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Sergeant Daniel Dale Green

Tallahassee Police Department, Florida

End of Watch Wednesday, November 13, 2002

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Reflections for Sergeant Daniel Dale Green

Dale, the day you died is a constant reminder of how precious life is. Ten years ago today, I applied all your teachings and am a better person because of you. I wear your memorial band on my wrist as a constant reminder to be the best I can be everyday as a, servant to God, Husband, Father,and Deputy. I proudly display your ID number on a memorial decal on the rear of my car . I enjoy the questions about the band and decal, so as I, can pass on your legacy of a man of God, Husband,Father,Son, Teacher and Protector. Your teachings of Faith and strength continue to this day and will continue for many years to come. I am honored to have known you in life and will constantly honor your teachings to "play above board" on all levels. I miss you, my friend and mentor. To your family , I pray for your strength and knowledge that, Dale lives within many of his brothers and sisters and he will never be forgotten! Godspeed Dale.

Your friend, Jimmy

Deputy Jimmy Goodman
Leon County Sheriff's Office

November 13, 2012

Sgt Green, you sir are a hero and we will never forget the sacrifice that you and your family made for all of us. I read the post from your son and it is hard to know what they have gone through without their dad and some of them their moms, but your son sounds like a great man and will do good in life. Your mother is a terrific person and she misses you some much. Continue to watch over them all from above, and walk beside them always.

Deb Azure
Mother of Deputy Renee Danell Azure
EOW 08/06/02
Union County SO, Lake Butler, FL

November 13, 2012

Another year has passed but you are not forgotten and never will be Dale. As I read the reflection left by your son a few weeks ago, tears more than filled my eyes. You are so loved by so many and everyone misses you every day. Many have gone on to other jobs or locations but one thing remains clear, you've touched so many lives in such a positive way that today everyone will stop and think about your last moments ten years ago.

Please continue to watch over us all, especially your wife, mother, children and grandchildren and rest in peace.

Stephanie Irvine Anderson
Citrus County Sheriff's Office

November 13, 2012

To be honest, I've never written here. I'm not even sure what to say. I've never spoken to you as a man. It's been ten years since I last saw you. You pulled out of the parking lot of the church in your patrol car to go back on duty... and disappeared from my life. Did you ever imagine what I would be like as a 25-year-old man? I have a wife now, a woman you would be proud of. It is a shame she didn't get to meet you. You are both very alike.
I am getting my mechanical engineering degree this year, and work at an international telecommunications company. There have been many times where I could've used your help, and your fatherly insight. I feel very lost these days of my life. I am unsure of many things, and have lots of questions to ask you now that I'm old enough to know what they are.
I can see the very spot you were shot to death from one of the roads leading to my engineering building. I remember patrolling near there with you over a decade ago. You told me that one day if I worked really hard, I could end up going to school there. I'm here now dad. I try hard to be a good son to my mother, a deserving husband to my wife, and a kind worthy friend to those who involve themselves in my life.
I share your love of history and music, and your father's interest in the mechanical. I minored in the physical sciences, something I am sure Papa Dan would be proud of. I miss you both, and I know that who I have become stems from the love you both showed me when I was younger.
My mother, your wife, is the strongest person I know. She raised me well despite losing you, and pushed me to where I am now. I owe my success in life to her. You hardly ever told me how much you loved me, but I knew that you did. I respected you, and feared you, and loved you. I didn't know the great man that you were like others did. I didn't know the pain you carried inside from the job you did. I just knew dad. But I am proud that I am your son.
I miss you dad. I hope that I am the man you envisioned me to be.

Daniel Ryan Green
Son of Dale

October 13, 2012

I'm having one of those moments when I still can't believe what happened to you. I dream at night that you're still here, talking and joking, then wake and have to remind myself that you're not. You DO still live through all of the people whose lives you touched. Every time I show Cammy and Ava Dale "how a mule eats corn" they boil over in laughter and I feel you there tickling me too. I love you Dad and miss you!

Kristen Green Collier

June 16, 2012

Rest in Peace, Sergeant Green. Your sacrifice is not forgotten.

Officer 11169

February 16, 2012

My prayers are with Debbie, the kids and Daniel's mom today as they face another EOW without thier loved one. Time does not heal the pain in our hearts and never will. God called a special angel home this day in 2002. Sgt. Green, may you continue to rest in peace sir and we will never forget that sacrifice you made for us. HEROES live forever....

