Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Trooper William Lloyd McClendon

Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma

End of Watch Sunday, October 1, 2006

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Reflections for Trooper William Lloyd McClendon

Heavenly Father, You are Compassionate and Merciful. None of America’s Peace Officers leave home without the fear of not returning at the end of their watch. It is a fear that is lived daily. Unfortunately, the worst does sometimes come to pass, and lives are left shattered. Lord God, bless and keep the hearts and souls of those who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. Wipe away the tears from their eyes. Soothe their pain and bind up their emotional wounds through the wounds of Your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. In His name, I pray. Amen.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons [children] of God.” [Matthew 5:9 ESV]

“And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” [Isaiah 6:8 ESV]

Chaplain Steven R. Closs, DDiv, MSBS, NCCA
Certified Independent Christian Law Enforcement Chaplain
Member: Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers - USA
Merrimack, NH 03054

Captain Steven R. Closs (Ret.)
Nashua NH Police Department (1974-1998)

September 4, 2023

Miss you like crazy. Some days are easier than others. I have so much I want to talk to you about and tell you. I just graduated college again and I am looking forward to some new things in life. Kendra’s kids are growing like weeds. I know they will be excited to meet you some day because we talk about you often. I love you very much and I am still longing for the Lord to come back so I can see you, Ellie, and Raven. I love you dad and I know that life would be so different with you here but I am ready to get to where you are. Keep looking down on us please.

Maverick McClendon
Son of 663 Forever

June 30, 2022

Trooper McClendon, rest in peace.

Rabbi Lewis S. Davis

April 15, 2019

Laying in bed tonight praying that you are still looking through the holes in the floor of heaven. We have had a tough go as a family lately but I am sure you already know. Ellie went to heaven to be with you and Raven. We are so thankful that she will not have to deal with this crazy world, we are sad that we won’t get to watch her grow, but we know that she is happy with you. I am actually jealous of her. I am longing for the Lord to come back and bring us all home. Anyway just keep you eyes upon us as we get through this and I know we will. Love you and see you soon!

Maverick McClendon
Son of 663 Forever

August 19, 2018

Well dad we finally did it. Kendra is married. You would be so happy about the man that God blessed her with. He knew she would need someone special and trust me he is. He wants to be a trooper like you were and he supports kendra in every crazy decision she makes. I am still praying for the right person in my life, I have someone so maybe God will bless our relationship. In the mean time, you would be super excited to know that I graduated college with honors and I teach physics and calculus in a top school her in Oklahoma. I own my very own house now and I am living that afult life. You were always good at making it look easy so when I realized it wasn't I was shocked. I try very hard to pretend I am not sad that you and Raven can't be here with me but I fail epically. I miss you both with my whole heart and imagine my life with yall in it everyday. Unfortunately Iam starting to look exactly like you but atleast I have hair. Mom is still trying so hard to be strong and support evryone and make everyone happy. It takes its toll on her but she is seriously so strong you would be amazed at the things she can do. You prepared us for this life the best you could and we have learned a lot while you have been gone but I can't wait to see you soon. I love you forever and I will see you very soon.

Maverick McClendon
Son of 663 Forever

July 27, 2017

Hey dad guess what? Well you probably already know, but I made the varsity team here at swcu. I know I couldn't have done it without God or you being there with me so thank you for looking out for me and always pushing me to go harder! I miss you more than words can describe and I can't wait to see you again! Your birthdays next weekend and I would give anything to be making you banana pudding and throwing you a surprise birthday party, but I know you'll have a great birthday up in heaven. I can't wait till the day I get to see you again but until then know I'll never give up on anything and I love you so much daddy!

Kendra McClendon
Daughter of 663

September 11, 2014

Well dad I start college the 18th and I would give anything to have had you here helping me move in.. I miss you so much..I wish you could be here to watch me play college ball but I know you are always looking out for us.. You would be so proud of Mav he has his own apartment and is teaching at the college and will graduate here pretty soon.. Moms doing good too she's almost finished with college and will be a certified teacher.. We all miss you so much dad.. I love you with my whole heart and I know you are in such a better place, but my heart still breaks everyday without you here!

Kendra McClendon
Daughter of 663 Forever

August 12, 2014

God Bless you Kendra, I know your dad is there with you at all you do. / Friend KSP Tpr. Leonard EOW- 12/19 was a friend and co-worker. I was reviewing the year when I seen your message.
God Bless you and your family and Kendra no one or anything can take your memories away. I will be praying for you and God has good plans for you.

Tpr. Bryan Layne U/434
Kentucky State Police

January 25, 2014

Well daddy tonight was my first senior softball game and tomorrow I start my senior year at school! It's going to be a tough year without you being here and I have already been struggling with that, but God has definitely blessed me with a amazing family that I know will be at everything I do this year and he also gave me the best guardian angel that I know is always in my heart and watching out for me! I love you daddy and miss you now more then ever I so can't wait to see you again!!

