Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Liquor Inspector Edward L. Moreno

New Mexico Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, New Mexico

End of Watch Sunday, July 13, 1975

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Reflections for Liquor Inspector Edward L. Moreno

Daddy... I keep coming back to this site and I keep thinking that I am the only one of your children that hasn't posted a reflection (till now). I've started, reread and edited so many reflections and in the end... I delete them. I think as usual... I'm overthinking things. maybe if I keep it simple it might be easier. First please if you can, tell Mema (the one before Mema) thanky for calling my Joseph before he left for the Army and especially for watching over him and being his Guardian Angel. He is now home safe and sound. And please, if its not too much to ask... please help watch over my Andyroo. He is once again in harms way and I worry so much about him.
Here again I'm lloring again, wondering if I can leave this reflection this time. Daddy.. I miss you so much.I never knew that "Oh Holy Night" was your favorite Christmas song. But everytime I hear that song, I can hear your voice singing. Its been so long that sometimes I forget what your voice sounded like, but then I hear that song, and I can hear you. And I know that you are singing it for me and for the rest of us. WE all miss you so much. Thank you for being there for Jelly Bean. Please watch over her, she is way too little to be away from her mom. I know that they miss her too, but it helps knowing that she is with family. Daddy... we all miss you so much. Thank you for fighting so hard to stay with us as long as you did. Thank you for helping Mema find the strength that she needed to carry on. Like the others have said, she is the rock of this family. Her quiet strength and faith has carried us all for all these years. THank you Daddy, thank you for what you had to do for all of us. Thank you for loving Mom.


February 23, 2006

Happy Valentines Day Daddy. Please give our Jelly Bean lots of kisses and hugs from all of us here. Take good care of her. Love you lots and lots,Cammy

Cammy, Daughter

February 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you and miss you very much!

Bertita- Daughter

February 5, 2006

Eddie--You and all other law enforcement officers will be remembered at Bayard, NM Our Lady of Fatima's First Blue Mass. This is sponsored by our Knights of Columbus Council. I have been working with them and also the Council from Las Cruces to publicize the event. As always, all of you in service are remembered daily in my prayers. I love you, Betty

February 5, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy,
Wish you were here to blow out your candles. You will be on my mind all day long. More so than all the other days. I love you and miss you more and more each day.
Love Ya, Cammy

Cammy, Daughter

February 2, 2006

Hi Daddy,
Wanted to thank you for keeping an eye on Abby during his years of service. He just retired. Last day for him was Thursday. He is doing great.
Also, thank you for taking care of Jelly Bean. Please continue watching over Blanca, Fernie, Eliana, Johhny,Berta and Dan since they are still in a lot of pain. Also, for watching over the whole family. We might not see eachother too often, but we are all still very close with eachother at heart. You and Mima have taught us a great love and respect for eachother.
We miss you very much. And love you more and more each day.
Love, Cammy

Cammy, Daughter

January 21, 2006

Grandpa Eddie,
I have just read everyone's reflections since the passing of my beautiful baby girl. I know by know you and her have become so close. I miss her SO much and wish she were still here!! We are trying our hardest to stay strong for eachother and for Lana. She is such a strong and wise little girl. She has given me so much strength and I thank GOD for her being a part of my life. If it wasn't for her, Fernie and I would have probably crumbled to pieces by now. I also have strength in knowing that my Jaminnie is with people who love her. I had a dream/vision my first night without my baby girl. My beautiful girl was standing with her back to me and walking away from me into heaven. Her grandma Rosie was holding her hand on one side and you were holding her other hand and leading her into heaven. That vision gave me such peace of mind, although I have to tell you it didn't do much for the tremendous pain I feel in my heart. I still know you guys love her and will take such wonderful care of her with the help of GOD. Thank you so much grandpa for the strength you left in Mima and all your children. I feel their strength has been passed to me in the time I have most needed it. I am so thankful to GOD for my families presence, prayers, love and support that are still blessing us. Please help Johnny be strong and feel our love all the way to Minnesota. Give my baby LOTS AND LOTS OF BIG KISSES AND HUGS from her mommy, daddy & sissy.
Love you!!


