Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Ramon Molina Rios, Jr.

Douglas Police Department, Arizona

End of Watch Sunday, September 4, 2005

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Reflections for Police Officer Ramon Molina Rios, Jr.

Haha!! Hey dad!! Its funny how things work in mysterious ways! I was really happy to see Edwin visiting your page and still honoring you to this day!! Thanks really meant a lot to my dad too! We all wondered if he ever found out about the tragedy and look dad...he did and it probably hurt him as much as us too! You worked with so many good people and we had the honor of being part of their lives!
I love you daddy!!

Aileen Rios!!
Daughter of Ray Rios

August 10, 2007

Ray, I miss you bro.

Christy and kids, I know how much you meant to Ray and how much he loved you.

Like Rene Trevino, I too had the priviledge and honor to have had Ray as a partner on the BAG unit. He taught me a lot about what it takes to be compassionate and at the same time staying true to the task at hand. In law enforcement this is not easy to do but, Ray knew how to do it, and how to instill that in others.

On September 5th, 2005, I was packing to deploy to New Orleans, which had just been devasted by Hurricane Katrina. My wife walked up to me and gave me a look I had never seen before. She told me to sit down because she had something important to tell me. I felt my heart and soul leave my body when she told me what happened to Ray.

Unfortunately, I was not able to travel to Arizona for his funeral, or to Washington D.C. for Police Week when his name was engraved on the wall of honor. But, Ray and his family will always be a part of me and my family.


Supervisory Patrol Agent Edwin Torres
U.S. Border Patrol, Miami Sector

August 7, 2007

Pa!! Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you again today! I miss you daddy!! Just thinking about how great your love was for us! Nobody could do wrong to your kids!! Haha! Funny how life always seems to remind you of how special a dad's love is!!! Thanks for your guidance this weekend!! I know you were there the whole time! I can't believe almost two years have passed and it feels worse than ever!! Remember the night before you left us?? You were SOOOO excited cuz all 6 of us were gonna have hamburgers the next day??? And that retarded picture that we couldn't stop laughing at? And you said that you weren't gonna let anything happen to us cuz your "not a rookie dad!" Haha!! If people would've seen us they would've thought we were faded!! Haha!! But anyway thank God we have that last good memory with you! And thank GOD you were such a good dad!! Ay si!! Don't get a big head viejo!! Love you dad with all my heart!! Muah!

Aileen Rios!!

July 11, 2007


Your four loving children

June 16, 2007

Hey Bro,,,,,just wanted to ask for you to continue watch over us, especially mom. You gave her so many happy memories, especially the last year here on earth. Only God knows why you went through all the hurt and pain that you did the last couple years of your life. and only God knows the reason for lending you solely to mom and dad the last year you were present with us. Mom and dad had the chance to become closer to you than ever the last year, but not only mom and gave us sisters so much more of your time and love. You opened up to us for once your whole life, your last year here with us,,,,and I thank you for that. We miss you so much. I know, especially mom, will continue to hurt and miss you until she is again united with you and dad. Thank you for giving me the comfort I needed this last time I visited it your graveside. I will forever be thankful for your love and happiness. I love you and miss you so,,,,,,your lil sis!!!

Lil Sis

June 4, 2007

Ray, How funny and full of your presence was this past week. Besides being National Police Week, we had the pleasure of having the Awards Assembly at the High School. We once again as you know gave the scholarship in your honor and how funny that it would go to Pacheco...oh Ray did you see how surprised and happy he was. Im so glad he got it he deserves it and esp being Xavi's friend. What I really wanted to write you about was how exciting it was for our son to receive the Sheriff Dept Scholarship from none other than Sheriff Dever proud of our son were we at that second Hun... he had some good things to say about you that made the boys proud once again and of course getting the Border Patrol Scholarship also...I am so proud of him Ray....he reminds me of you sooo much as each day goes by..he is so humble and shy just like his dad. Ray I know you know what he's been dealing with lately and I just pray and ask that you guide your son through the next week. Let him know somehow through some way that you are with him be in a dream or just a touch or just something that reminds him of you. Xavi will do very well in life as have our daughters and will Aaron, but they still miss you so much and long to be held by you and told by their HERO that you are proud of them. I love you Hun...and I miss you....please be with Xavi his last week before graduation.

