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Trooper Jason Eric Beal

Indiana State Police, Indiana

End of Watch Saturday, January 15, 2000

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Reflections for Trooper Jason Eric Beal

January 13, 2004


Last night I woke up in the middle of the night. I couldn't quite figure out why at 1:30 I was so restless then by 2:00 I was wide awake. Then I remembered (in my sleepy head!) that was when I heard those awful knocks at the door. Those knocks that no spouse ever wants to get.

I want you to know that you are not forgotten, never will be. Cody asks about you all the time. In fact Cody and Dylan talk about how you are able to shoot the monsters at night so that the monsters won't get them. Because you are in heaven you are able to do so many wonderful things for Cody. Dylan has come to respect you and what you stand for (as much as a 3 yr old can anyway).

I have finally fulfilled my promise to you. I am moving on with my life and finally finding happiness in it again. I have met someone wonderful who understands that you will always be with me, but also knows that I have a big heart, one that he also has a place in. I have also figured out what to do with my life (about time at 25!). I am going to counsel officers and their spouses on the daily stresses in their lives. I know that everyone has daily stresses, but those of an officer and his/her family seem to be more intensified just because of their chosen careers.

I hope that you would be proud of me. I keep you in my heart and my thoughts daily. I know that my life here on earth with you has ended, but I also know that one day we will have an eternal life together (with our whole family).

Love always,
Emily Beal
Always your loving wife

January 13, 2004

To a Trooper I never knew, I remember the day it happened. I just came on duty and heard the news from my father who also works for the same agency back home in Indiana. when one of our family passes on WE all feel the pain. God bless you Eric.

To Emily,
Though i dont know you either, i feel Eric could not be more proud to have a life partner like you. To have Someone there to keep his memory alive. You are a remarkable woman. I know it has to be tough living your life without him, but i feel deep in my heart god had this all planed. You are like very few. Right now the most important thing is your son and you living your life as Eric would want. You are someone special to be able to tell your son who his daddy was and was going to be. Dont be suprised if he becomes just like his daddy. It runs in the blood. I know! I read you thoughts to Eric alot. It always brings tears to my eyes. Emily dont ever stop writing him because i know he hears your thoughts. It will be hard to start a life without him, but he never really left you. I read it in your letters to him. he will never leave you, just like you never left him. I am so proud of you. You are someone who will live your life to the fullest. Eric left the world knowing how much you loved him. I am so glad to see that the son of a hero knows everything about his daddy. You are part of a large family that loves you. i will keep you in my prayers.

To the parents of Eric. You too are the best parents a son could have. Eric is up in heaven seeing how well you are taking care of his wife and son.

To a little boy who lost so much at such a young age. You daddy was a Hero. He did this job to keep the world a better place for you. You daddy loves you very much. He will always be by your side. Just know he will be proud of what ever you decide to be in life. Being a daddy myself, i know. I sit and think about you alot. when i look at my daughter before i go to work every day I always smile and tell her I love her, Just like your daddy does up in heaven. Its funny she being only four askes me every day, "Daddy do you have to go to work." i ALWAYS reply. "YES" as i am straping on my vest. She'll smile and say. "Well go get them bad guys and if they hurt you i will beat them up." I kiss her good bye and tell her i love her. She'll reply. Be carefull I love you." Up until God called your daddy to come to heaven, I never really made an effort to tell my loved ones how i felt i just figured they knew. We are never promised tomarrow. So i make it a daily thing no matter what time it is to tell my babby girl I love her. So in my eyes your daddy taught me a life lesson and he is the Hero everyone says he is.

Take care, remember your family loves you.

