Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Detective Troy Lamont Chesley, Sr.

Baltimore City Police Department, Maryland

End of Watch Tuesday, January 9, 2007

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Reflections for Detective Troy Lamont Chesley, Sr.


I see that love and friendship was something that you wasn't short on. It still takes my breath away when I think of your passing, but the strength of God is getting us through.

Quite often I hear people speak of you and how good a person you were. Then I hear people who didn't even know you express their thoughts about the man they grew to know because of such a tragedy. But the most touching thing is to hear your boys speak highly of you and display the behaviors they know you would expect from them. In your boys I see the goodness and the sense of humor I saw in you. I always said that patch of gray meant you were a special person because it was a symbol of wisdom.

Your death has opened the eyes of so many people (especially my husband), so I know it was not in vain. As always you have made him see the light and check himself and as always I thank you. I can remember telling you I was tired and didn't want to try anymore and you would always say "don't give up just give it time." Thank you for believing in us when we didn't believe. Thank you for accepting me into your heart and making me a part of the family with no questions asked . In life we loved you and in death we'll continue to do the same. Thanks for the love, laughter, and friendship.

I just wish I could have said all these things and more while you were still here to accept them.

Until next time

Sister / Friend

March 9, 2007

Hey there, just wanted to drop a line. Yo, waz up it me again. troy I'm lost for words, still why you had to go. But God needed you there. I sithere and always talk to you , wondering if you hear me , and i know that you do.I look at your pictures and see you looking right back at me , like i done something wrong. and I know you , " Yo !!!! why you do that. When i need you , you were always there. But i need you now. and guess what your still there.Troy i love you my brother and would do anything to have you back.that night , Jan. 9th was a grim day for me , it was hard to say good bye, but its never good bye, it will always be see you later . because we will meet again , ab=nd when that time comes , i'll will be waiting there with open arms. i'll miss you at all the cook outs , parties , just having fun. i have a lot of good memories and with the kids i can share those times with them . I will not tell those crazy stories, troy I miss you my brother , and your legacy lives on . So serve him proud as you done us. You always said that your never join the army. But now you a part of Gods Army now . I love you man , and never forget that. Your loving brother

p.s. Troy you were my only brother . but now i have a million brothers and sisters. Man i have been adopted by so many people, I guess we had that much for people. Rest easy my brother , rest easy..... until we talk again.

Big brother

February 28, 2007

How could one man be so kind, giving, loving,selfless, funny, smart and humble in this day in age? Your parents did a great job in raising this fallen angel because that is what you are. I've known you for quite some time and you 've always been a great friend to me whether I need advise or just moral support. The last time we talked I never knew it would be the last time I would ever hear your voice or see your warm smile. I know your family will miss you dearly but they all have the comfort of knowing that God never puts more on us than we can bear and that they will see you again. God let us borrow Troy to enrich our lives in some way or another but saw it fit to call His fallen angel home to rest and sit and watch over us to help us in our everyday lives. I wonder if your listening to 95.9? Until we meet again my prayers go out to your family,friends and the BCPD for strength to cope with the passing of a father,son,brother,police officer and loving friend.


February 28, 2007

Time to Learn

The hand is cold
that once held mine.
I can't believe you've really left this world behind,
I can't wait,
I can't hope,
I'll get over this in time.

"It takes time to learn
when someone's gone for good,
their not coming back
like you wish they would.
In the empty hours,
when you miss them so,
then it's time to learn
to let them go."

Your last hours
we never knew,
we never had the chance
to say goodbye to you,
Words unsaid and things undone,
we just begun
and now we'll never see them through.

I heard these words sung on a cd = may your pain be eased in time = I am still learning, God be with you and may He give you some measure of comfort.

