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Detective Sergeant Thomas Lynn Cochran

Lawrenceburg Police Department, Indiana

End of Watch Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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Reflections for Detective Sergeant Thomas Lynn Cochran

Hey, dad. I can't believe it has been 19 years. The thought that you could still be here with us breaks my heart after all the life events you have missed. Today, I felt the sadness of the entire day at UC praying you would walk out of that hospital then finding out that wasn't going to happen and we spent this entire day saying goodbye to you 19 years ago. You were so loved and still loved by so many. The hospital, your funeral, and every memorial was and has been so full of those who love you and keep your memory alive. I talk about you as much as I can and, of course, tell everyone how funny you were. I miss your laughter, your grin, and your hugs the most. So many things have changed down here since you left. I wish you were here and things were the same as when you were here. It's been harder now that Tracy is with you.... remembering you on the 26th and her heavenly birthday on the 27th. It's a bit much to take. I will forever do what I can to honor you and keep your memory alive. I miss you horribly and I love you immensely. Until I'm standing there in the sun and I can see what you see....... Love you ♥️

Tomya Cochran-Metcalf

January 25, 2024

Tom, I never met you, hell I was on the other side of the world in the sand when your accident happened. But the little things always remain, even after we're gone. It really goes to show the ripple that we have on the world around us. Even 16 years after you're gone.

I had a customer bring in a absolutely gorgeous fire red Kawasaki Vulcan to me today, he wanted some things changed on it, as they were a little too personalized for him. After him pointing out to me the very subtly hidden badge on the rear fender, I decided to investigate as to the bikes story. And after some searching came across the Cochran family story and the hero the bike was honoring. Reading through all of these reflections, I can get just the slightest glimpse of the amazing LEO, husband, father and grandfather you were.

I firmly believe that as long as someone's story is still told. There will always be a piece of them here. And as a completely unknowing stranger, I have acquired your story to continue to tell, and the bike will continue that story for as long as I own it and enjoy it. Rest in piece Tom. Till we can all ride in the sky.


July 10, 2021

Hi, dad. It amazes me sometimes, the impact you have made on so many even 16 years later. I met a random guy today who asked about my necklace of your badge. I explained, like he probably didn't know. His name was Ryan, from Road Dog, and he told me you are an "American Hero. " He knows the boys and said he knows you are so proud of them. I love hearing stories about you now and always. There's a lot going on down here. You're going to be a grandpa again x2. Just watch over your babies, dad. I miss Trace so bad, but I know she's with you. Give her a hug and kiss from me, I miss n love you both. I live for the day we are reunited in heaven. Love you, daddy.

Tomya Cochran Metcalf
Daughter of fallen officer, Sgt. Det. Thomas Cochran, Lawrenceburg PD

April 15, 2021

Hey daddy. I know you have a new angel in heaven this year to celebrate your EOW. Tracy would not have had it any other way. Daddy, i miss her so much so please give her hugs n kisses for me. We celebrated you as a family tonight and we all miss you very much. We will never forget. It helps our babies know their grandpa a little more. I love you. Our community loves you and we will remember you always. Please, give Tracy kisses tomorrow from all of us on her first heavenly birthday with you. Love you both so very much. Until I see you again, I love you! Tomya

Tomya Cochran Metcalf
Daughter of fallen officer, Sgt. Det. Thomas Cochran, Lawrenceburg PD

January 26, 2021

Rest in peace Detective Sergeant Cochran.

Rabbi Lewis S. Davis

May 16, 2020

Missing you today as much as I did the day I lost you over 15 years ago. One day I will hold you again in my arms as I have held you in my broken heart. Until I see you again.
Love, ~me~

Jo'Nee Cochran, Spouse
Sgt/Det Thomas Cochran
EOW 01-26-2005

April 22, 2020

tom, I remember the last time I saw you. You came in the store and we laughed about how we were going to get your wife good at Christmas with that ring she wanted so badly. Was it a coincidence that you called me that christmas after she stopped in? I think God had something to do with it. He wanted her to have something very special to remember you by. I just remember that day thinking we had done something special together. We were pulling off one of the best secrets ever. I wish I was there Christmas morning to see her open it. My goodness I would have loved to been a fly on the wall. It turns out, that was the last thing you bought from me. It turns out it was probably the most meaningful to her. I told her she needs to wear it a few weeks ago when I saw her. I could tell the heartache is as great today as it was all those years ago. You died doing what you loved and you made a difference. Its something we all want to do...make a difference. A lot of people miss you, but your family the most. I know one day you will all be together again, but it doesnt take away their pain today or tomorrow. Just know, they havent forgotten you nor has the many people whose life you touched along the way

bernie brungs

January 28, 2020

Hey dad. It's that time of year again when we relive the day you left us. It always seems after Christmas, I start to think about what comes next, your memorial. It doesn't seem like it has been 13 years. I wish everyday that you were here, but I know when you are watching over me and send me a sign. It seems 203 shows up everywhere including my McDonald's receipt. You have missed so much down here. I hope you can see all of us from up there. Gosh, after the wreck and the last time I saw you, you looked so good. I really thought and believed you would get up off that hospital bed and go home with all of us. Heaven gained an amazing angel. You are my strength! I love you so very much and I miss you every single day. Until I see you again....

