Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Sergeant Michael Scott Neal

Mexia Independent School District Police Department, Texas

End of Watch Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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Reflections for Sergeant Michael Scott Neal

I was going through and checking on some of the people who impacted me. I remember the first day that I showed up to work at Mexia PD and you instantly gave me a hard time for being a city boy and a rookie. Your sense of humor was contagious.

I hope that your family and your MPD friends know that they are still in my prayers


November 16, 2007

Well today is my birthday. I am finally a teenager.I really miss you not calling me and tell me happy birthday and say something else to go along with it! Thanksgiving is going to real hard!! This week I have really been missing you and next will be missing alot and thinking of you alot. Everybody ask you the same do you feel different and to tell you the truth i don't.
Hey I want you to always remeber that I am always thinking of you and you are always in my heart!!
Love you!!!

Felicia Little

November 15, 2007

Where to begin? Well, Its that time of year again....and as always, I just can't say enough about how much Im reminded of you. The funny thing is, I have learned that running from an area of tragedy to somewhere else that is all the more better, doesnt in the least allow me to forget the tragedy left behind. It stays with you in an undescriblable manner. Brother I miss you so much and I constantly think that if I had only been there that day, just maybe, just maybe I could have made a difference. But you know, I was with Jennifer and I know in my heart of hearts that is exactly where you would have wanted me to be. Man, from the early days of Teague PD to now, in all that I have been through, my memories of ridin partners with you were tops. Last night, I took Kynadie, Cameron and Cannon to Hooter's in Austin. We had such a great time. Jennifer went to work for Williamson County in Dispatch, so she wasnt with us. It was a good time though. The boys were flirtin while Kynadie would just roll her eyes. But you know what, in the fun of it all, Kynadie asked me sittin there at the table, "Do you know who taught me how to peel and eat shrimp?" and She said, it was you, "It was Scotty." With that, she started to tear up and I just couldnt help it. So, I did too. It was something so silly.....but it meant so much. You were the man. I know Im rambling, but I guess I just have a lot to say. I want to thank you and Lee for the help you provided my family with the move while I was deployed in Iraq. I know when I thanked you before, you said it was nothing, but I will never forget that and what it meant to me. I want to thank you for the short time we had chopping wood that day, you me and Lee. And I want to thank you for the time that Jennifer and I had with you and the whole bunch that night we went to the Veteran's Day VFW. Everyone was in the groove. Scotty, I think it was that night that one of the most important things that I ever learned from you was honoring my mother. Because Bro, it was ever most clear how you cared for yours. So, thanks for all the lessons in life and thanks for staying with me. Our memories, I will never run away from. And in conclusion, from time to time, look in on Lee, Leonard, Tank, JR, Clint, Micheal, Willet, Hot Rod, Chief Hawthorne, Jonie and Shrek. We all miss you like hell and look forward to meeting up again someday. So, as always, Rest Easy my Brother

Your Brother in Blue, Roy E.

Deputy Constable, Roy Fikac
Williamson County

November 10, 2007

I was thinking about you tonight. I made chicken & dumplings with corn bread. Lee and I talk about you all the time. We talked to your mom the other night and she is doing well. I know that she and your dad miss you more with each day. Halloween is coming up soon. I think of our hayrides and trick or treating with all the kids. Lee is working for the County now and talks about how you would talk crap to him. I think about Tracy and Cindy all the time. I miss all the nights and days that we all spent together. Kuper, Kealen and Kennedy all miss you. They have gotten so big. Kuper says that he wants to be a fireman when he grows up, so I know that you would have alot to say about that. It gives me great peace knowing that one day I will get to see you again and that we can all be back together. I find myself jealous of God most days. I hope he knows how lucky he is to have such a wonder officer and person he has on his force now. Miss you, and love you

Autumn 2nd wife

October 23, 2007

Well I know it has been awhile where have the time to write cause I've been wanting to write to you! As you know when I start to write I start thinking of you and the fun we used to have! This really makes me to miss you! I have changed allot since you were here I got to get glasses and I braces and I am taller than Nana and mommy!! I am in the 7th grade same school and everything!! Oh I made the volleyball team! I am very excited!! I am going to a teenager in one month! November 15th I can't wait! Oh man this is real hard cause I miss you so much and I don't think anybody knows how I really miss you! Always know that you will be in my heart!! I love you and miss you!!

