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Police Officer Kenneth L. Collings

Phoenix Police Department, Arizona

End of Watch Friday, May 27, 1988

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Reflections for Police Officer Kenneth L. Collings

I didn't know Ken. But he is a brother. I graduated from the Phoenix Regional Police Academy almost exactly two years to the day prior to Ken's death. His funeral was the first in the line of duty death I attended. It affected me profoundly and I have never forgot his name. After having been retired now for seven years, I was reflecting on my career. Ken came to mind. I made it to retirement while he and his family were robbed of that opportunity. Ken's sacrifice is not forgotten. I pray he and his family are at peace.

Detective Matt Harris
Tempe Police Department - Retired

June 13, 2021

I am a author to a book series The Dead and the Bizarre are here and all around us Final Chapter 4 . I am dedicating the brave police officer who gave his life up protecting us while we work and sleep. I don't want his family to think that he's forgotten and what he did one day helping his fellow brother out. A story about him will be in my book and will be read around the world. Please write to me at my email address if you have a wonderful head and shoulder photo with his uniform on to be present in my book of acknowledgements. God rest his soul and you will be remembered from the time this book gets published and for the next 70s on the book shelves all around the world.

David Landry
Department of Defense Federal Police Officer Retired

March 19, 2021

I never knew this page existed until my wife came across it today. She was making a wallet size print of a picture Ken and I took together to give to my son Mark Kenneth, who is going into the Marine Corps officer candidate school in a few weeks. We gave him Ken's name and told him of the great times we had together. Mark went to law school at George Washington University in D.C. and visited the police memorial numerous times. He is going to be a Marine JAG lawyer and he wanted inspiration to make it through the various camps. I can't think of anyone more representative of the Marine values of honor,courage,and commitment then Ken. I know when my son looks at his picture it will give him the inspiration to make it through. I miss everyone I see posted. Take care all.

Paul Webb
Phoenix PD retired

August 9, 2020

Rest in peace Officer Collings.

Rabbi Lewis S. Davis

August 14, 2019

Ken and I first met while stationed together overseas in the Marine Corps. We spent a couple of years together there and forged a strong friendship. He was a squared away Marine and a barrel of fun to be around. After the Corps we semi stayed in touch and he came to visit me in the New Orleans area just a few moths before his murder. Myself and several other Marines were at his funeral. Ken ol’ boy it has been going on 45 years since we first met. We both chose the same path in life but yours got cut short. I never have forgotten you and I never will. Semper Fi Devil Dog........

Lt. Carl Bennett
Louisiana State Police

August 3, 2019

Just wanted to let folks know that Kenny is still remembered. Kenny, Eddie, Paul, J. P., and I had a blast on and off duty. Kenny treated everyone with respect and loved the job. Still think about Kenny and that cool smile he had. Timmy Taylor recently sent me a "Fallen but not Forgotten" shirt in his honor. I proudly wear it often and say he was my friend.

Jim Gibbs
Phoenix PD

July 7, 2019

It’s hard to believe it’s been 31 years since this happened. That was a horrible day for all of us. I worked the 400 Precinct with Ken and enjoyed seeing him on calls and talking after our shift. He loved going to Vegas and always had great stories. We miss you brother

Sergeant (Ret) Chuck Mount
Phoenix PD

May 27, 2019

kenny thinking of you always... this time of year is always hard... i miss you so very much, i think even more as time goes by,as your nieces and nephews grow, marry and have kids of their own. they all know you through us, and you know, my favorite brother, you will never be forgotten so long as we live. not even then. i believe you are with mommie and daddy and kitty, i love you all. i tell them that in prayer all the time, but you remind them, ok. i dont want to end this but i must ken, im having some trouble seeing the keys. i will see you soon. love always ,always,

kim tagani

November 28, 2018

Proudly mailed my NO PAROLE letter today. To the family, friends and colleagues of Officer Collings: I am sorry that you have to re-live your pain. Officer Collings, Thank You for your service and sacrifice! You are not forgotten.

Proud to Support All L.E.O.’s
Married to a Corrections Deputy

June 18, 2018

Kenny I still miss you to this day. We had some great times on and off duty you were the best. Thanks for watching over me during my career. Till we meet again.

