Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Senior Corporal Richard A. Lawrence

Dallas Police Department, Texas

End of Watch Tuesday, November 9, 1993

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Reflections for Senior Corporal Richard A. Lawrence

Sr. Cpl. Lawrence,
On today, the 30th anniversary of your death I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice-not just for your Community but for our Country as well when you served with the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. And to your Family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.


United States Border Patrol

November 9, 2023

You were like a dad to me. You went to my concerts, football games, took me and Anessa to the lake house. So many wonderful memories.

I am now a mom of 3, twin boys and a daughter.
I am a special education teacher, married for over 20 years.

I miss you and think of you often.

Celeste Clark (Garcia)

October 8, 2023

I worked for Richard for 12 years at the gun shows With his sister Elizabeth, Phyllis , David Cook and the rest crew had a great time. the team was never the same without him I miss him every day and I still put up my Santa Claus I got from his Christmas tree.
I love you Richard
Rest In Peace

Chere Hutson


November 7, 2021

Thank you so much for this wonderful post. He was an amazing father, officer and person. Always joking or smiling unless it was taking care of business time.

He taught me to dance, went to all my rodeo's and ate my mud pies. He truly was a gift taken way too soon. I have out lived him by 8 years and those that killed him are his age now or close.

Three lives destroyed over theft of a vehicle. It is senseless and I blame Dallas for releasing Wicks with his ankle monitor in his pocket and I blame the kids who chose to commit a crime and brought a gun.

You only bring a gun in case you need it. My dad has always said, you have no fear of cops if you are not breaking the law. Don't like the law, work to change it but it was his job.

He received a life saving award just a week before he died. Seeing him still be remembered all these years later means so much to us. His mother lost two sons, one to cancer and one to murder, 2 husbands and is still showing up at vigisls in May when she can. He missed 4 grandchildren and seeing his son in trouble, work for NASA as a security programmer, Anessa get her Law Degree and me go back for my PI licesene and associates in criminal justice after 30 years in IT.

We miss your smile, laughter, passion for life and love of family and friends more than you know.

I love you daddy,

Brandee Leigh Carlisle

September 21, 2020

I had the honor of working with Richard for years at the Dallas Arms Collectors show at Market Hall.

I was just an 18-19 year old security guard at the time.

I looked up to him. He gave advise. I listened. He treated me with respect and encouragement.

I occasionally ran across him.

I spent 32 years at GPPD after that.

And, I will always remember the day we all shrouded our badges.

Thanks Richard for the time you gave to me.

Sergeant A. Bielawski 127 (retired)
Grand Prairie PD.

September 6, 2020

Rest in peace Senior Corporal Lawrence.

Rabbi Lewis S. Davis

March 13, 2020

Richard old friend it’s duck season again and I finally got another lab puppy. Her name is SKADI, I sure wish you were here with me to watch her work. I have been retired 3 years now but have stayed in the reserves. I just wanted to check in and remind you I love and miss you partner.

Nov 13, 2019

Captain Jack R Bragg Jr

November 13, 2019

Missing you, sweet cousin! Brandee and I have been in contact a lot this past year. I know she misses you terribly. She has such a good heart and her hubby really loves her, you can tell. And omgosh, I saw Rhett over Easter and he looks just like you! Seriously, twins! I sure wish you could have met my SIL, his dad and his brother (all LEO’s). I think you would have approved! I think of you so often, as do my sisters, mom and dad. I love and miss you.
Sherry Beth ❤️

Sherry Beth Morrison Joplin

May 16, 2018

Hi Dad ...

I had no idea this page was even here. Seeing all the memories of you from those who have shared brings tears to my eyes. I am in law school now ... long over due, sir, I know ... but at least I made it. I just finished typing up a problem for my Crim law class. I meet my professor in the morning. One of the problems had to do with an officer being shot. Lots of cases dealing with officers - not just in Crim Law. I had to write a paper too regarding an officer involved incident. And all of this made me think - I don't even know what degree of murder the criminals who murdered you were convicted of. So I went to look, and here is this page.

I miss you, Dad. I guess that goes without saying. I used to dream about you a lot ... but that pretty much stopped when Joe and I got married. But you probably know that too. You knew I was taken care of, and you were right. He makes me feel safe, and it took a long time to feel that way after you were killed. I used to sleep terribly, but when he and I moved in together, I slept like a rock. He's a deputy now too ... waited 4 years after we got married to try. I tell people who know what happened to you that in my defense this all happened after the fact, and I was stuck. :) Please do me the favor and watch over him. If there is anything you can do to keep him safe, I know you will try.