Felicia Little

October 10, 2007

Well it's been a while since I sat down a wrote you. It's hard to sit and think of every thing that we are doing you are not here it is not fair, but I know in my heart you are there and laughing at us. Scotty I do want you to know that Steven has rode in your honor every year and he is proud to do so when asked why he is riding 919 he is proud to say for my cousin Scotty. I never knew what type of impression you had on my kids but Scotty you touched them so much and I know you are watching over them always. So if you find the time just let me know your there by making the wind howl or just a light breeze I'll know your there. I miss you and love you alot ........


cousin of Mexia ,Tx fallen officer

August 7, 2007

Well hey it Felicia just wanted to say hi and tell you in three months I will finally be 13 years old!! I am very exictied!! I really miss you and love you!!! Well as you probly know I don't have a boy friend, but I do like one of my friends his name is Zack he is cute!!! Well I got to go for now, bye!

Love you,

Felicia Little

August 3, 2007

hello baby. its been a while since i wrote to you. i have been so busy with our son. you would be so proud of him!! he is so smart. he can already count to 1000 and add double digets and write all of his abc's and his name. he starts school aug 27th. i hope he dont get to bored from being ahead of the rest of the class. i already talked to the school and they said if he does get bored he may be able to skip this grade and go to the 1st. he loves u and misses u so much. tracy talks about u everyday. i will never let him forget!! as for me im just trying to be the best mom i can be to our son. i love you and miss u more each passing day.


August 2, 2007

Well Cuz, just wanted you to know that I check this site often to read the reflections left for you. I haven't seen your head stone or the memorial at the school. I just can't seem to bring myself to go and see it. A lot of people probably think that is terrible but I have to deal with this my way. I hope you understand. It's not that I don't love or miss you, it's just I don't know if I can take it. Hell, I was listening to that comedian Rodney Carrington the other day in my truck and he started to sing a song called My Angel Friend and I thought of you and began to well up. I know what you would say, “Damn boy, TI are not supposed to cry.” Well I guess I’m not as bad as I would like to think I am. You know I have served in the military now for almost 15 years and I don't think that I've touched a fraction of the lives that you have. Man you really found your calling. I'm proud to say that you are my cousin. Well in two days I will go up in rank. I will go from Staff Sergeant to Technical Sergeant. I'm now the Non-commissioned Officer in charge of the RTD program. Can you believe that they would allow me to be in charge of anything? I guess with time we all grow up and are put in charge of something. I wish that you could have made your dream come true and became the Chief of Police in Mexia. I KNOW that you would have made one helluva difference there. I don't think that town would have known what hit it. Well your Mom has been sick these past few months. I try to keep in touch, but you never realize how busy you are until you have something like that and you are running around and before you know it, it is to late to call. I try hard to keep in touch. Your Dad is doing good. I was laughing at him because he was upset about his yard needing mowing but he wouldn't leave your Mom alone in the hospital. Well I guess I will stop babbling. I just feel better after I write a few lines, Okay, many lines to you. Well gotta go for now.

Love ya man,

SSgt Mitchell J. Raney
U.S. Air Force

July 30, 2007

Scotty, It has benn a long time since I have even been able to remeber how to do any thing on the computer. I have been sick. But I guess you already know that. Because they said I talked to you when I was in the hospital. I remeber so things but not all things. But I wii alwas remeber the ones I love. I love you and alwas will. Momma

Nancy Neal

June 29, 2007

It's been a year and 6 mo since you we lost you and God gained a soldier, it hasn't been easy for us down here. I haven't spoke to your mom or Billye in a long time and I think it is just easier not to deal with all the feelings that get stirred up when I see them. You are greatly missed and still adored we all think of you daily and remember how much better we all are for knowing you. Thanks for letting us all be apart of your lifes journey. You will never be forgotten and always loved.


June 1, 2007

I haven’t put anything on this site since it was created because I really couldn’t deal with it. I asked Kim to marry me last night and she said yes. (I know it’s a shock) I actually picked up the phone this morning to call you and then remembered that I couldn’t. I just can’t believe that you won’t be there. It will be strange not to have you standing there with me. I know you are in a better place and you’re happy but I really miss you. I guess you will be watching just from a different place.

On a different note, as hard as it is to believe I haven’t knocked over those candle holders at your mothers house yet. I guess there is a first time for everything.


May 11, 2007

I went to the Capital today to honor you and your family. May God keep you close as I pray for those you had to leave behind.

Terry Donovan,spouse of Amy Lynn Donovan EOW 31 October 2004

May 7, 2007

Scotty, in 22 days you will be 34 years old. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. It seems like we miss you more and more. I guess it will get better later on, but for now it is not getting any better. Now with spring just around the bend and the days are warm, I think of how you and your Daddy would talk of nothing but having a garden. But some how never got around to it. When the days are long and the fish start to bite and you and Cindy would spend all day Satuardy and Sunday fishing. To be honest, every thing makes me think of you. We love you, and miss you. Momma and Daddy

Nancy Neal

March 13, 2007

I worked with Scotty in Teague, and Mexia Poilce Departments. I would always try to go see scott when ever I came to town to do my reserve duty. I miss the talks we had and the time we would spend at the range. At the time of his death there were no words that could express the loss. I hope that all are doing as well as they can, and that the days ahead are not so harsh. Scotty always had a
positive out look on life, and it was a pleasure to work along side him. (Larry Berger#409)

Major Larry Berger T.D.C.J.-I.D.
Served with scott at Teague and Mexia PD

January 18, 2007

Its me again, just want to say I missed you Thanksgiving.It was really hard not seeing you there.I got to thinking how you would pick on me and I asked myself,"I wonder if you are picking on any one up in heaven?"Then just started giggleing.Well got to go for now.