Kendra McClendon

August 13, 2013

I recently left a reflection for Tennessee Trooper Slagle and saw that your daughter Kendra is still reaching out to other families just beginning their own grief journey. What a wonderful family you have that are so devoted to you and are a source of comfort and inspiration to others. That is a beautiful legacy of a life well lived.

I hold them in my heart's embrace as I remember you today.

Phyllis Lasater Loya
mom of fallen Pittsburg (CA) officer Larry Lasater

February 2, 2013

Hey daddy well Wednesday I turned 17 and I so wish you could have been here, birthdays just arnt the same without you! Mom did a wonderful job on buying me gifts though and Kyle threw me a surprise party at church which I had a lot of fun and was very grateful for! Basketball seasons been going pretty great this year I have received the MVP award for our team 3 times and we still have 5 games left before districts! I would give anything for you to be able to come to one, but I know your looking down watching every single one! I miss you so much it's crazy daddy! In a couple of months ill be going to my first prom and I can't wait I'm so stinkin excited. Mom said that this weekend we are going to go dress shopping since it will be our only free weekend before I start softball and track everyday! Well I just wanted to tell you that miss you and I'm so ready to see you again also will you tell Raven I love her and miss her tons too well i have to go, but I love you oh so much daddy and keep looking out for us!!!

Kendra McClendon
Daughter of 663 Forever

January 27, 2013

I miss you bub , its Christmas time again , I miss talking to on the phone at night , I miss your smile , I miss you trying to watch out for me ,I remeber when we was young and the fun we shared there isnt a day goes by I dont think of you I know your with dad and that seems to help , I just miss my big brother , I love you still ,

In Honor of my brother William McClendon
bobbi sheppard

December 10, 2012

Hey dad i miss you more and more everyday I wish you could be here, but I know heaven was needing a hero and God has a plan for us all. There's so much I wish I could tell you in person but I know you are always looking down on me and already know everything. We went to state in xc last week and got 4th I didn't think I could finish the race but then I remembered 2 Timothy 4:7 and I wanted to finish my race strong and I knew you were cheering me on from heaven so I wasn't about to quit:)
Today we honored your memory and named a highway after you; I know you would have been so stinkin excited to see your name on that sign and knowing that tons of people will drive by it everyday and will remember you or try to find out the kind of man you were! It's so amazing to know that you wernt only a HERO to mom Mav an I, but to many others and many more to come. I spoke to a bunch of high school students at Cache a few days before the 6 year mark since you went home and it gave me peace knowing that my story and your heroic actions touched atleast one life that day and gave another girl who had just lost her dad hope that she can make it through this and that he will always be in her heart an her guardian angel! Well mom and Mav are both doing wonderful as you probably already know. Mom is such a strong Christian lady you definitely married a good one dad and Maverick just made his 2nd cd you would be so proud of both of them! Anyways I love you with my whole heart daddy and I'm gona see you soon keep watching out for all of us!!!<3

Kendra McClendon
Daughter of 663<3

October 26, 2012

Bill I know we never actually met but Hope is my best friend and your kids mean the world to me. I just want you to know what a wonderful family you have.

Maverick is an amazing young man and you would be so proud of him the way he takes care of his mom and sister, I'm sure just the way you taught him. His walk with the Lord and ministry through music is unbelievable the way the Lord works through him.

Kendra is such a great role model for my daughter and you would be so proud of her she was so dedicated to honor your name and make sure you are not forgotten. Kendra was able to give a speech just the other day about everyday hero which of course was you and she did an absolutely amazing job.

Hope well she is a great mom and has done an outstanding job of raising the kids. She is so dedicated to her family and has raised two outstanding Christian kids.

Well, I just wanted you to know how amazing your family has turned out and you would be so proud of all of them.

Amanda Faulkenberry

October 26, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! The kids and I miss and love you so very much! We lost Raven last Tuesday to a car accident, while her mother was greiving for her she looked at Kendra and said I bet she is up in heaven hanging out with your dad and looking down on us. Please take care of her up there she is a little one and needs you. The kids know you look out for them everyday and that helps them get through all the trials they go through. Thank you for being such an amazing guardian angel to our babies!!

Hope McClendon
"Surviving Spouse of Trooper William L McClendon"

September 19, 2012

My Love,
We found a card the other day that you gave Maverick 2 days before you were taken from was his 13th birthday card. In the card you said that you hoped one day he could understand why you were being so hard on him and that you were so proud of him on his 13th birthday. You also told him that 18 was a long time away...well it wasnt too long because its already here and yes he does understand why you were so hard on him and he is very thankful that you were. He will be graduating one of two Valedictorians with a 4.0, he already has 24 hours of college with a 4.0 in that and has recorded his first Gospel CD (which by the way is amazing). You would be so proud of him and Kendra because they are both amazing christian kids. Kendra acts just like you in everyway...she can have us laughing one minute and crying the next. We see Dakota too and oh my he is just like you also...he is an amazing young man also and is making you proud. The kids and I love him and see you in him. I miss you so much everyday and wish you were here but at the same time I am so thankful for the time we were given to spend with you. Maverick will attend OSU in fall so please look after him everyday! He has a new music video on you tube...the song is about you, his struggles without you and triumphs. We love you and can't wait to see you again some day.

