Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Kyle Russell Ballard

Pasadena Police Department, California

End of Watch Friday, February 24, 2006

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Reflections for Police Officer Kyle Russell Ballard

Dear Kyle~
I had the opportunity to meet your mother last night. She spoke of you with such love and pride. I am honored to know a bit about you and your family through her words.

I know you are surrounded by love.

Jan Stoker

May 11, 2006

To The Ballard Family: I would like to express my deepest thoughts and prayers to Kyle's wife, three sons, and other friends including the Pasadena Police Family. I lost my best friend and fellow police officer Nathan Laurie EOW 7/29/04 and it still doesn't seem real. While there is no words I can say to comfort you for your loss, just know that Officer Ballard made a positive impact in so many lives that he touched. Officer Ballard served in an honorable and noble profession. Stay strong and keep the course until you are reunited one glorious day.

Chris Cook
Arlington Texas Police

May 10, 2006

Please know that you are a hero to so many. Know that you are prayed for and missed constantly. May you rest in eternal peace.

May 6, 2006

To the family of Kyle Ballard.. I am deeply saddened by your lose. I did not have the privilege of meeting Officer Ballard. But I have heard only positive things and happy reflections about him. I truly believe that his spirit and love for his job will carry on in the department. I only wish I had an opportunity to meet such a wonderful person...

Christina Bergstrom, Dispatcher Trainee
Pasadena Police Department

April 26, 2006

I am twenty one years old and have lived in Pasadena all my life and I thank you for having kept me and my family safe. Hopefully now the community of Pasadena can return the favor. God bless you and your beautiful young family. May your soul rest knowing that you were and are loved and have done all that any human being can come on this earth and hope to do: you made a difference.

My eternal gratitude,



April 22, 2006

We are deeply saddened by Kyle's death. None of us are ever prepared for this sad loss. All we can do is reflect on the goodness of the person Kyle became. From his father, Russ and from Kyle's wife, Laurie, Kyle's true character was that of a very good man. We will see Kyle again in heaven where there will be no sadness and where life is forever. May God bless Russ, Laurie, the boys and the family.

Jim and Patricia
Manhattan Beach resident

April 19, 2006

And the sun comes up without you; it just doesn't know you're are loved and missed by family and friends. Thank you for your dedication...Shalom Aleichem...

Alabama C.O.P.S.

April 7, 2006


I had the honor and the opportunity to work with you at Pasadena PD. I still remember when you were fresh (green) out of the academy and you were walking the police hallways with a smile even though were scared of your FTO.... Anyhow, here Santa Monica you were recognized as a great person and a great police officer.

God Bless your family.

Always in my thoughts,.
David Alonso, SMPD

Forensic Specialist
Santa Monica PD

April 6, 2006

To my son,
In the weeks since your death I have thought of you every day. It was not until your death that I realized what I had helped create. Several people have told me that I walk like you, use my hands the same as you, and even talk like you. Although my sense of humor is different from yours I see the same maniacal focus in the jokes that you played on your colleagues. I have no regrets on my raising of you, you demonstrated, in one of the harshest environments known, that honor, courage and honesty are worthwhile characteristics. Rest assured that your family, both biological and police “have your back” and Laurie and the boys will have all the support that is humanly possible to give. I miss you every day and you continue to be in my prayers. I know I will never understand in this life why you died, but I know that wondrous, even miraculous events will come as a result of God’s plan. I am not angry, I accept what has happened, as you would say “it is what it is and nothing can change the situation”. I know I will see you again in heaven and I pray for peace and healing of my heart until that time.

Russ Ballard

Russ Ballard

April 3, 2006

I just want to say that my prayers go out to the family of Kyle and the memebers of the Pasadena Police Department. As an Immigration Agent, I frequently go to the Pasadena station and when I heard about Kyle, it hit home. A law enforcement officer knows the risk day in and day out, and by going out there every day, he is a true hero. Kyle you'll always be in our prayers and I know you'll be missed.

Immigration Enforcement Agent Robert Dee
Immigration and Customs Enforcement

April 1, 2006

This hits home hard not just because I'm a fellow police officer, but I'm a 33 year old long distance runner as well. I have no doubt that you'll be missed, and I want to offer my thoughts and prayers for your family, friends, and fellow officers.

