Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Deputy Sheriff Joshua Everett Norris

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana

End of Watch Thursday, July 5, 2007

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Reflections for Deputy Sheriff Joshua Everett Norris

Hay little brother you have been on my mind a lot lately. I miss your smile and the way you would pick on you brothers. Just know you are always in our hearts!! Love you!!

M'Chelle Calvert, Sister

January 27, 2012

Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. My thoughts and wishes are with you and your family. I didn't know you, but I do know you are a hero.


January 27, 2012

I saw this guy on an episode of Rookies. It was a shock to me when i seen at the end of this episode what had happened. It is very saddening to all. RIP Josh

Tyler Franklin

January 26, 2012

Well son everyone is getting ready for the carnival season, the other day was walking La Salle park with Beth and saw the Bike guys recertifying in Zephyr parking lot. When riding we always would get a crowd watching us go through our obstacle course or just during the parade and doing figure 8's or turns before the parade started. Looking from the outside now, can see the draw watching someone ride a Harley through some of cone obstacles. Will say that is something I miss, the riding part. The area is heating up, just this year the department has had three incidents already which required an officer to return fire. The days of hand to cuff look like something in the pass and the guys on the job are facing a element that does not think twice drawing on an officer. Being a cop was always dangerous, but now even more. Hopefully the guys on the force can drive it down again as we did in the 90's. Most of the criminals are going from the New Orleans area, so if the force stands tough and our court system prosecutes, possible keep them out of parish or start thinking twice drawing on a JP. As with any day, you are on my mind and wish God would have allowed you some more time with us. Thank care boy.

John Latour

January 26, 2012

Well Boy the Tigers did not fair that well in the BCS, but always next year. From the news, looks like the guys on the east bank had some excitement with a carjacking. Sad to see any loss of life, put glad no deputies were hurt or lost during the altercation. Saw Adam the other day after getting surgery on the shoulder, was kind of doped up and hurting so was not in the mood to chew the fat. Just wanted Beth to get me home and go to sleep. He is looking good and trimmed down a little. Kids will do that to you, not sure where you would have lost it if you had kids, being only a buck 25 at best soaking wet boy. Guess I'm losing it since I talk to your dog Duke like he understands what the hell I'm saying. That white beast follows me around when Jess is not at home and still has to get into the garden like when he was little. Still want to slap both you and Jess for bringing that animal to my house, but he is a good dog. Your pal Eric is doing better and possible can go home in Feb, but will still need allot of help. Christen is due around the same time and bless her heart will have a handful with both. Still praying that Eric improves more, so he can hold his son once he is born. He is sitting in a wheel car, but still extremely limited what he can do and keeping the faith that he will improve more. Just wanted to leave a note that you are on my mine son and I will never forget you.

Deputy Meunier
Not sure if we crossed paths when I was with the department and if so sorry if I do not recognize the name. Thanks for the words and you guys be safe out there. I still feel the department is made up of some of the best police officers on the job. Glad we shared the same uniform.

John Latour

January 11, 2012

i missed you kiddo. happy 2012!

Lots of love!

Auntie D

January 2, 2012


It looks like you've got quite the following of fans from the Rookies show. You have truly been an inspiration to many and your passing has not been forgotten. I still think of you often as I patrol the 2nd district. I know many people are wondering where you'd be in your career right now and I'm sure you'd be on your way to the top. Others might not know this but some of the people you shared the show with are now Detectives and even Field Training Officers themselves. I'm sure you'd be right there along side of them.

Keep an eye on us brother. We've got your watch from here.

Mr. Latour, your connection with Josh is strong and I know he hears everything you have to say. He's definitely watching over you and your family. He was a great cop and an even better person.

Deputy S. Meunier
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

January 2, 2012

This horrible tragedy hits home with me. I am a Communications Deputy (dispatcher) since 2001. In this profession, we are all brothers and sisters. I cannot imagine losing one of "my guys or gals" in blue during my watch.

My husband is a Criminial Patrol Deputy, even though I worry about him, I realize that this profession lives in us day in and day out. I believe that God chose this profession for us. When a dispatcher hears 108 or shots fired when a deputy is on scene, your heart stops and you go into a mode you never thought you had. You always think, what could I have done differently? What went wrong? These are the same yet different emotions that our patrol units get to a scene and something horrible has happened.

Deputy Norris and to your family, I will continue to say a prayer for you as I have done since 2007, when this nightmare began for your family. May you continue to be an "Angel in Heaven that watchs over us in Blue".

