Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Deputy Sheriff Daniel Jess Lobo, Jr.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, California

End of Watch Tuesday, October 11, 2005

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Reflections for Deputy Sheriff Daniel Jess Lobo, Jr.

Tommarow will be a year, and its gonna be one of the hardest days of my life. Looking at your picture right now makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I want to laugh because I know your in heaven partying it up, and of your personality, but then i want to cry because you're gone and no one can bring you back. Mom says I look like you and Erik and she said that im getting taller and ill probley be taller than Kiley but you know what, I think shes just saying that to get my hopes up because as you know im am SHORT! Oh yea and now im getting fat, I DONT FIT IN MY PANTS! A few days ago one of my friends asked me if my dad was a cop (because i have a picture of you on my thingy) and i said yea he was a deputy for San Bernandino County but(theres always that "but" that ruins the whole story) he died on October 11 2005. When i said that my dad was a cop i broke down ("WAS" i HATE that word) now i cant say oh yea my dads a cop i say my dad was a cop but but buttt im not gonna make myself cry i now can say," My dad "was" a cop but is now a "hero"."
Thats what you are to me, Kiley, and everyone.
Dad we miss you and love you so much.

Kadie Lobo

October 10, 2006

Hey man,

This has probably been the fastest year ever for all of us. Everyone thinks about you everyday and misses you a lot. Can u believe how big maddi is getting, she's talking all the time even though sometimes she is the only one that understands the words coming outta her mouth. John Deere is the word she says the best, wonder where she learned that one?? I'm planning on going to the scene Tues night with a cooler of coors light and hanging out for the day. the whole clan is probably gonna show up later then all go out to dinner. This really sucks cause i always wanted to share some war stories over some beers with you once i had them. It's ok though, i know you already know them all since you're watchin over us all. Anyway, take care of us all brother, we miss and love you!!

See you soon


October 7, 2006

Heyy Daddyy,
I cant belive its gonna be a year.WOW!
Okay im starting to cry, ill stop.
i want yahh to know that i love you!
okay byeeeeee
i love and miss yah daddy =]
oh yea and remember when i would say,"dad" and you'd say"daughter" and we'd do that back in fourth
good times good times =]
haha ighht byeeee =]


October 7, 2006

I know how much you loved (love) your Mom and Dad, you were (are) a great son. Danny they are trying to be so strong, but inside they are broken in a million pieces. It's heartbreaking to see your Dad so sad. Thank Goodness that they have their faith in GOD, it's the only way any of us can make it through the days. I pray that Kiley will stop being angry at GOD for taking you. She asked you not to ride the motors and when you did she prayed that you would be safe and well you weren't and for that she has a broken and angry heart. Kadie is suddenly the grown up girl and is absolutly beautiful, she looks just like you and Erik. I think she's going to be tall and thin just like her Uncle Erik. She saw Maddison and was so happy to do so, she really loves and misses her baby sister. In a few days it will be a year since you left and not one day has been easy for anyone. You are so much a part of our everyday lives Daniel, we talk about you often as if you never left. It's just easier to think of Daddy as if he were just on a long vacation or something. I know you're probably thinking that I'm rambeling know adult ADD-Ha!Ha! We just miss you so much Daniel and I'm just so scared to raise the girls alone, it's hard. You were always the rock, the calm one, the mediator between me and Kadie...I know she's got my attitude, you told me that the day you left. A year ago today was the last day we saw you at Kadie's soccer game. You took Kiley to Starbucks to get us coffee and you were the best Daddy when Kadie got hurt. I cherish that day and the memories of taking care of our Kadie together, watching you and Kiley tease each other, and watching Kadie chase after you for a kiss with all the frosting on her face. When we got in my bug and you got in your truck you went the wrong way...we went right and you went left and we watched you drive away in a slow motion kind of way. That day and those memories will always be locked in Kiley, Kadie, and My heart forever. I pray that we can all get through the next days because I know it's going to be so hard for everyone, it already is. Watch over your babies and please please please keep them safe Daniel.

October 7, 2006

I cant believe it has almost been a year now since you passed. I have been on this site many of times reading everyone's reflections to you. It is obvious that everyone loves and misses you very much.
I have thought about writting numberous times and never have. I want you to know that Brad and I miss you very much. Even though he would probably never get on here and tell you (macho guy thing :@).
There are so many things that we do that we wish you and Jen could have been a part of with all of us.
Brad wears you memory band everyday. I know he misses you. Things changed with him after your accident. I think he looks at thing differently now. You would be very proud of him and the other motor guys.
Reading the reflections from the girls just reminds me of how special that "father daughter" bond is. They are precious girls and so strong.
Well I will let you go. Just wanted to let you know how very much we miss you!
Please also let Jen and little Madison know how much we care about them, and are always here if they need us.

