Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Ramon Molina Rios, Jr.

Douglas Police Department, Arizona

End of Watch Sunday, September 4, 2005

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Reflections for Police Officer Ramon Molina Rios, Jr.

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."
Matthew 5:9

Marshal Chris Di Gerolamo
Federal Air Marshal Service

February 24, 2010

Hey Dad,
Been a while since i've gotten on here. The last few months have been sooooo crazy. Well I finally got that AA degree and am 6 weeks into my Bachelors. It's getting a lot harder though. The other day for the first time doubted myself. Something told me to pull out that Reaper's Line book and read your story. Got a lil emotional but realized why i'm going through all of this. You were the BEST cop I'll ever know and want to keep your legacy going. And after all that I'm still the cocky kid in class who has all the confidence in the world. What no one knows is that I have a angel helping me out and sitting right next to me. I can feel your presence constantly and it brings me comfort. Also, our new band is off and running, you should hear us we are actually really good even though we've been together for only four months! As i get older I see so much of you in me. It's funny that Aaron has your looks but I have your personality...guess I was the lucky one huh? I love you Dad and think about you all the time, wish you were still here but know you will never too far. 16 years of you as my Dad is better than a lifetime than anyone else. Love you Dad and keep helping me out..Four more years and our dreams are coming true=)

Xavier Rios

February 12, 2010

Ray, tonight it deeply saddens me that I am sitting here packing up all of buddy's stuff. As proud of him as I am I can't help but be so sad cuz I am going to miss that kid so much. You know Ray, ever since you died he has literally taken over being the man of the house. He stopped being the typical normal teenager and became Aaron's mentor (a job not many would be able to accomplish), and became my strength,my companion, and my counselor. He really deserves to go on to NAU and become an awesome FBI agent which we both know he will be. Watch over him honey and always always be his guide. I love you Ray Rios....thanks for listening..


January 1, 2010



December 31, 2009

Hey Dude,

Everytime I see that another Officer/Deputy/Agent passes, I think of you and what a great mentor you were and continue to be. I just wanted to drop you a line and say Thank You for being a friend.

Edwin Torres

December 23, 2009

Ray, wow you are going to be 50 in like 10 days. Happy Birthday. I often wonder what you would look like at 50, would you be graying? I miss you so much. Look at what our kids are up to, Aaron just finished his first semester of Cochise already flying alone, and taking Criminal Justice, watch out U.S. Customs. Xavi is finished at Cochise and is on his way to NAU in Tucson, I am so proud of those boys and I am going to miss our Buddy so much, but I know he will do so well in life. He is going to be a great FBI agent. The girls are both doing well, the music careers are going well, its kinda scarey. LIfe has been kind to them Ray, thank you. Not one day goes by that they don't think about what you would say to them. I know you are as proud of them as I am. Today as I spoke to Aurelio I knew you were there listening to us talk so highly of you, he was pretty impressed about Sabor Latino Legacy..... Well Ray, all I need to say now is Thank you for being you.....I love you


December 10, 2009

Hey daddy! Lots of things have been going on in our lives and at such a fast pace. It seems harder to go on without you everday! I miss you so much and I can't imagine what its going to feel like to walk down the aisle by myself! I will always keep your memory alive and talk about you every minute so your grandkids can know they had a wonderful tata! I know my mom will do a great job for the both of you...I also know she is gonna have to carry out your dream and coach your grandkids!! I'll hold her to it, I promise!! Love you and miss you way more than you know!! =)


November 19, 2009

Hello again Big Brother! Just wanted to thank you for being such a big memory for my kids. I have your picture in my car and the kids constantly look at it and say,,,Tio Monchi,,,please be with us on these dangerous streets! And Nysa,,,she hardly remembers you, but talks often about what a hero you are,,,and my little Cruz,,,was only 7 mns old when you passed away,,,but has the law enforcement in his heart. He wants to be a COP when he grows up to arrest all the bad guys!!! Nysa,,last night had to write about a hero in her life, and draw a picture of what her hero did...and as I was reviewing her homework,,,I saw that picture of you in your uniform standing by your cop car...and she wrote, "My Tio Ray Rios, died in the line of duty, protecting our streets so that little children like me and my little brother could play safe and so that moms don't have to worry. Thank you tio Monchi"
Ham,,,,,we miss you so much and think of you every singl day! I love you big brother!!!!!!!


