Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Scott Matthew Baird

Gainesville Police Department, Florida

End of Watch Monday, February 12, 2001

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Reflections for Police Officer Scott Matthew Baird


I was just referred to this website by a fellow LEO from the New Orleans area (Thanks, Ken). I think this is a great tribute to many great men and women.

Although I don't recall having met you, I'm sure we passed each other numerous times at Perkins, Booking in the Jail, etc.

What I do remember so vividly, is the night you were involved in the incident. I was "guarding" a fatal helicopter crash in which Ray Lytle, founder of Gainesville Harley Davidson, lost his life. I can remember how frantically CommCenter was calling for you, even on our channels, for us to be looking for you. I also remember how helpless I felt not being able to lend a hand as I had to wait for NTSB to arrive and investigate. From the tone of CommCenter, I knew something was not right - I guess it was that instictive law enforcement sense that we have.

I had many friends at GPD during that time, and every single one of them was completely wrecked - obviously because they knew, respected, and loved you. Not just as a fellow LEO, but as a person.

Beleive me, Gainesville has not forgotten you. You are very much still in everyone's thoughts, and you will be forever.

Rest well.........

Dep. Greg Lyons
Alachua County Sheriff's Office

December 5, 2006

I think of Scott often and still remember the night I met him. He was such a kind person, and I have so many happy memories of him. I remember the day he got his first police cruiser -- it was the old-school 70's type and reminded us of that show "Chips" -- but he was thrilled to have it! Scott would do anything for a laugh and could quote the movie "Dumb and Dumber" by heart, but he also had a sensitive side. I hope his family finds comfort in how much Scott meant to his friends when he was here. His was a short life, but well-lived.


August 23, 2006

Even though it has been over 5 years since you were called away, the many broken hearts left behind cry for you every day. You will never be forgotten by those that love you dearly nor will the Blue Family ever let you be forgotten. When you were a child your mother carried you in her arms as I did with my son, now we carry our sons in our hearts. I would like to leave a poem my oldest son found as a tribute to you and your loved ones: Keep watch over your loved ones and wrap your wings around them and protect them from harm.

An Angel is the sky must leave his place of rest
Gently tucking his wings beneath his armored vest.
For duty has called, there is much to do
Little did he know this one is dressed in Blue.
Arriving at the scene he knows just what to say,
"Follow Me Fallen Brother, I'll Show You the Way."
Your duty has ended, your work is now through,
Come hang your hat beside mine, "I'm a cop too."

Bob Gordon, father of fallen Chicago Officer
Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

Bob Gordon, Chicago Gold Star Father

August 13, 2006

Dear Scott,

Happy Birthday!
I miss you even more on this special day. How I remember the days when you were just a baby, you brought such joy to my life and I am thankful for those beautiful memories. I love you and miss you.


May 3, 2006

Dear Scott , I stopped by your memorial this morning after work , just want you to know your missed by
all of us , and my prayers are w/ you
and all our fallen Brothers and Sisters.

Sgt. Mark Miller
Mcgriffs Prof. Security

February 26, 2006

How my heart broke when I went on line to read the Ocala Star Banner. The mention of Scotts' 5th Anniversary, it was our Brians 2nd on February 7th he served with the Marion County Sheriffs Department in Ocala Florida. The pain is still so great one step forward, two steps back. May your family be blessed and your son never forgotten on his 5th Birthday in heaven.

Nancy Litz, Mother of
Deputy Brian Robert Litz
E.O.W. 02/07/2004

February 13, 2006

Dear Scott,

And tonight I will light a candle for you as I have done for the past four years on Scott Baird Blvd. The candle will burn through the night and at four a.m., your fellow officers will gather around in remembrance and honor you. Some of them never had the chance to meet you but they come to pay their respects. Then at seven p.m., your family and friends come together for a memorial service, we have a moment of silence, we remember you. We share our funny stories, but there is an unspoken silence of how much you are missed. You have left a place in so many people's hearts, I still hear from them and they tell me how you touched their lives or influenced them. You were and always will be a remarkable person as a son, friend, police officer and all that you were to so many different people.

