Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Deputy Sheriff David Anthony Abella

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Florida

End of Watch Wednesday, April 21, 2004

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Reflections for Deputy Sheriff David Anthony Abella

Deputy Sheriff Abella,
On today, the 20th anniversary of your death I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice-not just as a Law Enforcement Officer but for our Country as well when you served with the USCG in the Persian Gulf. And to your Family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.

Semper Paratus!

BPA Mike Casey
United States Border Patrol(Retired)

April 21, 2024

We had slot of good times at Coast Guard Base Grand Isle Louisiana. Buddy you will and are missed.

Retired Coast Guard EMC Everson
Former Coastie

December 24, 2023

Rest in peace Deputy Sheriff Abella.

Rabbi Lewis S. Davis

August 3, 2023

Gone too soon Dave, but you fought the good fight . I will never forget that tragic night that you were taken from us but your Spirit endures in all who wears the badge.

1st SGT- US Army (Retired)
Master Dep. (DUI Investigator - Retired)
Hillsborough County S.O - Tampa, FL

May 11, 2023

My precious son I am so proud of the man you were on earth and the angel you are in Heaven. Although your 2 nieces and 3 nephews never met you on earth I am sure they did before they were born because they love and honor you with their whole hearts. Your nephew and namesake is graduating from the same high school and same stage you did. You are loved beyond words and missed so much every second of every day. Life is not easy without you but because of you, your family lives on to honor your legacy. Your presence is felt during every occasion . Your 2 daughters grow more beautiful everyday. God bless you our angel we love you with our whole broken hearts. Gods promise for eternal life is our hope to all be together again one day . On your 19 th Angelversary we will cry and remember happy loving memories of you.

Pamela/ Nonnie Abella
loving mom

April 20, 2023

David its been a tuff time hear without you. I miss you every day of my life much has been going on .im sure you know, because i know your watching .David love you son, please keep watcing and helping us i love you. thanks for signs always we need of day when good lord lets me go home i what to give you the longest hug my son .Love you lilDavid

David Abella
father David abella pop

November 28, 2021

My Lil' David I love and miss you so much. The waves of pain will never go away but the memories of joy you left behind will always help me overcome. Your Son is in the Navy and both of your precious daughters are now in college. You are in every conversation we have and your love is as strong from Heaven as here on Earth. Your two nieces and three nephews and entire family love you so much. I know you are watching over every one of them. Your brother is doing so well as a City of Tampa firefighter and paramedic and your sister is teaching her children. I know you are so proud of them. I see you the most when they do something funny and often tell them how much you love them and how much they are like you and would have loved knowing you here on Earth. It's Okay because each day we get closer to joining you in Heaven. God Bless you sweet precious son.

Pamela Abella
Loving broken hearted Mom

March 13, 2021

Sleep in heavenly peace

Mark Mottola

April 21, 2020

Thinking of you and your loved ones today, the 15th anniversary of your E.O.W. and Easter Sunday.

Norie Haas
Mother of Brian A. Haas

April 21, 2019

My heartfelt condolences to David Abella’s family, friends, and co-workers. I was Seaman Abella’s commanding officer on the Coast Guard Cutter Nantucket in Key West, and only today I learned from another former crewmember of David’s passing. I am still numb from the news, but I feel compelled to share some memories of David. First and foremost, he was an outstanding seaman and a great shipmate on so many levels. He demonstrated a degree of team-spirit and enthusiasm well beyond his youth. I was often in awe as I watched SN Abella and the crew in action in extreme situations, be it fighting a fire on a fishing vessel, rescuing migrants, or launching and recovering the small boat in heavy weather (a risky endeavor even in calm conditions). My favorite picture from my twenty-eight year career is of SN Abella cradling a baby in the bow of the small boat as it returned with a group of migrants to Cutter Nantucket. He was so young then! Yet, you would not know it from his maturity and team spirit. When he stood watch on the bridge, especially at night, he would talk about his family and home. His tales of old school hog hunts were hilarious. (Over the years I often shared his stories of the hog hunts.) When SN Abella transferred out, I told him that one day I would visit him just to see him finish off a hog by jumping on it with a knife. It wasn’t that I did not believe he actually put a knife in his teeth and leapt on wild hogs, but that was something I just had to see it for myself. He said he would expect me to take out a hog that same way, and I would have. I missed SN Abella when he left the ship, and I wanted to do something that would always remind him how much I appreciated his service and friendship. But I also wanted his family to know it. I sent him a framed collage of pictures of him in action on Cutter Nantucket. He called me soon after to tell me how much it meant to him and his family, and that meant so much to me. David, you are missed by so many people, and I will always be grateful that our paths crossed so many years ago.