Christy Rios
Your Wife:-)

May 18, 2007

Hi daddy!! Its just about 8:25pm and for some reason I'm actually home and not out and about!! Now I know why I don't like to be're all I think about dad!! It seems like every day it gets harder and harder to go on without you. It seems like I should be happy with all these successful jouney's in my life but there's always something missing from all this!! I wish that I could call you to tell you about how FANTASTIC my job is and the new things that I learn to help you with your arthritis! I just keep thinking to myself that being a traveling therapist must have its downfalls but so far so good! I know you're there with me all the time though believe that!! I still catch myself at times thinking about the vacation that the 6 of us might take this year and then I snap back into reality thinking that we're down to only 5!! =( I'm sorry that get so frustrated at times that I blame you for leaving us!! Well Xavi will be graduation from high school in a week or so and its so hard for him dad!! I know he tries to be strong but I know it kills him! I guess we just have to pray for strength dad! Thanks for the dream a couple nights ago!! I told mom about it and she understands! I know you're here! I didn't believe it til that next morning...and I think Laura knows too since you opened that door in "your" room! Haha!! You know she's a big chicken too!! Haha! Anyway pa, I hope I still continue to make you proud! See you in my dreams!! Love you daddy!!

Aileen Rios

May 17, 2007

Hey Hun, Well it's coming on another month....20 to be exact. Some days it seems like 20 some days it seems like 200. Needless to say we miss you so much more as each day passes and with every breath we take.Xavi will be graduating in a couple of weeks and I can see in his eyes that he's having a hard time with this. I know he wishes like all get out that his BUDDY was with him. Its so hard seeing the kids having bad days. I know he will grow up to be an exceptional young man who had a father who influenced him to go into Law Enforcement.Keep watching over them Ray they still need you so badly, and they hurt so much still. We love you and miss you .....


May 1, 2007



April 6, 2007

Hey dad, i know i haven't been on here in a while. Well i'm applying for this scholarship where i have to write an essay on my goals and plans for the future. Just wanted you to see it...

"On Sunday, September 4, 2005; my life was changed completely. My father died in the line of duty trying to detain three juveniles under the influence. This changed my life entirely. A junior in high school, I was still struggling with who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. However, unlike many other of my peers, I no longer had the guidance of my father. The next few months that followed I lost track of life. Like many other young men, I had lived my entire life under the shadow of my father. When he passed I thought I had lost my identity. I didn’t have my dad anymore to give me direction in life; I was on my own.

During the funeral, I saw and heard many officers speak about my father. They pretty much said what I figured they would; he was a great officer of the law, he wore his badge with integrity, and was a good man, father, coworker, and friend. However, something I heard that day a great deal of times would change my life forever. When referring to my father’s career they said it was his calling. Well, later I would get that same calling. Whenever I refer to my dad I call him my hero. There is no question he truly is a hero, the question I found myself asking was; what made him a hero, and was he a hero before he died? The answer I came up with was, putting on the badge everyday, dealing with rude and sometimes impossible people, and even keeping your cool when no one else could, made him a hero. Just then it hit me; it wasn’t quite like Michael Jordon picking up his first basketball or even Jimmy Hendicks picking up his first guitar. No, it wasn’t like that; it was the same feeling that my father felt when he got his calling. I decided I wanted to finish what my dad started and join the law enforcement family. My father and I were almost as opposite as a father and son can be, so you could imagine the shock everyone felt when I told them what I wanted to do with my life. Law enforcement has always been apart of my life whether I knew it or not. Now, however, it would be me who will eventually put on the badge. Not a second goes by that I don’t think of my dad and his sacrifice for the better of the community he loved. I feel it would be an honor to continue my father’s legacy."

Well there it is, wish me luck in getting it. Love you dad and miss you a lot!

Xavier Rios

March 27, 2007

Rest in Peace, Officer Rios. Your sacrifice is not forgotten.

Officer 11169

March 14, 2007

Hey Hon....I wanted to write yesterday and wish you a Happy 28th. wedding anniversary...but I couldn't do it until today....All day yesterday I thought of all the wonderful years God allowed us to spend together. And as short as they were I know we were truly blessed to have had each other for 26 wonderful years.Some people live a whole lifetime together and don't have what we had. We were so lucky. We have 4 great children who make me proud everyday. Xavi will be graduating in May and he is so sure he wants to go into Law scares me a bit but I know he is lucky as he will have a special Guardian Angel with him at all times and places.Aaron will also go into Law Enforcement as you know and both boys will make you so proud. Not one minute goes by Ray that I don't think of you or pray for you. Please continue to watch over all of us esp. the kids.I miss you so much Honey...and I love you with all my heart and soul...Forever Yours Christy.

Your wife...

