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ODMP relies on the support of visitors like you to provide all of our free resources and services. By making a generous donation today, you will be: Honoring over 23,000 fallen law enforcement heroes and hundreds of fallen K9 officers

Identifying yourself as an ODMP supporter to local law enforcement

Denying parole to cop killers

Saving lives through our training & free vest partnerships

Informing officers & citizens of line of duty deaths nationwide
The 2018 ODMP Supporter decal is 3"x4" with a white background: Perfect for proudly displaying your support in your car or business window. Our token of thanks for your support:

$20 ODMP decal
$35 ODMP & ODMP K9 decal
$50 ODMP, ODMP K9 & Band of Blue decal
$100 two each of the ODMP, ODMP K9 & Band of Blue decals

Supporters who make a single donation of $500+ also receive an ODMP duffle bag

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