa here. I just saw Cox drive by."
The community will miss you dearly, but not as much as the rest of your friends, partners, and I will.
RT Smith

Detective RT Smith

December 8, 2006

Inspiring, humbling and proud are the first thoughts that come to mind when I think of the work you have done. Even more amazing is the impact and change that continues because you were a catalyst in so many ways for so many people. Protecting a community is one of the most difficult forms of service as well as the most rewarding. You gave of yourself tirelessly guiding others, teaching and leading by example. You honored your community in life. you will be honored in death. You leave a legacy that crosses all barriers, one of which forever be a challenge to others to give their best as you always have.



December 8, 2006

Steve, From my heart, you are truely one of the finest Deputies I have ever known. Your compassion with the people of the community you served and protected is unsurpassed. Your position will be filled but you can never be replaced. I will miss you, but a part of you will always be with me. Go with God, and one day we will see each other again. Godspeed my friend.

Deputy Thomas Shute
King Co. S. O.

December 7, 2006

I never had the opprotunity to meet Steve. I saw him at a recent award ceremony and picked him out as one who carried himself as a serious street officer. I pointed him out to my son, a King Co Dep and my opinion was affirmed!
Go with God Steve. Thank you for a job well done!

David J. Keller-Sgt. -Retired
Orange Co. Sheriffs Dept

December 7, 2006

Deputy Cox - as someone who lived for ten years in White Center & whose family grew up in that area - thank you. All I have heard & read about you is amazing. You were a hero. Your sacrifice will not be for vain - the entire community will not forget. Your murder will remain in our memories forever. Our thoughts & prayers are with your wife, child, family, friends & brothers in uniform.

Seattle Police Department

December 7, 2006

A Bushido Warrior who lives forever in our hearts and minds

Sergeant Mike Starrett
King County Sheriff

December 7, 2006

Steve helped me catch quite a few really bad people over the years. He never put me off. Anytime I would see Steve he would ask me about my family and I his. I'll miss him. My heart goes out to his wife and family.

Detective D.Keller
King County Sheriff

December 7, 2006

Deputy Cox, KCSO, family and friends,

God bless you all. RIP Brother, we will take it from here.
I wish to share something I read long ago that always reminds me that those we love who pass on are always with us. I'm sorry to say that I can't remember who wrote it.

“When you feel lost my love, the world seems dark and you’re in despair, I’ll send you a star of the deepest gold…to let you know I’m there.”

Seattle Police Officer
Seattle PD

December 7, 2006

Dear Steve, once a King in White Center always a King. And now you are a King in a better place. I won't keep you talking, I know you have work to do. Your humble servant.

Deputy E. Garske #4
King County Sheriff

December 7, 2006

Steve, we worked together for 9 years, I sat on your FTO boards, when you were new and your FTO's always said that you had an "endless drive"

We worked patrol together when you got on your own and you always, responded to see who the "players" were, keeping up with the nieghborhood.

When we worked the DEA/MET task force with Seattle, you new all the players and pointed them out. We took down 70+ bad guy's thanks to you, that made a difference.

You made a difference, everyone wanted to know what you knew, if we were looking for someone we would "call Steve", and you would point us in a direction.

You made a difference from the front always leading.
You were the cop that we all wanted watching after our families, if we couldn't.

Now it's our turn to watch after yours...You made a difference, and you will be missed.

Detective Paul Mulligan

December 7, 2006

Steve, I have had the honor of working as your dispatcher and working with you on patrol for a short time. I have nothing but respect for the work you have done for your community and the care you have for your fellow officers. You will not be forgotten, I41, not by your police family, nor by your community. Your hard work and dedication offered a safer community for your neighbors to live in, and your care and support even helped some people turn their lives around. You, Steve, are a true hero, and you will be missed.

Communications Supervisor Tara Murker
King County Sheriff's Office

December 7, 2006

I cannot think of any other officer for whom criminals - the very people he helped put in jail - would come to pay their respects. Whether it's by signing on this page, showing up to the memorial at the White Center Store Front, or calling the Comm Center to express their grief. While I never had the opportunity to know you, it's clear that everyone you met, everyone you touched, respected you. Even those you put away.

I'm sure everyone at the comm center has taken at least one call from a citizen who, in mid call, broke into tears once he or she realized they were speaking to KSCO - their problems were suddenly no longer a concern - all they could do was cry and apologize for "the loss of Deputy Cox." I was initially surprised when I heard a caller say, "I knew him. He arrested me several times, and I'm so sorry he's gone. He was a great officer and a great man." But now, after reading so many of these reflections, I'm no longer surprised. Everyone respected you - even "the bad guys."

All of King County suffered an excruciating loss the morning your life was taken; and everyone, no matter their level of familiarity, is hurting because of it.

