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Corporal Dyke "A. J." Coursen

Beaufort County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina

End of Watch Tuesday, January 8, 2002

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Reflections for Corporal Dyke "A. J." Coursen

I think of you often. I watched the Peace Officers Memorial on CNN this weekend and it brought back alot of memories. Keep watching over us.


May 16, 2005

To a friend and Brother, It's been three years now and I think of you all the time. I know when I go to work, that you are watching over me. You are a true hero. God bless you and your family in SC and Ohio.

Officer Bob Swope #5609
Olmsted Falls Police Dept. Ohio

May 12, 2005

Dyke, I remember you at the strangest times, like this evening, a snowy Saturday in April. I don't know why, but I hope it happens to other people too, so your memory will live on. Of course, I remember you when I go to locations where we went on calls together and everytime I hear "knockin' on heavens door". I remember you as a fellow firefighter too, each time the pager goes off at 3 in the morning. But it is times like this that affect me the most, because I remember you for no reason. I know it's because you are watching over me. My silent partner forever, Thanks A.J.

Ptl. Steve Chapman
Oberlin PD

April 23, 2005

Everytime I come here and see your picture a chill comes over me. Dyke, we miss you so much and wish you were here to see the changes in our lives. You are in our hearts daily and even though you couldn't be at our wedding, you were there beside us during the toast to you and you were watching as the mention of your name brought tears throughout the room. We know you were there through the night partying with all of your friends. A big hug from both of us till we see you again.

Dan and Roberta
LaGrange, OH

March 10, 2005

I still remember you dressed up as a biker hoodlum. I didn't get to know you as well as I should have. A lesson learned. Like I said to Dana, I think you were watching over me and Parnell that day. Thanks.
Rest easy, my brother, we got it from here.

Sergeant Kevin Heany
Beaufort County Sheriff's Office

March 2, 2005

I cant believe its been so long. I still sit here and tears stream down my face. You are the reason I do my job and try to protect as many officers as I can. I always call an officer to check 10-61 and hold my breath until they answer, when they don't I sometimes get angry but then I think of how easy the situation can turn worse. And then they answer "dispatch i am 10-61" and I feel so relieved. AJ I miss your funny stores and your great sense of humor,even your Kermit the frog Voice on the radio, and I truely miss you. You are forever in my heart, God Bless you for everything you sacrificed on that terrible day. I will never forget Jan 8th, 2002.

Lacey Wilburn
Beaufort County Dispatch

February 28, 2005

We miss you today as much as we missed & hurt for you 1/8/2002.
Our sons,Derek and Derel,will be at Parris Island for Marine Boot Camp in September. Having them so far away during this time will be very hard. Knowing they will have DJ and your parents so close if they need them makes us feel so much better.
They are looking forward to being in Beaufort near your family and near you.
We know you will be watching over them and protecting them as you did in LaGrange when they were kids. Please take care of them.

Charlie,Jill, and Abbie
Ohio Friends

February 1, 2005

Dyke buddy. It has been 3 years. Man I miss you. Everytime I drive home for a visit and go thru LA Grange I still look over at the fire station looking for your truck. 2 of my co workers have joined you on the streets of heven. Officer Melissa Foster and Officer Bryan Hurst. You three now watch over all of us.

Dyke I miss talking to you, I miss when we worked together.

You are a True Hero

Columbus Ohio Police Department

January 13, 2005

Today 3 years ago they took you away, we miss you so much, and ty Dyke for watching over your fellow officers, you have done a great job,we love and miss you so much,you are not forgotten not one day of my life and many others, why did god take you is still a mystery but i pray to see you again someday.

January 8, 2005

I can't believe it has been three years today that I got the news that every wife of a police officer hopes to never get. The image and the words is still so fresh in my mind...Everyone says it will get easier but it hasn't..The best I can do is learn to live with the pain and loss of you.
I come to this site often to read what people write to you, in some way it comforts me and makes me smile to know that others knew what a wonderful man you were here on earth.
I read how you have touched so many lives,made people laugh,made people better themselves and made so many safe. I am sure you are doing the same thing in heaven.
Our daughter got married a few weeks ago. We placed your badge in her flowers so you could walk with her down the isle. We know you were there we could feel you. I know you will watch over their marriage. Her husband is another wonderful man. He reminds me of you.
You are still such a big part of my life and will always be. I miss you so much. I love you AJ. You will forever be the love of my life and my husband.

