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Deputy Sheriff Charles Barton

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, Virginia

End of Watch Tuesday, August 22, 1995

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Reflections for Deputy Sheriff Charles Barton

Besides being a great Officer, he was a teriffic friend to many people. Another Officer and Charlie agreed to help me remodel my kitchen, back in the 70's. All I had to do was supply the beer. Being a non drinker, I made the mistake of purchasing two pony six packs the night before. When Charlie showed up the next morning, he checked the refrigerator, first thing. I was not too gently kicked out of my own house and was ordered not to return until I had purchased a decent amount of beer.(It wasn't healthy to have him mad at you) I would of purchased a whole truck load for that man. He was a great guy.

Kendall Morey
Fairfax Couny P.D. Retired

August 23, 2007

I Joined Fairfax County PD in 1974. Charlie was my primary FTO. To quote so many others, Charlie was " a cop's cop". His one of a kind style of police work was never far from my mind throughout my career. While Charlie was fair and compassionate, he was one to be reckoned with when a situation got ugly. At times such as those, it was often best to just stand on the side lines and let Charlie do his thing. And more than once, he was the cavalry riding in to diffuse a situation that was beginning to get out of hand.
It is with much fondness that I remember Charlie Barton on this day, twelve years following his heroic actions.
Thank you Charlie for everything, you are sadly missed.

R. Thweatt MPO retired
Fairfax Co PD

August 22, 2007

Worked with Charlie at Annandale Station in the early and mid 70's. Was a great guy and great cop who taught a lot of us younger officers how to be a good "street cop". I will always remember him and enjoy the moments we had together on the job. I can fully understand his sacrifice to save others, that was how he was "made". A true great guy and a good friend to have and to have been associated with.

Bob Vernola - Corporal
Fairfax County PD

August 22, 2007

For my friend Charlie.....

I have to relate a humorous little story that Charlie and I were involved in sometime around late October or early November '69. I was a rookie at the time and Charlie and I had been teamed up to work traffic control at the intersection of Braddock Road and the exit ramp of I-495. I know that sounds strange to the younger guys, but this was well before all the clover leafs, traffic signals, etc. that were to come later. On this particular day it was not only cold, but we were lucky enough to have to experience a very windy downpour that lasted the entire 2 hours of the assignment that left us with 2 inches of water in our boots. At one point Charlie's hat blew off and was promptly run over by a passing motorist. The next vehicle in line, a pick up truck being operated by an unknown Fairfax County employee, stopped, the driver rolled down his window and began to laugh uncontrollably at Charlie's circumstance. Welllllll, that didn't last very long. Charlie walked up to the truck, stuck his head about halfway into the driver's window, and with a lit road flare in each hand and his nostrils spewing about as much flame as the flares he was holding began to dress down the driver in a way that would put any Marine drill Sergeant to shame. The driver soon realized the error of his ways and tried to utter an apology and said he thought Charlie was another officer he knew. Continuing his dressing down of this unfortunate individual, Charlie said, and his exact words are used because I was standing only about 2 feet behind him and heard him very clearly, "Well, I guess you got fooled then didn't you, now get the h--- out of her before I stick one of these flares up your a--". The only words after that were, "yes Sir", and the pick up quickly departed. Charlie then turned to me and said, "we can laugh at each other, but no other as----- is gonna laugh at us". We both laughed long and hard and continued to get even wetter.

When you speak of legends, Charlie is at the top of the list. He could be your worst enemy if you deserved it, but he was your best friend if you needed one. Charlie was truly a gentleman's gentleman and a cop's cop to never be forgotten. I am very blessed to have known him and worked with him. Rest in peace Charlie.

2LT. J. D. Lawson
Fairfax County Police (retired)

August 22, 2007

I had the pleaseure of working with Charlie out of the McLean District Station of the Fairfax County Police Department. Charlie was a policemens policemen. He had quite a reputation of a no nonsense police officer on the streets of the McLean District Station's patrol area. He was known to swing a night stick when the situation required its use. Thanks for the memories.

Joe McDowell
Retired Fairfax County Police Officer

August 22, 2007

I had the pleasure and honor of knowing Charles Barton,Big Daddy,for many years. He was always a TRUE gentleman,an outstanding policeman and a friend to all that had the pleasue to meeet him. Blessing to his family.

Duncan,Joseph G. Detective Retired
Fairfax County Police Department

August 22, 2007

Charlie took me under his wing when I was a rookie detective looking for a biker suspect out in Loudoun County many years ago. I had never dealt with a biker and had no clue what to expect. He didn't know me and probably had better things to do. But, all that mattered was that I was from his old stomping grounds in Reston and we had mutual friends in common. He was a big man with a huge heart.

Detective Janice Mihelarakis
Fairfax County Police

August 22, 2007

My thoughts are with you loved ones on this 12th anniversary of your EOW. You have not been forgotten by those that love you or were close to you. Continue to watch over all of them and protect them from harm. Thank you for your dedicated service to law enforcement.

