Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Lieutenant Norman Allard

New Britain Police Department, Connecticut

End of Watch Wednesday, August 16, 1978

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Reflections for Lieutenant Norman Allard many wonderful memories come to mind
whenever I think about you. I'll never forget what a wonderful father you were to all of us. I certainly know that all of my siblings feel as I do, but I happen to be the vocal one! :) I often wonder how different all of our lives would be if you were still here to help us navigate through the tough times. I know we all love and miss you dad!

Happy Birthday in heaven Dad!

Mary Beth

Psalm 48:14
For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.

Mary Beth

August 4, 2011

Just a little wish...I wish Heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice again and ask your advice on so many things you would be so wise to! I thought of you today, but that is nothing new... I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often tell your grandson about what a wonderful grandpa you would have been. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake from which I'll never part, God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart! I'll always miss you Dad!
Love, Mary Beth

"For we know that when this earthly tent we live in is taken down (that is, when we die and leave this earthly body), we will have a house in heaven, an eternal body made for us by God himself and not by human hands" 2 Corinthians 5:1

Mary Beth

August 1, 2011

If red roses grow in Heaven Lord, pick a bunch for me, place them in my daddy's arms and tell him they're from me. Tell him that I love & miss him and when he turns to smile ~ place a kiss upon his cheek & hold him for a while. ~ Because remembering him is easy ~ I do it everyday ~ There's an ache within my heart that will never go away...
I love & miss always,
Mary Beth


May 28, 2010

My Dearest Family and Friends

Somethings I'd like to say but first of all to let you know that I arrived okay.

I'm writing this from Heaven where I dwell with Our Lord above. where there's no more tears or sadness just eternal Love. Please don't be unhappy because I'm out of sight, remember that I'm with you every morning,noon and Night.

The Day I had to leave you when my Life on earth was through God picked me up and hugged me and He said I welcome you.
It's good to have you back again, You were missed while you were gone. As for your Dearest Family they'll be here later on.
I need you here so badly as part of my big plan. There's so much we have to do to help our Moral Man.
Then God gave me a list of things that He wished for me to do, and foremost on that list of mine is to watch and care for you.
I'll be beside you everyday and through out the years, And when your sad. I'm standing there to wipe away your tears.
When You lie in bed at night the day's chores put to flight God and I are close you in the middle of the night.
When you think of my life on Earth and all the loving years, because your only human they are bound to bring you tears.

Please don't be afraid to cry, it does relieve the pain.

I wish that I could tell you all that God has planned, But if I were to tell you You wouldn't understand.One thing is for certain, though my life on Earth is over I'm closer to you now than I ever was before.

To My many Friends, Trust God knows what is best.I'm still not far away from you I'm just beyond the crest.

So, If you can help somebody who is in sorrow or in pain, then you can say to God at night my day was not in vain.
And now I am contented that with my life. it was worth while,Knowing as I passed along the way I made somebody smile.
If you meet somebody who is down and feeling low just lend a hand and pick him up as on your way you go.
When Your walking down the street and you've got me on your mind just know I'm walking in your footstep only a half a step behind.
And if you feel a gentle breeze or wind upon your face that's me just giving you a great big hug or just a soft embrace.
I will always love you from the land way up above We'll be in touch again soon
PS God sends his Love.


April 6, 2010

You would be so are now a "great grand-father" for the first time! You have a beautiful great grand-daughter named Brynne Emmaline. She was born on St. Patrick's Day. She looks like her mommy, your grand-daughter Kelly. Mom is so proud of her. I wished we lived closer to her so we could hold and love on her. Dad I wish you were with us...I miss you!
Mary Beth
3 John 1:4 I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.


March 20, 2010

Dear Allard family,
You are all in my thoughts/prayers today. My heart is so heavy for the loss of this good man and for his family that has struggled with this tragedy through out the years. May you all find peace and strength in knowing that one day you will be reunited with this wonderful man.

Love and prayers,
Caroline R. Jordan


August 16, 2009

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and wonder what it would be like if you were still with us. Another one of your birthday passes by without you. I will always celebrate your life and what it meant to have you as my father. One day Dad we will be together in eternity and celebrate every day. You happened to make it there first. I love you Dad and forever will miss you.
Mary Beth

You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

—Psalm 16:11

Mary Beth

August 4, 2009

Dad, It's so hard to believe that it's been thirty long years you have left our lives to be with the Lord. Life passes us like a "candle in the wind". I would have written a reflection on your 30th anniversary, but was unable to have access to a computer. You were in my prayers and in my heart as always. My friend Caroline wrote you a reflection and could not have said it better. I know you are always with your family watching over us and guiding us in everything we do. We will be reunited one day and I know you will be waiting for us Dad.

Today I thank God for my father's life, in all its imperfections and strengths. Someday we will be together forever, without time restraints. I look forward to telling him all that has happened since his death. Somehow, I know I will remember every detail."I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand." John 10:28 (NIV)
I love and miss you Dad,
Mary Beth

Mary Beth Gordon

August 20, 2008

To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say...
but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above.
Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love.