Mother of officer Lamm EOW 1-1-98

February 27, 2007

Hey Troy,

I know it's been a minute but i'm confused. I remember when we were cadets and we worked opposite shifts and I needed a ride to the academy. Everyone told me to ask you because we were going "Up" together. But eventhough you didnt know me you would come all the way from Garrison to pick me up in East Baltimore w/o asking for anything. I remember the first day and how we both had that look on our face because we were both only 20 and had no clue what we was doing there. Remember how your gunbelt didnt fit and when you put it on you had room for another person, it was like a hoola hoop. After cutting off a few inches it finally fit lol. Remember how Hamm used to pick on us and when we would get answers wrong he'd make us do push ups. Man I thought my arms was going to fall off. Then remember that time we went to Celeste and her friend prom, two words "Shoulder holsters" lol. The times I would pull up behind the apt on Garrison in the back lot and you have me outside hitting the horn and yelling "YOOOOO Troy". You falling asleep driving coming back from Va.. Us on the beach the summer Bad Boys came out and acting like we was them, was you Mike Lowery or was I Mike Lowery? lol. Two grown men on the beach with these little boogie boards looking like two little kids. O yo remember that time we were at bennigans downtown and that waitress spilled a drink on you after you told her you didnt order it, I still think she did it on purpose. And Denny's on Northpoint that was one of the funniest moments in my life. That smile that could light up a dark room. I could go on all day.

I missssss you so much man. I'm so confused about how I should feel and what I should do. I try to deny it happened, sitting here thinking Troy hasnt called me in a minute, I should call him. I want to call your mother and the boys to see how they doing but I know your sons dont rememeber me. But you know I think about you daily and it hurts so much because you were that ONE friend that no matter what, I could talk to you. Sometimes I get angry at God because of this, sometimes I get mad at myself thinking only if I would have called you and said, "Yo lets hang out" then maybe you wouldnt have been there. Sometimes I wish it was me. But most of the time I just sit there with this blank stare on my face thinking about you and then my eyes start to water but I always end up with a smile on my face because of you. I dont think I have to tell you, I Love You man, and i'll being seeing you again.

Tony Lovette
Hurting friend

February 24, 2007

Just thought I would send you another shout out! I have been picking Troy up from school this week and he spent the night at my house last weekend. That's my boy! I tried to get Trayvon as well but he was gone with one of his teachers. We played playstation 3 all night. Oh yeah, I beat up on him good just like you use to lol! Marcus came and got Troy from my house the next day and took him and Trayvon to play basketball downtown. So as you can see, they are being taken care of just like we all promised! Let me tell you what happened today. I was waiting at the school for Troy to come out. He came out and we started walking to the car when some kid through a snowball in the direction where we were walking. I immediately turned around and asked Troy if he knew the boy. Troy said no. I guess he saw the look on my face and said, "Unk, I'll knock him out for you if you want me to"! Before I could say anything, Troy said, "Naw unk, I can't do that. I have to make right decisions. I need to finish school without getting into any trouble"! I can't tell you how proud I was to hear Troy talk that way. Once again, that just shows how much of a good father you were!! You may be gone but the values that you have instilled in your children have not gone unnoticed! I have the torch now and I PROMISE I'LL CARRY IT JUST LIKE YOU DID!! Until next time, LOVE YA !!!!


February 22, 2007

Hey Troy, it's been over a month now and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier to accept that you are gone. I visit this page daily. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to know you personally, and it seems so many other people feel the same way. I was out the other night, and ran into someone who knew you. I got all choked up and teary eyed talking about you. I miss you so very much and I just wish I had one last chance to tell you how much I really cared about you. There is a void in my heart that will never be replaced. I look at your picture daily and it's as though you are looking at me and talking to me. I wrote your mother a letter telling her what a wonderful son she had; As if she didn't already know that. I read Trayvon's letter and nearly broke down at work. It's so hard to lose a friend, but it's even harder when they are taken away so unexpectedly. I'm praying that God will comfort your family and friends. I know that God doesn't make mistakes, but this is really hard. I just want you to know that I Love You and I'll see you again one day.


February 20, 2007



February 18, 2007

It's been 37 days since GOD took my BEST FRIEND away! I understand that things happen for a reason but for 37 days I have been wondering WHY? I'm not second guessing GOD but I will never be able to figure this one out. Like everyone else, I think of you daily. There's such a void in my life that I will never EVER be able to replace!!!I talk to your mom all the time as well as Troy and Trayvon. They spend the night at my house a couple of weeks ago and we had so much fun. I really look forward to spending lots of time with them in the future! Trayvon is hilarious and Troy is to cool!! You have raised two respectful young men! Trayvon told me the other day that he wanted to be Police Officer like his father. My eyes are watering right now so I'm going to go for now! Just remember, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN AND WE WILL MEET AGAIN SOMEDAY !!!!MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT!!