Bob Gordon
Father of Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

August 22, 2007

Deputy Barton,
Today is the 12th. anniversary since you were called home. Reading your story, I can see that you exemplified the true meaning of sacrifice. Many aspire to be one-half the courageous person you were, and some will succeed. From one very grateful citizen, I say thank you for showing so many what "making a difference" really looks like.

Pennsylvania citizen

August 22, 2007

Brother Charlie,
You were always an inspiration to me in my early years and I have never forgotten the times we had together chasin' the bad guys. Your humor was only eclipsed by your true insight into humanity and purpose in life. May we all prosper from the example you set and continue to carry on the traditions that you and other heroes have laid before us.

Detective Doug Comfort
Fairfax County P.D.

August 22, 2007

Charlie, its Greg Holloway, i have fond memories of working the streets with you out of the Reston station back in the 1980's. Charlie you were always fun and always a great friend to me. I remember how nice you were to citizens but when you lost your cool i would get out of your way, you didnt take any crap off of the street thugs, always fair but when it hit the fan you could be depended on. I've since retired and became a deputy here in florida, would love to be half the deputy you were. been 12 years since your accident but i still remember ole charley barton. rest in peace my friend.

Detective Greg Holloway (ret.)
Fairfax Co. Police Fairfax Va.

June 5, 2007

To the family and loved ones of Deputy Charles Barton and his fellow officers with the Loudon County Sheriff's Department:

On this the eleventh anniversary of Charles' tragic death, I wanted to honor and remember him today. Charles' professionalism and dedication will never be forgotten, nor will his valor and courage. His story is an amazing tale of bravery and I think his selfless actions are ones not many people could undertake.

In reading the loving reflections left by his friends and co-workers I can see that he was very well respected and is sorely missed. I hope that God is holding him in the sweetest part of his heart and the most gentle part of his soul.

I am so sorry that Charles was robbed of his life so tragically, but through his heroism and the profound sense of duty with which he lived his life, he made an immeasurable difference. May his spirit continue to soar and may his memory continue to inspire.

This reflection is sent with the utmost respect for the dedicated service Charles gave to his community and the citizens of Virginia, and for the supreme sacrifice he and his family made on August 22, 1995.

Phyllis L. Loya, mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater, PPD
eow 4/24/05

August 22, 2006

I did not know you, but all one has to do is read your story to know that you were a true hero. It saddens me that someone with your courage and character is gone from this world, but know that you will live on in others memories-- even those of us who never met you.

Grateful Citizen

August 1, 2006

Rest in peace sir. Thank you for your heroic service.

Collins Fire Dept. (Mississippi)

March 31, 2006

Charlie, I regret that I was not aware of this site when I helped carry you to your final resting place. Three days ago, I lost another comrade in the line of duty, who, like you, will be sorely missed. Please welcome CPL Mark David Jones, into heaven, and guide him much as you did me. I think of you often, and never will forget the day we laid you to rest. I will remember you as we do the same for Mark.

PFC C.H. Shiflett
Hardeeville S.C. Police, former L.C.S.O. Deputy

March 2, 2005

May we never forget the sacrifice this Warrior made...May His Family, Fellow Officers, and Friends have found Peace on this anniversary day...Rest in Peace Blue Angel....

Officer Debra McFall Ross
East Buffalo Twp P.D. Lewisburg, Pa.

August 22, 2004

Charlie, exactly 9 years ago today an Atlantic Southeast Airlines commuter plane left Atlanta destined for Florida.
A few minutes after take off it crash landed in a hay field outside of Atlanta. You and another deputy were aboard, doing an extradition . . . you survived the crash . . . you were OK . .
you could have walked away . . . but that wouldn't have been Charlie Barton . . . you saved many lives, staying in the plane, directing and pulling passengers and crew out . . . then going in for more . . . when it exploded and you perished. You are a true and genuine hero Charlie . . . you're still talked about with honor in Richmond, VA, Fairfax County, VA and Loudoun County, VA. I will honor you forever. Rest easy Charlie. With brotherly love and respect, Jim Crotty (Former Richmond, VA Police Officer.)

Jim Crotty, Special Agent (Ret.)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

July 22, 2004

Charlie, I heard about you long before I would meet you. When I was a young Richmond (VA) Police Officer working the mean streets of Church Hill in the East end, older officers would talk of a former Richmond Police Officer by the name of "Charlie Barton" who was respected by everybody on "the hill", both good and bad. They spoke of how tough you were, aggressive . . . and yet how compassionate and caring. They said it was a great loss to the depatrment when you left to become an officer in Fairfax County (VA). One day, years later, after I'd left the Richmond Police Department and was a Special Agent with ATF, I was walking near my old High School in Falls Church, VA. Some type of enforcement activity had just occoured, and there was a mountain of a Fairfax County Police Officer standing post with a shotgun. I walked up to you to ask what had happened and saw your name tag. I asked if you were Charlie Barton from Richmond . . . and you were. I'll never forget the great conversation that followed . . . 2 former Richmond, VA Policemen, talking shop, telling war stories, talking about mutual friends. You were so nice, outgoing, personable. You "fit" all the descriptions I'd heard. It made you proud when I told you how officer's still spoke of you in Richmond.