Deputy Lancen Shipman
Bay County Sheriffs Office Florida

September 13, 2003



It's me, your cousin and lifelong friend. I'm sorry for not writing sooner, but I've talked to you countless times. I still cry a lot when I think of you. I'm crying right now. Just so you know, I'm sorry we were not as close those last few years. We kinda started to get close again, but I never really knew how you felt about me.
I want you to know how I felt about you. I looked at you and saw happiness. Don't get me wrong, I've seen you sad or upset. I remember each time because their were so few. I remember cruising Franklin in the old grand prix. I was so proud of you and what you had become. Most of all I want you to know I loved you like a brother. I still do.
I'm also writing because talking to family about you is hard. To Gene and Marion. In school, when not liking your parents was cool and the norm, Jason was proud of you both. He was also very proud of his father for fighting for the good old U.S.A. I am proud of that to.
To Em. Hello. I want you to know that Jason loved you from day one. He couldn't wait to talk to you again after meeting you at the circle. I never would have thought he could smile any bigger till that day. You two would crack me up playing cards at your mom and Bill's house. I smile just thinking about it.
I want you to know I still spend time with you Jason. At least it feels like you're there. Each time I clime into my treestand and look at that black flag tied to my binoculars, it's like you're by my side. Hunting season is just around the corner. I hope to meet you in the deer woods again. Thanks for listening. I love you and miss you so much.

P.S. Tell God and Jesus I love them and I'm trying. They will know what I mean.

Phillip Beal

August 30, 2003

April 4, 2001

It has been over a year since we lost you, our friend. If God would allow us to speak to you right now we would tell you how proud you would be of your wife and son. We have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with them the past year. The responsibilities Emily took on would seem enormous for most 22 year olds: becoming a widow and then a mother within 6 months time, trying to complete the sale of your home which you were trying to do because the two of you were moving closer to family, as well as all the financial decisions and planning. Jason, she is quite a woman! And your son, Cody: He lit up our lives! Our 3 daughters just adore him just as they did you when you would "pop in" and throw one of them up on your shoulders. Emily finally sold the house last month and she and Cody moved back to your home area. We grew very close to both of them. It is obvious why you loved Emily. We miss her friendship. And Cody is the most wonderful baby. Your personality definitely shines through him.

Someone once said when someone dies and goes to heaven, God lets them see the "good things" that happen down here. We have no doubt that you are able to see quite a bit of Emily and Cody!

We miss you and want you to know that even though nearly 1 1/2 years have passed since you were taken from us, we still think of you daily. Your picture is still in Brook's den next to the turkey call your father-in-law gave him with a special engraving in your memory.

Brooks and Angie Shirk
(Fellow Trooper and friend)


It has become a regular practice of mine to come to the ODMP page to view the lists of my brothers and sisters who have fallen in the line of duty and the reflections left by their families and fellow officers. But of all the reflections I've read in the three years I've been a police officer, none has ever touched my heart like yours.

I wish could I have had the honor of knowing you. I read the notes left for you by your parents, your wife and baby son. I see so much of myself in you and perhaps that is why you've had such a strong effect on me. I too am a young man who wanted to be police officer my whole life. I understand the passion you had for law enforcement and your desire to do everything that was necessary to protect and serve your community. I also can relate to you in the fact that I too have an infant son who means everything in the world to me. I cannot explain the emotions I felt when I read his message to you. I know you will watch over him and his mom and that you will do everything possible to keep them safe from the kingdom of heaven.

My thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family. I hope that you also will shine down on all of us who will continued to protect and serve in your absence. May we all share in your strength, courage and honor.

Rest well my brother. I hope someday we may serve together, in a beat on heavens streets.

Officer Jody McInnis
Mesa Police Department, Az

Though I did not know Trooper Beal personally, I know some of the reasons he put on the uniform everyday. As a resident of Indiana, this type of tragedy has struck us all too often. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and co-workers. Watch over each other and keep his spirit alive. You are in my prayers. Godspeed, Jason.

Officer Donna C. Hillier
Purdue University Calumet Police Department, IN

To Gaston, Cory, and Jason-

You will always be with us and you will be sadly missed by all of us.  Take care, Brothers.

Indiana State Police

56th Recruit Class


Hi Daddy!  Your son was born on June 14, 2000 at 12:55pm.  I know that you would be so proud.  I can just see you now as you watch over us with your chest sticking out and a huge grin on your face as you tell everyone look at my son!

