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New Hampshire Line of Duty Deaths

Antrim Police Department, NH

Antrim Police Department
Antrim, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Berlin Police Department, NH

Berlin Police Department
Berlin, NH
Fallen officers: 3

Brentwood Police Department, NH

Brentwood Police Department
Brentwood, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Carroll County Sheriff's Department, NH

Carroll County Sheriff's Department
Ossipee, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Cheshire County Sheriff's Office, NH

Cheshire County Sheriff's Office
Keene, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Colebrook Police Department, NH

Colebrook Police Department
Colebrook, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Derry Police Department, NH

Derry Police Department
Derry, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Dover Police Department, NH

Dover Police Department
Dover, NH
Fallen officers: 1

East Kingston Police Department, NH

East Kingston Police Department
East Kingston, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Epsom Police Department, NH

Epsom Police Department
Epsom, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Exeter Police Department, NH

Exeter Police Department
Exeter, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Farmington Police Department, NH

Farmington Police Department
Farmington, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Franconia Police Department, NH

Franconia Police Department
Franconia, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Gorham Police Department, NH

Gorham Police Department
Gorham, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Greenland Police Department, NH

Greenland Police Department
Greenland, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Hanover Police Department, NH

Hanover Police Department
Hanover, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Hillsborough County Department of Corrections, NH

Hillsborough County Department of Corrections
Manchester, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Jaffrey Police Department, NH

Jaffrey Police Department
Jaffrey, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Laconia Police Department, NH

Laconia Police Department
Laconia, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Lancaster Police Department, NH

Lancaster Police Department
Lancaster, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Manchester Police Department, NH

Manchester Police Department
Manchester, NH
Fallen officers: 4

Nashua Police Department, NH

Nashua Police Department
Nashua, NH
Fallen officers: 4

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, NH

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
Concord, NH
Fallen officers: 3

New Hampshire State Police, NH

New Hampshire State Police
Concord, NH
Fallen officers: 9

Northumberland Police Department, NH

Northumberland Police Department
Groveton, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Rockingham County Department of Corrections, NH

Rockingham County Department of Corrections
Brentwood, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Seabrook Police Department, NH

Seabrook Police Department
Seabrook, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Somersworth Police Department, NH

Somersworth Police Department
Somersworth, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Strafford County Sheriff's Office, NH

Strafford County Sheriff's Office
Dover, NH
Fallen officers: 1

Line of Duty Deaths: 47

Assault: 2
Automobile crash: 10
Duty related illness: 1
Exposure to toxins: 1
Gunfire: 16
Heart attack: 12
Motorcycle crash: 1
Stabbed: 1
Struck by train: 2
Vehicular assault: 1


By Month

January: 1
February: 2
March: 1
April: 4
May: 5
June: 3
July: 4
August: 7
September: 5
October: 10
November: 2
December: 3
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