Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Patrolman Alexander Edward Thalmann

New Bern Police Department, North Carolina

End of Watch Monday, March 31, 2014

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Reflections for Patrolman Alexander Edward Thalmann

A colleague of mine informed me of your story. Reading through the details of this tragedy truly saddens me. Most people will never know the amount of compassion, strength and tolerance it takes to serve others. Most people would never dream of taking the responsibility to answer the call. Thank you brother for your service and please continue to watch over all of us who carry on.

SA W. Brown

March 28, 2017

Friday Feb. 3, 2017 is you 25th Birthday. It is so lonely without you.

Last year when I put this on Facebook you got lots of "Happy Birthdays". I was so uncomfortable that this year I probably won't share.

Miko, your buddy, is here with me and he looks after me like a Nanny. He misses you like crazy.

I love you. I want you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

February 1, 2017

My Beautiful Boy Alex, this is the 2nd Christmas without you and trust me when I say it has not become any easier.

I miss your beautiful face that beamed every year as I would tease you with presents, opening some before Christmas because I couldn't wait.

I loved watching your reaction when I actually got you something you wanted and we would hug and laugh and then go try it out.

Impossible for me to tell you how much I miss you my Love, there are simply no words.

I wake up every day my first though going to that you are no longer here. I am not being as eloquent as I would like to be because whenever I think of you it tears a bit at my soul each time. I still cry. Yes my Baby I still cry because I will never see you again, but my love for you has only grown. I love you my Beautiful Boy. Mom

Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

December 24, 2016

It seems like everything triggers a memory about you around this time of year. Sometimes I run out of things to say but I never run out of things to think about. We're trying to stay motivated but every busy night feels like an average night with you on the shift. I think about you all the time, bro. Miss you, bro...but you knew that.

MPOII Nicholas Rhodes
New Bern Police Department

December 1, 2016

There's not a day that goes by where I don't think about you. You have made me a better and smarter Police Officer. I talk about you every chance I get to keep your legacy alive and to show people that tragedies can strike at anytime. Thank you for watching over everyone Alex. RIP #190

Police Officer R. Harrell

October 13, 2016

I've tried typing so many things and I delete them, but you always did. Love you and miss you terribly. Please watch out for him.



March 31, 2016

My Beautiful Alex,

There is no other way to express this, I miss you, I love you, I want you back.

2 years.

Alex, if your sole reason on this Earth was to bring me joy you fulfilled your role.

That you reached out to others with caring and compassion is just a small part of who you were.

You were my World, my Baby, my future. Now with you gone, I still wonder, even after all this time how I am supposed to find the answer to the puzzle of why you were taken.

Try as I might, I have not been able to answer this question and it haunts me. I have tried letting go of the question but there are times I am consumed by it.

Your life, so brief, so brilliant took me to places I had only hoped I would go. We did it together my Love and throughout the short years I had you I experienced a joy few people have.

Alex, you are MY reason for being here and having you in my life was a privilege. I love you, forever.


Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

March 31, 2016

Today is the 31st. Two years.

Sometimes we think of the Thin Blue Line as only representing sworn officers, but on days like today we'd like to think those in Communications are right there with you all to stand between the light and the darkness.

For those of us that had the pleasure, and honor, to meet and work with you, this will be a day that we all remember.

From your brothers and sisters behind the scene, and on the airwaves, you will forever be in our hearts and minds.

I know we will never forget.

Telecommunicators (Dispatchers)

March 31, 2016

Today is the day you were shot. I can't think of anything else. All I know is I miss and love you.


Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

March 28, 2016

Today is Valentines Day 2016.

In the short 45 days of this year, 10 Police Officers and 8 K9 Officers have been killed.

I want desperately to write on each one of these Memorials of the despair and pain I feel each time I read about another Officer Down.

It may be, other NON intended victims were caught in the crossfire. For this too I am deeply saddened.

I cannot fathom why violence in our Country is so rampant and yes, so accepted.

I remember telling you when you were growing up I would rather you see non-violent soft Porn than have you believe violence brings more pleasure. I remember taking you to the Cemetery where you are now buried and explaining to you that only in video games and movies do the dead guys get up again to fight. We rode our bikes there. We sat on an old Tombstone at the top of the small hill and discussed death and what it really is. Was this an omen for me of things to come? I wonder.

You were an anti bully advocate and proved yourself on film in your HS cafeteria when a kid jumped up on the table in front of a girl sitting alone and you came to her defense. This is a true sign of what it is to be a Man.

I guess what I'm getting at Alex is somehow I instilled in you the concept of humanity and how wonderful it feels to be a humanitarian. I am over the Moon PROUD of you my Beautiful Boy.