I want you to know that even though it pains me that you were taken from us I know that God did not leave me empty handed.  He gave me our son.  I will forever cherish him.  I know that we agreed that his name would be Cody Michael Beal, but under the circumstances I only thought it appropriate that he have two namesakes so his name is Cody Jason Michael Beal, after both his Daddy and his Grandpa.

We love and miss you Jason.  Your forever in our hearts and in our lives.



CONGRATUALTIONS!!  You've got a beautiful son and he looks just you when you were born; but, of course, you already know all of that!  We know that you were there with Emily through the whole thing giving her the strength and encouragement she needed.  Be assured that he will receive all the love and attention a child could ever want or need, but we'll not spoil him (ha! ha!).  He's a very special little boy for he's something of you that we can hold and love and cherish.  Please have comfort in the thought that Cody will know of you and your love for him.  We will all see that he learns everything there is to know about his Daddy; we just wish you were here to hold him and enjoy him as he grows up for there are things that cannot be taught him by any one other than his father but we will all try.

Marquis and Dalton miss you, too.  When they see your picture, they say, "That's Uncle Jason. He's with the angels."  It really brings tears to our eyes to hear it.  You are indeed with the angels and we all know that you are watching over us, protecting us until we meet again.  We love you so much, son, and we will forever miss you.  We hope you know that we will help Emily whenever she needs us.  We will be there for her and Cody as we were for you for as long as she desires.


Mom & Dad


Just wanted you to know that you are missed so very much! You are in my thoughts all the time. I miss the way you used to play with the boys, you all looked so happy together. I know you would have been a super father to your son. You were a great brother and I enjoyed our talks when you came home late at night not so very long ago. I love you and miss you very much. I will always remember the good times we had as children!!!

Love Always


Dear Jason:

Your father and I want you to know that we miss you so very much and will for the rest of our lives.  You were a very precious part of our lives and your memory will remain with us until it is our time to be with you and the good Lord.  It is our belief that you were part of a greater plan and that He felt our job was complete so he decided to call you home.  For whatever reason which is known only by you and the Lord, He decided to take you much sooner in life than what any of us were, or could ever be, prepared for. Our whole family will forever miss the bright smile, the cheery disposition, the overall good feelings you gave us when we were together. There will forever be an absence felt at any family dinner or holiday forevermore.

We are so proud of you and what you accomplished is the short time you had.  If only you had been able to stay here on earth longer, you would have accomplished so much, much more.  Our pride in you and your accomplishments is so great and our love for you so deep.  We know you are in a better place now. One that is beautiful, peaceful, and quiet; one where there is no pain, only bliss.  One day not so long from now we will both see you again and that is the strongest part of our drive to survive this and learn how to cope with what God has given us.  Until then, know this:  You will be forever missed, loved, and remembered by all of your family and by all who knew you.

* * * * *


  Our lives are but fine weavings that God and we prepare,

  Each life becomes a fabric planned and fashioned in his care.

  We may not always see just how the weavings intertwine, but we must trust the Master's hand and follow His design, for He can view the pattern upon the upper side, while we must look from underneath and trust in Him to guide...

  Sometimes a strand of sorrow is added to His plan, and though it's difficult for us, we still must understand that it's He who fills the shuttle, it's He who knows what's best, so we must weave in patience and leave to Him the rest...

  Not till the loom is silent and the shuttles cease to fly shall God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why-- the dark threads are as needed in the Weaver's skillful hand as the threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned.

* * * * *

  May God hold you in his hands as we hold in our hearts.

May He forever love and protect you as you watch over and protect us from above.  We will see you again, Jason, when it becomes our time to take that final step and cross that river to the other side of eternity.  Please be there waiting for us with that big, beautiful smile that we love and miss so much.

With All Our Love,

Mom & Dad


It is lonely here without you,

Knowing that it will be a long time before I see you again.

The world is full of heroes,

But the world cannot replace a friend.

I find myself calling for you,

I think about you all the time.

I remember the times we shared,

As your face is dancing in my mind.

The picture of you beside my bed,

Is there to start my day off with a smile.