Officer Eddie Rizo
Phoenix Pd (squad mate)

May 25, 2017

Dearest sister Kim,
I think of your brother each year, I was there on that tragic day. I still cry around this time of year as I am for you today after reading your birthday tribute to your favorite brother.
He was so brave, you should have seen him.
Love to you and your family,

Linda white
Was there

May 17, 2017

happy birthday my favorite brother! i have been up most of the night( as usual ) anyway, i could not let this day go by without my heart happy you were born. you just left me to soon. i know will never heal from that heal from that tragic event. but then you know me and how i am. more officers have recently been murdered and my heart cries for them. i pray all the time for for the law enforcement in our country, all over the world, for that matter. i pray that all your brothers in blue, who were so very wonderful to us, are all happy and healthy. they also loved you , but you know that. how did i ever get this old ? my wonderful friend from edon house keep asking each other that! its amazing that she and i are only a few left. most are gone already. but i know you and will be together soon. then maybe we can raise some mischief in heaven! ha ha ha i know you'd be up to a little fun with me. i miss you soooo much and somehow i know you hear me. love you love you love you

kim(howes) tagani`

November 10, 2016

hello again brother. still, not one day goes by without me thinking of you. it shall be your birthday soon and i remember your 10th so vividly. you were at my and big garys' wedding. sadly he is also with you. actually, i should say joyfully, for i know you are both with our Father in heaven. Think not for one minute that you will as soon see my face for i would not for one minute , if possible be without you. life is a bitch and you are really heavy on my mind these days. perhaps that means something, i don't know. what i do know is that you are forever with me, you are my favorite brother(private joke) and always i carry you with me,not close to my heart, but you are my heart. Can't think more, my eyes can't see so well. But to you my tears are heard and you know how dearly i love you. kim

kim tagani

October 23, 2016

Hey Ken, another sleepless night and thinking of you again. Nothing new. I am so very grateful to all of you who still remember what a great man and officer you were. I often look at this page and I notice a lot of people are still writing in your honor. I thank each and every one of them who continue to do that. It reinforces my belief that there are still good people out there who don't forget. Many still care and sound like they always will. I think maybe all the officer shootings lately are bringing to mind the pain and suffering those families will go through. I pray the Father gives them some peace. They will, sadly, soon realize there is no such thing as 'closure'. I dislike that word. It implies that some day you shall be able to 'shut the books' I can't and I am not an exception, I'm sure. My deepest sympathies go to each and every survivor out there. I wish I had some sage advise for you who have lost so much, I don't. I pray also that all those families keep the faith and remember you also will be together with your loved ones when the time comes. Last but not least, I love you Ken and I learned long ago to always let those words be the last words I speak to anyone I do love. They were to you, and still are.

kim tagani

July 26, 2016

hey brother its me your sister and friend i still think of you all the time and now a lot of good memories come flooding when i need them most! but i miss you most of all, always will, i guess. still have pics all over house and i just love your smile. still cant figure out how you aren't here. you remain always in my heart and to tell you the truth i cant wait till we are together again,but all in Gods time. all the bad things going on in the world, all the other officers being gunned down-shit my heart breaks for all those families all over the world.if they read this please know my prayers are with you all. as some one has already said, blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall see the face of God. i'm starting to not be able to see the keys now so i have to go but i love you SO much,jeez, i miss my favorite brother. even if i had another, you would STILL be my favorite! see you soon and always in my heart,kim

kim tagani

July 15, 2016

I still think about you and remember what a kind man you were. I worked at a convenience store and you would come in and check on us. I always felt safe knowing you were around. I always looked forward to you coming in. You always had a smile and a glimmer in your eye. You loved what you did and you were so good at it. I am honored that I knew you - God Bless you and may you be at peace.


June 22, 2016

Please say a prayer for Officer Ken Collings. We lost this officer in the line of duty on May 27, 1988, another tragic day that Phoenix Police Officers unfortunately remember all too well. Rest in Peace Sir- you will never be forgotten.

Susan Parker
Phx P.D. - Retired

May 29, 2016

I can't believe it's been 28 years; I can still hear your voice like it was yesterday. I'm still heartbroken.