January 18, 2006

Well, it's been a long few weeks, but we're all getting back to "normal". Blanca, Fernie and Eliana are doing well. They miss Jellybean very much. I am having trouble accepting what happened to Jellybean, but God must need her there with him now. Dad, you would be proud! I have surprised myself! I am remaining strong and focused for my daughter Blanca and my granddaughter Eliana. I have Never displayed this kind of strength before. I know that you are holding my hand right now and I thank you. Daddy, please help my son John Edward right now. He is having a really hard time coping with the loss of his goddaughter, Jellybean. He needs your strength and love. I'm trying but he really feels alone right now as he is in Minneapolis. I love you very much and please stay with me and my children as we need your strength right now. I miss you Daddy. Love, Bertita

Norberta Moreno-Anderson-daughter

January 17, 2006

Hi Dad,you know all the things that are happening here with us, but one thing you taught us that we are family and we take care of each other. Mom is such a strong woman filled with faith and love. Did she get that from you too? I know she loves you and misses you very much, we all do. Maybe one day I will find that in someone too. But even if I don't, I get strength from mom, and all the family. My sons have truly been a blessing for me. My beautiful grandchildren keep me grounded, focused. This past year ended really hard for us, but beautifully for you. We know that our Jelly Bean is there with you. What fantastic stories we have all shared about that precious little girl, She lived quite a life in the short time she was with us. Take care of her for Blanca and Fernie. I love you very much Dad, and I still get angry because we were all cheated from growing up with our father, but if that was in God's plan, I can't question me understand where my path leads.hold me close and safe.Stay with me always, con todo mi carino y amor como siempre, Terrie

Terrie Moreno

January 14, 2006

Dad, well I made it. today is January 13, 2006 and I will be retiring in just 8 days, 27 years 9 months. You have been my inspiration and my guilding light and I thank you.
Dad you have been and always be my hero because with you watching over me you have led me down the right path.
Dad I know that you watch over all of us and espcialy mamma we all love and miss you very much.
Your Loving Son
Edwardo P. Moreno (ABBY)

Sgt Edwardo P. Moreno
New Mexico Department of Corrections

January 13, 2006

Daddy, there is a new angel helping watch over us. She is our very own Jelly Bean. Our hearts are so sad. Help us watch over Blance, Fernie and Lanas. Also watch over our beloved sister Berta and Mima. We are all trying to get back home. Please watch over everyone who will be traveling.
And most of all please hold Jelly Bean tight and give her plenty of love for all of us.
Miss You Dad. Love you, Cammy

Cammy Flores

December 29, 2005

Hi Daddy,
With a very heavy heart I need to let you know that my grandbaby girl (Jellybean) has left us. Daddy, please take care of her and love her just like you did us! She was so young and so beautiful. We are all relieved that she is with you and that you were there to meet her at God's Gates. I miss you Dad, please take care of Jazmyne (Jelly bean) for us. I Love you!


December 29, 2005

Blanca's baby Jazmyne went home today to be with you. Our hearts are so heavy. She was so little - 10 months old was so young for her leave us. Please take care of this baby for us. I wish we could find a way to make things easier for Blanca, with Gods help and love, someday she will find comfort. We know that you were there with open arms to greet baby Jazmyne so that she would not be scared when she arrived in heaven. We love you Daddy - we all know that with you, this beautiful child will be safe in your and Gods loving arms.

Margaret Moreno-Coplen

December 27, 2005

I looked on the ODMP today and saw the memorial for Inspector Edward L. Moreno on the opening page. I read the memorial and then the reflections. To say that I was blessed by the comments from his children and grandchildren would be an understatement.
I did not know Inspector Moreno but it makes no difference. We are related by the badge.
Thanks in part to the ODMP for keeping his spirit very much alive and well.
It is my prayer that the family of Inspector Moreno continue to experience the eternal love and endless blessings of our Lord and Savior. Just know that there are folks all across this country that will lift you up in prayer before the Almighty....even old retired cops in Texas.

Patrolman Doug Hutchison
Irving Police Department, Texas, (Retired)

December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas Daddy. Wish you could be here with us. We would all like to be with Mima, but we can't. I don't know if she could handle another weekend with all your great grand babies. We were with her last week. I had my four grandbabies, Abby had two of his and Terrie had her three. Mom was really tired. So we will let her rest this holiday.
We miss you so much. Keep watch over all of us. We all love you and miss you very much.
Love you, Cammy


December 19, 2005

Dear Grandpa Eddie,
I don't even know where to start! I am so sorry I didn't get to meet you!! I just realized you passed only a year and a half before I was born. I know you have always watched over all of us and kept us close to your heart as we have all kept you close to ours. As everyone has said we all cherish the memories that have been passed on to us by Mima, our parents and your brothers and sisters. You would be so very proud of all your family. Everyone has done so well to pick up the pieces and remind us of your love. We are all a very proud family thanks to Mima who has been everything from Mother, Grandmother, friend, and inspiration to us all. She has done wonderful to keep us on the straight and narrow, or to get us back on track when we've strayed. I know it is your wonderful love you gave her when you were here that has given her the strength to carry on for the both of you. Thank you!!
All our love!!
Blanca, Fernie, Eliana & Jazmyne Holguin

Blanca Holguin

December 19, 2005

Hello Gramnpa Eddie!