Communications Deputy

December 30, 2011

Like so many others, i was watching the episode of Rookies that Officer Norris was on. Me and my wife were watching it together and she was testing me as the show went on as i am in the hiring process Metro Nashville Police. At the end of the show we were silent. I have always known that this will be a dangerous job but i have never really associated it with myself, and my family. The look, and the tears on my wifes face is something i will never forget. I went to bed and woke up thinking about Josh.. His face has been burned in my head since. i have always told myself, 'yes, it could happen to me'. It wasnt until i saw his story that i really put myslef in his shoes. i have been reading ALL of these posts and crying.. you have touched me in a ways that training could never.

His Family,
There are no words.. I hope you can find some kind of peace knowing that Josh has touched so many people. he has really touched my heart and i will never forget him. I will continue to pass his story along to others and he will continue to live thru all of us. there is only so much i can know about him from the show, but even i could tell he was an amazing person and had so much to offer to this world. he wanted to help people, and even now he most certainly is. his story is saving lives. You have sacrificed so much and i hope that God can ease your pain. you are all in my prayers this holiday season.

Nashville, Tennessee

December 19, 2011

Well looks like Eric is showing improvements, he is starting to say a few words and breathing on his own, Figure you and Kevin was there making sure he came back to Kristen and the baby as God worked his miracle. It will be a hard road to get back to any type of normal life, but I know the fight is in him. Have not visited him since the accident, but told Beth want to swing by to see him and Kristen, since figured the well wishes probably thinned out with the holidays. Talking about the holidays, the madness is beginning at the house and went to the Mall with Beth the other day. I cannot go into it without thinking of you and that first detail you worked with me there after getting out the academy. Talked to a couple of the guys working the Christmas detail I know and man has the department changed since leaving almost 3 years now. I never notice how fast the turnover was when on the job. I always wonder where you would be at, what stories you would have had by now. Was think the other day of when you got into your first foot pursuit, how excited you were to sit at the table that evening an recount the events at dinner with us. Your pal Timmy Power has been around the house again to see Amber, he is a firemen now. He said that the folks in his district say that everyone loves firemen since they save their stuff, but not the Police since they take their dope and arrest them. Figure watching you two going back and fourth on ya'lls chosen professions would have been very entertaining. Kid you would have been a great cop and had unlimited potential, since you truly had the desire to help people, which is lost sometime to those in uniform. But you would also would have been a great husband and father as well. Just thinking of you at the holidays, Beth still has your stocking from when you lived with us and leaves a prayer in each year. Take care boy

Retired Deputy John Latour
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

December 15, 2011

I am so grateful to see that your family still turns to this site to speak to you...Very very loving, and caring among the rest...I have posted on here before as well, but again tonight I chose to watch you on Rookies once more, to remind myself of the dangers we all face form day to day...Knowing you paid the ultimate price reminds us all of the job that we do...Keep a watch over us Brother, we need all the eyes we can get...

Godspeed Brother...

K. Jarrell
High Point Police Department

December 14, 2011

Well Boy

On my mind this morning and hope you are asking the big guy to help Eric with his recovery. Just cannot believe out of the 6 of you boys, two of you have left us and now Eric being hurt on the job. Had to head to DC for work and one evening went passed the Police Memorial to see your name again. Funny how you grab on things like a name on a wall. Son need you stand by Eric's side, been praying ever night for him and hoping he will come around by the time his son is born. Matt and Tara has informed us that we will be grandparents again. As much as these words and just hearing Lil Matt and Katherine voices raise my spirits, still hurts to wonder what if is you and Jess had kids. Miss you boy and again proud to have known you and if Beth and I had a son, would want him to have the same qualities you had.

John Latour

December 1, 2011

Josh.. I watched your story on Rookies when it first aired. found it again on Netflix and though it breaks my heart I watched it again. My sincerest condolences to your family and fellow Deputies.

Deputy Sheriff/Detective RJ Neville

November 16, 2011

I just watched your episode of ROOKIES and my heart sank when I read the last entry at the end of the episode. I recently decided that I wanted a career in law enforcement office in Tampa however watching your episode did give me pause. When I do get my badge I will remember your sacrifice for your community and learn from it. Your murder will help countless other officers be safer and better equipped to handle the same situations. Thank you for your great service and sacrifice.

Student with hopes to be an officer

November 7, 2011

I was watching reruns of the A&E show "Rookies" today and saw the episode that featured Deputy Joshua Norris. It brought a tear to my eye, I'll never know how people can be so heartless and just plain cold. My dad was a Philly detective for 30 years so whenever I see or hear of a cop being murdered it just makes me sick.