Tomya Cochran

December 28, 2018

Happy birthday. They say time heals all pain but they must not have known how much I love you. I think about you always and how much we have missed together since you’ve been gone. I never thought that so many years of my life would be without you. What I wouldn’t give to have that time with you. I miss you still and I love you always.

Tracy Evans

August 9, 2018

Thinking of you, dad.
What does it look like in Heaven?
Is it peaceful? Is it free like they say?
Does the sun shine bright forever?
Has your fears and your pain gone away?

Here on Earth it feels like everything,
good is missing, since you left,
and here on Earth everything's different,
there's an emptiness.

I hope you're dancing in the sky,
And I hope you're singing, in the Angels choir,
I hope the Angels know what they have,
I bet it's so nice, up in Heaven since you arrived.

Now tell me what do you do up in Heaven?
Are you days filled with love and light?
Is there music? Is there art and invention?
Tell me are you happy? Are you more alive?

Coz here on Earth, it feels like everything,
good is missing, since you left,
and here on Earth everything's different,
there's an emptiness.

I hope you're dancing in the sky,
and I hope you're singing, in the Angels choir,
I hope the Angels know what they have,
I bet it's so nice, up in Heaven since you arrived,
since you arrived.

Tomya Cochran Metcalf

January 25, 2018

Hey dad! It's that time of year again. The holidays were over and January smacked me right in the face, just took the air out of me. I watched the DVDs of your funeral that Jo'Nee made for us and cried like it was yesterday. I can't believe it's going to be 13 years. Time does not heal, it just blurs your vision a little more. I will never forget and I still talk of you often. I try to do what's right but I have made mistakes. I just wish you were here to cheer me on. Dad, my biggest wish is for all 5 of us kids to be together again, to be like we once were, but without you I'm not sure that will happen. So many great things have happened since you been gone...... I'm a grandma.... they call me Mimi. Boy that Hunter of mine loves his Mimi and it's just an amazing feeling. What I would give for you to be here with us all!! I miss you so much and love you daddy. There's a song about Up in Heaven. I can't wait til I see you again. Love you dad!

Tomya Cochran Metcalf

January 10, 2018

I didn't forget your birthday. I just needed to find a quiet moment to get on here. I miss you still, I think of you often. I think of all the things that have happened that I would have shared with you. A daughter never stops needing her father. What I wouldn't have gave for more time. I wish we could have celebrated your birthday together. I love you Dad. Until the day we meet again.
All my love,

Tracy Evans

August 13, 2017


Officer Monica Zahasky

January 26, 2017

Well it is that time of year where I miss you the most. Everyone getting together for the holidays and your not here. There is so much you have missed. I remember our last LPD Christmas party and our last Christmas like it was yesterday and I miss those moments so much. I can't believe it will be 11 years next month. You were suppose to be here, I counted on that. And that is what reminds me not to take things for granted. Zach is all grown up and is (I was going to say a lot like you but--the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) a lot like me, when you use to tell me you worried because I needed to slow down. Oh how I miss that person I use to be. Your death slowed me down like hitting a brick wall and now I worry about Zach the same way. He definitely has your heart and resilience. Riley towers over me now. He doesn't know it yet but he has your fire. He just finished his first semester at UC. So proud. Now Syd, she is just beautiful. Every time I look at her I can't believe what a gorgeous young woman she has turned into. She will be starting at NKU at the beginning of the year and carries herself as proud as you did. And Macy, well she is part Cochran and part Evans and the jokes never stop. She like you can make me laugh until I'm in tears. The day you left I thought my life would grind to a complete stop into this place of just existing but it didn't. At first it was like trying to walk through thick mud up to your knees but now I see that the walk is over and my life kept going. It has actually been pretty amazing when I look at what all I have. I have a family I adore, loyal friends, my dogs and a home that I can call mine. The only thing missing is you. But just like the years before you will be with us all in spirit. I have my moments that I can still feel that hole in my heart and miss your voice but I am thankful that I had you as a father for as long as I did. I will love and miss you always. Merry Christmas dad.