Following in your philanthropical way, you decided to become a Protector, a Police Officer. I was beyond proud of you there is no praise higher I can think of.

I was always fearful as a Marine Reserve you may be called up by these crazy Politicians and I would lose you in some foreign Land.

Never and I mean never did I even entertain the thought you would be killed at work. Never, and then it happened.

I never want another Officers' family to have to go through what I did. It is tremendously difficult if not impossible at times for me to figure out why I am still here and not you, my Alex.

Alex knew I was and am not a conventional Religion person but in my own way I do pray for and continue to pray for peace.

Alex, I kiss you everyday, I have your babyhood fake
stuffed Rat, I have your beautiful dog Miko and I have memories.

I would do anything to turn back the time. You my Beloved Alex were the most important event in my life. I love you. I will always love you. I am so blessed to be your Mom.

Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

February 15, 2016

I went up to see you on February 3, 2016. You are 24.

I finally got the nerve to go through all your childhood photos. The are hundreds, of course. All these brought me reeling into remembering all our trips together, the silliness of driving the blameless riding mower around the yard and racing with you after I got a new one.

I remember how you lost it when I got the first motorhome we owned stuck solidly in the mud on the front lawn after a protracted rain.

I was thinking about your BMX days. You scared the hell out of me child with all your tricks and bravado. But you managed to survive that.

Ahhhh, paint ball days. Well that certainly was a lot of money well spent on a hobby lasting about 2 months.

When I found you duffel bag, it was full of paint ball guns in pieces, and oh yeah there is that full 8lb. box of paintballs. I was talking to Nick (Bundy) the other night, he has the same duffel bag full of the same stuff. Imagine that.

I want you to know I am very well taken care of by my friends and some of yours. Graham Young is there to help me at a moments notice as well as some of the other boys you grew up with.

Denise feeds me at least once a week and her company is always delightful. Donald and I try to outdo each other at Jeopardy. Christine came back into my life after you died and has been there rock steady ever since.

Your Police Department keeps regular tabs on me. Chief Summers calls me at least once a week and we go to lunch sometimes.

I miss you like crazy my Love. Instead of not having you here now, I am cherishing the short years I had you.

Nick Rhodes made a beautiful cross put at the right front corner of your Angel. He loved you.

Your photos are all about my bedroom and kitchen. Everyday I pick up the one of you and Miko in your bed and kiss you. You are so beautiful in that photo. Last photo I took of you.

I don't have anything profound to say to you or about you Alex. Just, the very same as always. I love you my Beautiful Boy, I miss you my Beloved Son and I will always be your Mom.

Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

February 10, 2016

Hey, bro. Wishing you a happy birthday today.

Police Officer
New Bern Police Department

February 3, 2016

I miss you like crazy, man. Holidays are hard but that's not anything new. Got stuck with HTF this year but the desire to hit the street and find something else to do was strong this year. Think of you every time I call in a stop or go to search a car. Maybe it's healthy, maybe it isn't but you've become the motivation to do a lot of what I do at work now. Nothing is the same without you. Brad and I try our best to keep the shift busy like you did. Keeping your memory alive every chance that I get.

Love you buddy.

Officer Nicholas Rhodes
New Bern Police Department

December 27, 2015

My second Christmas without you. I am remembering the 21 Christmases we had. I can see the joy on your face and hear the excitement in your voice. I have always been struck by what an absolutely beautiful child to man you were. My love for you has never been deeper. Missing you.

Love ,

Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

December 25, 2015

Today my sweet Alex, the Washington, NC Police Department dedicated a swing in your name on the Washington waterfront.

All donations for the swing came from Police Officers. Chief Toussant Summers of New Bern and Chief Stacy Langford of Washington as well as the Mayor, the City Manager, Washington PD members, Beaufort County Sheriffs, New Bern PD members and other 1st responders were there.

They put the swing in one of your favorite spots.

I am so proud you impacted so many lives in your brief life. You were admired by so many and remembered as an endearing, honest, dedicated human being and friend.

I love you baby. Miss you just as much. Love Mom

Stacey Thalmann

August 18, 2015

As I read all these reflections (and I mean ALL) I cannot help but get teary eyed from the comments that were made about this great young man from his friends and his mother. He was one hell of a person and police officer. I'm currently in the process trying to become an NYPD officer and I hope to be half the person/officer he was. May you sleep in peace Officer Thalmann and may you keep all your loved ones safe.

NYPD candidate Joe Collazo

August 2, 2015

Hey man, all is good here. Work is work lol. I wish you were here to go after me and Nick in arrests. You were always a hard worker. A group of us went to the ceremony in DC. Your name is now on the wall and it was a very emotional yet humbling experience. I've started a tattoo sleeve in your memory and it's coming together. Continue watching over us like I know you do. Until we meet again buddy.