Ross Kaiser, Volunteer Fireman
East Petersburg Fire Department

November 6, 2011

Well Boy

Beth and I visited you yesterday to get ahead of the All Saints Day crowd. Just dropped off some flower in a vase, since they mow down anything we plant near your site. Was thinking on the way back from the site, besides Tara and Matt's two kids, you and Jess would had a couple by now as well if things were different. Like always, it cuts straight into my heart. Beth does not know why I keep doing it to myself, wish I could just let some of it go. This morning was reading about Officer Jones who's watch ended Oct 29th and had four years on th ejob, the same amount of time you would had about now. He left a wife and two kids. Maybe as hard as it is losing you, the alternative of you leaving with two kids behind is much worst. Well son just know you are still in the hearts and minds of Beth, Amber and I. Please watch over the folks still in uniform and welcome those who God calls.

John Latour

October 31, 2011

I was shocked and so very saddened to see the untimely fate you met while doing the job you loved so much, and judging by all of these postings from fellow police officers and family and friends, you made quite a mark during your short time here on Earth! Thank you for your sacrifice, and your family, friends, and fiancee will be in my thoughts - I hope that people will continue to respect officers for the wonderful work that you do! I also pray that you continue to watch over your fellow officers and keep them safe on their watch! Rest in Peace!

-From Boston, MA

Stephanie G.

October 26, 2011

To Josh's family. Thank you so much for giving him the support he needed to successfully complete the academy and field training.
Being an officer myself, I know how important it is to have your family by your side. This career choice is a difficult one, but when it’s in your heart, like it was in Josh's heart, there is nothing but happiness. He died doing what he loved, and I can promise you that.

It is the thin blue line that holds all police together, and it is never torn apart. Our losses are felt all over the Nation and this terrible incident was one of those. The reason that I am saying this to your family is because; you all are a part of this thin blue line and our hearts and prayers are always with you. No matter where you are, you will always have us (the Police) on your side.
God Bless.

Ofc. Larche 4855
BCoPD / PC-12

October 24, 2011

To Josh's FTO's. I am a FTO in Baltimore County and have trained many Officers. I could not imagine what you must be going through but always remember... There is nothing you could have done differently to change the outcome of that night.
It brought me to tears just thinking about the possible loss of someone I have trained and you just can’t blame yourselves. From what I saw on the show, you both did everything that I would have done.
Never stop doing what you do best and keep your heads high for Josh. Sherriff Joshua Norris will always be remembered for his courage and pure excitement for the job, and his FTO's capitalized on his talents!
Be safe, and my prayers are with you both.

Ofc. Larche 4855
BCoPD / PC-12

October 24, 2011

Deputy Norris I was watching the show Rookies in my Criminal Justice class in college today and saw your story. We were comparing how policing is in your agency v.s. big city PD's like NYPD. We were cheering on as your passed your field training and left the class sad after watching the ending. Makes me realize that all LEO's take a risk each time they put that uniform on...doesnt matter where you serve. This only tightens the fabric that keeps LE personnel connected...Thank You for your service Deputy Norris....hope you are in heaven watching over your brothers and sisters!

P.O. Moe

October 17, 2011

Well Josh

Another month clicks away and closing in on another year. Sorry I have not passed by to see you more, life is just rushing by so quick. Well kid, just know that a day does not passes with out you in my thoughts and that goes for Beth as well. Still can not get over the what if's boy.

John Latour

October 5, 2011

Hi Josh, I watched the show Rookies last night with my family. We enjoyed the episode until the end where it came to light you had been killed in the line of duty. I went to bed in tears and woke up this morning determined to search your name and get details on your final call. You made a mark on this world and your family is in my thoughts today. To Josh's family please know that he did not die in vain because I plan on sharing his story with several of my officer friends. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice Josh.


Angela L. Fauser and Family
Carbon Cliff, Illinois

Angela Fauser
Television Viewer

September 17, 2011

Hello Josh,

Like others on here I recently watched you on the show "Rookies." My wife and I were watching it together and immediately upon seeing your face you reminded me of a guy I went to the police academy with. I felt like I had an immediate attachment to you both in your looks and your mannerisms, such as how excited you were when you got your own car. You were very subdued in your excitement like most officers are.

I couldn't imagine seeing another officer face down in the street and I tried not to imagine seeing you that way. Your FTO is a good man and I'm sure him and the rest of your brothers did everything they could to save you. My heart goes out to you, your family, and your fellow officers.

I said a silent prayer for you and hope to shake your hand one day when I go to heaven. I have no doubt you are at peace where you are now.

Off. D. Hanes #1523
Oklahoma City PD

Officer D. Hanes #1523
Oklahoma City PD

September 15, 2011

I just watch your story on the TV show rookies. I was very proud and cheered out loud when you passed the last week of training. GOOD JOB SIR!!!!!! R.I.P!

Fort Myer Police, VA

September 8, 2011


I saw your story on Rookies. I have recently just made it off my break in. just wanted to let you know that I will never forget you or your story. You and your family are in my prayers brother. Rest easy.

Officer Ryan Taylor
Kansas City Police Department

August 27, 2011

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