Daughter Tracy Cochran Evans

December 20, 2015

It's been awhile dice I've posted anything but that doesn't mean I don't think of you every single day. I miss you so very much but I know you're here, especially when something unexpectedly funny happens. You're here pulling jokes on me to remind me to smile, laugh and live life to the fullest. Everybody is doing real good but I can't help imagine how much better things would be if you were here. The boys are doing awesome carrying out the Cochran name in law enforcement and everything they do. I think it's more like you are their father instead of them being your son as they have made a name for themselves through integrity, honesty, justice in law enforcement. Dad, I just wish you were here for just one more minute of one more day so you can how everyone is doing. So you could meet some of the Grand babies you missed or see how big Riley and Sydney are or to meet my husband or just tell a joke. I miss you today and every day for the rest of my life. I shall see you again but until then just continue to let me know from time to time that you're checking in on me. I love you so very much. Hugs to heaven.

Tomya Cochran- Metcalf, daughter

October 9, 2015

You would have been proud of Josh when he presented the scholarship in your memory at SDHS. Both your boys are doing an awesome job in law enforcement. Jo'Nee is doing everything she can to support all of us. You would be super proud of the whole family, and I feel some satisfaction that you can see it all from heaven.
One story I would like to relate is hearsay from my Uncle Kenny. Kenny said when you guys used to ride together at Aurora PD, you were always bugging him to pull over this suspicious car and that suspicious car, even though Kenny wanted to just cruise through his shift. That spoke volumes to me about what kind of police officer you were-always out digging for the next bad guy! I will also never forget you backing me up on the crack-head bloody guy on the Greendale/Lawrenceburg line. You were the first one to get there and went hands on with me, even though I was a snot nosed rookie and you had eons of experience and rank.
Just wanted to post a little on here for you. Thank you, Tom.

Sgt. Kevin Turner
Greendale, Indiana Police Department

June 13, 2015

The 10 year anniversary of your accident was two days ago. They named a street after you "Tom Cochran Ln. I was speechless but my tears said it all.
Of course someone had to inform the news crew. It just wouldn't be a memorial without being on display. I get it you were loved by many but when can it be personal, when can it be about a private moment between you and family? I miss you. God how I wish I could talk to you. You understood me best. I love you Dad.


Tracy Cochran Evans

January 28, 2015

I was absolutely appalled to see the defaced headstone...and of course thought of both our families yesterday and our bond of losing our loved ones on the same day ......I find it hard to believe it has been 10 years still seems like last week to me ...I hope this finds the Cochran family at least with peace ....hugs

Maureen Tutino
Momof fallen Officer James P.Tutino LASD EOW 1/26/05

January 28, 2015

Thinking of you and all of your loved ones today. Continue to keep watch over all of your loved ones and close friends and those still out on patrol. You are a true hero and will never be forgotten.

"If people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them, Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever." Author Unknown

Bob Gordon
Father of Fallen Chicago Officer: Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

January 26, 2015

RIP HERO.... The defacing of your head stone shows us there is always going to be a disrespectful and soulless element in our society, BUT the secret Angel who cleaned your stone without seeking praise and acknowledgment shows us that there are still good people who do respect HEROES and better society!!! You will not be forgotten, Det. Sgt.

Fmr Sheriff's Deputy
Marion County Sheriff's Department, Indiana

December 16, 2014

So sorry to hear about the vandalization of this man's headstone. PIG can only be described as Pride. Integrity. Guts.

Katherine Been
Springdale, AR

December 16, 2014

Some jerk vandalized your tombstone. I want you and your family to know how much they are all supported. Prayers to you all and warm wishes for the holiday season.

Christina Gernale
Sister Patrolman Conrad Gernale EOW 9/6/02

December 14, 2014

The holidays are here and again this year your not with us. The kids are so grown. How I wish you could see them. I can't believe how grown they are. I still think of you almost daily and can now talk about you without falling to pieces. I just wanted you to know I love you and miss you as much as always and will be thinking of holidays past that I was so blessed to share with you.
All my love,

Tracy Cochran Evans

November 29, 2014

R.I.P. Det/Sgt Cochran. I have heard what an amazing and dedicated officer, friend, father, and husband you were from your family, friends, and co-workers. I would have loved to meet you. God took you too soon but he needed you up there with him. R.I.P. sir.

Detective Danny Rhodes
Tampa (FL) Police Dept

July 17, 2014

to the family of Officer Cochran....Once again today we salute our loved ones and hold their memories in our hearts. ....We all miss them a lot and it is just as painful as it was then ....hope your day is peaceful ...Hugs

Maureen Tutino
Mom of fallen Officer James Tutino

January 26, 2014

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