Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Trooper William Lloyd McClendon

Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma

End of Watch Sunday, October 1, 2006

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Reflections for Trooper William Lloyd McClendon

You are remembered today and tahnk you Sir for your service.

Pat Van DEn Berghe

October 13, 2007

It has been a year! The kids and I made it one day at a time. The weather was beautiful for the sevice on Monday. Kendra planned everything all the way down to Maverick's surprise birthday party. Both Maverick and Kendra spoke of beautiful memories of you and Maverick even sang. Larry, Holly and Kayla also sang. There were many tears shed and many laughs heard. Your truest friends and family members attended, some even shared of memories they had of you. Marvin, Lyndall, Dakota and his girlfriend came and stayed the day with us and it was so nice to have that time with them. You would be so proud of all three of your kids. They are the best kids ever! Kendra had coins and pins made in your memory. She handed them out at the service and everyone loved them. She loves doing things in memory of you, it helps her to deal with how much she misses you. She wrote a poem about you that I hope she shares with others because it is so beautiful. The kids miss you so much and even though it's been a year things are not any easier. I miss you just as much today as I did a year ago. The kids and talk about you everynight before bed, it seems to help us sleep. You are still an important part of our life even in spirit. I love you so much and miss you even more. Please continue to watch over the kids and I!


Hope McClendon 663 1/2
*Surviving Spouse of 663*

October 10, 2007

One year, wow! I really miss talking to you and hearing about your kids. I know they miss you deeply as do we all. We will see you again and I know that you are looking over us all and watching us day by day. You were a blessing to many and continue to touch many lives. I told you that you were a "pillar in the community". Missing you.

October 1, 2007

I salute you, Sir, on the 01st Anniversary of your tragic death. May your family and friends take comfort in knowing that you will FOREVER be a hero and will NEVER be forgotten!

DET SGT, Retired

October 1, 2007

Trooper McClendon,
Today is the one year anniversary since you were called home. As I read through your wife's and children's reflections to you, I can see what a loving husband and father you are to them. I know you are keeping a close watch over them, and the legacy of love, family and committment will be carried on forever through them. You are always remembered.

Pennsylvania citizen

October 1, 2007

Dear Hope,Kendra & Maverick~
I know how hard today has been for you all. Please know Lauren and I have been thinking of you all and wish we could be there with you and give you all a big hug! Some how you make it through.I read somewhere once, that time doesn't make it easier it just makes it more bearable. I know it doesn't seem like it has been a year already. Please know we are here for you all. And Maverick, Happy Birthday.
Love, Diana and Lauren
Surviving Spouse of Rich May
East Palo Alto, Ca. EOW 01/07/06

Diana May

October 1, 2007

I can't beleive it has been one year. I miss talking to you and hearing how your kids are doing. You are greatly missed.

District Attorney's Office and Friend

October 1, 2007

Although we never met, we are brothers in blue. As your family passes the one year anniversary of your death today,
we just wanted to let them know that they are in our prayers and thoughts.
Rest in peace sir you are not forgotten
Chief John Roelandts (retired)
Deborah Roelandts (911 retired)
Oconomowoc Wisconsin

Chief John Roelandts (retired)
Town of Oconomowoc

October 1, 2007

Though your smile is gone forever,
And your hands we cannot touch;
Still we have so many memories
Of the one we loved so much.
Your memory is our keepsake,
With which we will never part.
God has you in His keeping
And we have you in our hear ts.
We know you walk beside us,
And when our lives are through,
We pray that God will take our hands
And lead us straight to you
Thinking of you and your family as the time comes near.

September 28, 2007

Hey dad! I wanted to say I LOVE YOU and words cant express how much I miss you! Its been a very hard year for me mom and sissy but god and knowing we will see you again has got us through it! I Know it could be 20 years I know it could be 20 seconds till I get to see you but I know Im ready and anxious! I cant wait to see your bald head, hear your funny jokes or see your funny chin! which by the way more and more when I look in the mirror I see. thanks! schools going good Im not playing football though I know It was beyond your favorite sport and I just couldnt pull my self to play I am going to try and play some baseball though! Dad I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and MISS YOU BADLY! and Im praying night and day to see you again! I also just wanted to say Happy Birthday and Happy Aniversary!