Police Officer Robert Harrell
New Bern Police Department

July 7, 2015

Mothers Day again. I love you with all my heart and soul. I miss you every day and always will.

I am so proud to be your Mom, you never disappointed me, not ever.

Love forever, Mom

Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

May 10, 2015

Hey buddy, as you are well aware, the beautiful memorials are starting up, remembering you, honoring you and you deserve so much more. I keep a watchful eye on your Mom, the best I can, she is amazing and one can understand how and why you loved her so much. We all think of you a lot and miss your smile around PD. May 5th will be the NC Memorial, then comes the National Memorial I pray it honors you well. Your Mom has been a busy women attending all the events and I witness first hand how emotionally hard it is on her, she is truly a strong person who wants everyone to know of you and how great you are. We will always remember you, forever!!!

Sgt. Jason Williams
New Bern Police Dept.

April 16, 2015

I'm off by about 2 weeks and I meant to comment here on your 1 year but I have forgotten. Officer Thalmann I never knew your personally but from reading the comments I can see you were a kind, caring and good police officer. Your life was taken away too soon, and you will forever live on in memory. I aspire to be like you one day, as I'm a police explorer now. Rest in peace Officer Alexander E. Thalmann

Explorer, CPD.

April 15, 2015

One year. I love you love you love you .


Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

April 1, 2015

If the saying "time heals all wounds" holds true I'm guessing I'll need some more time. It's been a year now but somehow your name or a memory of you manages to come up every single day. When I hear your name being used in conversation I have to pause. It's even worse when I hear the beginning numbers "one ninety" from one of the new guys on the radio. I know in my head it isn't right but for a split second I think it's you and at this point I'm thinking that won't ever go away.

One moment it feels like that night was a decade ago and the next it's like it just happened. It still doesn't make sense. It still hurts. I still can't believe you're gone and I think about it all the time. Attempts at putting everything from that night in to chronological order end with a jumbled mess of memories I wish I didn't have. Home life and work have collectively changed. Simple things and otherwise. I can remember being younger and enjoying the peace of a rainy day but now every time it rains I beg for it to stop. It reminds me of that first drive to Vidant the night it happened. I've gotten two middle-of-the-night phone calls from work since we lost you and both times I panicked as the phone rang.

The shift has 4 new faces now and a few more from our team have been moved elsewhere. Night shift is nothing like it was. It takes all four rookies to initiate the amount of stuff you did. I laugh when I hear them say they had a "busy" night thinking they "don't even know".

Your number has been retired and rightfully so. A memorial was moved to the station and your name is etched in to the stone that is proudly on display at the front of the PD. A lot of us visit it from time to time. A challenge coin was made in your memory and given to the people who tried to help you (and all of us) that night. A decal was made with your call number on it and there isn't a vehicle that I drive that doesn't get one. The support from other agencies continues as a lot of county cars have the decal too. The policy was finally changed that makes it easier to do what you and I talked about on Pavie. And some of us have tattoos that are in the works.

I'm keeping my word. Nobody coming on hasn't heard about you. Those that never got to meet you have heard the stories. The ride-alongs hear it and the new guys hear it.

In a little over a month your name is making it on to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial wall in Washington D.C. We'll be there. In uniform. Gloves on and boots shined. We'll be saluting you knowing that you're saluting us back. We're still strong for you brother. Even when it feels like we can't be. Love you man.

MPOI Nicholas Rhodes
New Bern Police Department

March 26, 2015

I met you once , I was in BLET when you left us , I was taken back by this but our instructors kept us strong. You were my motivation when I was running , I completed my POPAT in 505 because , I kept you in my mind. Its almost a year and several officers have lost their lives this year , its hard to accept but LEO are the hunted more and more everyday. Please watch over all the family in BLUE. We haven't forgotten you. May you continue to Rest In Peace.

Inactive Michael James
Former Pamlico Reserve Deputy

March 12, 2015

Hey man.
It's closing in on 1 year since you left us. Man it hasn't gotten any easier. I still break down and cry as if it was yesterday when this tragedy struck. You are my motivation when I feel like I'm struggling or having a heard time. Keep an eye on us down here and I hope to see you one day. RIP NB 190

Officer Robert Harrell
New Bern Police Department

March 10, 2015

Baby, not a day has gone by since you died that I have not wept. I look at your photos and remember how happy we were and how silly you could be.

Alex, my beautiful boy, I will love you even beyond my own death whenever that is.

I long to hug and kiss you. I miss you Alex. You are the best thing I have ever done.

Love, Mom

Stacey Thalmann
Loving Mother of Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann
New Bern Police Department, NC EOW 03/31/2014

February 8, 2015

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