Keep an eye on all the motor guys and keep them safe please. :@)

We miss you,
11x16's wife

October 7, 2006

Hi Dad,
Guess what! We're leaving for Hawaii in about 14 days. Mom told us it would be good to get out of town during that time. We will be leaving the 11th and coming back the 16. School started recently and my classes are alright and pretty easy. I'll be driving next month and I am so excited. Dad, I think Kadie misses you a lot, actually I know she misses you. Yesterday she wore the shirt with your name on it to school. It was huge on her haha. Kadie is so pretty now and she looks like your side of the family so much. I've decided to start soccer again. I'm signing up next season for Diamond Bar. I really wish you were here dad, there is so much I want to share with you. Duke is still the same pain in the butt he was when he was little. He reminds us of Diogee so much except Diogee did'nt lick everyone haha. My friends and I are going to be going to Knotts and Scandia for the Halloween things they have going on next month. I remember last year they took me out a few days after you passed and I had the best time ever. I'm so lucky to have my friends dad, I know you'd love them. Okay, well I'm sick so I should probably get back to bed. I love you dad!


September 27, 2006

Are you fishing in Heaven? I really bet you are. Thanks for Kadie's sign and the nice tug on her hair...she needed that. She's having such a hard time without you and I don't always know how to make things better, actually I never know how to make things better. Kiley will be getting her permit next month and your Dad is teaching her how to drive-he's a brave man! We all miss you so much Daniel, but in my heart I know you will always be here to watch over us like you always promised you would.

September 22, 2006

To the Daughters of Daniel Lobo:
I have been reading your reflections and I want you to know how sorry I am for the loss of your dad. I lost my father a few years ago, and I know how hard it can be. I know that Danny will watch over you and you will all grow into wonderful young woman.
On a side note, I have daughter named Kiley as well.
Keep your heads up girls!


September 14, 2006

Hey Danny,

Miss ya. I have a picture of you and Ron in my office. Just thinkin of you bro.


August 27, 2006

Today i got to Maddison and Jennifer!
AWWW i was SOO happy!
Finally my prays have come true!
:) I love you!


August 23, 2006




August 14, 2006

Dear Dad,
Tomarrow me and kiley are going like all over with grandma and papa and i cant wait, i wish you were here so you could come too but i know that you are coming not phisically but i know your there. Uhh all i really wanted to say is that i love you ALOTTTT and miss you ALOTTTT!
Hey dad please soften hearts and let everyone remeber that your gone and we shouldnt be mad at each other for silly reasons and please dad let me, grandma, papa, kiley see maddison. ive been praying but nothings happened so please cause i wanna be a part of her life and i know kiley and grandma and papa wanna be to.
its so hard without you here :(
i miss you everyday, i just want this bad dream to be over, i wanna wake up already!!!
AHHH i DONT wanna cry!
if i had one wish it would be to bring you back!!
okay now water works is really comind down :)
alrightyy im gonna probely go to bed
Goodnight Daddy!

Kadie Lobo

August 6, 2006

From Fresno

Danny Sr. and Gloria Lobo my heart goes out to you. It is hard to find those comforting words to help you go threw everything. The pain is so hard, when my nina Lupe past on, I couldn't believe we just seen her two weeks before. I have this poem and a picture of my mom when she past and it seem to say exactly how I fill. I want to share this with you and all the family.
"A Million times we've needed you, a million times we've cried. If Love alone could've saved you, you never would have died. In life we loved you dearly, In death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place no one else could ever fill. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone. Part of us went with you, The day God took you home."

To all our Family, We love you and miss you. Love Niecie

Your Cousin Niecie
Your Family From Fresno Ca.

August 4, 2006


It's been a long time my friend. Haven't seen you since High School as our lives and careers took us on different paths. God only knows how bad I wish this wasn't the way we meet up again. Things are well on this end. I just completed my 18th year in the Marine Corps with only four more to go before I call it a day. You will never be forgotten and I promise to keep in touch from this point on.

Semper Fidelis,


SSgt Dave Roof USMC

July 31, 2006


You have been heavy in my heart lately. There is not a day that goes by with out thinking of you and not wearing your memorial band, for me to wear that is like you are still close by, I know that sounds stupid but that is how I feel. Our group of friends still get together with Jen, I want you to know that she is one of us and that will never change, it is not the same without you here but we make the best of this so called part of our life now. I know you look over your loved ones and keep them safe. Corky you are deeply missed.


Shannon Bannes
Dear Friend

July 30, 2006

It has been a long time since I have left a message for you!!!! Everyone at work thinks about you everyday. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Ron & I bought a place in Havasu & we have your picture right by the tv. I miss you so much. This was the year we were supposed to be at the river hanging out!! But we will definitly think of you this year at River Daze when we are on the water.

I just wanted to say hi & I miss talking to you every week. I have been talking to your wife and I know she is having a very difficult time without you. Of course, she had a difficult time when you were here (you know that sarcastic attitude and all!!!)....but everyone misses you.

Take care...