[email protected]>3R!~Son Of 663 Forever~

September 12, 2007

I'm not sure where to start. The next few months are going to be really hard for the kids and I. Kendra said just last night "mom do you know what next week is?" and I just sat there and cried. Next Wednesday would be your 38th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary. Even though its been almost a year we still miss you like it happened yesterday. God has brought the kids and I through so much this year. Im not sure I could have made it without him and I know he will help us through your birthday, our anniversary, Maverick's birthday and then the one year anniversary of your passing. Everyday we talk about memories of you. Such as your 25th surprise birthday party, when you locked your keys in your patrol car and the way you danced. I remember how you came home everynight and rocked Maverick to sleep and when Kendra
Kendra went into cardiac arrest it was you that did CPR on her and brought her back to us. There are hundreds and hundreds of wonderful memories of you, me and the kids that we think on everyday. Life will never be the same for us without you but we are going to make you so proud of us while we try this journey without you. Just keep watch over us everyday and everynight. I wanted to let you know that good ole Marvin Culver sends us cards, gifts and e-mails everyday. Marvin and Lyndall both are taking very good care of us. You would be so pleased with all the people that have helped the kids and I. Mom and Dad miss you so much and they are making sure we make it through everyday without you. We love you so much and miss you more than anything! Hero, that is the word we think of when we think of you. Hollie will be flying in on the one year anniversary to sing a song that she wrote about you for Maverick and Kendra. We are having a special service at church on Sunday and then one on Monday October 1st, 2007 at the cemetary. It will be to honor the hero that has left us for a better life in heaven. The kids and I look forward to seeing you again soon. I love you so much!!

Hope McClendon
*Surviving Spouse of 663*

September 11, 2007

Dear Kendra - Daughter of 663

My special Prayers to Trooper William L. McClendon OHP 663 and his Family, a day in history that I’m sure God cried.

It was nice to meet you the other day at Chili’s in Gainesville, TX. I’m sorry I never had the privilege and opportunity to meet your Daddy and my Brother in Law Enforcement. I found the information about Brother McClendon on the internet and discovered his memorial website, which has numerous and special dedications to him, especially the ones from his family. I discovered he was and is still Loved by his Family, Friends, Co-Workers, other Brother & Sisters in Law Enforcement, and now I feel as though I knew him.

I wished I had the words to comfort you and your wonderful family. I feel your pain because of my close relationship to Peace Officers all over our great Country. I know you were the special Rose in your Daddy’s Heart and every man should be so lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you.

Look to God, keep your Faith, and someday we’ll all get to meet your Daddy in Heaven. I’m sure he looks down on you everyday and his chest swells more each time because of the wonderful daughter he has. Please give Hope, Dakota, and Maverick my condolences.

Thanks for introducing yourself to me that day and making it Special.

Goodnight Brother McClendon OHP 663.

Deputy M. Westbrook
Cooke County Sheriff’s Office, Gainesville, TX

Deputy M. Westbrook
Cooke County Sheriff's Office

August 26, 2007

Officer Trooper William Lloyd McClendon,
I'm not sure where to start. I had the honor and priviledge of getting to know your family this past week at C.O.P.S. Kids Camp, specifically your beautiful daughter Kendra! I was lucky enough to be her mentor throughout the week and I can not tell you what a spectacular little girl you and Hope have brought into this world! Kendra is someone that you can look down on with a GREAT DEAL of pride. She has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone that crosses her path. As long as your family has eachother you should know that they will be o.k. down here.
The ultimate sacrifice that you made that Sunday in October will be thought of by me with both honor and sadness. This past week has given me a whole new outlook on the badge I wear everyday!

May God be with you and your family,
Officer Stephanie Thomas GBPD

Patrol Officer Stephanie Thomas
Green Bay PD

August 5, 2007

Dad, Its another day that mom,sis,and I have pulled together and gotten through. We know in our hearts that your looking down on us from heaven and are helping us get through all these tough days. Dad days dont go by that I dont think of you and hope to make you proud. I mean that is the one thing that is in my head the most all the days you said,"Son I will always be proud of you." Which I am
now striving to do. Lets see, I just went through a week of basketball camp and I have been doing alot of singing in the church. Sis is doing really good for you to not be here. She also went to basketball camp and since she sings just like her dad (Well lets just leave it at that) As for mom she is just taking it one breath at a time. But all in all us as a family are doing really good and praying alot. I also wanted to say I made a really good friend whose name is Tyler. He has been wonderful and fun for our family. This is getting kind of long so...
I love you very much! and I cant wait see you again!
"""""; ;"""""
. " .
* *
. .
* *
. .

[email protected]!(K M((L3ND0N
son of 663 forever

July 14, 2007

Trooper McClendon I often think of that night at the dance when you broke the relationship of trooper and cadet, which my dad had not even done until graduation, you asked me what I was going to do after high school. I still want to be an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman. You have left an everlasting impression on myself as well as so many cadets. We all talked, laughed, and cried that day as all the male cadets spoke of the jokes eveyone told that last night. To this day I wake up and hear a loud yet friendly voice saying GOOD MORNING CADET!!!! I prey every night that I never whitness another brothers funeral. We were told we would forever be family with all troopers and I know I speak for the hole class when I say we all lost a brother on 10,1,06. SIR, GOOD BY, SIR!!!!

152 1/4
33rd. Cadet Lawman Graduate

July 13, 2007

Hey dad its me!Just leting you know that sissy spoke at the Cadet Lawman graduation and that koda won an award there.You would have been so proud of him I know it!Oh! You are also getting honored at OHP Academy graduation. It will be so awesome!Well I guess I should get going so...
I LOVE YOU and miss you very much! BYE!