Officer Marcus Moore
Department of Veteran's Affairs

March 28, 2006

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.
God has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart. I LOVE YOU. I MISS YOU!
Ethan asked "Why did Daddy's heart stop working?" He said "Maybe Daddy ate too much candy." I told him that I don't know why, maybe God needed Daddy. Daddy is very proud of you and Andrew and Owen. They are wondering who is protecting the house. I told them that we have so many people who love us and love them and that lots of people are protecting us and making sure we are safe. Thank you so, so, much.

Laurie Ballard

March 27, 2006

Laurie...I heard about your loss and have not been able to stop thinking about you and your boys since. I am so sorry for what has happened and we pray for you daily. Your family picture is on Darcy's fridge and your family truly is beautiful...your loss must be unbearable. Please draw on the support, prayers and love of those around you during this time. I hear you are an amazingly strong, wonderful woman and mother; your boys are so blessed to be in your home and care. God bless you and we'll keep you in our thoughts, hearts and prayers.
Take good care of yourself...


March 26, 2006

Kyle. Has it really been one whole month? Let me just tell you that there hasn't been one day that has passed that I haven't thought about you. Sometimes I'll start planning a river's hard not to include you. But I do know that Laurie and the boys will be really I guess you will be with us...just not in the way I (or anyone) wanted. I'm so sad about that. And wow, what a beautiful wife you have (what a beautiful friend I have). I'm going to enjoy every single second with her. She is amazing. I love her so much. And of course you know I love those boys too. Until we meet again, my friend.


March 24, 2006

I knew Kyle while working in 2005 - What I really appreciated about him was the fact that HE deeply LOVES his family, his wife, his children! I remember talking to him about family (I have young children too) and he was so sweet, very delighful person!
We were blessed by knowing him and we will miss him at work very much.
To Laurie: We pray for you and your children, as I'm sure so many people do. You have these beautiful boys, these beautiful treasure, and we pray for God to comfort you and hold you in His hands and carry you through - He will give you the strength that you need, and He will bless you. Kyle certainly was blessed by having you for his wife.
I wish I could help you in any way possible...We certainly will continue to support you before the Heavenly throne.

God Bless you.

Carla Bebout & Family

Carla Bebout

March 23, 2006

Dear Laurie:

I wanted you to know that you are still in my thoughts and prayers every day. I hope you are doing alright. I know it is so hard - the first few weeks and months are so unbelievably painful - but just try to take one day at a time. I can remember many mornings that I just wanted to pull the covers up over my head and hide in bed all day....but when you have little ones who need you, you can't do that. You have to get up. You have to go on. You have to get through the day. Each day, one at a time. That's all you can do, Laurie. God bless you and your sweet boys. Please know that you are not alone. So many people are thinking of and praying for you. My husband will be gone one year next Saturday - I don't know how so much time could have passed without him. My heart still aches for him every moment of every day - but I AM SURVIVING. And you will too. Take care of yourself, Laurie.

God bless you, Officer Ballard. May you continue to rest in eternal peace, safe in the arms of the angels.

Carin Sollman, surviving spouse
Officer Jesse E. Sollman, EOW 3/25/05

March 15, 2006

Oh Kyle. You were my first partner in crime, my sidekick through a million crazy childhood adventures. Whether it was playing catch (over the house, no less!) or hide and go seek in the desert (I'm sure those flashlights kept us safe from the snakes), you were always there. You grew from my little brother who was actually smaller than me to the big guy who was always there to help me out or protect me from anyone who wasn't nice to me. You made me laugh harder than anyone else I've ever met. Even harder than I cry now as I look at your photos, though it's a close race. I miss you more than I could ever say.

Diana Newport

March 15, 2006

There are so many stories I could tell about Kyle. Most of all he could make me laugh in an instant. Whether it was singing a sesame street song with me or making fun of me in oh so many ways. Everyday I look at the pic of you and your beautiful family on my still make me laugh. That crazy mustache makes me smile everyday. I hope you know how much we loved you. We will definatly save the sandy buggy seat just for you. And we promise to give those boys some great sand and life experiences. You will never be forgotten and will always be in my heart. I miss you Kyle. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12...forever.

Darcy Lantz

March 14, 2006

Pasadena, police work, friends, all of you meant so much to Kyle. I am glad you know how much Kyle loved you. This pain is so incredible. Even though I am extremely scared right now, I think I would be worse if you weren't here with me giving me so much help, prayer, and company. Your support and kind words have been keeping me from hiding away in a corner. 2 days ago Ethan asked me "If I play a really nice song (on his toy drum set) will that make Daddy come back alive?" I am in so much pain. Please keep us in your thoughts. Thank you.

