Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Deputy Sheriff William Franklin James, II

Wake County Sheriff's Office, North Carolina

End of Watch Friday, September 5, 2003

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Reflections for Deputy Sheriff William Franklin James, II

When you ascended to the heavens, know that you took the respect of your brothers, pride of a department and love of your family with you.

Captain Bill McClain
Wake Co. Sheriff's Office

September 11, 2003

The first time I met you, you came to my house to find out about someone I knew. I invited you in to talk business. It wasn't until later that I realized when I invited you into my home you also came into my heart. You were a dear friend and a great officer. You may be 10-42 for WCSO, but you have just begun 10-41 on the streets of heaven. I know you will have our backs, as you always did, just from a higher place. My respect and condolences go out to your wife, son, and family. You are gone but never forgotten.

Deputy K. Harper
Wake Co. Sheriffs Office

September 11, 2003

To the family of Deputy James and brothers and sisters of Wake County SO,
My deepest sympathy to all of you, may you find peace and comfort in his memory and the arms of loved ones.

Rest easy dear brother, may God speed you to his side.

in memory Michael T. Hartzell EOW 4/29/03

September 11, 2003

It hurts to read about another LEO killed in the line of duty. After reading some of the reflections left, it appears that Deputy James was an extremely likeable guy and professional LEO. My brother, like Deputy James, never realized his dream to become a K9 officer, but sounds like they both died loving their jobs and helping others. How many of us can say that we love what we do? And how many of us can say that we help others every day? God bless Deputy James' family and friends in the sad days yet to come.

Kris Rao Haimbach
Sr. Trooper Michael Rao
EOW 6/12/02

Kris Rao Haimbach
Sister of SCHP Sr. Trooper Michael J. Rao EOW 6/12/02

September 11, 2003

To the Family and Friends of Deputy James our hearts and prayers goes out to you. May your love one rest in peace and may God given you strength to face the lonely days ahead..
Mother of Officer Ron Jones
Eow 12/26/01

September 11, 2003

thinking of you during this difficult time. our thoughts and prayers are with you.
the wesner family

fayetteville nc

September 11, 2003

Many thoughts and prayers for the family, friends and co-workers of Deputy William Frank James II. God Bless you all!

"You Don't Know How It Feels"

Out we go each and every day.
families at home, children at play.
We never know when our time is near
the ultimate price, "I love you dear."

Look at me and think what you may,
but in time of need, I'm on the way.
Never failing to do my best,
I'll lay down my life ... to this I attest.

My life for yours, does that seem fair,
ask my family, if you dare.
It's the career I've chose, you wouldn't understand.
It's about helping others when they need a hand.

You beat your loved ones and drive around drunk,
steal from others, act like a punk.
Use your drugs and sell them too,
rob innocent people because they're not like you.

"Gangbangers" to "wanta be's" you all try to fit in,
why do you act that way ... scared of the "pen?"
I'm just doing my job, you wouldn't understand.
Don't want me around till you need help, man.

The pay isn't great, and the hours are strange,
but I love what I do, do you feel the same?
Saving the world is not what it's about,
one at a time, we try to help out.

I just want to go home, my family to see,
try as you may, you won't take that from me.
Maybe not today, but I will see them again.
As I stand with Saint Peter ... and welcome them in.

Brad Crews

# 1811 ~ Arlington Police Department

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © December 2, 1999 - All Rights Reserved
and may not be duplicated without permission

Knightdale EMS

September 11, 2003


Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you made. May the lord protect you, the way you protected so many. Rest in peace,Brother.

Deputy M.L. Oakley/W358
Wake Co. Sheriff

September 10, 2003

Job well done my good and faithful servant JOB WELL DONE!!!