For I will never forget the times we shared,

Both good and bad, not for a long while.

You walk among the living,

But I know you are in the heavens above.

One day in time we will be together,

On one of those cloudy beds.

I never got to tell you,

How much you really meant to me.

Now that you are gone,

I must let my heart be free.

There are so many things,

That I would like to say.

I don't know where to begin,

Or is it better to leave it that way?

I know that you are in a better place,

And may you always rest in peace.

Love always,

A family member



I want you to know that I am and always have been very proud of you.  You never stopped until you reached your goals.  You were a man of your word; you never broke a promise.  You were a man that I am proud to say was my husband and you still are in my heart.

Our life together of 7.5 years, although too short, was very precious.  I enjoyed every minute, second that I was able to spend with you.  You promised me that you would always come home to me no matter what the circumstances.  You came through with your promise by surviving the accident for 3 days even though the doctors all told me that they were all amazed that you made it the hospital - not me.  I know that you are still with me and with our unborn child.  You are going to have the son that you always wanted!  One day our souls will be reunited, and when that day comes I will be back in your arms where I belong.

I believe that this was our destiny - as tragic as it is.  You always told me that if you were to go you wanted it to be during that happiest time of your life.  We owned our own home.  We were soon moving to be closer to our family; you were going to work in your home district.  We were married and had already celebrated our first wedding anniversary, even though in our hearts we were married long before.  Your dream of becoming an officer of the law had come true and you were finally off your probationary period.  Your son, althought you didn't know for sure we were having a boy, was on the way.  I believe that this was one of the happiest times of your life.  I wish we could have seen more, but this must have been the "happiest" time of your life.  I always told you that if anything happened to you that I wanted atleast to have your child.  I have him.  He has been so strong to survive through the most trying time of my life.

We both love you and miss you very much.  I look forward to the day that we are reunited 'til then watch over me and our son.



Emily Beal


Kentucky Department of Corrections

I write this with deep saddness in my heart. I was Jason's supervisor and was with him when he died. It hurts to see a young man taken so early in his life. His love for life and his wife was very deep. He was an avid deer and turkey hunter and expectant father. He was looking so forward to becoming a father and teaching his son about life and hunting. Now his wife will bring their child into this world and teach him about his father and the love that was between them. For the officer's that were close to Jason, time will heal their pain and loss.

Jason E. Beal will never be forgotten. His name will forever be etched on the minds of all law enforcement officers. He will be greatly missed by his fellow officers and especially his wife, son and family.

Sergeant Louis W. Brown
Indiana State Police

As a member of the Michigan State Police, may I offer my sincere sorrow for the loss of your loved one.  May God hold a special place for him and watch over you and your family.

Trooper Alan Renz
Michigan State Police


Do not stand by my grave and weep

I am not there, I do not sleep

I am a thousand winds that blow

I am a diamond glint on snow

I am the sunlight on unripened grain

I am the gentle Autumn rain

When you awake in the morning, hush

I am the swift, uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight

I am the soft stars that shine at night

Do not stand at my grave and cry;

I am not there

I did not die


To the family and the friends of Trooper Beal.

I don't recall how many times I've been in the same situation that took Trooper Beal's life, and thanked God for getting me out of it alive.  Hearing of his death in this type of situation was extremly upsetting to me.  The first thought that came to my mind was, it could have been me.  And it just isn't fair.

May God be with you.  My prayers and those of my family will be with you.  I hope you realize that his death is not and will never be in vain.  He was too young to die, but he reminds us "old ones" of why we do, what we feel we have to do, in this life.  He was doing what he held in his heart as the "right thing to do".  You should be very proud of him.  I know in my heart, that he was doing what he felt he had to do, for all of US.

May God Bless.

Sgt. Roger W. Paul
Walton, KY Police Dept.

It pains me to see that another young trooper has lost his life helping others.  My deepest and sincerest sympathies go out to the friends and family of Trooper Beal. Although I didn’t know Trooper Beal, I know that his loss is staggering and very disheartening.  I would like to say thank you to Trooper Beal for touching the lives of those around him and for everything he has done.