Deputy Cox, it's clear that your brothers and sisters in uniform and on the street miss you greatly -- but know that your brothers and sisters behind the phones and on the radios miss you as well. We truly lost one of our greats.

Rest in Peace, I41... Our thoughts and immeasurable condolences go out to your family...


911 Call Receiver (one of many)
King County Sheriff's Office

December 7, 2006

It is always hard to lose a Brother.
But, rest easy now in God's hand your watch is over.
We'll always honor your courage, We will now take up the watch for you. My prayers to your family.
We walk a path most will never understand.

B. Rister Officer & Ranger
Colorado Dept. of Corrections & Colorado Mounted Rangers

December 7, 2006


I rode with you during Zero Week of FTO and worked with you over the past 4 years. I have never known anyone, anywhere with greater conviction than you. I hold you in the highest regard.

Malcolm J. Elliott

Standing on that stage
You’d tell us what you've been feeling.
Before you started to fade
You gave us something to believe in
And that's the best thing that anyone can give.

And you're wrapped in my memory like chains
Though you’re only a memory for now
I can't wait until we see each other again.
We will, my friend, see each other again.

Deputy Malcolm J. Elliott
King County Sheriff's Office

December 7, 2006

Steve, I have been in shock since 305 saturday morning when I first heard the news. From the time I got to the hospital to now I still think back of all the time we spent Chasing bag guys. I am gald to have known you and called you my friend.

If there is onething that could be said about you is that you where a real COP. You believed in what you where doing and willing to go the extra mile to get it done. Hard wrok, detication and honor are qualties seldom seen these days but you had them all. Steve I will miss you. Rest in peace my friend and I will not forget you.


James R. Schrimpsher
King County Sheriff's Dept.

December 7, 2006

Death is the penalty we will all pay for the experience of life. Death is the end of life but it is not the end of our relationship with the family members who are with us in our hearts as we honor them at the funeral and every day here forward.

The way to inner peace in life is not to seek out the pleasures of sense. It is to learn to live with the invisible things, love, goodness, kindness, spirit, truth, and the like. When we look at life from that perspective we become fitted for a life that will survive the grave.

Grief is grief and each person's journey with it is individual. When a man has health, he has hope. When a man has hope he has everything. Hope ever tells us that tomorrow will be better. In the mourning process, hope will be the wind in our sails and time will be the assistant in the journey towards healing of hurt.

We begin to accept what our heads and brains know to be true. It is not as simple as turning a light switch off and on - that's why we say that grief is a process, not a single event. The memories of our departed still exist in all of our minds and hearts.

When someone dies their physical presence is taken from us. However, who they are and what they represented stays with us forever. Take a moment to reflect about those who are no longer living. Think about the stories that are often told about them. We have strong memories stored on our mental tablets. Time has given us the gift of accepting the loss and remembering the person.

In life's journey we learn from our parents and friends. When we lose a loved one, although their physical presence is taken from us, their life's lessons and core values remain a part of our individual makeup, our own DNA. So, in essence they are still with us.

I recently attended a promotion ceremony where two co-workers were promoted to Captain. Sheriff Rahr shared some profound thoughts regarding how she arrived at the decision on who to promote. She said that these two “got it”. They understood what making a difference in their work community really meant. They stepped out of their comfort zone and made a real contribution to the communities they serve. Although I never worked with Deputy Cox, I can appreciate the investment he made in his community. He "got it". It’s a shame that he was taken from us so soon. What a great example for all of us to strive for in our lives and careers.

Rest in peace, my brother.

Union 12

Union 12 KCSO
King County Sheriff Special Ops

December 7, 2006

Watch over us my brother, your passion and drive will be the constant reminder of who you are and the what we all should strive for. Your in my prayers, you will not be forgotten.

He was yours to give,
and yours to call home,
please stand by his brothers,
so they don't feel alone,
dry the tears of his family,
so they clearly see:
that he gave his all,
so all could have peace.
Blessed are they,
the children of God,
with heavy hearts,
and honor they trod,
to pay their respects,
to give their salute,
and to ask for your mercy,
on heroes in Blue.

Det. Mike Garske

December 7, 2006

I met Steve 5 years ago while patroling in the West Seattle area (Whitecenter). In 2003 the SW Anti-Crime Team and a corps of SPD Detectives and Federal agents worked a joint task force with Steve in the Whitecenter/Roxbury cooridor stinging high traffic narcotic areas. Steve was often the only King County Deputy that work alongside with us from operation to operation. He represented his department with incredibly high class and professionalism. Steve was very humble and carried himself with such distinction. When Steve was in a room he was quiet but his presence was definitively known. There was a special aura that left an impression on me as I watched him operate and carry himself. I am proud to have known and served with Steve. Are brothers and sisters in the King County Sheriffs Department have lost a great man but his spirit, honor and love of the job is in all of us that he touched.

Rob Cierley
Seattle Police Department

December 7, 2006

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