Your Loving Wife, DJ


January 8, 2005

Dyke and DJ Coursen
I'm a friend from Ohio and will soon be in Beaufort for a one day visit as part of a bus trip. When Dyke worked in LaGrange he used to stop in where I worked. I just loved when he would bring Cory for all of us to see. The first time Cory was only a few days old, but Dyke was out showing him to everyone in LaGrange, he was one of the best fathers. The last time I saw Dyke was the summer before he left us. I was so glad that he took time to stop in and talk with us. Dyke would always make a visit everytime he came back to Ohio. Dyke was very nice to me and I really enjoyed his visits. I hope to have enough time on my visit to Beaufort to this time make a visit to Dyke. I think it will do me alot of good to visit his grave and say my own good bye. Dyke it will soon be three years since you were taken from us, but you will never be forgotten.
Linda from Grafton, Ohio

Friend From Grafton,Ohio

January 3, 2005

I miss you so much, your smiling face, your sweet sent, your arms and your warmth, please watch as we come into the month of despair, the month you joined this world and left us too. I love and miss you so much.

December 23, 2004

It's been almost three years and I never, until now, left a reflection in honor of your memory. I just couldn't. I have read over the last couple of years all the wonderful things that people have said to and about you and Dana. My husband is still out there every day doing what you guys loved. I don't believe I will ever put January 8, 2002 out of my memory, so always know that I think about you and Dana every day. You guys were so very, very brave. I pray every day that this terrible burden of loss becomes easier for your son and your whole family. I will never stop thinking about and praying for you and Dana. Please, in your higher position, watch over all of the law enforcement officers still here.

I will never forget you and Dana.

A Beaufort County Law Enforcement Wife

Beaufort County Sheriff's Office

November 23, 2004

Many times a situation or a comment someone makes reminds us of you. So many times you are still in our conversations and all the time in our hearts. We have had so many happy experiences over the last couple years that we wish we could have shared with you and really miss not being able to tell you about them. Sometimes we still can't believe that you have been gone for so long now, we really miss you. Tears still fall now and then, but we know you are around us and with that we find comfort.

Charlie and Jill Michalak, Derek, Derel,
Ohio friends

August 15, 2004

I can only say that when I heard the unfortunate news, I was in deep shock. I attended your memorial here in Ohio and still was unable to believe my eyes. This man that I knew throughout our teen years and into adulthood is now gone. It was more than I could comprehend.

You were there for me during my times of crisis always giving of yourself and never expecting anything in return. I will never forget your dedication to our friendship. You even made it a special point to attend my graduation ceremony and let me know how special I was to you. My family adored you, my friends adored you and we were always happy to have you entertain us with your blessed gift of humor.

I attended your memorial tribute at a time in my life when I was dealing with the nearing end of my own mother's life. I was overwhelmed by the intense emotion and love that was expressed that day and the last moments of the service by the adoration and final salute to you by your son. I will never forget that vision for the rest of my life.

Dyke, you are sorely missed. You were an inspiration to countless hundreds and a person to be idolized. You were taken from us too young and in someone else's time of crisis. It just gives me comfort to know that you were doing what you loved most and doing what you did best, helping someone else in their time of need and serving your fellow man.

My deepest sympathy to the family of Dyke Coursen. I pray that God will comfort you during the times that lay ahead, the anniversaries, birthdays and holidays.

Matthew 5:4 KJV)
Blessed {are} they that mourn: for they shall be comforted...

Know that there is comfort in the Lord.

In your memory Dyke. I will never forget you.

An Old Friend in Ohio

An Old Friend

June 4, 2004

I stop by this website often after the death of two dear friends with the NCSHP (Troopers Calvin Taylor E.O.W. October 3, 2001 and Anthony Cogdill E.O.W. May 30, 2003).

We all grieve over the lives lost in the line of duty. I hope you can find some comfort knowing that there are countless prayers that go out for your family.

These are senseless tragedies that never seem to stop. God Bless the men and women who continue to serve their communities in our great Nation.

...Gone, but never Forgotten....

Marti (EMT-Paramedic)
Haywood Co EMS (NC)

April 4, 2004

AJ was my Field Training Officer when he was in Ohio. He wasn't just a cop. He was a friend and a brother. God rest his soul and have mercy on his family. Gone but not forgotten.