- Your Captain and Shipmate

Richard Pineiro, LCDR (ret)
U. S. Coast Guard

January 21, 2019

My lil’ David I miss
You so
So much. When I
Not working I
Have too much time
To think. I love you so much and have you with me at all times. Your son Shawn is in the Navy and Alissa will start southeastern university soon. How wonderful that the Gold Shield gave her an 85,000. Scholarship and will support her along her journey. She also got 2000 from your memorial foundation and constant support along the way. Alexis is so precious as well. I love you my son now and forever.


July 15, 2018

David I just want to say that life is moving on at a good pace.there so much that's happen good and bad since you went home to heaven.its been fourteen years today and it sounds like many years but it feels like yesterday.i know where you are at and I thank our jesus for his resurrection and giving us a place in heaven that we could all be together again .I miss you so much .I just see the grandkids your brother vincents kids and Amanda kids everyday and i could see you just enjoying them,and them just just laughing with you the way you loved your kids and all of us. thank you David for being such a good loving son.i don't have to tell you how how much we miss you David all of us.your Your daughters Alissa and Alexis are so beautiful and 16 &17 and shawn 20 .we keep our faith and stay in his word your mom cries for you as i do .her salvation is just to have all the grand kids over and i just stay busy helping Amanda with klayton hes four and so much like you.hes smart ,funny &loving.we pray for amanda for .healing from lupus talk to jesus to heal your sister . love you David .


April 21, 2018

To David Abellas Family:

I was stationed with your son in Grand Isle, LA and I remember the first time you went to visit David. He introduced me to you. David was a good friend of mine, him and I hung out alot. I remember he would always talk about his abuela.

I thought about David today and spoke to my wife about how cool he was. So I came on this site and started reading these wonderful comments from his family and friends. My heart is still heavy for you guys and I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your sons life.

R.I.P. my brother.

Ilon Fernandez
United States Coast Guard

April 14, 2018



June 14, 2017

My dear son, I can remember the first time I ever heard your heartbeat . I thank God for every minute you spent with us on this earth. I nod my head in the wonder of how blessed I was for you to be mine. You always kept this family close together and that has never changed. The love we have for each other is forever secured in your spirit. Your 40th birthday is coming up and will be a day to remember special times and sorrow of all the days without you. When it becomes to difficult to think about we will pray and look for all the signs of nature around us that helps us remember you are near by. Hug your mamo and papo and remind them how much they are loved my sweet boy. Please Lil' David watch over your children , brother , your 3 nephews and 2 nieces. Especially watch over your baby sister. She fights all of the time to be healthy so that her Lupus will not make her sick. Your courage my son gives us the courage we need to go on. I want you back my son. I hugged my grandchildren tight and kiss them often and when I do I an feel your skin. God is so good to me and I know that I will be with you again someday and that day will be the most glorious day of my life. I love you. Happy 40th birthday sweet boy.

pamela Abella Mom
Nonnie of 8 precious grands

June 12, 2017

The Sheriffs of Florida and their deputies will never forget the sacrifice you and your family made to uphold our laws and protect society.

Your name has been inscribed on the Florida Sheriffs and the National Law Enforcement Memorial and in our hearts. May you forever rest in peace.