Please do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight.
Remember that I'm with you every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you."

It's good to have you back again; you were missed while you were gone.
As for your dearest family, they'll be here later on.
I need you here badly; you're part of my plan.
There's so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man.

God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do.
And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you.
And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight.
God and I are closest to the middle of the night.

When you think of my life on earth, and all those loving years
because you are only human, they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry; it does relieve the pain.
Remember there would be no flowers, unless there was some rain.

I wish that I could tell you all that God has planned.
But if I were to tell you, you wouldn't understand.
But one thing is for certain, though my life on earth is o'er.
I'm closer to you now, than I ever was before.

There are many rocky roads ahead of you and many hills to climb;
but together we can do it by taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy and I'd like it for you too...
that as you give unto the world, the world will give to you.

If you can help somebody who's in sorrow and pain,
then you can say to God at night......"My day was not in vain."
And now I am contented....that my life has been worthwhile,
knowing as I passed along the way, I made somebody smile.

So if you meet somebody who is sad and feeling low,
just lend a hand to pick him up, as on your way you go.
When you're walking down the street, and you've got me on your mind;
I'm walking in your footsteps only half a step behind.

And when it's time for you to go.... from that body to be free,
remember you're not're coming here to me.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey (author)

Caroline Roberts Jordan

August 18, 2008

Dear Allard Family,

There are no words to express this anniversary. I do want you all to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love In Christ,
Caroline Roberts Jordan

Caroline Roberts Jordan

August 16, 2008

Dad, Happy Birthday. It's hard to believe you were taken from us at such an early age. (You were younger than I am!) I know that you are celebrating with our Lord as well as the Angels; smiling down at your family. One day we will all be reunited and celebrate together. Amen! "One generation passeth away, an another cometh: but the earth abideth forever." Ecclesiastes 1:4 KJV I love and miss you Daddy. XXXOOO Mary Beth


August 4, 2008

Happy Father's Day. Not a holiday goes by (or a day for that matter) that I don't think of how our lives would be if you were still here with us. We've had such a busy week renovating our house. I wish you could be here to help us. You were so talented with things of that nature. I miss you dearly Dad as I'm sure all of your children do. I know that all your grandchildren wish they had the opportunity to know you. I make sure that they hear about you all the time...what a joker you were and the kind hearted loving man you were. One day we will rejoice in heaven when we are reunited once again. Proverbs 20:7. I love and miss you Daddy. XXOO
Mary Beth


June 17, 2008

Dad, Happy Father's Day in Heaven. I wish you were still with us to celebrate what a great father you have been to all of your children. A few things have come up in the past, but I possess your Lion's Heart and will get through it. The Veterans Admin. have provided me with great assistance and have the knowledge of what PTSD really is. I am still planning to visit Washington D.C. and give you one of my two metals of Valor. Love and miss you Dad. Again Happy Father's Day. Your Son, Gary

Lt. Gary E. Allard

June 14, 2008

You are the guardian angel of all your children. I know that you are with us when we are hurting, in need of guidance and direction. I pray that you be with my brother and give him the strength to move forward and see that he gets well and back to himself once again. He needs your spriritual protection around him right now. I know in my heart you are with each and every one of your children in time of need. I myself have been sick for some time now, but I know that you have been there in spirit to help me get well. Dad, put your armour of protection around my brother and see him through this difficult time. We all love him so much.(Psalms 147:3 NKJV) He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds.
I love and miss you Dad,
Mary Beth


May 10, 2008

Please be with your son and be his angel as you were in the past. Restore his health and help him to replenish the beautiful and brave soul that he is. Give him hope, bring him joy, remind him of the love that we have for him.

April 21, 2008

Dad, myself and Cheryl are coming to the 2008 Police Memorial Week in D.C. I don't know where Mom put all metals and awards,but, I as your son am giving you, my father,and brother officer one(1)of two(2)metals of Valor that I have acheived.I know that you watched over me during these very hostile situations. Pop, I also earned several awards and metals,(five)5 for excellence in police work and four(4)Gallantry and Bravery awards. And one(1) for Police Officer of the year in 1994. I miss you dad, sometimes as brother officers we have to talk about things that we have done, seen and witnessed. I love and miss you Dad, your son and brother Officer LT. Gary E. Allard / Retired Cop 320.