My heart and prayers got to the James family my GOD be with you all


September 10, 2003


First he takes...the oath,
Now look at all he takes:
He in stride when people call him a pig.
He takes...time to stop and talk to children.
He takes...your verbal abuse while giving you a ticket you really deserved.
He takes...on creeps you would be afraid to even look at.
He takes...time away from his family to keep you safe.
He takes...your injured child to the hospital.
He takes...the graveyard shift without complaint because it is his turn.
He takes...his life into his hands daily.
He home when your car breaks down.
He takes...time to explain to you why both your headlights have to work.
He takes...the job no one else wants--telling you a loved one has died.
He takes...criminals to jail.
He sights that would make you cry.
Sometimes he cries too, but he takes it anyway because someone has to.
If he is lucky...he takes retirement.
And yes, occasionally he may take a free cup of coffee.
Then one day he pays for all he has taken, and
God takes him.
Please remember that the "he" in all this represents all police officers, both men and women
who have served and are serving our cities and their citizens we have all sworn to protect.
God bless ALL cops everywhere!!!
(Author Unknown)

To Frank and the entire James Family,

It was my pleasure to work with Frank, although I did so for a very short time. Just like everyone previous to me has said, I have never seen Frank without a smile on his face. Frank, just know that your family will be taken care of by the Sheriffs Office Family and you will be missed. Until we meet again.....

Wake 2, D913 is 10-42!

Deputy A. Locklear B716
Wake County Sheriffs Office

September 10, 2003

Frank, Thanks for being such a nice, genuine person. I'll never forget the first time we met and our conversation about our families. I knew right then what a nice person you were. You spoke of your family with such love and pride. I'm certain that God will watch over them and comfort them during their time of need. There are so many questions, but only God knows why it was time for you to leave. You will be missed by many. Take care and save us all a place with the Angels! Vaya con Dios mi amigo!

Sr. Telecommunicator E.M. Gottschalk
Apex Police Dept

September 10, 2003

My thougths and prayers are with Deputy Sheriff James' wife, son, family, friends and co-workers. You will never be alone in your pain and grief. Your law enforcement family will always be with you. Psalm 55:22

Denise Nichols - surviving spouse
Alabama State Trooper Brian Nichols EOW 2/17/2002

September 10, 2003

To the family of Frank James- I am truly sorry for your loss. He was one of the finest and best in his profession. But , god called him home , too soon. You will always be in my heart and my prayers.


September 10, 2003

To the Family and Wake County Sheriff's Office, My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. He is now an angel smiling down from heaven on all of us. God Bless All of You!! Jennifer Mull

September 10, 2003

My condolence to the family, co-workers and friends of Deputy James II. There are no words to reflect the tragity and loss. God does love his Policeman and has a special plce for them and will care for them so very tenderly.

Sr. Trooper Keith Miller
Oregon State Police

September 10, 2003

Yesterday as I drove home, I passed by the funeral home where so many fellow officers gathered. Today they gather again for the funeral and the procession to Gibsonville. It is a poignant sight to witness and I am heartbroken that the WCSO is experiencing a loss of their own. Each deputy I know is committed to their job and has a desire to want non-law obiding citizens off the streets in order to protect the innocent. I am always aware of the risks of this profession and I am grateful for every day that my deputy returns to me. Thanks to WCSO for all that you do and thank you to all officers throughout Wake County, NC and the rest of the US.

Spouse of WCSO Deputy
Wake County Sheriff's Office

September 10, 2003

You stood the line and lost your life trying to help others, may your family and friends take some comfort in that. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

Special Agent
Dept. of Homeland Security

September 10, 2003

My heart goes out to the James Family. Also to the Officers that worked with him. You have also lost a family member. Our prayers are with you all. May God richly bless you all.
To Officer James: We will meet one day in that most beautiful place called "HEAVEN". Until then do your job up there and do it well. God's speed.
S. Edwards


September 10, 2003

May the memory of your service, heroism and sacrifice remain forever. We are proud of you and thankful for all of your service. May God bless you, your family and brother/sister officers.

Pennsylvania State Police

September 10, 2003

Death has crossed the thin blue line. However, Frank's sacrifice will not wither in vain. For left behind are thousands just like him ready to take a stand and make a difference. He was a peace officer, public servant,deputy, defender of the homeland...he was a cop.

It is with great honor and respect that I will serve on the honor guard to perform the 21 gun salute. Today there will be three volleys of fire. As I ponder the significance of this tribute I make the following analogies.

The first volley is reflective of Frank before he was a cop. These are the good times and bad that molded him into the type of person that would be willing to join a profession that may require him to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

The second volley is reflective of Frank as a cop. He dealt with the best and worst of society, yet he never failed to respond. He knew nothing about most of the people he swore to protect, but this was his calling. He paid the ultimate price.

The third volley is reflective of Frank after he was a cop. For Frank now is in a place where there is no pain and crime. He now has a new home and has received the ultimate reward.

