Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Deputy Sheriff Jon-Michael Willis

Greene County Sheriff's Office, North Carolina

End of Watch Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Reflections for Deputy Sheriff Jon-Michael Willis

Lord Jesus, as we watch America’s Peace Officers succumb to the wicked and evil in this world, Shot and Killed in the Line-of-Duty, it becomes difficult for us to pick up and move forward. Our communities are on the brink of exploding with tension. In light of the peace officers who are no longer with us, I pray for endurance for our communities and law enforcement agencies. Carry us through this time of strife, that through our struggles, our bonds may grow even more unbreakable. In Your mighty and holy name, I pray. Amen.

Holy Scriptures on Law Enforcement’s Mission:

“For the policeman [peace officer] does not frighten people who are doing right; but those doing evil will always fear him. So if you don’t want to be afraid, keep the laws and you will get along well. The policeman [peace officer] is sent by God to help you. But if you are doing something wrong, of course you should be afraid, for he [the peace officer] will have you punished. He [the peace officer] is sent by God for that very purpose. Obey the laws, then, for two reasons: first, to keep from being punished, and second, just because you know you should.” [Romans 13:3-5 TLB]

[Jesus Said,] “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” [John 15:13 ESV]

And he [Jesus] said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.” [Luke 23:43 ESV]

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons [children] of God.” [Matthew 5:9 ESV]

“And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” [Isaiah 6:8 ESV]

Chaplain Steven R. Closs, DDiv, MSBS, NCCA, FCPO-USA
Ordained Christian Global Outreach Minister No. 36526
The Badge 183 Peacemakers Prayer Ministry

January 10, 2024

14 yrs and the pain still hurts . I know Uncle Mike, Daddy, MawMaw, PawPaw, Granny, Granddaddy everyone is with you. Thank you for being a guardian to my girls. We each have your numbers on our being. I sure miss you. Miss you, sneaking over to see me all the time. Not going to lie, times were hard. The hate I carried inside to Gary for getting you even more into law enforcement still stokes like a fire. Forgiveness yes, it just weren’t rite for losing you so early. The beautiful life you had going with Laura and the kids. Hug Daddy, hug my momma. Hey Bud, when it’s my time you best be the one to throw me over your back and carry me across Jordan. I love you , I miss you!

Terri mace
Wife to Retired Law Enforcement

December 22, 2023

Well Willis you know I called everybody by their last name. Lol. I sure do miss you down here. I remember the times we used to work together and I always loved when you were my backup because I knew you were going to handle business. I left law enforcement after I left the Sheriff's Office and began teaching Public Safety in the high schools. I enjoy it and I get the opportunity to share stories about you to my students. I would have invited you to come out and talk with my students because you were good with kids. I was thinking of you today and wanted to honor your memory just because. You are truly missed my friend.

Carolyn Witherspoon
Public Safety Teacher

February 2, 2023

Well daddy, it’s been 10 years.
10 years without you sounds completely insane.
You have a grand baby now, he’s already 2 years old! He loves to look at the pictures of you hanging in my room & he’ll laugh & smile & I tell him “that’s your grandpa” ❤️ he even went to your grave with me & Dusty & mom on your 10 year mark. They miss you a lot too. I’m not sure how I’ve survived this long without you. In 10 years I’ll be older than you were when you left, that’s really hard to process. But you’re a hero now, your name is in the Police Hall of Fame, how cool is that! You’d love that so much. You died doing what you love & that brings me peace. You will forever live thru me until I get the honor to see you again. ❤️ I love you, keep resting I’ll be there one day

Hevin Willis

November 30, 2020

Rest in heavenly peace on this your 10 anniversary in heaven

Mark Mottola

July 28, 2020

Thank you for your service and please know that your sacrifice is one that will never, ever be forgotten by your LE brethren. Rest in peace always.

Detective Cpl/3 Steven Rizzo
Delaware State Police (Retired)

July 28, 2020

Rest in peace Deputy Sheriff Willis.

Rabbi Lewis S. Davis

June 10, 2020

Willis you were a great man. You are missed and loved by many. It seems like yesterday. I met your mom here in Morehead City a year or two ago we both had tears in our eyes. God bless you brother.

Edwin Bundy

March 19, 2020

Officer Willis thank you for all you did for Greene County. You will always be remembered by the deputies you worked with. Your sacrifice has changed lives forever.