Deputy Sheriff/Jim Rico
Lorain County Sheriff's Office

January 19, 2004

Rest easy, Brother, you are not forgotten.

Monroe Co. Sheriff Dept. Bloomington, In.l

January 8, 2004

Our hear felft prayers and condolensence go out to his family, department and friends.

November 15, 2003

Thinking and wondering about you all the time.............


October 14, 2003

To my fellow brother, Dyke "AJ" Coursen,

I've been staring at a blank page for about 20 minutes now, AJ, wondering what to write. What can I write? Our friendship was too short. There was still more for us to do, to enjoy, to laugh at. The more I sit here and think about it, the more I feel like I am just being selfish because I want you here for me. So I am not sad any more. Is that wrong?

I saw your wife today. I know you led me to her to help her and be there for her. We talked about you for hours. It wasn't enough though. I know that you were also there with us. We laughed and cried. We were happy and sad at the same time.

Law enforcement officers have a way of watching each other's back. You watch mine and I'll watch yours. Isn't that how it goes? Well AJ, I still have your back. Now and always. Just like you still have mine and every one else here who love and miss you. You are not gone AJ, you have just moved on to heaven with God. I realized that today. You have helped me realize that. Stay safe my brother and please continue to watch over us until we meet again? You'll always be in my heart.

Police Officer Joe Laferrera
Retired NYPD

We miss you so much! There are still moments we want to pick up the phone to call you and reality reminds us that we can no longer hear you at the other end saying, "Hi, pal!" or "Whats the weather like in Ohio?" However, your voice is still clear in our minds.
You would be proud of DJ..she is doing great. We all laugh as we talk about all our fun memories with you. You had a list of places to visit and things to see that you never got to take us, but DJ took us to all those places and we had a great time. We could almost vision you riding that 4-wheeler on the beach! Dyke, you have made a special friendship between your wife and us.
Our sons often reminds us about their last phone conversation with you. They cherish that conversation.
We know from the very beginning you have been our daughter's angel watching over her. Dyke protecting our "Beaufort Baby" from heaven.
Everytime we find those pennies we smile knowing that you are thinking of us. We love you, Dyke.

Charlie and Jill Michalak
Ohio friends

I remember when I got the call from Dj... it was such a surprise to hear from her.. we hadn't talked in awhile as she and AJ had begun their new lives together in a new place. They were starting afresh and enjoying every minute of it regardless of any hindrances that sometimes fell in their path.... Dj is a sincere and loving person and AJ sensed it from the start...I know that part of Dj's heart has broken since this tragedy however she is carrying on and doing work that is positive and beneficial in response to this. No one knows why these things happen.. are they predetermined or are you in the 'wrong place at the wrong time'. BUT the importance was the act of bravery and service that both officers were fulfilling. They were answering a call for assistance and they responded with the utmost of sacrifices. My heart goes out to all family members, friends, and ofcourse my truly good friend Dj...... I know you will never forget and you shouldn't but I want you to find peace of mind and harmony. I know that you're a great person and in time the bitterness and hurt will dissipate. Peace out sistah...good things are coming your way...........

I'm still sitting here 15 months later with tears streaming down my face thinking of how God could decide to take someone so wonderful, so early in life. You are loved by so many and touched so many lives. I'll bet you never realized how many people cared so much. Sometimes so modest and so unsure. I'm glad you spent your last days where you wanted to be, and so happy. I can't tell you how many days I stop to think of you and laugh at the good times we all had working and playing together! You were always such a wonderful friend and confidant. Never judging, just helping. I miss you, and know that you are now one more angel to watch over my husband and all the other officers and help to keep them safe while they are on duty up here in Ohio and everywhere else. God bless you and watch over your wife and family. You are missed so much and will never, ever be forgotten.


Corporal Coursen,
It's been over a year and it seems like yesterday that we talked to one another about old times. When I put my uniform on I always think of you and not take life for granted. Your services was very hard on me, because we have spent a long time together since high school and the years we had in Law enforcement together. I been to many Officers Funeral, but not like the one I went in SC. I lost a friend and a brother.

God bless you, your family and the Beaufort County Sheriff Dept. My heart is with all of you.


Officer Bob Swope #5609
Olmsted Falls Police Dept. Ohio

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