" But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles..."
Soar with the eagles and keep watch over us all.

First Class Deputy Chris Newton
Wake County Sheriff's Office

September 10, 2003

To April and Travis and the family of Deputy Frank James, know that all are in my prayers and the memories that I have will live on forever.

I remember the first time that I met Frank it was on a night shift, I happened to stop in the same store that he was in and I introduced myself and asked what platoon he worked and Frank said D-platoon, I told Frank that I used to be with the Sheriff's Office and that I too worked on D-platoon. From that time on we got to know each other and talked about what Frank wanted to do.

Frank always spoke of wanting to be a K-9 officer, and I am sure he would have made a great one.

I am glad to have known Frank and will always cherish the memories of the fun we had joking and picking at one another. Frank was one that could take a joke as well as dish one out.

There was one praticular time that I can remember when Frank had tried to get me with a pratical joke and I caught him red handed trying to set it up. We laughed and got so tickled that we both were crying and holding our stomachs because we had laughed so hard. These are the memories that will forever be with me and the type of stories I will pass along to other officers.

April and Travis I'll close with this Poem,

I Said a Prayer For You Today

I said a pryer for you today
And know God must have heard-
I felt the answer in my heart
Although He spoke no word.

I didn't ask for wealth or fame,
I knew you would't mind.
I asked him to send treasures
Of a far more lasting kind.

I asked that He'd be near you
At the start of each new day,
To grant you health and blessings
And friends to share your way.

I asked for happiness for you
In all things great and small,
But it was for His loving Care
I prayed the most of all.

Author Unknown

Frank, watch over us all and keep us safe for you made the ultimate sacrifice so that others would be safe. We love you and will miss you very much. I will not say good bye but so long for I know we will see each other again.

Corporal Jack Edwards
Apex Police Department

Corporal Jack G. Edwards, Jr.
Apex Police Department, Formerly Wake Co Sheriff's Office D-381

September 10, 2003

Deputy W F James II,
My heart goes out to you as well as your family. I never had the honor of working beside you; however, we did wear the same uniform and I want to thank you for your love and dedication toward the job and to the citizens of Wake County. You paid the " ultimate price " that each one of us risk every day. Each day that goes by, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AS A HERO.
God bless you my Brother in blue.

Deputy A B Smith
Wake County Sheriff's Office

September 9, 2003

Mrs. James and Son,

And while we cannot understand
why things happen as they do,
The One who hangs the rainbow out
has His own plans for you....
And may it comfort you to know
that you are in His care,
And we are all a part of God
and God is everywhere.

Deputy D.N. Harper
Wake County Sheriff Office

September 9, 2003

How do I put in to words the emotions I feel. When I met you 2 years ago, I never would have imagined that you and I would form such a tight bond. You were not only a check in unit, when needed or a friend, you were a brother. Whenever I was having a bad day, you seemed to always cheer me up.
The last time I spoke to you was Saturday, when you and April were at the beach. You seemed really happy when I mentioned going out with "C-Squad" on Tuesday night. I never would have imagained Saturday would be the last day I would ever speak to you again.
Friday night around 9:43pm, when I received the phone call that you had passed, I thought my world was going to end. How could God take someone as free spirited and loving as you? You were more than a Wake County Deputy, you were also a part of "C-Squad". You were one of us. Our monthy gatherings and future Christmas parties will never be the same; but you will always be in our memories.
I will always remember the day you came into Fiddle Stix, after you were in a foot chase with a suspect and you were slightly injured. Your duty belt was un-hooked, your tie was lost, your shirt was unbottoned and your uniform was dirty. You were sweating like crazy. After 15 minutes, you finally realized the reason why your side was hurting. Your pepper spray had burst. You were so happy to be doing something. I will always cherish that day for the rest of my life.
We had so many good memories.
I thought of you as a brother I never had. I know, now, how it feels to lose a blood brother. It is a feeling I never want to experience again. I know you are looking down on me, guiding me in the right direction. I know you are in a better place now, and I do know you are my guardian angle. I will never forget you. You will ALWAYS be in my heart and my mind.
The MAMERS MULLETT is dedicated to you.
I love you Frank
Susan Byrd

Officer Susan Byrd
Apex PD

September 9, 2003



September 9, 2003

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