A scripture inscribed on the Florida Sheriffs Law Enforcement Memorial:

"Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called the children
of God." Matthew 5:9

Executive Director Steve Casey
Florida Sheriffs Association

August 20, 2016

Dear lil David,

I've heard so many amazing stories of you. Your family talks about you so much I feel as if I did get to know you personally. Vincent goes on and on about the great time you two had and how you two were unbreakable. He loves you so much i hear it in his voice and see it in his face when he talks about you. I've meet your girls and they are amazing. What beautiful smiles and presences they hold. Your parents are more than amazing. They are like my parents, they are Superheros! The love that I see from them for you, Vincent and Amanda and all the grandchildren is remarkable. Being around them and your family has allowed me to get to know you some and I am very thankful for that. I think we would have gotten alone very well from all the crazy stories Vince tells me. I want to thank you for being apart of the Brave that fight for this country and for leaving an amazing foot print on this earth. Funny how you don't even have to physical meet someone and they can touch your heart. You will live forever through the love of your family. I am so very thankful to have meet you through the love I have for Vincent. You will and always be remembered.

SM / Kristy Jo Killian

May 10, 2016

David, You were such an inspiration to work with from the day I met you through the day you lost your life protecting and serving the citizens of Hillsborough County. Since your death, I shared stories of you owning Lithia Pinecrest Road, a corridor to Polk County, and the impact you made on criminal activity. You, my friend, were an amazing deputy sheriff and friend! You will be remembered forever!

Lieutenant Darryl Wagner (Retired)
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

March 18, 2016

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."
Matthew 5:9

Marshal Chris Di Gerolamo
Federal Air Marshal Service

March 13, 2016

My precious son we woke up this morning with the horrific news about one of your deputy brothers loosing his life in an auto accident this morning. It is too unbearable to imagine. I love you so much Lil David. Your daughter Alissa went to Prom last night. She is so beautiful. She told me recently that she remembers you teaching her how to fold socks and wants to hear how you loved to brush her long hair. The love you have for all of us will last for eternity. We parked cars last week and will do so this weekend for the Strawberry Festival for your Scholarship. My heart is so heavy and I will pray for the deputy's family. I know you were there to greet him . I love you sweet son along with your loving family.


March 12, 2016

In continued honor of your ultimate sacrifice and service to Hillsborough County. A team was created in your honor for The 2015 Sheriff David Gee's Sporting Clay's Shoot Out (team 4 The Hero's). We thank you for your service to this community. We will never forget you.

Deputy A.Anderson
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

November 25, 2015

In honor of your ultimate sacrifice, heroism and service, your name was placed on the registry of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Youth Ranch Run. A cadet humbly ran the race in your honor. We thank you for your service to this community. We will never forget you.

Deputy A. Anderson
Hillsborough County Sheriff

September 22, 2014

Dear Lil David, I'm always thinking of you, and Dara and Lil Daran have gotten so big, Dara is 13 and Daran will be 10 in about a week, Patty and I are doing great. I have a another job now that I don't work weekends, so it gives me time to work with Vince, I love it because every time I'm with him, I'm always feeling you right there with us, its weird, its like you are in the conversations with us and I hear your input and opinions always, I love you with all my heart and soul, by the way, abuela cooked your fried chicken on your birthday and made you a chocolate cake, we lit candles for you and sang happy birthday, I know you were there. please take care of Tia Lucy in her time of need. I love you, Tio Daran


July 3, 2014

Dear Son, It has been ten years today that you left this Earth. I have a happy heart knowing that Mamo and Papo are with you. I thank God for choosing me to be your mom. The Love that your children have just reminds us how incredibly wonderful you still are today. You're with us in everything we do. I long for you during happy and sad times. You continue to be my strength and for as long as I have to be here I will do my best to make you proud . What a Glorious time when we all reunite again, God Bless you Sweet Angel. I love you with every beat of my heart. I know you are so proud of your family. We will always continue your legacy sweet angel.

Pamela Abella
Proud mom

April 21, 2014

David every day I think and talk about you,love you David. I will miss you every single day here on earth until the day the lord will take me to the place he has made for us.where I will be able to be with you again.David your daughters are so big, and beautiful .your mother makes sure the kids all the grandkids have you in there lives letting them know who little david is,i believe god has let them feel you in there heart .Your nephew Klayton is 10 months old and reminds me of you so much ,he stairs at me the way you did when you were his size and smart like you.Amanda says he reminds her of you. ''Your brother Vincent is a firefighter now and his kids are so big. David I wish it would of been different and all this was not true.The way time is moving I just cant believe its been 10yrs,it feels like yesterday I love you son forever. thank you jesus for our son david and the faith that carries me day by you David .


April 21, 2014

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