Lt. Gary E. Allard
Ret cop/ Lt. Suprv. CT. Jud. Marshal

April 13, 2008

Dad, for the first time I feel I am ready to go to the wall of fallen Police Officers In D.C. Myself and Cheryl will be attending this honorable week in rememberance of you and friends of mine (brother officers) that fell in the line of duty. I have during my career earned two metals of valor which I want to give you one. I followed your steps and because of your strength and knowledge and your fear of nothing that you passed on to me, I was able to SURVIVE MANY HORRFIC TRAGIC LIFE THREATENING EVENTS AND KNEW YOU WERE MY GUARDIAN ANGEL. It is very hard for others to understand what a blue brotherhood is, I know as well as you. Thanks Dad and my brother officer. Presently I am Lt.Supervisor Gary E. Allard State of Connecticut Marshals Service (10 yrs.) and (20yrs) retired street cop. You Son, Gary E. Allard

Lt.Supervisor Gary E. Allard #2231
Retcop S.P.D./ CT Judicial Marshals/ Father

March 17, 2008

Dad,it has been many years of your passing.I will never forget the time and day of a phone call from the N.B.P.D. to report to N.B.G.H. because you had fallen from a gun shot wound. I was only a rookie cop just starting out to follow your foot steps. Well Pop, I followed your path and after 20 yrs. of service as a cop understand that we are a totally different breed of person. I Know while on the job that you have watched over me during many situations that I myself almost fell in the line of duty. But one thing I will always possessed is your knowledge and your fear of nothing. Dad, I presently am a high ranking member of the CT Court Security system at the rank of LT. which I know you are proud of. My two children daughter Jamie 27 yrs. and Lil'Gary 24 yrs.) as well as your other(7)grandchildren often speak about their grandpa. We will be someday in heaven together and talk about our experiences of that thin blue line that we both know so very well. Dad, You are not only my father but a brother officer. I love and miss you. Your son, and Ret. Police Officer Gary E. Allard.

Ret. Police Officer Gary E. Allard
My Father

February 19, 2008

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. You are a big part of my heart and soul. You forever remain in my heart...the heart never forgets those they love! I love and miss you Dad.
For you have a new life...1 Peter 1:23
Mary Beth


February 15, 2008

"The Badge"

He starts his shift each day
To respond to calls unknown.
He drives a marked patrol car.
A police officer he is known.

He's paid by the citizens' taxes
To make it safe on the streets.
But he usually has a second job
'Cause a waitress has his salary beat.

Now he doesn't know a holiday
'Cause he works all year round.
And when Thanksgiving and Christmas finally arrive
At his home he cannot be found.

He's cursed and assaulted often,
The one whos blood runs blue.
He seldom ever gets a thanks,
To some he's just a fool.

His friends are always other cops
'Cause people just don't understand
That underneath his badge and gun,
He's just another man.

He knows there might not be a tomorrow
In this world of drugs and crime.
And he gets so mad at the court system
'Cause the crooks don't get any time.

And each day when he leaves for work,
He prays to God above.
Please bring me home after my shift
So I can see the ones I love.

But tonight he stops a speeding car,
He's alone down this ole' highway.
It's just a little traffic infraction.
He does it everyday.

Well, he walks up to the driver's window,
And his badge is shining bright.
He asked the guy for a driver's license,
When a shot rang through the night.

Yes, the bullet hit its mark,
Striking the officer in the chest.
But the Department's budget didn't buy
Each officer a bullet-proof vest.

So he lay on the ground bleeding.
His blood wasn't blue - His blood was red.
And briefly he thought of his loved ones
'Cause in a moment the officer was dead.

In the news they told the story
Of how this officer had died.
And some who listened cared less,
But those who loved him cried.

Well, they buried him in uniform
With his badge pinned on his chest.
He even had his revolver,
He died doing his best.

Written By:
David L. Bell
Richland County Sheriff's Department
Columbia, South Carolina
Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved
and may not be duplicated without permission

Investigator David L Bell
Richland County Sheriff's Dept., Columbia, SC

December 9, 2007

Dad, I can't believe it's been 29 years since you left this world. Every day you are missed and thought of. God gives us cherished memories. Cling to them when sorrows come. Where is the heart that does not keep within its inmost store. Some fond remembrance hidden deep of days that are no more? Your grandchildren are growing up so fast. My son is already 10 years old and forever asks about his Grandpa. I wish you could have met him. He's wonderful and reminds me of what blessings truly are. I make sure your spirit lives in each of your grandchildren (all 9 of them). "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." Philippians 1:3. Never let today's burden erase yesterday's blessing. I love and miss you Dad. You are forever in my heart and soul.
Mary Beth


August 16, 2007

Mary Beth and family,

You are all on my heart and in my prayers today. May you find comfort in knowing one day you will see your loved one again.

Caroline Roberts Jordan

August 15, 2007

Dad it's your birthday today. I want to celebrate your life and all that you stood for. One of my favorite scriptures is: Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27. I know that this scripture is how you would want me to live my life. I miss you Dad.
Mary Beth


August 4, 2007

Thinking of you over this 4th of July.
Mary Beth


July 5, 2007

As another Father's Day passes by; your love is still my guide, although I cannot see you, your spirit is always by my side, forever in my heart, and always on my mind.
Mary Beth


June 17, 2007

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