Along with the candle, I always leave a picture and a poem for you. I picked this poem for you because I believe it to be so true:


A heart of gold stopped beating,
two shining eyes at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove,
He only takes the best.
God knows you had to leave us,
but you did not go alone-
for part of us went with you,
the day He took you home.
To some you are forgotten,
to others just a part of the past,
but to those of us who loved and lost you,
the memory will always last.

As always Scott, my promise to you until the day we are together again, you will never be forgotten, your spirit shall never die and your memory will always live on. Even though things get tough and days can still be hard, your light shines inside of me and nothing will ever take that away.

I know you will be watching over us tonight as you always do. Smile and know that you are so loved by everyone there always....


February 11, 2006


We haven't forgotten! Our family is remembering you and thinking of your family on this Christmas day.

Gainesville Police Department

December 25, 2005

Hi Scott, I had no idea this forum existed. I was a friend of yours during your days at the mall as a security guard and through your days in the academy and then on to a full fledged police officer. After about a year we did not see each other often as our friends grew apart but I still thought of you warmly. I remember the time we went to Wild Waters in Ocala and you slept in the sun most of the afternoon. I still have a picture of you with your huge smile on my fridge. It reminds me of a life that brightened others and is lost now, but not lost to your friends and family and fellow officers. I just wanted to share one of the funny moments I prefer to think about when you enter my thoughts. You were still a security guard at the mall. You were off for the day and I worked there as well. I was getting my lunch in the food court and you "flew" in behind me and said Hi...Big Smile and all. I remember just giving you a hard time about wearing Wrangler jeans. Why? Who knows but we had a good laugh. I love you and miss you. Sarah Wilson

October 27, 2005

Dear Scott , Your missed very much in
The Gainesville Community. Please watch
Over us All , God bless you ! All
Though Your watch is over , It just Began As Your mother Carries on your
Legacy . " God Bless The Peace Keepers"

Mark Miller
Private Investigator

August 15, 2005

Scott, You are still missed !
Thank you again to Scott and his family for the ultimate sacrifice !
It certainly doesn't seem like 4 years ago you were taken from us. We all still miss your smile Scott!

Cpl Lisa Satcher

February 26, 2005

After reading your tributes I would have enjoyed having you for a fellow officer/friend. You left a profound impact on those whom you left. May God give strength to your family.

US Customs and Border Protectoin

February 12, 2005


I barely knew you when you were taken from us. I had just started with the Police Department and I remember you as always being a genuine and decent person.

I am writing to you today because I want both you and your family to know that not a day goes by that I don't think about your sacrifice. It's part of what we, as survivors, carry with us.

I wanted to tell you that your sacrifice is remembered by other people as well and that you continue to touch their lives also.

I work in Northwest Florida now as a deputy. Recently, we had an incident involving an officer that served to make the public stand up and take notice of who we are and what we do.

Subsequently, while on a call, I spoke with a young woman during the investigation. She was a witness to the incident but as we spoke, she reached out to myself and my partners like some members of the public do.

She spoke about her only previous encounter with law enforcement. She told me that when she was living 'down south', a police officer responded to a disturbance call between her and her then boyfriend. She told me that the officer was very kind and went out of his way to speak to her at length about some other issues in her life.

She told me that she has since made some changes in her life that she (and I) think are for the better.

She told me that the officer who helped her was killed shortly thereafter and that it was 'so sad and so tragic'. She told me that his advice really stayed with her and that it's always been fresh in her memory since that day.

Before she left, she told me she was from Gainesville and she told me that the office was you. She remembered your name and she remembered what you'd done for her and she remembered your sacrifice.

I thought you deserved to know this, Scott. I wanted your family to know that an average everyday person saw you for the man of honor that we all know you are. I wanted you to know that your sacrifice is remembered by more people than you may know and I wanted you to know that even in death, your life and your memories have power and meaning today, four years later.