Corporal Verlon Morrow
Maryland Transportation Authority Police

February 16, 2007


I just want to say thanks for what you did and have done for the BPD- although I am only a volunteer for HCPD I understand that the job is tough- you will not be forgotten.

Kenny Drummond
Howard County Police Department

February 13, 2007



February 13, 2007

Although I did not know you, I know you put on the same uniform I did and worked the same streets. May you rest in peace knowing you served the city well. My condolences to the Chesley family and may they find peace in the knowledge that their loved one gave himself to serve a great cause.

Officer Smith

February 10, 2007

Hey, waz up it me again. its have been a month and it seems like it was yesterday , that you and i was sitting at the table watching School House Rock. damn!!!!! Troy i think about my brother every day .I miss you so much. Troy i want you back , but G.O.D has you now .even if this was a dream .i would have not have dream this. You are greatly missed by everyone only if you knew how much of an impact you had on everyone. Troy if i had one wish it wouldbe that christmas morning when we thought mom & dad did not get us anything and when we woke up we had a whole livingroom full of nice stuff,i would want to go back there for a moment. all i have are good memories of my brother , and no one could ever take that away from us. each and everday i look at all of the old pictures that i have of you and think back of that day . boy did we have so much fun.Only if I could talk with my brother again every nighti fall asleep,this is all i ever dream .thinking of you always just remember, i can always hear granny call us , Dubie and Troy , come in the house" well until we talk again my brother love ya!!!!!!


February 9, 2007

Rest in peace, brother. I know you and your beloved wife are toghether again and will watch over your children. We will keep you in our prayers.

Lt. Stephen A. Joy #980
Prince George's County Police Department

February 9, 2007

I commend you graciously for being a heroic police officer,
a wonderful father, a loving son, a loving brother and, an humble, sacrificing man.
It was a blessing to hear how wonderful a police officer you were.
Along with the job of being a police officer, you became the sole guardian to your sons and,
I will always respect you for that. I praised you for stepping up and saying, "I Am Daddy".
You claimed a father's job well done! Other than being an outstanding officer, that is something else that set you aside from the rest.
The lost of you, has had a overwhelming effect on us.
You were so very important to us, in some many ways.
You were dedicated to the Spirit of Love.

Here is a peom; I dedicate to you.

All is well with me. Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I, and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we are, still.
Call me by my familiar name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used.
Put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be for ever the household word that it always was,
let it be spoken without effort, without the trace of a shadow on it.
Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was: there is unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner.

There will be daily thoughts of me, along with tears, anger, and
emptiness, but continue trusting in the Lord. When God calls us, He's with us always.
He was with me during my journey to HEAVEN.

Rememeber, that to be absent from the body, is to be present with the LORD.
I am transformed into an angel, in a wonderful place (HEAVEN).

You must know.....all is well with me.


February 6, 2007

dear daddy,
every day i think of you i cry just tkinkin bout the good days we had an the bad days.I just wish that i could wake up one day an say that was just a dream.I wish that you was here i know you would be looking over me forever.I wish you would of never left me the way you did.Dad i love you and no one else could never replace you in my heart. Trust me you i will do the best in school and i know you would want me to be happy but im not because you left me.I love you so R.I.P.
your son trayvon

trayvon chesley

February 5, 2007


The last couple of weeks I've had plenty of time to think about the impact you had on our lives. Even though we didn't speak daily you and my husband did. Now that you are not here he tells me everyday that a piece of his heart has been taken away. I pray constantly and ask God to shed some light on this situation. I know that your at peace now but we can't seem to come to grips with all the changes. I asked God why the good men die young, but I know His will shall be done. As we watch over your family we ask you to continue to watch over us. The great cop you were along with the great person you were will forever reflect in your memory. Rest easy until next time brother.


