Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Eddie Mundo, Jr.

LaGrange Police Department, Kentucky

End of Watch Wednesday, April 16, 2003

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Reflections for Police Officer Eddie Mundo, Jr.

Eddie, I never got a chance to meet you in person, but when I use to go on ride alongs with your father in Shively, he talked about you all the time and I felt I knew you through him. You have a wonderful father who loves you with every fiber of himself and it showed every day. I pray for you family all the time. May God Bless you and keep you.

Carla DeLong

Carla DeLong
IUS Police Department

December 3, 2005

I stop by the gas station on a thursday night. I had to fill my car with gas. I pressed the start button a notice a small Remembrance button place at the pump. someone must have lost it. It reads Lagrange Police in remembrance of eddie mundo jr. I said do we have a police dept in Lagrange New York? I had taken the small sheild button with me i didn't want no one to place it in the garbage can. I said maybe its from a diffrent town. I went to google search and found Officer eddie mundo jr. Now i have a found a home for this special sheild and Officer Mundo will be in our hearts for ever. God bless our fallen and bless Officer Mundo's family.

Volunteer firefighter lagrange New York

September 22, 2005

eddie I have never known you but I know your mom.she is a wonderfull person and I draw strength from her many times in my relationships with my own kids. when I am feeling lonely and homesick for my kids I draw strength from your mom.
today I saw your wife and son at the mall where I work with your mom. they are fine and healthy and your son looks just like you.
may god (who you are now with) bless you. we all thank you for the sacrifice that you gave to us all and our country.
a friend of your mom's
bill ray.

bill ray

September 1, 2005

Eddie, you know what I keep thinking about..the night that we were coming home from that off-duty gig together and we saw that accident on dixie and you locked your keys in your car and we had to the countymountie to slimjim it after he finished his report or the night we played "siphon filter" on the playstation till 2am. I miss those times terribly.I think of our friendship often. Mike is coming off FTO soon and I believe he is coming back to my platoon, the closer it gets the more I am reminded of all the times we all shared. Me, you, Mike,&Eric we all had great times together and those memories will be something that I cherish for the rest of my life. You are one of my best friends and I am missing our friendship daily. Since you have gone I have not had another "brother" on the job or as a friend as you.
You are my inspiration to do this career to the best of my ability, I hope I am working to your standards.
"Ponch and John" will ride again together someday.
God Bless you and your family.


June 29, 2005

Eddie,I can't begin to tell you how much you are missed! Although I am sure you know! Bud and I were talking the other day how you beat us in Every game we played on Playstation and Nintendo64 while we were "supposed" to be studying in the academy! You always made us laugh with your Outstanding personality and sense of humor! Eddie I would give anything in this world to have you back here with us.I know you are watching over us all because thats just the way you are . You always put others before yourself! I will never put you in past tense because you are still with me every day , Not a day goes by without thinking of you in one way or another! I have alot of GREAT memories to cherish for a lifetime and you Eddie are the GREATEST Contributor to those memories! Eddie I am proud to call you my brother and I will never say goodbye to you,but I will say We will meet again one day on Heavens beat . Until then Eddie keep watching over your Families and Us . Rest peacefully Brother and May God Bless You and Your Families Always!!

Deputy Sheriff E.Tipton
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office , Louisville Kentucky

April 19, 2005

Eddie, I find it hard to believe that it has been two years since we lost you. Watching you grow up into the fine man, and officer, that you became, is still what I treasure. I do miss you, your smile, and the way you beat us all in basketball at the Academy. I know that all of us from 276 will never forget you, and the impact you had on our lives. Continue to rest well my Brother, and I pray that you continue to watch over those of us left to carry on.

Deputy H. Bische
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

April 17, 2005

In loving memory of P.O. Eddie Mundo: It has been 2 years ago today that you saw the Lord face to face. I reread these reflections to remind myself of the wonderful impact you had on all those you touched. Your little boy is growing up without you, but I am convinced people are not letting him forget you and he will always know how special he was to you and how much you loved him. Special thoughts go out to your wife, your Mom and Dad and all your relatives and to those who served proudly with you beside them. God bless you all!
Lynn Kole
Washington State

April 16, 2005

It has been two years since you made the ultimate sacrifice, but you have not been forgotten. Tonight, I will tell your story in roll call, and the shift will be dedicated to your memory. Rest in peace, Brother.