You are an honorable man whose strength of character and spirit is still strong in the memories of those you helped.

I look forward to the day I meet you again. I hope my life is virtuous enough that I can stand in your company, shoulder to shoulder on the Line before the Man for His final judgement.

With Respect

Deputy Ed Vincent

January 12, 2005

Dearest Scott,
Never does a day go by where you are not on my mind throughout the day no matter what I am doing. I asked you last night in my prayers to be with your family today as we gathered for Christmas day, just like we did on the last Christmas we were together in 2001. I kept thinking about that day today and how happy I was that you were with us for the whole day, it was so special. Thank you for the wonderful memories, it gives me the strength to keep moving. You have given me wonderful insight on many things that are going on in my life. I know you are walking beside me and touching our lives in special ways, and I thank you for that. I love you my angel.

All my love,


December 25, 2004

Dear Scott,

You are on my mind, like you often are, as I'm making plans to attend the Law Enforcement Memorial service next May. My family will attend this time, because I want them to see the incredible tribute to heroes like yourself. None of you will ever be forgotten.

I miss your friendship. Whether it was joking around between calls, catching a movie together or watching you play video games with my sons, things were always upbeat when you were around. You had a special way of bringing out laughter in the people around you, and everyone that met you was left with a positive impression. I have not had a friend like you since you were taken from us. I don't know that I ever will.

I want you to know that although this has been the most difficult thing I have ever experienced in my life, I have never felt that I was going through it alone. So many times, you have made your presence known in little ways. I know that you are still doing your life's work of protecting others. It just happens to be on different streets now.

I feel blessed to have had your friendship even for a short period of time. I also feel blessed having become close friends with your family. Though they miss you more than anyone could, they have continually displayed strength, grace and dignity that is very contagious. I especially admire your mother. Having children myself, I don't know how I could ever get through losing a son. Your mom is one of the most courageous people I have ever known. Continue to hold her up and help her to heal.

Almost four years later, you are still missed by many people. Thank you for displaying all of what is good about being a law enforcement officer.

Your friend,

Sgt. Jeff Blundell
Gainesville Police Department

November 18, 2004

Well, little buddy, in a couple months it will be 4 years since you were taken from us. It still brings tears when I recall the first memory I have after my surgery was the voice on the phone, crying her eyes out, telling me you were gone, it was CommCenter. I'm sorry I don't remember you calling and coming to see me during those 2 weeks before you were taken away, but my Mom told me all about it. I have grown very close to your family, but, I'm sure you can see that from where you're sitting..looking down. They are terrific and I love them very much! I miss you and you'll always be in my heart, little brother! jef032

Cpl. John Franklin

November 10, 2004

It's been a long time...I never imagined life would be this hard. Growing up, at times, seems hard to endure and looking back on memories only brings tears. I don't think I'll ever forget the last time we hugged...the smell of your cologne, and the warmth of your love seemed to flow through me for the rest of the day. So many times I wanted to tell you how much I loved you, but our relationship was different, we didn't have that many serious moments. Some say that with time, wounds heal, but for me it seems to be the opposite.I have so much to look forward to in my life, Scott. Proms, college, marriage, children...and I wish you could be there with me to let me know everything will be alright. I know you will always be in my heart, but sometimes it doesn't seem like enough...sometimes I want to be selfish and be with you just one more day...but I want to thank you for still being a part of my life. My sixteenth birthday was something very important to me and you shined through my life in the strongest way possible, and for that, I thank you very much. I feel very honored to feel you so strongly in my life and I realize I can sometimes take that for granted. There have been countless number of times when you have watched over me and helped me through hard times, and because of those times I can remain strong in faith. I love you more than you will ever know Scott, and I want to thank you for being my best friend, an awesome brother, and my favorite angel.

I wrote this poem in loving honor and memory of my brother. Because his ways touched my life so greatly, I wanted to share my poem with you and I hope it will bring love out of sorrow.

It happened all so fast,
I couldn't feel any pain.
I saw them knocking on our door,
officers waiting in the rain.