Pennie Conwell
GC citizen

July 28, 2019

John 5:28, 29 - "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out". I pray that everyone can find peace in knowing that we will see this officer as well as many others again in Paradise soon. Until then, please accept my condolences.

A.W. Montgomery
Concerned Citizen

October 2, 2018

Thinking of you today brother. I can't believe that in a few more days it will be 7 years since you were taken from us. Your kids are doing great. They haven't been forgotten and neither have you. RIP brother.

Sgt Gordon Hobbs
Snow Hill PD

July 24, 2017

I think of you every day! I miss you more than I ever thought it would be possible to miss a friend! I have so much going on in my life, I wish I could pick up a phone and call you or text you to get your advice! Unfortunately I have yet to find a telephone that reaches up to Heaven, lol! I wanted you to know you left a hole in my heart, and a this earth the day you got called home. It has been over 4 years, nothing is better, if anything its all worse! It is as if you leaving us all destroyed each of us in one way or another! I am glad you are up in Heaven though not having to see the actions of some here on this earth! I love ya brother, and wanted you to know, you are never forgotten not as long as there is breath in my body!

Laura Walters

December 16, 2014

Jon, my very best friend who died in the line of duty back in July 28, 2010. Rip Jon-Michael Willis GC 220, known to some as Mike, and some by Jon. It seems like yesterday, in some ways, and in others it seems like an eternity! Jon was a very private person, he only allowed a few close to his heart, and in his life, he was always quiet in front of others, but he and I well we could talk for hours about silly stuff and he always had me laughing and he was always there for me to listen and give me advice, even in the middle of the night. As Jon always said, and yes I fussed at him for it, but his response to not sleeping was he could sleep when he died, he didn't want to miss a thing.He had our daughters Hevin and Kayla believing that if they ever smoked he would make them eat a whole pack of cigarettes that is one example, although I believe he was serious, lol as much as he could be serious! I was in his life between 4 or 5 years and I wish I had more time with him,he was one of those people you felt like you knew him forever or at least for me, it felt like we had been friends forever, he and I could sit and just be at peace watching the fires he would build on my back patio, and yes there is a story too where he somehow set his pants of fire, and laughed uncontrollable( I have pics), as we tried putting it out. but I know His work on Earth was done although we all miss him and need him especially his kids but God needed him to patrol the Golden Streets, I can see him in heaven riding a pimped out charger with dark windows and a Scuba license plate on the front of his clean white charger pulling people over teasing them! We miss him, but he wouldn't have done anything any different, he lived and breathed being a daddy and a Police Officer. The day I got that call, it felt so unreal, I was so numb for so long, I spent many hours on my back porch where we had spent so much time with our kids and each other and just now getting to a place in my life where I can talk about him, share stories without balling(I still tear up), he was truly a Hero, not just because he gave his life to protect another, but because he never did much for himself, he was a proud man, never wanted recognition for what he did, he always said he did all he did because of his babies, Hevin Willis and Dusty Willis, and his love for being a Police Officer. He had a heart of gold, and if you were ever special enough to get close to him, you would know what kind of man he was, he was the most honorable man, father, friend and person I knew! When he left this earth, he left a hole in my heart, and an emptiness in many lives that can never be replaced! We are all left with the aftermath, picking up the pieces and trying to go on as I know he would want us to. I struggled so long with what I was gonna do, or where to go with all that happened, I spent countless nights on my back porch thinking about it all, and then also at his parents house where he was raised in the yard sitting in the swing thinking about what his babies would never get to see, their father and the kind of man he was! Before they sold his truck I would lay in the bed of his truck staring at the stars and thinking about him and what I could do to keep his memory alive, so I suggested we set up a foundation for his kids and to help others deal with what we all went through, although I am sad to say, that it is no longer going, not by my choice but certain circumstances arose and I had to step back and out of it, and now they have closed it. I am in the process of starting a new one, one his kids Hevin and Dusty and his ex wife Tiffany can all be apart of and let us keep his memory alive, and help others going through what we are all dealing with. People can say whatever they want about Jon, he loved those kids more than the air he breathed and yes although Tiffany and him weren't together, he loved her too, she was the mother of his children. I am tired of sitting back in silence as I have for way too long, it is time for everyone to put aside their differences, and do what is right, Keeping his Memory alive and the Sacrifice he made to protect and serve and remb, that is who Jon was! I miss you Brother, and I know one day I will see you again, and what a glorious day that will be, but until then I have plans to help do what you would want, making sure your Babies are being treated the way they should be instead of certain people trying to destroy certain things. I am not naming names as the people who are hurting his babies know who they are, and its time, move on, Tiffany is raising those kids with Craig, and Jon liked Craig so...Remb that! Love you brother!