First I want to let you know that it is a honor to have your name! I wish that I could have met the great man that I hear about in the stories. You would be so proud of our family because I know that I am. I dont get to spend much time with them but every chance I get I try, and I miss them all dearly. Mima has been the backbone for all of the family and you would be so proud of her. She sent me a picture of you when you were a boy and we look so much alike. Thank you Grandpa Eddie I hope that you will be the first face I see when I get home! Until then Thank You and I will see you soon! Like David said but not to soon! Love John Edward!

John Edward Vigil Grandson

December 17, 2005

Hi Dad,
Merry Christmas! You are in my heart and on my mind forever. When I hear this song I always think of you as this was your favorite Christmas carol. When I sing or hear "O Holy Night", I can't help but cry everytime because I miss you so very much.

Here's your song Dad! I love you!

O holy night, the stars are brightly shining;
It is the night of the dear Savior’s birth!
Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices!
O night divine, O night when Christ was born!
O night, O holy night, O night divine!

Norberta Moreno-Anderson

December 11, 2005

Dear Grampa Eddie,
I've never met you face to face, but I know you in my heart. My mom has told me a lot of stories about you, I wish I could have met you, before you had to go home. But I know that whenever it's my turn, you will be there to greet me! I made you a cd for fathers day, it has your picture on the front and everything. Mima was the first to receive one of them, and in return, she gave me your cane. I keep it with my rosary beads. I makes me sad to know you had to leave your family so soon, but it also makes me proud to say, that my grampa gave his life, to protect others. What an honor it is to know someone so selfless. Please watch over us, and help keep us safe.. I love you grampa! love, Nay
p.s. thank you for visiting my mom, you know what I'm talking about!! : )

Grabddaughter, Renee Laguna

December 4, 2005

I wish i could have met you although someday i know i will. i can only imagine what a great man you were just by the stories i hear. you would really be so proud of mima, she has been our guiding light. we will always love you and miss you. watch over our family and keep us safe. keep your strength in mima's heart for she is the foundation that holds us together.
love you always,
moni, angelo, india and angelica

granddaughter Monica

December 3, 2005

I have never met you but I will not just yet thow. Even thow I do love you very much.

sabrina your greatgrandaughter

December 3, 2005

Hey Grandpa Eddie,

Didn't know you, but heard a lot of stories about you from my mom and my Mima. I wish that I would have met you but I came years later. I know you would have enjoyed all of your grandchildren and great grandchildren, there are plenty of them. The day will come when we will meet, but not just yet. Keep look over our family as you have since your passing.

Love you,


November 30, 2005

Daddy, here I am again. Since Margie found this site and shared it with us i can not stop going to it. No words can explain how much pain we have in our hearts. I wish i could have had as many memories of you as my brother and my sister have of you. But with the shared memories from mom and my brother and sisters it has eased the pain some what easier.
I love you and Miss you so very, very much.


November 29, 2005

Dear Daddy:
I am so glad I found this site. I forward it to all your children and Mima. I sit here tonight reading the reflections offered on your behalf, and I know that you can feel the love and strength from your family. You did good Dad...having us know from an early age, that we were loved. Also in making sure that we knew that living life with honor and pride would make us strong.
Thank you for loving Mom. You would be so proud of her. She has been our rock, and the corner stone of our family. Her dignity and grace astound me at times. Your family has never forgotten the sacrifice you made for everyone. We love you and miss you, but mostly, we thank you.

Love You, Margie (Bugga)

Margaret Moreno-Coplen

November 28, 2005

Dear Daddy, not one day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. I see you in the faces of your grandsons. Mom is doing well, we make sure that she will always be taken care of and loved, I know that it is not the same as if you were here in person. But we do the best that we can. I know that you are proud of all of your children, but even prouder still of your grandchildren, but mostly you would be like melted butter because of your greatgrands!!! WE all miss you so much, but our consolation will be that one day we will all be together, until then, please keep watch over your loved ones from your side and we will try to continue to make you proud of us. I love you Dad, more than any words could ever say!!! You will always be my Daddy.
Con todo carino y amor, Terrie

November 28, 2005

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