February 25, 2007

Hi Hun, Happy New Year...2007.Another year has come and gone and our 3rd. child will be graduating from High School in a few months. Time seems to fly by at times when I look around and see our kids how they have grown. In more ways than one Ray.....Oh Ray...we miss you so much, there does not go one minute during our days when we dont think of you or remember you in one way or another whether its your funny way of yelling at the kids with your strong accent or the way you lovingly made breakfasts for us so many times, or just the way you had the best hugs in the world....we miss that more than anything...Happy New Year Dad....we love you....
Love, Christy and Kids,

Christy and Kids
Your Wife,and Kids

January 1, 2007

Hi Honey, Oh man...its so bittersweet....Happy Belated old man....47...and Merry, Merry Christmas. Even though we are home as you know our computer was not up until today so here I go...Ray, how can it be possible to miss a man so much more as each day goes by? The kids were so sad yesterday it just broke my heart. I know you stand by them all the time but it just doesnt cut it when you cant answer us your own funny way. The other day when I saw Aaron's coronation pictures I had to take a deep breath and let out a gasp as I saw how handsome he looked and as I saw that I saw how much more your son looks like you, and acts like you. That is the hard part Ray. We miss you so much baby...and we love you...and we long to see you....I will write later after I sort out my feelings as to how and why I feel so bad at the dept. for not coming through for you again....I know for a fact Ray that if things were the other way around you would be there for each any every one of the families involved.We love you....Love, Christy and Kids.

Christy Rios and Children
Wife and children of fallen officer Ray Rios

December 26, 2006

Apa!! So I'm out to lunch and I was thinking about always...and I decided to write something! Its amazing how life still goes on even with you not here. I don't know how we're surviving ya know?? It must be your strength in each and every one of us!! The holidays are so close and I can't imagine going through this for the rest of my life!! I just wanna stay home and cry all day...or better yet sleep all day and not think about going through another day without you!! I wanted to share something with you though! I'm taking my national exam next month and I need you there with me!! Its gonna be tough and I need to know that you're there taking it with me!! Not that you were such a great tester or anything, but for moral support!! Just kidding pa, you know I love you!! But I'm gonna be traveling soon!! That means that you get to go with me to Hawaii and New York and Florida and maybe one day even Paris France!! Mom said that my first assignment should be in Hawaii!! I wonder why?? But I'm so excited!! You and mom have done such a good job in raising us that I have no worries about it! So before my lunch break ends I just wanna tell you once again...Thank you!! Thank you for not only being who you were, but for being true to it! If anything, the one thing I learned from you is not to care what other people think or say...what matters is what YOU think is right!! You don't know how that's helped me to survive!! Dad, I love you SOOOOOO much and please continue to watch over us and guide us!!

Aileen Rios

December 18, 2006

Hi Hun...Im sorry I havent been in here in a know all that is going on....some good some not so good...The other day I ran across alot of papers and you know we both were such big pack rats we loved to save everything, but in this case Im glad we did...I ran across all the cards you saved that I had given you I cant believe you saved them all....what great memories you left me with.Thank you.....hun....I miss you so much...and I just cant imagine again the holidays without your smiling sweet face as the kids woke you up after sleeping at times only a few know now that I tell them and they just dont believe in Santa they wonder how you could survive on no sleep that day, but Ray...I tell them the love you had for them was sufficient rest for you....They miss you ever so much...we feel your presence but its just NOT enough....I love you Ray.....sooo much...and I am dying to have you hold me again.....Love ya......Christy

Wife of Fallen Officer Ray M. Rios Jr.

December 6, 2006

What's up Tio,
I can't remember the last time that I came in and wrote in here and it was probably only one time. The family misses you a lot, like Tia Malena says, Nana the most. You know from watching down on us from Heaven how hard life has been made for her with all the craziness going on. Taking the time and going through some of the reflections on your page has shown me how you touched many lives during your time here on earth. You know that I miss you and talk to you about stuff going on. I am comforted knowing my little brother has his Tio and Tata up there with him now. I know he is showing you and Tata all the great stuff the rest of us will soon see. I love you Tio, mucho mucho. I feel your presence, your love and guidance in our family. At each gathering, every conversation, and every moment mentioned.