You retired from the Fairfax Co. P.D. and became a Deputy in Loudoun Co. S.O. En route to an extradition transport, your plane crashed . . . you could have walked away . . . you were uninjured . . . but you are a warrior, and the need to protect innocent people brought you back into the burning fuselage to keep pulling out the injured . . . which you did . . . then it exploded. You perished. You were a true warrior Charlie. It was an honor to have met you, to have worked the same streets as you. I honor you, your name and your sacrifice. Rest easy my brother, we've got your post on the thin blue line covered! With brotherly love and respect.

Special Agent Jim Crotty
ATF (SA, Retired)

March 2, 2004

Charlie was a very special person, I had the privilege of being his secretary and I thought the world of him. He was such a special person and would go out of his way to help you with anything that you needed. There was not a day he didn't take time to talk to you and just be friendly. He will always be remembered as the person that would put others before himself. He will always be remembered and missed very much.

Administrative Assistant - Terrie Mabe
Loudoun County Sheriff's Office

August 25, 2003

I remember the tragic day of Investigator Charlie Barton's death. I was then with another nearby agency and recall hearing the details of his heroic actions. A little over a year later I was hired with the Loudoun Sheriff's Office. I am proud to serve in the same uniform as Charlie Barton, he will never be forgotten.

Recently I was speaking with a woman who was reporting a fraud case to me. After I took the report, as we stood at the entrance doors to the Sheriff's Office. She pointed to Charlie's portrait and plaque that hang on the wall. She asked me how he had died, and I explained to her what had happened and about the Deputy who survived.

The woman's eyes filled with tears as she asked about Charlie's family. In those moments I almost lost my composure, I felt a deep sadness in my heart for his family and all those who knew Charlie, who loved him and valued his friendship. She left after saying "What a wonderful person, to do that. I will pray for him and his family, and for all of you that protect us, I don't know how you do it."

At first I felt strange, awkward, I thanked her and went back to my office. I thought about her genuine concern, and her words. I think one kind person saw a portrait of another.

To Charlie's family and friends, God bless you.

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office

August 25, 2003

Rest in peace Charlie, your many friends in the LCSO and the Va. State Police will carry on. Thank you for your service. You are not forgotten.

Senior Trooper
Virginia State Police

August 22, 2003

On this 8th anniversary of your tragic death, I found it appropriate to share some of the sentiments of your coworkers. Although I never had the privilege of either, working with you, or getting to know you personally, I am reminded of the positive influences and impacts you made upon coworkers, those who did have the fortune to work with you. As I listen to the stories about you, I am sorry that I never had the honor to know you. I still remember that August day as I watched the news and learned of your death. I remember the sadness I felt, and the pride that your coworkers must have felt, knowing you had sacrificed your own life to save the lives of others.

On that August day, I never knew that I would one day be able to know you. Now, as I sit at my desk, I look up at your clock and your photograph, both of which hang upon the wall above my desk. Each remind me of your presence and influence within the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. You see, I now share your office and the desk where you spent so many hours. As I look upon your photograph, I am reminded of both the Honors and Tragedies of Law Enforcement. I now realize, although I never met you, I now know you. Thank you Charlie Barton.

Investigator Greg Locke
Loudoun County Sheriff's Office

August 22, 2003

Charlie Barton was a role model for all Law Enforcment Officers. There is nothing Charlie would not do for you, because thats just the way Charlie was. Charlie was a true professional in his career, but also loved and made time for his family.It was one of the saddest days of my life when I was told my partner had died from the injuries of a plane crash. Charlie, I want you to know you will never be forgotten. It was a honor to have worked with you and have you for a friend. There is not a day that goes by that you are not remembered and missed by me and all your other friends in CID.
Your Ol Partner Eddie

Investigator Eddie Fant
Loudoun County Sheriffs Office

August 22, 2003

As August 22, 2003 approaches I think about that day you fell from the sky. When I ride by the hay field where the plane crashed. I think about things that happen that afternoon that I will never forget. Knowing that the loss of life would have be higher, if not for your effort to help the passangers that day. You are a ture hero Putting others before yourself. May God bless your family and your Department in Va.

mike strong
carroll county sheriffs department Georgia

I knew Officer Barton when he worked for Fairfax County Police. I was a young teenager when he responded to a call for assistance my family made. He bacame a friend to our family for many years and was someone I could always look up to. I grew up in a household that was surrounded by many friends in law enforcement, and Chuck Barton was one of the very best. I was saddened to learn that he had ended his tour of duty, but was not at all surprised to know that he died helping others. God bless you as you now walk your beat with God!

Joni Wright, Secretary
Florida Department of Corrections

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