My heart goes out to his family. My husband of almost 15 years too was killed being struck by vehicle September 6, 1995. I will be at the National Law Enforcement Memorial in DC this month. If I can be of any help to the family please let me know.

Marilyn Goodheart

Kansas Concerns of Police Survivors

Survivor '95 Mrs. Dean Goodheart
Kansas Highway Patrol

July 22, 2003


It's been 3.5 long years since you were called home, although at times it seems like only yesterday. It's hard sometimes to realize that you are no longer here with us but then we come to the realization that you are really home with the Father. We still do not understand the rhyme or reason for the way things happened but someday we will. Emily and Cody help us out a lot. Having them helps relieve some of the pain.

Emily is still the sweetest person you'll ever meet and puts up with a lot from us. Hope that she doesn't get too tired of us later on. We couldn't ask for a better daughter-in-law.

Cody is the best little guy and really loves his Daddy! We have him almost every weekend and really enjoy taking him fishing and swimming and all the other things little boys do. He loves to ride the bike we got him for his birthday. Last week he caught his first fish by himself! You should have seen the light in his eyes! It was a nice sized blue gill. He's a "catch & release" man, though, just like Papaw. He'll let you take the fish off the hook and then take it and let it go. Sounds like you and Papaw rubbed off on him. When we pick him up on Saturdays, he wants to either fish or swim. During the ride to our house, he'll start talking about his Daddy. Emily has really done a great job teaching him about you. He acts and looks more like you each day, more than anyone will ever know. This week he started asking us for a peanut butter and bologna sandwich. Grandma Gene (Cody's name for Mom) never knew you ever ate them. Emily and Grandma Barker just assumed we had taught him to eat them so they never really thought anything about it. In the end, though, we all learned that none of us had mentioned them to him before. Cody's always telling Grandma Gene that he has talked to Daddy and now we are beginning to believe him. He's always coming up with something new, something that no one else but you could have taught to him. He's really growing up fast and is smart as a tack! We really love him and Emily! They both bring such joy to our hearts. It would have been so nice to see all of you together as a family. Oh what a gorgeous picture that would have been!

Jason, not a day goes by that you're not on our minds. We think about you all the time. We know that the Good Lord doesn't give us anything more than we can handle so we know that eventually we will come to understand what has happened to you and to our lives. We will see you again, sweetheart, but until then, know that we love you and miss you very much. Till our time comes, may the Lord and you watch over Emily, Cody, and your family and keep us all well and safe.

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad

July 20, 2003


Today is my 25th birthday. The birthday you missed by one day. I am older than you. Something I never thought possible. You have been in my thoughts so much today.

The last 3.5 yrs has been very difficult for me to learn to live on without you, but I think that I am finally doing just that And sometimes I feel very guilty for doing that, even though I know you want me to. I may have still been alive after you died, but I wasn't living for the longest time. I am finding out who I am, and I believe everyone should find a way to do that. (hopefully it won't take losing a loved one as I did for them)

You are still my strongest supporter and my biggest fan. I will always love you. But I will learn to be in love with another some day. I will make a home for me and for our son. And I hope that in all my actions one thing stays constant......that you will always be proud of me just as you were when you were here.

I love you and I hope that you will continue to watch down on us always.

Your best friend and biggest fan,
Emily Beal
surviving spouse 1/15/00

Rest in peace troop. We have the watch now.

Senior Trooper
Virginia State Police

To the wife and family of this fine trooper-
God Bless all of you for your fine remembrances of this outstanding young man, trooper, husband and now father. It is such a tragedy that he was killed when he had so much to live for with all of you. You all have my prayers as you struggle through these difficult days. I know he would be and is proud of you for your strength and character. You have all inspired me to be a better husband and father and Sergeant. I hope you all find some happiness in your memeories of this fine man.

Police Sergeant Charlotte, NC


God Bless you and your family Brother Beal.

Ofc Scott Sparks
Chesterfield Co(Va) PD

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