December 1, 2006

Hey Big Brother, we miss you so very much. Not a day goes by without you in our hearts and mind. I ask you to watch over me,your brothers and the rest of your sisters,as well as all the beautiful nephews and nieces, but most especially mom. She misses you so much. Her overwhelming pain of losing a son will never be healed. Monchi, you touched so many lives here forever,,as a hero to the community and to the law enforcement family, you will never be forgotten,,,as a brother, you will always be missed and will always be in our hearts. I guess that saying is true,,,,,"we don't know what we have,,till it's gone"
I love you,,,,,,your lil sis

Lil Sis

November 29, 2006

Just recently, I read in a book written by a retired Customs Officer that Ray's life here on earth had tragically ended. I wasn't sure if it was the Ray I knew and worked with. So I looked up in the internet and there was his smiling face. He was my partner when we were with BAG when I was back in Douglas with BP. He was a great guy to work with. What a loss! One person I missed when I left Douglas, my partner Ray.
To Ray's family my deepest condolences. My prayers go out to you all. God Bless, Rene Trevino

Field Operations Supervisor Rene Trevino
U.S.Border Patrol, Laredo South Station

November 24, 2006



November 24, 2006

Hi Ray....just wanted you to know I have been thinking about usual....I miss you....viejo....alot....and I wanted to thank you for our beautiful children...the holidays are coming around again and of course the kids and I are feeling blue...its funny how for so many years we looked forward to them you just loved them and you were like a kid when it came to buying gifts and trying to keep them a secret...esp from Xavi, and Aaron...Oh Ray....I miss you...what do you think about the C.D. Xavi made and the song for you...he is so talented isnt he...just like his dad...keep watching over them they need to feel you and hear you....Love you....Me...


November 13, 2006

Hey Hun, Well its going on another month....what can I say that I haven't said only hurts as each day comes and goes more and more..I did hear one of our songs the other day and oh my gosh.....I remembered all the great times we had Ray and I couldn't help but smile...we had so many good times,I miss you so much Ray.....I want to make you so proud of the way the kids are growing up they are a bunch of good ones arent they....and with Laura getting her dream job....ohhhhh....and Lina trying to get hers....I think you'd be proud...I know I am...and the boys what do you think about your's funny huh how when he was small even back then he was sooo close to you telling you he loved you infinity and mom 1! and now he is your twin...I just wish I knew if he acts like you did when you were a little boy...Ill bet he does.And I cant leave our sentimental one out....our super glue...oh Ray our kids make me so proud and let me see life in such a different aspect...they appreciate it so much...
I love you dear man....and I miss you soooo much....stay around us forever its the only way we survive....Love Me....

your wife...

October 3, 2006

Ray its been a year since you passed away. You are always present in our hearts. We miss you very much. I will always remember the last time we spoke. It was in a Sgt's Office. You had the biggest smile on your face. When I pass this office I can't help but remember you and hope that you will be sitting in that office. You will never be forgotten........MISS YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 8, 2006

Carnal it's been more than year since we last spoke, shook hands,and shared a cup of coffee.I cant began to tell you how hard it has been to come to work and pass by your box and know that I wont ever see you standing there going through your mail and complaining if one of the Sgt's returned one of your reports. I want you to know that there isn't a day that I don't remember you and the important role you played in my life. You were a role model and a big brother to me. I remember the fate full day you left us as Mark, Roger, Dale, David, and I knelt with you. I want you to know that during those last moments you were with us we all know what you meant and it will be with us the rest of our lives. So for now Carnal it's not goodbye it's see you later.

Sgt. Hugo Valenzuela
Douglas P.D.

September 8, 2006

Hi Daddy!! By now you know that I've just finished school!! Yea! I never thought that this day would come! But somehow there's something missing...the greatest thing that I've worked so hard for...the day you'd get to tell me "I'm so proud of you punkins!! I knew you could do it Lepa!!" Its so hard to realize that you're not here anymore dad! How I long for you to share these precious moments with us! Andre and I talk about you all the time...he helps me remember all of the good times that he never got to experience with his dad. I now how lucky I am to have had you in my life!! Remember those nights I kept everyone awake...including you...yelling stupid stuff?? You never once got mad even though you had to wake up a few hours later?? That's not the only way I kept you that one night I got sick when we lived on 14th Street and you and mom had to sit outside with me til sunrise?? Didn't think I remembered right?...But I'll never forget what a GrEaT dad you were!! NO ONE will EVER compare to you daddy!! So I'll leave you with this...please, please, PLEASE continue to watch over and guide us!! You don't know how much we need you right now!! Especially my mom...she's such a strong wonder you fell in love with her!! But she needs strength and patience! You would be so proud of the boys, dad!! They are growing up to be just like you...especially Aaron! I always hear your voice in him! And Xavi has that big heart that you had!! Laura and I are lucky to have each other too! She is the best sister in the world! I love you and miss you daddy!!

Aileen Rios
Daughter of Officer Rios

September 7, 2006

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