Felicia Little

November 30, 2006

Officer Neal, I am honored to call you friend. On this day of Thanksgiving I give thanks for knowing you. I have read all of the reflections that your family and friends left for you. It shows what kind of man,father and son you were. May you rest in peace. A Friend

A Friend

November 24, 2006

Please know that your dedication and sacrifice are remembered and honored on this first anniversary of your tragic death. You will forever be remembered as a hero.
Rest in peace sir.

Linda Lamm - LEO wife and sister of
Jay Balchunas EOW 11.05.04

November 22, 2006

Thinking of you and your family this day.

Maryland Citizen

November 22, 2006

Today is the first anniversary of your passing. For those who know and love you, it's surely felt like 100 years. You are still with them however, and always will be.

Rest Well, Brother.

Ptl. Jim Leahy, Jr.
Harvard University Police Dept.

November 22, 2006

G-d Bless.

November 22, 2006

Well its me,just want to say I miss you and I love you always. Today was my brithday I turned 12 years old. I really missed you! I have no crazy 8 teammate no more. I sometimes at night start to think about you and start to cry. After a while I am o.k.! So I just want to say I love you and always remember you!

Felicia Little

November 15, 2006


Man I sit here and write this to you and it will be a year next week. I don't understand why you are not here but I know you are in a better place than any of us. I miss you and love you alot. This Thanksgiving won't be the same Felicia said she lost her teammate in crazy 8 game. I want you to know your number is still riding (919) it may not be on the streets but it's still going strong on the track. Steven is still riding in your honor and he has done so much in your honor he and his teammates did a Ride For Scotty at one track and the Explore Magizine out of Corsicana is doing a story on why he is running 919 on his bike. Your mom got him a shirt made with your picture on it and it said making the hole togather which means with every holeshot Steven wins he said you and him did that togather and Scotty before he even race he always saying Scotty are you ready... Paige she has wrote you letter after letter and she talks about how she really misses you and hopes you are watching her everyday she ask alot of why questions but man it is hard to answer when you don't even know why yourself I still ask myself those questions.. I could say alot about the anger I feel and but I won't you know my feelings I talk to you alot more than anybody knows. I love you and miss wish you were here. So just smile down on us and remember 919 will forever ride not just on the track but by all your family.

Stacy Raney Little

November 15, 2006

Well Cuz its been almost a year since you left us. I'm still trying to figure this out. It still isn't real to me. As I sit here and type this it just seems wrong to me. I should be able to call you up and talk to you or hell just wait until Thanksgiving and see you. I'm still pissed off. Scotty, some of the things that I want to say I really can't put on this site. I miss you alot and it is hard. Your Mom, Dad, Billye, Richie and all the grandkids to include Tracy came to our house for a weekend. Scotty, Tracy is so much like you. I love him so much. He clung to me the whole time, until I got on to him, then he went to Niki. But he came back to me. While they were I went and locked myself in the bathroom and cried because although being with him was great, I just wish you were there too. He is a very good kid. Between him and Trey, Stevie has decided that she doesn't want a baby brother. Boys are crazy. She wrote you a letter. I will put it here just the way she wrote it.

Scotty Neal
I miss you Scotty so much!
I cry and pray for you every night.
And I also think about you too!
God can you please please please take care of Scotty for me.
The reason I want you to take care of him for me is because he was my best pal! And I really miss him and I wish he was back with me. But he is not so I should just wait until I go to heaven to be with him.
Your best Pal!

I love you!
We miss you very much!
And I will always dream about you!!

Love you! Oh and Cindy also misses you!!

You really made an impact on her. I gotta go for now. Love you man.

SSgt Mitchell J. Raney
US Air Force (Cousin)

November 15, 2006

Scotty, in 14 days it will be a year since the Lord took you home to live with him. Poeple told me last Nov. that it would get better, well it has not got better. I miss you even more. But then I will always miss you. You have had a lot of honors given to you this past year. The people of Mexia thought a lot of you. I wished Tracy had gotten to know you like we knew you. But he had 5 months with you, so we are blessed with that. We love him every much. I don;t understsnd Cindy any more, as much as I have tried. We miss you Scotty and wished you where here with us. Momma

Nancy Neal

November 8, 2006

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