Sergeant Randy O. Lamb
Wilkins Twp, PA Police Dept.

April 16, 2005

Eddie, just wanted to let you know that you are still in my thoughts and my heart. I miss you and thank you for your friendship

B. Wright

March 24, 2005



March 11, 2005

Eddie, I cant believe it will be two years next month. Everyday I am reminded of the little things that made our friendship so great. Mike is on our dept now, and he is on my platoon for the time being and seeing him nightly at roll call brings back all the fun times we all shared at the SO. Sometimes I think what a crock this job is and how little the people really consider how we put our lives in danger EVERY time we go to work. You should be here with Mike so all three of us could be running the streets again, making a difference together. It's the small things that I remember daily that makes me think of you every time I go to work.
God bless you and your family. I know your watching me and Mike and I hope we are working to make you proud.


March 9, 2005

Mundi, your leaving before me perplexes me, but you left me many treasured memories. I held you when you were born, I bathe you many times, and spend most of your life near you. Your memories comfort me tenderly. I recall you visiting me before you got married and my husband and I were describing future conditions on earth by stating that God was going to make changes and that mourning, pain, and death would be no more. I remember your smile and you firmly said, "titi, I believe all that. I've always believed that."

Well, Mundi, I can wait to see you again with the same smile and telling me "titi, you had a good point there."

I love you and miss you.
Titi Lettie

Leticia Mundo Barbosa

March 2, 2005

I had the honor of knowing you Eddie both professionally and socially when I worked for Oldham County Police. You were a true man of honor and a great loss to all who knew you. It is men like you that makes the privilege of serving an honor. You served well. May God bless you.

Det. John P. Meadors
Hardin County Sheriff's Department

January 31, 2005

Eddie, thank you for keeping watch over us from your heavenly seat. We feel your spirit and warmth, and know in our hearts and souls that you are with us, always. We miss your laugh, your heart, your life, your dreams. We will always do our best to honor you and the beliefs that you gave your precious life for. We are blessed to have your footprint in our lives and your inspiration to follow. Only now, do you know how your life and your love affected us. From the lives of those who served with you and were greatly honored by it, to those who only heard of you from your selfless gift. You know the men who, in their hearts, want to emulate you and women who want their sons to grow up be just like you. Watch over us and guide us; as we try to follow your example in love, life and death. To Eddie's mom and dad; thank you for your only son, his message and his mission. He has changed countless lives for the better and anyone who ever met him, fell in love with him; his smile, his laugh and his heart. Thank you for your gift and your sacrifice; it will never be repaid or forgotten. We will miss him until we hold him again, in our arms.


January 30, 2005

sup cousin? Its been a while since we have seen eachother. But when we did it was fun! when we came to Kentucky and you spent time with us i enjoyed you ttrying to get int my buisness about boys.I know you were just trying to make sure that i was making good decisions.i also remember you tring to act like big MACHO policeman!you thought you were cute in your uniform. which is hard to admit but you were. well im praying for titi lulu and uncle eddie and i know your watching over them R.I.P

loving little cousin

December 27, 2004


I was sitting here this evening and thoughts of you filled my head. I think of you and Brandon Thacker often.

I think of your father often and he stays on my mind. Although he does not say a lot, I can see the hurt in his eyes.

Take care my friend. Help to keep us safe and sound. I know you are watching over us each and every day.

MAJ Shon Adams
Military Police Corps/Former Shively Officer

November 5, 2004

Mr and Mrs Mundo i would like to say one thing about your son... he was a wonderful man and will be deeply missed. I would like to share a memory that I have of Eddie, on Oct 4,2002..My phone rang at my house and I went answer the phone and much to my surprise it was the man who worked with my brother, telling me that my mother had passed away... My heart went numb...So that evening I had spoke to Eddie and let him know that my mother had passed away. While i was so upset Eddie helped me in so many ways, from calling to check to see how I was, to coming to the funeral home to see me and my family. Then the person I have considered to be my best friend, left us 6 months later...I had felt as though my world was over and I had nothing left, thats when I remember what Eddie kept telling me, (when my mother passed), Keep your head up it will get better. That is just one of the many things that Eddie did for me. I will never ever forget him. I have a special spot in my heart for him and my mother..I call them my little Angels. I know that god will bless you and I will never stop praying for you both and your family. Rest in peace Eddie and I can't wait to see you again.