Laurie Ballard
wife of Kyle Ballard, Pasadena PD, eow 2/24/06

March 14, 2006

To Laurie:

I was posting a reflection on Jesse Sollman's site and saw your heartbreaking note to Carin. I am so very sorry for your loss. To lose a vital young man at age 30 to a heart attack must seem incomprehensible.

I grieve for you and all the spouses and kids left behind, including my daughter-in-law Jo Ann and grandson Cody. I hope that you are comforted by all the people that care for you and your family. I wish I could wrap you in my arms and give you a big hug.

I don't know how old you are, but I am guessing you are in your twenties. Your life certainly isn't turning out the way you expected, and emotionally you must be reeling. I lost my first husband (my son Larry's biological father) when I was twenty five and my kids were 3 and 4. I remember how terrified I felt at the thought of parenting them alone. I remember how lonely I felt when I didn't have my husband to snuggle up to at night. But you will endure. It will not be easy, but you will make it because you will make a life for your children. Sometime in the future (not now because you are so raw emotionally) you will be able to focus more on the fact that life is for the living and Kyle would want that for you.

If I could help you in any way by talking, you can reach me through the Pittsburg, California Police Dept by leaving a message for Sgt. Perry and he will get it to me.

You are not alone. There are many who will help you through this painful journey.

Phyllis Loya, mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater, Pittsburg PD eow 4/24/05

March 9, 2006

Thank you for your service.

Ofc. S.L. Coffman #15174
California Highway Patrol

March 9, 2006

My heartfelt sympathy to the family, friends, co-workers and community of Officer Ballard.
No words I say will ease the pain of the loss of the young man. May God comfort you all and give you strenght.
Rest in Peace Officer Ballard

Mother of officer John"Kevin" Lamm
EOW 1-1-98

March 9, 2006


Your reflection on my husband's site nearly broke my heart. I can't say I know exactly what you are going through, but I so clearly remember the pain of those first few weeks after Jesse died. I didn't think my heart could stand it.....I didn't think I could get through it. I don't know if it would help you to talk to someone who has been there - but I would love to talk to you and help you in any way that I could. My email is [email protected], I would love to hear from you. Please be strong; I am praying for you and your sweet boys.

Carin E. Sollman, surviving spouse
Officer Jesse E. Sollman, EOW 3/25/05

March 8, 2006

It is said that a funeral service is for those who are left behind, for those mourning the loss of a loved one. If that is the case, then this service is for all of Pasadena, because last Friday morning, Pasadena lost somebody everyone loved a lot.

The death of Officer Kyle R. Ballard has devastated the Pasadena Police Department, and has saddened everyone at City Hall. Kyle Ballard was one of those persons whom everyone liked immediately because of his naturalness, because of his comradeship, and personality, and sense of responsibility. He was a natural leader; a true professional; a friend and a wonderful human being.

I took office as Mayor in 1999, not long after Kyle began his service as a Pasadena Police Officer. In my work since then, I have learned of what a fine role he played in the Department, and am not surprised about the significant impact his death has caused.

I am grateful for Kyle’s contributions to the City, and want to acknowledge the many ways he helped Pasadena progress during the last eight years. We all owe Kyle Ballard a debt of gratitude

On behalf of the City Council, I want to extend condolences to his wife Laurie and children Ethan, Andrew and Owen, to his parents, and to all the members of his family. At the same time, I extend condolences to the Pasadena Police Department.

Perhaps it will be of consolation to know that he will be remembered by everyone in Pasadena who came to know him as exemplifying the best this City has to offer

There are no words that can ease the burden of this loss, but I want to assure you that you all are in my thoughts and prayers, and those of every member of the Council. It is our hope that over time memories of the love and respect of his many friends will lessen the sorrow you feel today, and bring you joy.

I want to mention that at its weekly meeting on Monday, the City Council honored Kyle by observing a moment of silence “in memory and in honor of Officer Kyle R. Ballard”.

172 hours ago—one week to the hour—the winds went out of the sails of this great City—and since then, all of us, with heavy hearts, have been trying to get the ship started again.

It has not been easy.

But with these ceremonies, starting with the memorial service at the Rose Bowl, and with this event here at First Church of the Nazarene—with the spirit that prevails today among us all--the sails of Pasadena are filling up again, with strong winds that will carry us forward, still with heavy hearts, but truly inspired by Officer Kyle R. Ballard, and “strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”.

Mayor Bill Bogaard
City of Pasadena

March 7, 2006






March 6, 2006

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