Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Jesse Erick Sollman

Easton Police Department, Pennsylvania

End of Watch Friday, March 25, 2005

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Reflections for Police Officer Jesse Erick Sollman

Thinking of you and all of your loved ones during this Christmas Holiday. Continue to keep watch over all of your loved ones and close friends. You have not been forgotten.

Bob Gordon
Father of Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

December 24, 2010

Brotherman, the guys and I celebrated your birthday on Saturday just like we've done every year, I still can't see what you saw in that god awful restaurant but we'll be there every year to keep your memories alive. There was so much laughter when we talked about some of the stunts you've pulled, I'm still finding it hard to not have you around....
My brother my friend, I love you.


December 6, 2010

Happiest of birthdays, Jes.

Always and forever


December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday dude. Hope to see you soon.

PoPs :-)

December 4, 2010

Hey Jes ~

I put the tree up today, and there was one decoration in the basket that was broken. I'm sure you know which one it was, and I can't help but see the symbolism in it.

There isn't any reason it should have broken - I put it gently in the basket with all the other decorations, year after's not like I dropped it or it fell off the tree. I was really surprised at first, until I realized which one it was.

When I first took it out of the basket, I went looking for some glue so I could fix it and put it on the tree. But then I realized - there was a reason it was broken.

It's not supposed to be on the tree anymore, is it? So I will put it away with so many other things. It's all very bittersweet.

We don't allow our lives to be defined anymore by the tragedy of your death, Jes. But your life and all the good parts of it are still very much a part of ours. We take as much of the past as we can into the future, but every now and then I realize that there are some things that need to be left behind.

We love you and miss you, Jes, and will always wonder what life would be like if you were still here. Thank you for all the ways you show me that you are still with us.

Always and forever,


November 28, 2010

thinking of your sacrifice and of your family during this Thanksgiving time. Always in our thoughts.

Easton PD Wife

November 23, 2010

Thinking of you on Veterans Day. Thankyou for your dedicated service to your Country.

Bob Gordon
Father of Chicago Officer: Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

November 10, 2010

Hi Jesse, It's October, for many, it is their most favorite season, I dunno, I think they are all pretty good, and just when we have had enough (of raking the leaves, the snow, the April Showers or the heat),some part of the next season gives us a sneak peak, and we move on . . . then it goes back and forth for awhile, reminding us what we had in the first place (the nice cool fall nights, the toasty warm fires for winter, geez, I could go on and on).
It has been since June that I left a note, but make no mistake, we always think of you. I am really glad to hear that Carin is doing well, I am sure the kids keep her busy everyday, its neverending for awhile, and then, just like the seasons, we realize that they are all grown up. Then bam, they are back again, ha ha. I try to remember that life is really wonderful, give my blessings, because when I think of you, I think of how sad it is that you were not able to grow old to live your dreams. I am really sorry Jesse. It is just not fair to you, or to anyone really whose life has been cut short, and I do not understand it. It scares me to think that at any time, it could be it, that fast, so I try not to think about it. You touched many people though, and I only hope that when my times comes, I too, can say that I touched a few lives, gave them a smile or two, or hope for a future. Your death brought a lot of changes to our family and I feel the right thing to do is to remember you, all of your accomplishments, your family, and to remember that you always brought something to the table when it came to life. Thinking of you, always.

Easton PD Wife

October 7, 2010

Hey uncle jesse..just wanted to let you know your always on my and miss you so much!! love lexie


August 8, 2010

Hi Jesse: Words are sometimes so hard to find to say what we really feel. Just letting you know Steve has never been the same since you left and keeps it all bottled up inside of him. Steve has been in touch with old gang as of late and they've shared so many crazy memories of you guys growing up in Forest Hills. I found more pictures of us at the South Streetport when I just started dating Steve. My little guy will be 7 next week and I still remember the last visit with you and Carin and how you were the first to know that we were expecting again! You are always on my mind especially on my long rides home from work and miss you!!!


July 5, 2010

Hi Jes, Just checking in, I can never really explain it, but sometimes, all of a sudden, I know its time to pay a visit and leave a note. Almost July, so summer is well underway, we have had St Anthony's Festival, waiting for the Lebanese Festival, College Hill had the Strawberry Festival at the Presb Church, it was just lovely. So much to look forward to, and I guess that is what brings me here. Such a sacrifice for you, you will never have a chance to look forward to these wonderful events; I try to remember that, how lucky I am to still be here. Your memory reminds me how quick in a blink of an eye it can all be over, so . . .I think about how important my family is to me; and how important it is to live so there are no regrets, there are no takebacks once its all over; so while I am here, I want to be a better person. That is why I come back, to remember your life and to think about mine.

Easton PD Wife

June 25, 2010

Hi Jes, