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Police Officer Dayton A. Winegar

Detroit Police Department, Michigan

End of Watch Saturday, March 8, 1930

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Reflections for Police Officer Dayton A. Winegar

Rest in peace Officer Winegar. Your grandson would be very humbly proud of his grandfather always a hero of the Buckeye state!

Rabbi Lewis S. Davis

October 21, 2021

Grandpa Dayton, 91 years have passed. You would not recognize what is happening to the officers here serving their cities, counties, states, and federal agencies. These are the worst of times to be in law enforcement. No one respects them except their own family and friends and some good concerned citizens. They are being attacked for no reason, because they stand for the law and what is right. My son is still an officer with the Montgomery PD in AL. after retiring as a Master Sergeant with the USAF at Maxwell, AFB in AL. My nephew is a Macomb County Deputy Sheriff. People are lucky that men and women still want to go and serve and protect regardless of what is happening across the states. I remember as an officer the great Paul Harvey made a tribute to police officers. is the link where everyone can see and hear his own words in his own voice, giving us the respect and courage to go on. It needs to be heard again. Rest in peace as you continue to patrol the streets of heaven.
Officer David Winegar 1742 retired DPD.

Officer David Winegar 1742 retired DPD
Grandson of Dayton Winegar

March 7, 2021

Officer Winegar,
On today, the 90th anniversary of your death I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for the citizens of Detroit. And to your Family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.


United States Border Patrol

March 8, 2020

Grandpa Dayton, It has been 90 long years since you patrolled the streets of Detroit where you gave your life in the line of duty on March 8, 1930. However, you have never been forgotten by your family, your son David A. Winegar, my father, let alone myself, who was given your badge #1742 back on January 8, 1973 as a Detroit Police Officer by then Police Commissioner John Nichols, nor your great grandson David Dayton Winegar who is a Montgomery, AL police officer for the last three years after retiring from his military Air Force career as a Master Sergeant from Maxwell AFB. Your great great grandson, Xander Dayton Winegar who is only eight years old knows all about your history and his grandfather, me as well, through my son who proudly serves the community of Montgomery, AL. on the night shift 6 pm to 6 am.
We can also say proudly that our nephew, Erik Below, is now a Macomb County Deputy Sheriff working in Harrison Twp. MI on road patrol. He became a law enforcement officer because of his Uncle, me. I attended his graduation from the academy.
As you patrol the heavenly streets of heaven protecting those against the devil’s constant hatred against all of us who are followers of God the Father, God the Son, Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit, as Christ said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.” What better way to honor your sacrifice and remembrance all these years until we all meet in heaven when God calls us through the door of death to everlasting life, never to suffer no more.
Ask our heavenly Father to protect all officers here on earth, and give them the extra strength they need to overcome any and all evil they come up against. May they always win against the evils of this world.
David J. Winegar retired Detroit Police officer #1742 (grandson of Officer Dayton Winegar killed in the line of duty).

Officer David Winegar Badge 1742 Retired DPD
grandson of Dayton Winegar killed in the line of duty March 8, 1930.

March 4, 2020

Well Grandpa Dayton, it has been 89 long years since you were killed, but nothing has changed except more officers are being killed each and every day, week, month and year than ever before. This country has changed to disrespect any and all law enforcement due to prior political and some current political people in power. Blue lives matter, everyone's life matters to those they love as a friend, husband, wife, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, partner, fiancee, etc. We finally have a president
Donald Trump who supports ALL law enforcement agencies. He is fighting to keep the officers rights to defend themselves and to give them the added resources and funding needed to do their jobs. My son, your great grand son is doing well as an Officer of the Montgomery PD. He is no longer a rookie, he past that stage last year. He fully realizes now what I went through during my career as an officer because he is going through the same situations I experienced. We share our stories, only the names have changed. Be with him on the streets of Montgomery as you were with me on the streets of Detroit. God be with us all! Blessed are the Peacemakers!

Officer David Winegar Badge 1742 Retired DPD
grandson of Dayton Winegar killed in the line of duty March 8, 1930.

March 8, 2019

Officer Winegar,
On today, the 88th anniversary of your death I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for the citizens of Detroit. And to your Family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy and also thank you for your service and sacrifice as well with the Detroit and Montgomery Police Departments and USAF.


United States Border Patrol

March 8, 2018

Well today is the 88th anniversary of your end of watch on the streets of Detroit. You would not recognize Detroit today, nor would you want to be an officer today. There are too many changes here and elsewhere. Officers are not respected anymore. The rule of law is not respected. The rule of law is for some and not for others if you are in a position of authority or political. The officers hands are tied. They have to be politically correct at all times. They have to wear body cameras to prove their actions were correct, and sometimes even then, they are judged wrongly by the media and their bosses. We have mass shootings at schools today. That was unheard of before. We have lost the presence of teaching of respect and morals. We have kept prayer and God out of our schools and they wonder why things have changed so drastically. We are the old guardians of law and order and we are no longer welcomed. Those who are presently serving as officers have to watch their backs everyday. We have had over 20 officers killed already across the USA since January 2018. Our current President Donald Trump is a man for law and order and he backs it up with actions. He advocates the death penalty for killing any law enforcement officer and many agree. These brave officers today have more against them then we had when we served. Why they serve and become officers, each one wants to serve and protect not only his/her family, but their neighbors, their community as well. Protect my son, your great grandson as he patrols the streets of Montgomery, AL. as you protected me as I patrolled the streets of Detroit during my career.

David Winegar Retired Officer DPD 1742
Detroit Police Retired Grandson of Officer Dayton Winegar DPD1742

March 8, 2018

My son, your great grandson, David Dayton Winegar, was sworn in as a Montgomery, AL police officer on November 30, 2017 with all family present at the ceremony. His academy was longer than mine was back in January 1973. I tried to have the Chief give him our badge number 1742 but that was not available. However, I did present him with our badge after the swearing in ceremony. He will do well. His military experience, retiring as a Master Sergeant with many medals, and being my son, and seeing what I went through all throughout my career, he will do well. They called him 'pops' in the academy since he was the oldest recruit. He is now patrolling the streets of Montgomery, AL. Watch over him as you did me on the streets of Detroit.

David Winegar retired DPD #1742
Detroit Police Retired

December 28, 2017

Well it has been 87 long year since you made the ultimate sacrifice. Having spent my lifetime wearing your badge 1742 as a Detroit Police officer, now my son, your great grand son, David Dayton Winegar, named after you, is attending the Montgomery, AL police academy to become a Montgomery, AL police officer. He is true blue and following into our footsteps. He had a meritorious career retiring from the USAF as a Master Sergeant with multiple medals, from his 24 year military career with many foreign tours. He retired from Maxwell AFB and purchased his home for his family there. I wish he would come back to Michigan, but as he says, AL has been his home for many years now, and he loves the area and people and so does his family. He will make a good police officer. Another relative, our nephew, Eric Below, was sworn in as a police officer with the City of Warren, MI this past April. He too is following the police career. Heck, I must have done something right as an example to my son and nephew. Our great nephew, Joel Bolde, in Burbank, CA is a cadet in the summer program with the City of Burbank, CA. He wants to be a police officer with a K-9 unit later on after he finishes college and academy. We'll have a family of law enforcement later on patrolling the streets of heaven. Your proud grandson, Retired Officer David J. Winegar.

Retired Officer David J. Winegar #1742
Detroit Police Department

June 13, 2017

86 long years since you past into eternal life patrolling the streets of heaven. Your grandson is still alive and retired from the Detroit Police Dept. Your great-grandson Master Sgt. David Dayton Winegar is retired from the USAF. Your great-great-grandson Xander Dayton Winegar is now 4 years old. The City of Detroit went bankrupt, and all the police and fire retirees got the shaft. We lost our medical benefits, we lost a portion of our pensions. The city kept it's Detroit Institute of Arts with all it's treasures, never selling one to pay off the city's debt. All those art pieces paid for by the city of Detroit throughout many years, can't be touched to save anyone. You would not recognize today's Detroit Police Department, and neither do I. The men and women are doing the best they can within trying conditions and for much less pay and benefits. I still have our badge that we shared, 1742. Sadly the number has not come up in the lottery as of yet. I was forced to retire in 1993 due to injuries received in the line of duty. I miss my fellow officers and partners I had throughout my career. I miss the only job that I enjoyed coming to work for and going home safely at night at tours end. My lifetime is getting shorter as years progress, and one day, I'll be with you patrolling the streets of heaven. Your proud grandson David J. Winegar.

David J. Winegar Retired Officer
Detroit Police

March 8, 2016

Thank you for your valiant sacrifice my brother. We will try and continue to hold down the fort until each of us are called home. RIP always.

Sergeant Barton
Garden City PD

March 16, 2015

Grandpa Dayton, it has been 84 years since you died in the line of duty. Now you are patrolling the streets of heaven. I still have your original badge & cap shield 1742 that was given to me when I was sworn in as a Detroit Police Officer back in January 1973 by then Commissioner John Nichols. You would never recognize the streets of Detroit today, along with the bankruptcy proceedings. The police and firemen have lost their medical, and will be losing a percentage of their pensions. We all wonder how we will survive. Dave Winegar retired DPD 1742

Police Officer retired, Detroit DPD
Only grandson of Dayton Winegar

March 8, 2014

Rest in God's holy peace of love and comfort knowing that you did your duty well and you are still in the hearts of your family. You are NOT forgotten but remembered as a hero and an example to myself, your grandson, and my son and his sons also. We will eventually see you patrolling the streets of heaven when God calls us home someday.
Your grandson who wore your badge for his own career and by the grace of God survived the ugly war torn streets of Detroit.
Dave Winegar retired DPD 1742

Police officer
Detroit police Dept. Only grandson of Dayton Winegar

March 8, 2013

Grandpa Dayton Winegar, it has been 82 years since your last watch. Just wanted you to know that I am finally a grandpa too, and now you are a great great grandpa.
My son MSGT David Dayton Winegar USAF is the father of Xander Dayton Winegar born December 2011. My son has over 36 military medals. He has served in Korea and has 3 tours in the Iraq theatre. I am very proud of him and the service to our country. He presently has 21 years in and is still providing security for the U.S.A.