Hope "Renee" McClendon
Surviving Spouse of Trooper William L McClendon 663

April 22, 2012

Looking at all of these reflections just confirms the fact that you touched SO MANY LIVES. Even though I told you that several times and you never wanted to believe me...maybe now you do. I miss you so much and feel so very blessed to have been able to know you. Please keep smiling upon I know you do. And, even though people tell you it gets easier as time goes really doesn't.


October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday/ Anniversary dad its been rough with out you!! But were trying to manage! Mom is getting to day a c.o.p.s. walk in your honor and when she talks about it you can so tell she is excited! She hasnt really talked much about today but im sure its for kendras sake. Its hard for me not to think about you though when every day i look in the mirror and i look more and more like you! which i used to think was scary but im kind of glad, lets me know ill never forget you! Im doing college and highschool and the same time and still striving to make A's! Im not doing sports this year because ive been way to busy but also because i can't make myself play them without you coaching me or screaming at me from the stands mom did good at playing that role when you left but i think me and her will do better just cheering on kendra. Who by the way, thanks to you, is still a mess but getting more and more like mom everyday! I miss you so much i want to cry sometimes but i know that if i do I'm not being strong enough for my family! Sometimes i think about it and God's not gunna put more on me than i can handle so if this is going on then obviously God has some good expectations for me cuz im trying hard! I honestly cant wait to see you again some day and im so glad that i will!
I love you with all my heart Dad!!!

Maverick Levi McClendon
~Son of 663 Forever~

September 19, 2010

They say its suppose to get easier as you get older, but it just gets harder for me. Well I just started high school, really wished you could have been here it was a rough day without you. I know you would be proud of me though. I remember us calling mom everyday after kindergarden saying I was going to be a kindergarden drop out and just live with you all my life. Oh how I wished that could have happened. I'm still playing sports for you I play basketball, softball fast/slow pitch, run track, and just got asked to join the cross country team. I'm fourteen now and act like you everyday. I know you cant be here because God had other plans, but I will always remember that ou are forever in my heart<3

Maverick is seventeen and just made his first cd in memory of you. You would be very proud of him. He is a junior and already taking college classes. He just ordered his car and its a camero like yours. It comes in the day before his birthday, mom and I said that its from you since thats the day you went to be with the lord. He shows goats which is really funny but oh well it makes him happy so I know it would you too. He missses you dearly!!!

Mom is a very strong christian role model for Mav and I. You would be extremely proud of her.. She loves and misses you!!

Sometimes I worry that I will forget what you look like or what your voice sounds like, but then I remember that it wont be long before I will see you again and I can't wait!!!!

I love you dad with all of my heart<3

Kendra McClendon
Daughter of 663 forever

August 28, 2010

Missing you as much today as the day you went 10-7.


August 18, 2010

I had the opprotunity to meet your wife on Saturday at the Rangers Baseball game. She asked me for a patch for your daughter to use in a project to honor your memory. I am mailing one out to her today. Rest in Peace, my fallen brother.

Officer Karen Donahue
Arlington Police Department, TX

April 26, 2010

Missing you every day. I'm just so glad that I got to see you and talk to you several times the day before your accident. I will never forget. You will always be a part of me. I look forward to the day I see you again:)


February 10, 2010

Wow! You would be so proud of Maverick. He got his drivers license!!! He didnt want to cause he hates driving. Everytime we hand him the keys he always asks "mom how did dad drive?" It makes me so sad but I always tell him that you would be so sad if he didnt drive or just stopped doing things because of the way things happened. I'm not sure he will ever want to drive but we keep praying that God will help him with it. Now Kendra is a different story she wants to drive all the time and she drives just like you 10 and 2. Her birthday is next week and in honor of all the wonderful birthday parties you gave her she is getting a limo for her and some of her friends. They are both playing basketball and doing really good Maverick is a homecoming escort and will be walking out in honor of you! Everyone is so excited! We love and miss you everyday!!!!

Hope McClendon
surviving spouse of Trooper William L McClendon

January 14, 2010

It doesn't seem like you've been gone for three years. We still keep you alive in our hearts & prayers. You would be so proud of you great neice & nephew, they are getting so big.Its still hard for your brother with you being gone. But you & I know you & your dad are watching over him & keeping him safe.
Love & miss you always

Shirley McClendon

December 11, 2009

Hey dad today it has been 3 years since you went to be with God, it has been a hard day but I know you are here for me!! I'm making straight A's, fast pitch softball is already over with but I still have basketball, slow pitch softball, and track I wish you were here to watch!! Maverick turns 16 tmrw hes excited he already has his permitt but I dont know how because he is a crazy driver just like you were!! Mom always says that me and you are TWINS because I am never serious i'm always joking around and grandma say I look more and more like you each day!!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DADDY!!!

Kendra McClendon

October 1, 2009

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