October 29, 2009

Hey Ray :-) I think of writing on this everyday, but stop myself then there are times like tonight that I have to share with you on this page. It is so amazing that not only did you give your sons the Law Enforcement bug in which they are following so very well by the way but tonight I got the honor of sitting here and listening for the first time to them practice their band. OH MY about reminiscing back to 1979. They have so much talent Ray. I never seem to forget you at all do I? They play the same songs you guys did, they sing like you did and they even have the song book you had!!!!! They laugh at your handwriting but in the same sense they cry because they wish like all heck you were here with them to advise them on what they need work on and what sounds good. Aaron last words tonight tore at my heart "Xavi if dad were still alive do you think he would want to be in the band with us or just be our manager." Peaceful sleep to you tonight man of my dreams, goals, desires, love and gratitude. I love you forever Ray Rios......


October 21, 2009

Hey You.....Today is such a bittersweet day for us. Four years ago you gave your life in the line of duty protecting this fine community and your family. Tonight we celebrate in your honor the First Annual Ray Rios Memorial Softball Tournament. Wish us luck Ray as we start this tournament for such a great cause. The kids are doing well, Not a Day Goes By that we don't think of the great man you were. We love you.


September 4, 2009

To Officer Ramon Rios Jr, his family and his fellow officers with the Douglas Police Department:

Our heartfelt thoughts are with you on the anniversary of Officer Rios’s tragic death and we honor him for his valor and sacrifice to the community. Rest in Peace, Offcier Rios and thank you for your service.

Wives Behind The Badge,Inc
Members and Staff

September 4, 2009

Hey Ray. Well here we are almost 4 years have gone by, and now your children are planning a softball tournament to raise funds for a fallen officers memorial. Our children never seize to amaze me. They all have grown up now and are very mature wonderful adults who love their daddy so much still. I see so much of you in each one of them. Your eyes, your smile, your tenderness,your compassion. I am so proud of the way they have succeeded in making us look like great parents, and we were.....I now get to see what plans they have for their futures and see them become realities. What do you think of Aaron flying the planes? Wow, he has really amazed me to no extent, and Xavi is so knowledgeable talking to Eddie about LE. He knows his stuff and I want to thank you for helping Eddie come around the boys and see how smart and dedicated they are to fulfilling and finishing what their dad started. Lina is doing well starting her new job once again this time where she wanted to be in the first place, I know you had something to do with that too. Laura is doing so good at Kgun and helping Xavi with his Cyk Productions. I can go on and on but you see all and are with us constantly. I just hope the tournament goes well and they sell all the stuff Jose and Art have worked so hard making in your memory. I love you forever Ray. See you tonight in my dreams......


August 27, 2009

Hey daddy!! So next week is your first annual memorial softball tournament! I'm sure you are soooo proud of Xavi and my mom and all the hard work they've done...and of course Jose!! I hope that we are able to get enough funds to start building your memorial that has been a long time coming! Its nice to know that people are still honoring you as they should and still remember you. I can't wait to see who's there with your friends and family!! =) Love you dad and thanks for the continued guidance for your 4 very successful children. Most of the things we do are because of your strength! Opening up for Kid Frost?? Who would've thought huh??


August 27, 2009

Hey big brother...still missing you always. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and the good times! Such good memories. As the years pass,,it may seem that we forget those loved ones that have left our side,,,we don't ever forget,,,you, dad, and lil edmund are very much in my heart and mind. I miss you all so much, but I know that you are looking down and watching over us. Thinking of you always,
love you and miss you,,,,your lil sis

Lil sister
lil sis

August 3, 2009

Hey dad.. Well as you know I start college in less then a week. Time has been hard without you. Highschool was tough without having a dad around, but I've learned so much from you when you were still alive and that has helped me get to where I'm at now. My goal in life is to become a great father like you were, and also great in my career. I'm going to be following in the same foot steps as you and doing my career in honor of you. Keep watching over us like you've been doing... I'm going to need it. I love you and miss you dad!..

Aaron Rios

July 21, 2009

Hi daddy!! I love you and miss you!!

Your favorite daughter!!

July 14, 2009

Ray, well as you know we have celebrated our youngest sons graduation and 18th birthday all in less than one week. And most importantly survived thanks to you so lovingly being there to be part of all of this for him. As you saw he was sad all that day and the following week, I know he felt like a huge major part of him was missing and it was. I know our children have been through alot and continue to amaze me but it just gets harder to see so many milestones in their lives being met without the one greatest influence in their lives to share it with them physically. We still miss you so much, and continue to wonder why.......but we all trust our questions will one day be answered and we can live united once again. Wish you were here HUN.....

Christy Rios
your wife

June 1, 2009

Hi daddy!! Just wanted to show mom that she's not the only one who thinks about you!! Haha! So Im still enjoying my career and all thanks to you! Me Xavi and Aaron are still rocking that mike, dad! Im singing the National Anthem at the State Memorial this year...just cuz I know you always wanted me to volunteer to sing all the time!! I know you'll be up there with me! Thanks for your continued guidance daddy!! Love you always!