David Winegar retired DPD 1742
only grandson of Dayton Winegar

March 19, 2012

Thank you for your service Sir, RIP

James Kotke
Civilian / Former Officer
WSF Park Police (Wi.)

March 8, 2012

Your heroism and service is honored today, the 82nd anniversary of your death. Your memory lives and you continue to inspire. Thank you for your service. My cherished son Larry Lasater was a fellow police officer who was murdered in the the line of duty on April 24, 2005 while serving as a Pittsburg, CA police officer.

Time never diminishes respect. Your memory will always be honored and revered. You must have been very proud that your grandson continued your legacy of protecting and serving and had a long and distinguished career in law enforcment, all the time wearing your badge number. The poem he wrote was very moving in his obvious devotion and respect for you.

Rest In Peace.

Read more:

Phyllis Loya
Mom of fallen California Officer Larry Lasater, Pittsburg PD, eow 4/24/05

March 8, 2012

Another year has passed and you are still admired and respectfully remembered in the hearts and minds of so many. My thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones and friends on this anniversary of your EOW. You will never be forgotten.

James Sheppard
Father of Sgt. Jason L. Sheppard EOW 12/7/06

March 8, 2010

Badge 1742
The badge 1742 of the Detroit Police Department was assigned to 9th generation American citizen Dayton Alfred Winegar. He was born on December 18, 1901 and died in the line of duty on March 8, 1930. Dayton entered the Detroit Police Department on August 4, 1924, and was assigned to the Traffic Unit of the old Chene Street Station, presently renamed 7th Precinct.
The following is a poem of the "Legend of Badge 1742" written by his only grandson Officer David Winegar 1742 retired DPD.
Little did Dayton know that fateful day; he would give up his life in that way.
Three bandits looking for some quick cash,
Held up a haberdashery at 7313 Jos. Campau taking $6,000 in cash.
The bandits drove away, and were given chase by Dayton who was then on his way.
Dayton commandeered a passing machine, and giving chase he lost his life.
The bandits drove up the alley behind Tobis Confectionery Store,
Located at 8672 St. Aubin, but today it is no more.
The gangsters entered the store with Dayton still following them all the more.
Dayton was said to have fired three times, but it wasn't enough to stop the crime.
He was killed in the doorway, never having a chance,
He was shot once in the head, and twice in the heart,
The perps ran over his body lying in the doorway, not even taking a glance.
Dayton became Coroner's Case 1214.
Dayton was buried from St. Elizabeth's church,
The procession took him past his beat,
Where the children were always at his feet.
At the corner of E. Grand Boulevard and Palmer Avenue,
The draped traffic semaphore is now into view.
The children he protected as their big brother,
Now stood in silence and waved with each other.
The children of St. Anthony's and St. Thomas's Schools,
Having lost a friend and their own protective brother blue.
They carried their safety banners and waved in one final salute.
Years have passed and memories remain, but then 1742 comes alive again.
On January 8, 1973, his only grandson David takes on the blue,
With Commissioner John Nichols bestowing grandfathers Badge 1742.
David survived the many trying years ahead, suffering injury upon injury, but not to be dead.
He accomplished many heroic acts, over 25 meritorious citations to be exact.
He held the record for the most arrests; his devotion to duty was never questioned or put to the test.
David lost many a friend and comrade to be, but God and Dayton were watching over me.
There finally came within time, an injury in the line of duty,
Badge 1742 is now retired, and many memories of pain remain,
The badge is now encased in glass,
We won't ever forget the men in blue,
This is the history and story of Badge 1742.
Officer David Winegar 1742 Retired DPD.

Officer David Winegar retired DPD 1742
retired DPD grandson of Dayton Winegar

March 31, 2008

Grandpa Dayton, I was given your badge #1742 by Police Commissioner John Nichols when I entered the Detroit Police Force on January 8, 1973. I wore it proudly through all the years of my career with the DPD. I retired from the DPD and my years of service were honored by over 25 meritorious departmental citations, commendations, and medals during my career, following in your heroic footsteps. It has been 78 long years since your death, but I know that you are patrolling the streets of heaven and I'll see you when I arrive there someday. Your grandson, Dave.

Officer David Winegar retired DPD 1742
DPD Retired, only grandson of Dayton Winegar

March 27, 2008



March 11, 2008

Wish I had known you before now. Thank you for your sacrifice so many years ago. I am sure you did you city and your family proud. Hope to learn more about you as I search.

D. Eick, second cousin
Wick, Winegar & Lovell Genealogy researcher

May 21, 2005

Too young to leave this world. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Detective T. Henshaw
Bell Gardens Police Dept., CA.

March 8, 2004

Rest in peace Brother Dayton, y ou are a true hero and will never be forgotten.

Son of G. Truman Wortham EOW 7/15/73


March 8, 2004

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