a. koenig

August 31, 2004

It has been a little over a year since you left us. I will never forget the day that Mom called and told me at school. I have never hurt so bad- you were someone who I grew very close to over the year at cadets. You were someone to look up to and I will always consider you a hero. I will never forget the memories at cadets: sitting around the table at the dept joking around, the car washes when you would bring us your bike to clean, dinner after meetings. But I think the thing I will remember the most is your smile and love for life. I remember when you emailed me to tell me Brandi was having Julian. I love you Uncle Eddie, and you will never be forgotten. I am so glad that Guy got to meet one of the most important people in my life before you left us. And next June when I get married there will be a candle lit for you. I know you won't be there physically but you will be there spiritually. I love you, miss you and you will never be forgotten.

Rose Heite

August 15, 2004

Dear MUNDI, We know you have gone to a different level of consciousness, you have past on. We also know that you were very brave and ready when your time came to leave, knowing it would alter many lives, however mom, I and you knew the will of god, and destiny must take its course. We miss you most of all.......... Words could never express all we have to say to you, but yet there is so much we want to say. Son you know how much we love you. Eddie , remember the late John Weiss, his mother lost him and I recalled her crying for him. What I didn't know was how much she hurt,,,, for "I KNOW NOW" what Ms Weiss has experience, I wish and hope no one would ever hurt this much cause "WE KNOW IT TO DEEP"....Mom and I are with you every day, and every minute, "WE WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN". So have fun now, cause when I get there you and I are going to play that game of basketball we never finished!.........Love always Mom and Dad.

Mr and Mrs Eddie Mundo, SR.

August 5, 2004

Eddie, you will truly be missed. God bless you and your family.

Cdt. Sgt. J.Roberts
Shivley Police Department

June 28, 2004

Eddie, I did not get to know you but, I have worked with your Dad and I am pretty sure your would have turn out to be just like him. He is very proud. I wish you can see the way his eyes light up when he talks about you.You are a very special person to him


May 19, 2004


In 2 days I will put on my Honor Guard uniform for Oldham County's Law Enforcement Memorial. To stand guard and show respect for you and all of us who paid the ulitmate price.

I was working the night it happened. I have will never forget the radio and the scene. We never got a chance to be friends and that is something I regret. But I honor you and pray for your family.

Family, friends, and the thin blue line is all we have.

I will pray for your family. Rest well...

Officer Tom Douglas
Oldham County Police

May 14, 2004


I think of you often. I see the pain in your fathers eyes and in your mothers voice. You are truly missed. It does not seem like a year has gone. It seems just like yesterday.

I truly look forward to the day we meet again. I know you are watching over your family and Julian every day. Take care and looking forward to the reunion.

Maj Adams
Military Police Corps

May 10, 2004

Eddie, my brother, my friend. It has been a little over a year since you past. Its been a hard year for many of us, especially me. I miss coming downstairs and seeing you asleep on the chair with Julian asleep on your chest. I miss hangin out with you and Brandi. Tonight I sit in In-Servise in Richmond the night before a big test for Accicdent Reconstruction. I was thinking of you and how you've been an inspiration to me during the past year. Especially so during this past two weeks during this class, as I learn how to reconstruct accident scenes such as the one that took your life.
Recently we held a memorial in your honor, and many friends and family showed up. Your son is getting big, and looks just like you. I see you smile in his. Ill miss the days of playing basketball with you and the guys. Ill miss the times we just sat and talked. You will always be a part of my life, and your family will always be my family.
Next month, many of us will travel to Washington D.C., to honor you and many other fallen heroes at the National Law Enforcement Memorial. We will all shed more tears for you, but they will not only be tears of sorrow. They will be tears of happiness, in knowing that you are safe and free from harm. We know that you are watching over us and protecting us. thank you for all that you are. You are truly and inspiration to us all. I love you my brother, and I miss you.

Ofc. Aaron R. Gutermuth
Oldham County Police

April 22, 2004

It is hard to believe that is has been 1 year now since you left us Eddie. While not a day goes by that I don't remember what you gave to this community, those memories will be refreshed tonight at 1930 when I will be standing by the Police Memorial on the courthouse lawn during a service to honor yourself and Officer Porter. And while your physical presence at the firehouse will be missed again this year during the Crusade for Children, I know that you are there. God bless you Eddie, and thank you for all you did for us here in LaGrange.

Major Keith Smith
LaGrange Fire & Rescue Dept.

April 16, 2004

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