Laura Walters

October 23, 2014

I went up to the memorial wall in DC to talk to you and honor your memory this past weekend. You would have been so proud to see your name there and all the people who will never forget you. I miss you more than words can say and have so much planned to honor your memory! Life is good but just not the same without you here. I will always miss you and you will always hold a very special place in my heart!

Laura Stocks

June 4, 2013

I have not been on this page in some time but I talk to you all the time. The picture of us on the motorcycles is in my livingroom with your handcuffs hanging over it. So much has happened since I last saw you, some bad and some good. You were more of a brother to me than my best friend. Momma said I was your adopted brother :o). I ordered a few custom patches in your memory for my motorcycle vests. Lil Laura is really doing good, you would be proud of her. I keep up with Pops, I haven't been over much due to everything, but I keep in touch. As you know, I am with Cat now. We met because of you and have you to thank for finding each other. I really miss you Brother but I know we will see each other again one day!

Eric Stallings Ret. Lt.

June 2, 2013

For some reason today you've been on My Mind. There's not a day that goes by you're name doesn't come up. We were blessed to have you in Our Lives! As A Officer and As A Friend! You Never meet a stranger. Just wanted you to know you are laying heavy on My Mind.


May 11, 2013

There but for the Grace of God go I
I miss you Jon.....Wish I was there

United States Army

April 13, 2013

Your heroism and service is honored today. I am priviliged to leave a tribute to you. Your memory lives and you continue to inspire. Thank you for your service. My cherished son Larry Lasater was a fellow police officer who was murdered in the line of duty on April 24, 2005 while serving as a Pittsburg, CA police officer.

Time never diminishes respect. Your memory will always be honored and revered. Rest In Peace.

I pray for the solace of all those that love and miss you for I know both the pain and pride are forever. Thanks to your family and friends for sharing their devotion to you through their reflections.

Phyllis Lasater Loya
mom of fallen Pittsburg (CA) officer Larry Lasater

January 21, 2013

I miss you more than words can say. I wish I would have made time to spend with you as we got older and had kids of our own. I don't know if your mom will ever be able to let go. It breaks my heart every time I hug her or Uncle Mike. I'm so glad that they carry you and Jesus in their hearts. I think that's the only way they make it through each day. I'm writing a speech about you right now for my public speaking class. I'm sure I will cry the whole time, but it feels good to talk about you. I love you so much and can't wait to see you again.....


Brandy Saylors

November 28, 2012

It has been over 2 years now and I still think of you everyday. I miss you so much. I have been through so much this past year and have really missed not being able to pick up a phone and call you to talk about things and get your advice. I know you are up in heaven smiling down on all of us but I want you to know that there is never a day that goes by that I dont miss you. You were without a doubt The best friend I have ever had, you were an amazing father, and an amazing officer. You are Truly a Hero! Rip Jon Ps Thanks for all the rainbows lately I knew u were sending them

Laura Stallings

September 8, 2012

Jon it has been a while since I could bring myself to view this page again but not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. I miss you buddy very much and I know you are with me each and every time I put that uniform on. Your mom and dad have been so strong and continue to amaze me. I love them very much! Rest in peace buddy 220 Never forgotten.......

APO Cates
Greenville Police Dept/Friend

April 9, 2012

To Deputy Jon-Micheal Willis, his family and his fellow officers with the Greene County Sheriff's Office:

Our heartfelt thoughts are with you on the anniversary of Deputy Willis’ tragic death and we honor him for his valor and sacrifice to the community. Rest in Peace, Deputy Willis and thank you for your service.

Wives Behind The Badge, Inc
Members and Staff

July 28, 2011

Deputy Willis, Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. It is an honor to learn about you, to hear of your dedication and the honor and integrity you brought to the community you served every day. I see the respect and love for you in the reflections here. You will truly never be forgotten. God bless.

My deepest sympathies to the family, friends, fellow officers and the community. May you find comfort in each other and in the memory of how Deputy Willis lived his life. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Christine Ross
Sister of Officer David M. Petzold, E.O.W. 11/09/06

July 21, 2011

Brother RIP brother 10:42

SSG William Clay
Greene County Deputy 1999-2001

June 14, 2011

Deputy Sheriff Willis,
Sir, I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for the citizens of Greene County. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.



April 12, 2011

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