Honoring Officers Killed in 1930

Patrolman Otto Brown

Bellingham Police Department, WA

EOW: Wednesday, January 8, 1930

Cause: Motorcycle crash

Patrolman John Gruber

Louisville Police Department, KY

EOW: Monday, January 27, 1930

Cause: Vehicular assault

Patrolman Fred Glover

New York Central Railroad Police Department, RR

EOW: Sunday, February 16, 1930

Cause: Struck by train

Game Warden Joseph Twaddle

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Enforcement Division, MN

EOW: Friday, April 25, 1930

Cause: Struck by train

Guard Harry McVay

Rhode Island Department of Corrections, RI

EOW: Friday, April 25, 1930

Cause: Gunfire

Inspector Egbert Ellison

United States Department of the Treasury - United States Customs Service, US

EOW: Saturday, August 9, 1930

Cause: Gunfire

Inspector Thomas Allen Belt

Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles - Enforcement Division, VA

EOW: Monday, August 18, 1930

Cause: Motorcycle crash

Officer George Rogers

Honolulu Police Department, HI

EOW: Wednesday, September 10, 1930

Cause: Motorcycle crash

Sergeant William Hall

West Virginia State Police, WV

EOW: Saturday, October 18, 1930

Cause: Motorcycle crash

Officer Lewis Tanner

Daytona Beach Police Department, FL

EOW: Sunday, October 26, 1930

Cause: Vehicular assault

Sheriff Frank S. Metzel

Madison County Sheriff's Office, MT

EOW: Monday, October 27, 1930

Cause: Gunfire (Inadvertent)

Patrolman Grover Wolf

McKees Rocks Borough Police Department, PA

EOW: Friday, November 14, 1930

Cause: Gunfire

Patrolman Walter Senk

New York City Police Department, NY

EOW: Saturday, November 22, 1930

Cause: Motorcycle crash

Officer J. D. Landry

Houston Police Department, TX

EOW: Wednesday, December 3, 1930

Cause: Motorcycle crash

Special Agent Asa Hawkins

United States Department of Justice - Bureau of Prohibition, US

EOW: Saturday, December 20, 1930

Cause: Gunfire