Ever since that dreary night,
All you've done is weep and cry.
To say my life was unfulfilled,
Would be a terrible lie.

I accomplished all of my dreams,
I found my one true love,
and I can now watch over our family
From a cloud in heaven above.

So no matter what you do,
Whether significant or small,
Know that I will always be with you,
Yes, be with you through it all.

Your loving sister

November 3, 2004

Scott, this is my first message to you. I think of you so often. I wonder when it will get easier to hear or see certain things that will not trigger the memory of the events that took you from us and the sorrow we all felt afterwards. I speak to your family and they tell me so many funny stories about you. I know you are with me and that gives me strength. We speak of you and smile, each having different stories. You were a joy to know. Our loss is heavens gain....


September 2, 2004

Scott, it's been three years today. I feel like it's been forever. I sometimes contemplate watching videos of you just to hear your voice again, but seldom muster the courage to do so. I went to the funeral of another fallen officer today. I know you were there with me, and with the family of Brian Litz. Words cant express how much I miss you, and think about you. I see and hear things daily that remind me of you, and i couldnt be more greatful for the childhood memories that i have of me and you. Just one more thing, I want you to rest assured that Julieann is quite familiar with her uncle Scotty. I love and miss you bro.


February 12, 2004

I did not know Scott but I would like to thank him (and his family) for his unselfishness and great courage.

I am the same age as Scott and it appears were pursuing the same career goals; I can only hope I'll be as successful as he was. For his Mom I offer the following words of encourage: "To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven. " -Ecclesiastes 3:1

God bless you

David Stonebrook
Hopeful GPD Police Applicant

January 13, 2004

Dear Scott,

It is Christmas Eve and I wish for you to be with me. I know you are not far, this morning on the way to work I saw a rainbow and tonight I found a penny outside a store and I know it's the little things that remind me that you are near. I love you with all my heart, I miss you everyday. Merry Christmas in Heaven. We all miss you.


December 24, 2003


Wow, it has been quite some time since you passed away. We still miss you! I know your family does also. You were very special and I know you are still watching over those of us left behind. Our department was blessed to have such an eager and dedicated young man and Officer.
You paid the Ulitimate Price so that our community would be safe. Thank you to Officer Scott Baird and thank you to his family.
I pray for God's peace to surround the family and friends. I also pray for those responsible for this act. God knows who they are and I pray they will take responsibility for their actions and allow God to forgive them along with the Scott and his family. We miss you Scott!!!!

Cpl. Lisa S Satcher
Gainesville Police Department

November 1, 2003

To the family of Officer Baird may God be with you through this time of heartache. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting Officer Baird he lived and died so we all could live in a better world. Scott, we all will continue to pray for your family. You truly are a hero. Keep us safe Scott until we meet you again.

Ptl. Justin Lindsay
Cairo, Ga Police Dept.

Scott was my nephew. His father is my brother. Scott's life was short but fulfilling. He managed to achieve in his short life everything he set out to do. He was on his way to fulfilling his further plans when the tragic accident happened. I have no doubt that if Scott were still here today, he would be at his next goal, setting plans for the next. I watched Scott grow from a newborn baby to his death. I miss Scott and love him with all my heart. Although my heart is aching for the loss of my nephew, it is truley aching more for my brother who is struggling day by day with his own deep sorrow. My brother is a good man and needs everyones help and support. His wife Dina is very good to him and has been a true source of support for him as we all have. Please remember Scott in your prayers and my brother as well.

Kathy Baird

I only knew Scott from the few times he came out to our facility bringing in arresties off of the street. Scott had so much energy and was always acted in a professional manner. He was always friendly to our staff here. I remember the last time I saw him as he told me, "Good nite, Sarge." I will never foreget this as long as I live. The Gainesville Police Department has lost not only a good officer, but we at ASODOJ have lost a good friend. Our sincere condolences goes out to Scott's family and loved ones.

SGT Derrick James
Alachua County Sheriff's Office Dept. of the Jail

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