LODD Mapping FAQs

ODMP has undertaken a project to map all American law enforcement line of duty deaths throughout the world. Maps depicting an approximate location of where a line of duty death occurred now appear on the ODMP website within individual memorials and agency memorials, and within the ODMP Mobile App.

Why is ODMP undertaking a LODD mapping project?

We believe that displaying where LODDs have occurred will help bring renewed interest to honoring our fallen heroes by allowing visitors to explore and discover line of duty deaths in geographic areas important to them. They may not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about these fallen heroes without seeing where the incident occurred.

Further, we believe that officers and agencies from individual agencies can use this information to better understand where clusters have LODDs have occurred, and determine why, in order to prevent future LODDs.

Why aren't all LODDs mapped?

As of December 2017, approximately 25% of the memorials on ODMP have been updated with an approximate location of the incident in which an officer was fatally injured. Work continues to update more memorials every single day.

Why aren't any LODDs appearing on my agency's memorial?

If your agency's memorial is not displaying where LODDs occurred, it is because we have not yet updated the individual memorials of your agency's fallen officer(s). To speed up the process, you can submit the information by using the Suggest Updates link on an officer's memorial, and providing the relevant incident location information.

How accurate are the published locations?

Location information is much more accurate for contemporary line of duty deaths versus historic line of duty deaths. Likewise, location information is much more accurate for LODDs that occurred in metropolitan areas versus rural areas.

Why is the agency's address showing as the incident location on an officer's memorial?

By default, if the officer's memorial hasn't been updated with an incident location yet, or if the location isn't known, then the agency's headquarters address will be used instead.

How can I update an officer's memorial with location information?

Visit the officer's memorial and click on the Suggest Updates link in the Page Actions section. Please use as precise a location as possible, such as an exact street address, intersection cross streets, or a well known landmark. If an exact location is not known, please as close of an approximate location as possible.