Maverick Levi McClendon
son of 663 *forever*

July 11, 2007

Hey, Dad I love you so much and miss you. This was my first Fathers Day without you and it was very hard, not just for me but the whole family. Its still hard to believe you are gone, Im still waking up thinking youll call and going to bed thinking youll suprise us with a 2 am visit I just finished baseball and we did pretty good and I cant wait to see in heavan. I love you!

~*[email protected]!(K M((LEND0N*~ Son of 663 forever

Maverick McClendon
Son of Oklahoma State Trooper William L. McClendon E.O.W 10-01-06

June 21, 2007

trooper mcclendon,
I didn't know you personally. But i do know you were very much loved by Hope,Mav,Kendra,Dakota, and family.Your memory lives on forever and thank you soo much!!
In Loving memory of William Lloyd Mcclendon!
Love always,

Its been awhile now since the accident but people have not forgotten you. Monday was memorial day and me hope mav kendra austin grandma and grandpa went and decorated the ground where you lay. It was very hard for hope and the kids. The bench kendra made you is beautiful.. She loves you so much. I have tried to be there for them as much as i can. They are doing much better now and excelling in school. We miss you alot!!! To hope mav, and kenrda. I will always be there for you!!!
Love, Kayla

kayla keizor and chelsea sommer
kayla-neice chelsea-kaylas friend

May 31, 2007

Trooper McClendon,
I have been reading through your reflections from family and friends. I am touched by their words. Thank you for serving Oklahoma with the pride and committment it takes that only so few have. You will be a hero forever, not only in the eyes of your children, wife and department, but by average citizens like myself.

Pennsylvania citizen

May 27, 2007

Hello Mr. Mcclendon i just met ur son at C.O.P.S 2 weeks ago.
I have to say ur son is very cool.
We had alot in common both of our dad died in 2006 and we both LOVED sports.
Maverick and i raced at camp and he beat me by a step or 2.
So thats all i got 2 say 4 now.............bye!

Jared Wertz (son of Scott Wertz)#045
Friend of son Maverick

May 26, 2007

To My Loving Husband,

The kids and I just returned from National Police Week 2007. It was so good to see so many officers and citizens honoring you and many other fallen officers. I miss you so much! I miss all your phone calls, your laugh, and all your many stories about work. Things haven't gotten any easier at this time but I pray that some day they will. I do have a whole new respect for the job you so loved for so long. You should be so proud of your agency the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. They have taken such good care of the kids and I. The Commissioner, Chief, and many Troopers went with us to Police Week. They went to honor you, Trooper Steve Smith, and us the survivors. We have gotten to know Steve's two kids Blake and Stephanie and they are such great kids. They are so kind to Maverick, Kendra, and Dakota. We scratched your name onto a piece of paper off the Memorial Wall. I hope you know just how many people respect and honor your supreme sacrifice. The kids and I love and appreciate your supreme sacrifice also. You are truely our all time Hero! I love and miss you with my whole heart. Thank you for being such a great husband and father!

I Love You!
Surviving Spouse
Hope Renee McClendon

Hope McClendon
Surviving spouse

May 18, 2007

Trooper McClendon,
Your continued dedication to your profession will never be forgotten. It is always difficult to lose "one of our own" in this profession and I am honored to ride for you this year for the Police Unity Tour. I look forward to meeting Officers from your department to share stories and learn more about the hero I never met.


Brian J. Fazio
Motorcycle Unit

Patrolman Brian J. Fazio
Montclair NJ Police Department

May 1, 2007

Troopers Prayer

BY 663' S SON

Lord lead me through

this day as I put my uniform on let

bad guys fear me and let me be a hero

in the eyes of my citizens and children but most

of all to my own family. As I get into my car and go 10-8

on my shift watch over and protect me so iI will be able to

go 10-7 later that night. If I do not return home after

my shift, show my family how much i love and care

for them and that I will protect and watch

over them. Show them I am with them

FOREVER in their hearts. I thank

you for these things.


I Love you DAD and will see you again someday. That is my biggest goal along with becoming a trooper like you wanted me to. My DAD was a loving husband, loving father, one of the best state troopers ever seen but most of all just a great DAD and loving person. He will be missed by everyone.



SON OF 663

March 22, 2007

What a special person you were to our family and how many lives you touched! Alot can be said for a man that has many friends. You were always there for Jacob and as our family grew, so did your concern for all of us. We will do the same for you and be here for Hope, Dakota, Maverick and Kendra should they ever need us.
Hope, Dakota, Maverick and Kendra-We miss you all very much and pray that God strengthens you with every passing day.

Jacob, Misty, Alex and Jerean Mosquito
Family Friends

March 12, 2007

Trooper McClendon was an outstanding Trooper and friend. He was always someone who you could count on for help. He was both strong and kind and left his mark on those he came in contact with. He made an impact on my life as both a personal friend and colleage. I will always remember him and keep the friendship that we shared close to my heart. I know he is in a better place and my prayers are with those left behind.

Beky Thompson
Okmulgee Police Department

March 6, 2007

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