Aileen Rios

March 30, 2009

Ray, Happy 30th. Anniversary....thank you so much for being such a great wonderful husband and father. God truly blessed me when I met and fell in love with you. I miss you Hun....


February 24, 2009

We will treasure and remember every one we spent together with our homemade coupons and all.We miss you.
Loving you forever,

Christy and Kids
Family :-)

February 12, 2009



your family

December 22, 2008

Hey Dad,
Well looks like our skins dissapointed us this season. At least we still get to root against the cowboys though right? Haha, i miss you so much dad, especially around the holidays. There are so many memories i have but the ones around this time are the best. I miss christmas morning how we would wake you up after, if you were lucky, a couple hours of sleep. You were such a great dad that as long as you saw us happy that day nothing mattered. Back then the highlight of the day was the good presents you and mom got us but now as i look back, what made these memories so special was the time you would spend with us. I will always remember how you would go out of your way to find us exactly what we wanted and how disapointed you would be if you couldn't get them. I can go on about how many holiday memories i have. So dad i just wanna thank you for always being there for us. And i know you are still here at every christmas we have smiling down on us. I love you dad. And if you talk to god make sure and tell him what i really want for christmas is a couple of cowboy losses. Haha! REDSKINS RULE!!

Xavier Rios

December 16, 2008

Ray, As we approach the last of our children's Parent Night I can't help but feel so sad. We were so blessed Ray in having four of the best children in the world. God was definately good to us in that matter. Aaron is getting ready to graduate in May and it seems like yesterday he was getting into trouble daily everywhere he went. I remember when he rode in your patrol car during the Xmas parade and was yelling Mewwy Twismas. And when we saw you at the gas station and he told you Oh dad is that you boss.....oh he weally fat....and how I just rolled up the window and drove away. My how time flies for now our youngest Sugar Baby is preparing for Parent Night and once again you won't be there. Xavi will be escorting us and that is just so hard, we miss you so much still Ray. I know you watch over him daily and you can't help but be taken back at how he is looking more like you and acting more like you as each day comes and I know Ray why he was born. As for Xavster, well he is just about finishing up Cochise and of course Law Enforcement classes for him are so easy. Thanks Ray. Lina is loving her job, she has so much patience and when she learns things about what she could have done for your arthritis she feels saddened that she couldn't have shared this with her daddy. Laura, well you know her....alot has happened in our children's lives yet they still stand strong and united. I am so proud of them. I know that you watch over them and as good things happen as well as sad or bad you still have their always....Ray I still miss you so and I will Always Love You. Christy


October 17, 2008

Hey Dad,
It's unbelievable but today makes it 3 years! I was thinking about so much last night and it was crazy how sometimes it feels like just yesterday that you were still here and i could still see your smiling face. The years fly by but when i close my eyes i can remember it all...the good times and the bad. I cherish ALL the memories and unlike some can honestly say i don't regret anything and wouldn't change a thing! I love you so much and am so proud of you. My pops is a hero in every sense of the word. Thanks for still continuing to look down on me and take care of me. I know you're proud of how far we have all come along. Everytime i'm on stage or in the studio i can feel your presence there, and your love, because god knows the love we shared for music. The family is finally at peace, and i know it is because you. I could have never held this family together without watching you do it all the years you did. I hope one day to be like you, as strong as you were and the great man i saw you as! Sometimes it can feel like an eternity since you've been gone but other times it feels like just yesterday. I love you dad!! And i have come to see, YOU are the only one who needs to know that!! I hope as another year comes you will still watch over me! "It's Getting Better All The Time" *Thanks for that viejo

Xavi Rios

September 4, 2008

Three years...sometimes it feels like yesterday when I met your family Ray...Your wife and kids are absolutely amazing! I have seen their heartache, tears, laughter, joy, and so much more...their strength is what touches me the most! Whatever the challenge and wherever it may lead them, they walk united and with their heads held high. Their love for you and for each other is unmatched and so powerful! I am thankful everyday that I know they each have an angel watching over them and helping guide them in the most positive direction for each and every one of them! I wish you were here to experience all of this first hand but I am grateful to be able to call your family "Some of my favorite people in the whole world". They are blessed with strength and love and determination! Thank you for sharing the most precious people in your life with the rest of the world!

C and kids! I miss you all and I wish we lived closer but there is never a day that passes that I am not thinking about all of you and drawing from your strength and love!

Take care of them Ray!

T. Wolfe


September 3, 2008

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