Deb Azure
Mother of Deputy Renee Danell Azure
EOW 08/06/02
Union County SO, Lake Butler, FL


November 13, 2011

I was working the night you passed, Dale. The Thomas County SGT came over the radio and said, "Tallahassee is having some trouble tonight, everybody get to the border and watch for a car fleeing Florida." Each of us in the county and in every little town with its own department rolled down to the highways and back roads and stood guard for your murderer.

It was only later that night as my sobbing wife-to-be; Stephanie, a dispatcher with TPD, called and let me know what had happened to you that we understood the horror of that night.

I'm sorry we weren't there to stop this from happening to you. I drove the cruiser from our Department in your procession. You would have been amazed at how many turned out for you. You were truly blessed to have so much love in your life. My wife still bears hard your passing.

From B-2 and the spirit of B-10,
Georgia Lawmen

Damon Anderson / Patrolman
Former Boston P.D.

October 12, 2011


Goodness where do I begin... I have tried many times to write, but still break down every time for the profound impact you have had and continue to have on my life professionally and personally. I still send Deb a Christmas Card every year and often wonder if your sitting up there in your recliner flushing out the pipes with Good Ole Captain watching over us....

It is amazing how much I think of you everyday of my life. I often think how fortunate I was that when I first got hired at TPD I found my way to were not only my supervisor, my mentor, but resoundingly my friend and at times my only family. You encouraged me and taught me to strive and lead even if I had to walk often times by myself. It is you I credit with molding me to the officer I still am today and the tact to be more patient and political (even though I am still not very good at holding it all in :)!)

I often find myself looking at pictures of our squad and reflecting back on those wonderful moments, yes even all the fights. More often I find myself still seeking your approval above anyone elses. I am comforted at times with some positive reinforcement and often think the ease of your breath is the wind passing me by letting me know everything will be okay. And the times when the storm comes and I can't get my head above water, I think what lesson is he trying to teach me now. There was always a lesson whether it was obvious or not.

I have realized more now so in my life than ever before that you simply opened the door and I had to make the choice to walk through and take in what lessons you were laying out there for me to learn. You taught me challenges are opportunities to make a difference, more so you taught me without follow-thru the opportunities are lost and so is the moment to effect change....

I am greatful for the life lessons you have given me....You remain a part of me and my family!

Alexis #627 (1996)
Former TPD Officer

September 19, 2011

Dale, your memory and legacy with the Tallahassee Police Department still stays fresh in our minds. We see your picture each time we walk the halls of TPD and your memory of service and sacrifice make us better men through it. For your family it is very important to us that they know that their father continues to inspire us and still lives among our memories. God bless and rest in peace.

US Marshals
Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force

July 7, 2011

hey dad, its been an awful long time since i last talked to u. i miss u so much and wish u were here more than anything in the world. i kept my promise to u and joined the military, im out now though. i was in the united states navy, part of the submarine force. Pretty crazy huh? i know, i cant believe i did it either. im married now to my beautiful wife whose name is Tanya, and we have two children, David and Erin. oh how i wish u could be here telling my family those embarrasing stories u always promised to tell when we got married. u have made me into a strong man, and i try to be as good a father as u were to me. i tell my family alot about u and how much u mean to me

William Green
son of Dale Green

July 5, 2011

To the Green family, you are all in my prayers today. It is so hard to believe that our angels have been gone for 8 years, where did the time go? To Debbie and the kids, I know he is so proud of all you have done and accomplished in your lives. To Mrs. Green, the loss of our kids is just horific, but they will always be with us in our hearts.

God bless you all, and we will never forget your HERO !

Deb Azure
Mother of Deputy Renee Danell Azure
EOW 08/06/02
Union County SO, Lake Butler, FL


November 13, 2010

Thinking of you today. We think about you and your family everyday. This day changed our lives forever, but you changed our lives for the better


November 12, 2010

As I endevour to move out of NYC with my wife and two kids to become a Police Officer, I tend to look up the fallen heroes of each department I consider. As I saw your picture brother it was if I knew you, I was ovrewhelmed with sadness and a sense of loss. As I read the reflection of your other friends and family you became even more familiar to me. I look at you and I see a great teacher, mentor, brother and friend. I have decided that I will apply to your department when I graduate in 2011 to share in you glory brother. Thanks for motivating me, I only hope to be an outstanding officer as you.

Samuel Cockburn
Future Police Applicant

July 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary Baby - Got you on my mind!!! You know that you're on my mind absolutely every day!! -- I love and miss you so very much!! Today, 3-1-10, is our 24th Wedding Anniversary....and that very special day, 24 years ago, was the best day of my life!!
I love you with all my heart!!! Deb

Deb Green - Wife

March 1, 2010

As time goes by I assure you, you are not forgotten by your TPD family. New recruits that did not even know you are shown the spot where you were slain. They are constantly reminded of your bravery and experience. I am just sad I only got to hear of you from my friends and other officers instead of meeting you myself. May you rest in peace and never be forgotten!


November 13, 2009


It was seven years years ago today. I still think of you often and miss your talks over coffee.

Thank you for watching over us and know your memory will NEVER be forgotten as we all still miss you very very much.

Stephanie Anderson / Communications Mgr
Walton County Sheriff's Office

November 13, 2009

You've been in Heaven for seven years now and I miss you more than ever. You've got two beautiful granddaughters now and I wish so much you could see them. You'll always be in my heart, love you Brother,
till we meet again..!

Joni Green Brooks
Dale is my Brother

November 13, 2009

Dale, I think of you often and pray for your family. Thank you for your service and friendship. Please continue to watch over us all. Your friend, Jimmy

Deputy Jimmy Goodman

November 13, 2009

Dale, Seven years -- it just does NOT seem possible that
we've been apart that long -- perhaps because the joy and memories of our long years together are so vibrant!! I know that you are proud of our sons, and the fine young men they have become! We have also been blessed with three granddaughters -- Cameron(4) & Ava Dale(1 month), Kristen's beautiful girls -- and Erin(1), William's sweet baby. Although we can't reach out and touch you or be held in your arms -- every day you are loved, missed, and
remembered so much!
I love you baby, forever & ever!! Deb

Deborah Green

November 13, 2009

I am getting ready to meet your mom for lunch on the anniversary of your death. She loves to talk about you and the silly things you used to do. It makes us all laugh to hear some of the stories. Of course you always had a way of making us laugh while teaching us how to be better officers and people. We miss you and will never forget you.

Inv. Joanna Baldwin
Tallahassee Police Department

November 13, 2009

Tonight I have the honor of reading Dale's name and EOW date at a memorial service at the National Law Enforcement Memorial in DC. I'm here attending the FBI National Academy Session 238 and tonight we honor those who have served and gone before us. Dale was a great officer, great man and lived out his faith in Jesus Christ. He is an example we should all follow.

Jay Etheridge

Special Agent in Charge Jay Etheridge
FDLE - former TPD Officer

July 29, 2009

sitting at my desk today, I was taken back in memory to an evening in Tallahassee. 30 of us fromt the CPA were taking a CPR course. We were having a ball, officers kept coming in and giving the trainer,the business. What a group. What a Grand Group of People to share your life with. Creamer, stepped silently into the room, paper in his hand, in back of him two ladies and a couple of children quickly passed by. Just the look on his face, said something had happened. Scream of the sirens took up the room. He passed information to trainer and class ended. Would never trade anything for the time and the ability to share my life with the Officers and people of Tallahassee. Stand Tall, Live Clean and Be unafraid to Stand your ground. Thank you Sgt Green and all for what you gave me, to add your Purpose to my Life. Ardith Ann Richter Lady Clown, Mom, Lady Security Guard. Now data entry in 40 floor building love the view...Hugs to you all and Peace.....

Ardith Ann Richter
Tallahassee Citizens Academy

December 29, 2008

I can't believe it has been six years ago when it seems so vivid in my memory. I miss our conversations Dale. Although I'm up her in TN now, I still display 255. Thanks for everything my friend.

Ofc. Laurence Dennis
former FL/current TN LEO

November 15, 2008

My dearest son, I was unaware of these pages until tonight, six years after the Wednesday night you were shot to death. I will always remember how proud I was of you that night when you came into church and stood behind the teens during the song service. You stood so straight and tall and looked so strong. I kept wanting you to turn your head my way so I could make a little wave. I was so-o proud of child, my son. Your dad and I both loved you so very much and we were so thankful for you. You know your death caused him to give up and it wasn't long before he joined you. I look forward to seeing you and him and know that your sister will join us, too. I love you very much, my son. Mama

Betty Green
Dale's Mom

November 14, 2008

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