July 25, 2006

Heyy dad i just felt like writing to you and to tell you that i love you!! Umm dad i really miss seeing maddison,can you please let me see her?!?!?! Anyways i love you!!!!!!


July 6, 2006

hey man,
it's almost that time of year that we were waiting for. I'm going up to laughlin next week to pick some stuff up if ya know what i mean. It's not gonna be the same without you but we all know you'll be there in our hearts. Maddie is getting so big so fast, we're just waiting for her to start talking since she understands everything. whenever i ask her where daddy is she pauses for a min then points up to the sky. Anyway, just thought i'd fill you in on some things going on over us brother!!

Dep. Bryan Bosowski

June 22, 2006

Hi Danny- Happy Father's Day!
I have been reading your reflections but it has been too hard to try to write anything. Danny,I miss you. Jen and Maddie miss you so much. Mel,Kadie and Kiley miss you. We all miss you so much. Your mom, Dad and Eric miss you. This is hard for me but I know it is way harder for them. My brother always talks about you. :) There are very few times I have questioned God, and this is definitely one of those times. You are definitely one of a kind. Is that good or bad? It's both! :) I miss "grandma Yupe", my dad, my granpa Jess and my precious Anissa Raynae so much. Take care of her for me. I couldn't think of a better dad that could do it besides my own. So take turns okay. Don't let grandma spoil her too much. :) Don't worry none of us will let them forget you, just like none of you guys let me forget my dad. I love you and miss all of you guys so much. I hope this gets a little bit easier for your girls. It will be 20 years this November 15th (your Birthday)since my dad died and it still hurts. Alot. I am very glad and very thankful that we have such an awesome, yet dysfunctional, family that all help and love each other so much. Aunt Judy sends me these crazy, yet very funny, laugh out loud,text messages sometimes that could only be from her if you know what I mean. :) I wear your remembrance bracelet all the time. It helps. Not only to help with you, but also with grandma, my dad, my grandpa Jess and Anissa Raynae. It's funny, my kids didn't meet you right away, but they do remember you. Merissa loves Kadie, Kiley and Maddie so much! Everytime the boys see a motorcyle cop they say hi and talk to them about how cool it is to have a cousin that was a police officer, especially a police officer on a motorcycle. :) I love you and I will talk to you later. -Rachel


June 20, 2006

Happy Father's Day...We love and miss you very much.

Jen Maddie

June 19, 2006

Hey buddy, Rancho has had another loss. Reserve Deputy Angel "Jake" Calzada. He died exactly three mile west of you on the same street. He was not on duty so I can't leave him a reflection. I'm sure you two are sucking down some cold ones and regulating. Tell him I love him and you guys take care.

Mike Prescher
Rancho Cucamonga Police, Reserve Deputy

June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day Daddy


June 18, 2006

this may seem strange but last night when i went downstairs to let duke out. i looked at the clock and it was 11:11. and right now when i closed the officer down site it was...11:11. i dont know but maybe its a sign. i love you dad


June 16, 2006

Hey Dad,
im 15 now and going to be a sophomore in high school..already! im really upset that you couldnt be there on my birthday. on my birthday all the lights on grandma ellen's street went out. right then i thought of you. its been really hard since you've died. fathers day is in 2 days and i am dreading it. i try not to cry when i think about it but its hard not to. kadie is 11 now and more grown up than ever. its funny because she is way more mature than me. today is duke's 1st birthday, its funny how he looks and acts just like diogee. i know that you and diogee are up in heaven together now. i had some drama go on at school involving the yearbook. there was a story/article in there that wasnt true. we are also moving soon. i think during the summer. and kadie and i are changing schools. its going to be hard leaving my friends and making new ones because i have your personality...quiet. haha. mom tells me everyday that i look just like her but act just like you and kadie looks like you and acts like her. i have your mourning band around the ipod you got me for christmas a couple years ago. kadie has become obsessed with sublime and plays them over and over again on the computer. she is funny. she went to grandma and papa's house yesterday and is going to school with grandma today and then the three of them are going to see erik at the base. i coulndt go because ive been sick. i wish you were here right now. there are so many things i have to share with you. dad its hard growing up without you here right now and i know its going to be hard for kadie too. we all still cry, im just the one who doesnt show it or tell anyone. when kadie and i would spend the night at your house i slept in your spot on the couch. its weird how i still remember the smell of your truck. and how you always had candy. you even had it in maddison's stroller. i havent been to any of the memorials. i think they are too hard for me.
dad, i want you to know that i love you so much and miss you more and more each day. please watch over the WHOLE family, your side and mom's, we all love you.

oldest daughter

June 16, 2006

Hey dad..well fathers day is coming up and im really scared of what will happen because i dont have you...i am running for secretary for student council i really hope I win!! Dad i really miss you and i wish i would have known on october 10 so could tell you not to go on... its funny now all i want to listen to is Sublime but im sure you alredy knew that, youre probly sitting right next to me listening too!! You also probly know that were moving...

well ill see you later daddy..i love you..


June 10, 2006

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