I know you know about my son too. And of course, he wants to be a police officer. Told me that tonight as a matter of fact. But I am going to do my best to at least steer him towards a different branch. Perhaps the FBI or something. Not that it is completely safe. Law enforcement never is. So perhapsI will try to convince him of something else all together. I have a good while before I have to worry too much. Jake is ornery and stubborn, but that would serve him well in life. It is just hell to parent .. as you know. He is a really good kid, all kidding aside. You would be proud. You would like Joe too. He's a hard worker. You would have taken advantage of that! Ha

I think about you all the time, and wear a necklace with your badge on it. Your pictures are up in the house. Jake knows about you, that some bad guys took you away from me. I don't tell him too much ... he's too young yet and I don't want him worrying about Joe.

I am very proud of you. You did what you thought was right. You would have intervened whether you were retired or not because you were 'the job'. It was a part of you, and you were made for it.

I am so blessed that you were my Dad, and don't worry ... like Aunt Julie said ... you spoiled me enough in our 14 years together to last me my whole life. I love you, Daddy ... and wish you could have been with me longer. I will carry your heart with me ... I carry it in my heart. Until we meet again ...

With Love Always,
Your Baby Girl

Your Blond Bomb

February 24, 2017

I miss you daddy!

Brandee Davis

July 19, 2016

I miss Richard every day, but especially around Thanksgiving. Richard always had a big thanksgiving dinner and all cops were invited. That was my family for years as I had moved from another state and did not have family close to spend holidays with. You were a great mentor to me and so many more. Luke and I looked up to you and wanted to be like you. I hope we have done things that make you proud. Trail Rogers, Mesquite Police Officer for 7 years, now attorney.

patrol officer
Mequite PD

July 8, 2016

Officer Lawrence:

I had the honor of hearing your story of sacrifice for the City of Dallas from your brother in law today while giving a tour of our police station today. Thank you for your service to our community without waiver. You are forever missed sir.

Officer Kevin HUbbard
Irving Police Department

June 21, 2016

I was working as Chief Of Police at Stinnett during this sad time, and I was amazed at the support that Chief Click and his officers provided for the family of this brave man, we are a strong brotherhood and when one falls we all stand tall to protect the family of the slain.

I remember going my his mother's house at night and two Officers had put up a tent so they could be close to the family if needed.

Chief Randy Hooks
Stratford Police Dept.

May 11, 2015

Richard was the best friend a person could ever have! It has been 14 years since he was shot right in front of me,and they say time makes it easier but its not true! If only we had not left when we did then the guys responsible for his death could have gone some where besides in front of my appartment. It was the worst thing the guy who shot Richard! and after all this time I still remember what a kind man with such a big heart, The death of anyone is a very sad thing but a death of a person who only did good for others that was so un nessasary and still makes me sad and for his whole family to have had to fill such sadness and still do. it is just wrong when someone is taken away way before his life was lived a life ended when he was just ready to retire and live a complete happy life. To all his friends and family maybe you have found some way to understand the loss we can never get back but myself I will always love and miss him!

Tammie Busby
was a close friend of mine

May 6, 2012

Cpl Lawrence,
I had the honer of serving under your brother Sgt. L. Lawrence at South East Patrol. If you were anything like Sgt. Lawrence, you were a fantastic officer and human being. I find my self thinking about you when I come to work. Prayers to the family.

PO M. Rushing # 9694
South East Patrol

PO M. Rushing # 9694
Dallas PD

October 22, 2011

Today is fathers day 2011,

I remember you every day. I tell a story, of how you made me the opinionated, independent woman I am today.

Rhett has grown in to a warm loving father, much like you. His daughter has him wrapped around her finger. His son is a happy and a joy to be around. Your sister, cousins, nieces, nephews, and all those too many to mention miss your smile, humor, charisma and charm. How many lives you touched and your legend still touches. We miss you, you were loyal, warm, hot tempered at times but there was none other than you that had a passion for what you did or how you loved. Anessa had so many things for you to do, we all did.

Thank you for touching mine and that void is always a part of me. But I have your smile and memories to get me through.

Brandee Leigh Lawrence

June 19, 2011

Your heroism and service is honored today, the 16th anniversary of your death. Your memory lives and you continue to inspire. Thank you for your service. My cherished son Larry Lasater was a fellow police officer murdered in the line of duty on April 24, 2005 while serving as a Pittsburg, CA police officer.

Rest In Peace

Phyllis Loya
mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater

November 9, 2009

Richard, I have only now been able to leave this, but I know you know that wasn't because I didn't care and wasn't thinking of you. You are the sweetest memory of my life and there was always a hole in my heart that you once filled. Now that hole has grown. No one will ever be able to take your place in the lives of anyone who knew you. I know that you realized that I would always love you. Our hearts were linked so tightly that the fact we weren't together as a couple and had gone very separate ways didn't mean that the love we shared as kids didn't live on ever young.

Lavetta Beshears
Lifelong Friend

August 30, 2008

"The Badge"

He starts his shift each day
To respond to calls unknown.
He drives a marked patrol car.
A police officer he is known.

He's paid by the citizens' taxes
To make it safe on the streets.
But he usually has a second job
'Cause a waitress has his salary beat.

Now he doesn't know a holiday
'Cause he works all year round.
And when Thanksgiving and Christmas finally arrive
At his home he cannot be found.

He's cursed and assaulted often,
The one whos blood runs blue.
He seldom ever gets a thanks,
To some he's just a fool.

His friends are always other cops
'Cause people just don't understand
That underneath his badge and gun,
He's just another man.

He knows there might not be a tomorrow
In this world of drugs and crime.
And he gets so mad at the court system
'Cause the crooks don't get any time.

And each day when he leaves for work,
He prays to God above.
Please bring me home after my shift
So I can see the ones I love.

But tonight he stops a speeding car,
He's alone down this ole' highway.
It's just a little traffic infraction.
He does it everyday.

Well, he walks up to the driver's window,
And his badge is shining bright.
He asked the guy for a driver's license,
When a shot rang through the night.

Yes, the bullet hit its mark,
Striking the officer in the chest.
But the Department's budget didn't buy
Each officer a bullet-proof vest.

So he lay on the ground bleeding.
His blood wasn't blue - His blood was red.
And briefly he thought of his loved ones
'Cause in a moment the officer was dead.

In the news they told the story
Of how this officer had died.
And some who listened cared less,
But those who loved him cried.

Well, they buried him in uniform
With his badge pinned on his chest.
He even had his revolver,
He died doing his best.

Written By:
David L. Bell
Richland County Sheriff's Department
Columbia, South Carolina
Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved
and may not be duplicated without permission

Investigator David L Bell
Richland County Sheriff's Dept., Columbia, SC

February 5, 2008

You are remembered today and thank you Sir for your service

Pat Van Den Berghe, Manchester, NH
Neighbors for a Better Manchester, NH

November 5, 2007

Richard, you taught me, and many other rookies, how to talk to people. I can still remember some really good advice, "It is easier to be nice and talk a man into jail rather than to fight him." But, we did have a couple of fun "snot locks". It was also a valuable life lesson. Thanks for were a great FTO & ASL, and great friend.

Butch Dunbar
Richard's rookie

August 20, 2007

Corporal Lawrence your work on this Earth as we know it is done. You are in God's Care now. May you rest in peace brother.

SGT. Daryl Brewer
Clarksville Police Dept. Clarksville, Tennessee

May 13, 2006

I sure hope those who took you, got theirs! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones, always!

Detective SGT Patrick Yost
Wauconda, IL Police Department

August 6, 2004


Every year when duck season comes around, I look around the duck blind that last thirty minutes before daylight and miss your smile and laughter. Darlin, my old labrador is hunting with you now after fifteen faithful years and it gives me comfort to think of the two of you together. I say my morning prayers and lift up your mother, daughters and son every time I go hunting and as often as my human frailness allows. You would be proud of them, they are getting on with their lives. Your younger brother, Luke is still policing and you have three new nieces. Every time I work a Gun Show, someone asks about your family and I fondly recall some hunt or other occasion we shared. Your passion for life and love of your fellow man is still shining after all these years and you are frequently remembered. Its turkey season here in Texas and its been over twenty five years since we drove the alley ways checking buildings and practising to call ole Tom Gobbler together but the memories are still bright and vivid. I miss you old friend, God keep and bless you until we meet on the other side, save me a place in the blind buddy.

Captain Jack R. Bragg Jr.
Dallas Police Department

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