Your Friend and Sister

February 4, 2007

To the family and loved ones of Detective Troy Chesley Sr, and his fellow officers with the Baltimore Police Department:

On behalf of our family, I want to extend our sincerest condolences on the grievous loss you suffered when Detective Chesley was brutally murdered in the line of duty. His valor and courage will never be forgotten.

In reading the loving reflections left by family and friends, it is obvious that Troy was an amazing man who touched many lives in a positive way. I can see that he is so loved and will be missed by so many. Especially touching to me are the reflections left by his brother Dubie. My beloved Larry is survived by an older brother too, and that loss of a brother is so great that only two siblings who shared their whole lives together can understand the magnitude of that loss.

The circumstances of Troy's death were heart breaking and I know caused much anquish for all those affected.

May Troy's spirit continue to soar and his memory continue to inspire. May God hold Troy, his children, and his other family members in the warmest part of his heart and the most gentle part of his soul.

This reflection is sent with the utmost respect for the distinquished service Troy gave to his community and the citizens of Maryland, and for the supreme sacrifice he and his family made on January 9, 2007.

Phyllis Loya, mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater of the Pittsburg, Ca PD eow 4/24/05

February 3, 2007

My reflection is this. I have never met you and I do not live anywhere near Baltimore. I am not from the East Coast at all, however, I decided at this moment to Google "Honoring Police Officers" and I scrolled randomly to your name. It may have been any name on the list, however, for some reason, I selected yours.

I am so very sorry that you are not here to continue upon your calling to protect your community. I scrolled through these names with inner sorrow because we as a collective community around the country, more and more, need to honor our men and women who take the chance to give their lives toward protecting citizens like us. The weak. All that I wanted to say is that I am so very sorry that your unit and your family has lost an obviously brave person as yourself and the many others on this list.

Thank you all for serving to protect us every where because there are some of us who may be invisble to the rest of society, but we have a voice and that voice is to say, may ALL of you fight this vicious fight against the evil because your work is and never will be in vain.

Sweet Blessings to you dear man.


Anita H.

February 3, 2007

Hey Troy, waz up my brother? Just wanted to say hey and know what you did today. How is it that you had so much love to give. Well i think i tought you that. But well i think of you always and the last time we talked . You were just joking with me , and we only spoke for a few minutes because you were sleep , But i wish it was little bit longer . Why? you ask . That was the last time we really talk , i cry for your pain each and every night . my heart is empty. but knowing that god has you in his hands , i guess i'm alright. troy i love you like a brother is suppose to and then some. You are my main man , my friend and then my brother. Man i miss you too much. But god has you now , so again rest easy my brother , rest easy

Troy's Big Brother

BCDC/ Brother

February 2, 2007

Hey troy, do you know that you are a celebrity? I've never heard or seen so many nice and positive things said about a person in my life. Your kids are very blessed to have a supportive family like yours. your brother raves about you, and reading some of the things he says like (school house rock) brings a smile to my face because believe it or not my husband and I watch that dvd too(smile). Sit on your throne my brother with your celebrity self and enjoy your crown. Angie stringfield P.s. hello dubie and marcia god bless

February 2, 2007

Rest in peace brother.

Sgt.Det. Stan Finley

February 2, 2007

Although I did not know you Troy, I read your reflections and see how many people you have touched in the short time you spent on this earth. I want to thank you for everything you have done to protect the citizens of Baltimore City, which included me when I visited the harbor. You are a hero and the Reading City PD sends its thanks to you.

Detective Winchester
Reading Police Dept. PA

January 31, 2007






January 31, 2007

Hey There, was up with you today? Well i done house work as always. but that comes with the house , Today i remembered the last time you and I were together. We watched School House Rock, like we did when we were 6 and 7, and boyee was it fun. We had a lot of fun times, Like brothers are to do. Like we made up games with Star War men v.s. G.I. Joe in football and even baseball. Man those were the days. Troy i can still hear you say, "Yo!!! you stupid, or Why you do that? Troy my brother all i have are good memories or what it was like to have a brother and now i thank god for you. So until we talk again. Rest easy my brother , rest easy........

Love Ya!!!!
P.S.your still Dubie's little brother


January 30, 2007

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