Phyllis Flores

May 27, 2016

Officer Kenneth Collings was a friend and a colleague. I was a personal banker at the Valley National Bank of AZ on that fateful Friday. I had seen the perpatrators the day before. They came into the branch through the door on the east side facing 21st avenue. I asked them if I could help them and they said no in Spanish.

The next afternoon when Ken would have normally been in the bank lobby he was in the break room enjoying some food at the potluck we had that day when the takedown robbery occurred.

One of the bank tellers broke protocol and entered through the south back door and alerted Ken that we were being robbed. When the robbers exited we had jobs to perform. Mine was to lock the exit door on the east side.

Ken almost knocked me over while trying to get out. I told him they had guns but he was already out the door. He shouted for them to stop and shot once in the air. They both returned fire. Ken had taken cover behind the side of a bed of an old double steel walled Ford pickup.

They had armor piercing bullets and Ken received a wound to the forehead. He passed a few hours later. Ken had a premonition and a few weeks earlier had told the operations manager that he was considering not being our Friday afternoon Phoenix police officer.

The Friday before the robbery he had agreed to continue on because of the family like friendship he has with us.

I miss Ken and always have since that day. He was truly a part of the family of employees at that Valley National Bank Branch.

I was one of the witnesses many years later at the trial of the robber that escaped initial capture.

Ken has been and will always be a part of my life and I will always be greatful to have been a friend and colloeagu

Personal Banker, Kevin L. Dunn
Colleague and friend at V.N.B.

May 20, 2016

I remember standing with all the supporters and Ken's finace in the FOP watching the news reports.
Channel 5 made it a point to interview the suspects family. How the media how sorry they were all the while sneaking the suspect out of the country.

Ken was a good friend and an excellent officer. I tip my hat to the prosecutors office and investigators for finally bring the guilty to justice.

Rest in Peace.

Officer G.M. Fuller
Phoenix PD

May 29, 2015

Time may have passed but you are not forgotten. I believe as long as someone remembers you or speaks your name, you are still with us.
Thank you for your heroism.
God Bless

Detention Officer A.Zambito

May 27, 2015

Dear Kenny:

I feel your spirit visit with me. I am prompted to summon up the courage and determination to go on, and I am reminded of what a reliable, brave human being you were who regularly helped others. You were the BEST Phoenix police officer and Ortega, Garcia, and the rest really should admit to this. Alas, you know how rumors are.

I know that you are restless for the fire fighter responsible for a group of extorters harassing, tormenting, driving your sister Kitty to suicide and those covering for the fire fighter to be brought to justice. You inspire me to do my best to not let that fire fighter's cohorts manslaughter me as well before everyone involved has been apprehended.

Merry Christmas to the spirits!

In The Name Of God

December 17, 2014

loving and missing you always,my favorite brother! :)

kim tagani, sister

March 10, 2014

thinking of you its 2014! love and miss you so,always remember,you are in my thoughts and heart, I know you are safe now, in the hands of The Father in good company never forget our times together, kim

no rank, kim

January 5, 2014

Kenny I just wrote this long letter to you, my favorite brother,(seriously, how long did that one take to get?)anyway my friend stopped by and had to show me again how to get to the other comments left by others,and i'll tell you, its amazing Kenny, you were truly loved by many. a beautiful legacy you left. I'm proud to be your sister.You are everything I always knew you to be.I wear the shirts you gave me all the time. You have no idea how often I got asked when was I in the Marines(this was when I was younger, of course)and as badly as I wanted to kid with them, I was always so proud of you, I had to talk about you. anyway, this real nice officer got me to the site I wanted to see. He reminds me of you, kind of. Really caring, really nice, proud to be a cop and seems like the kind of man who should be in law enforcement. Not at all the scary kind where you go like, oh, my God, who the hell gave this guy a gun and a badge. you know what I mean, we used to talk about that stuff. I like this guy,he seems to be what law enforcement officers should be made of. He knows(kind of) all the heartache Phil has put me through, and is good enough to check up on the situation.Well,Kenny, i'm getting tired. you would be shocked to see my house. and i'm getting to damn old to do it like we used to. talk soon, my friend , I miss you so much.Damn...well, soon enough kiddo. love, your sister, (you know, the wacky one...LOL....)kim

no rank, kim

December 23, 2013

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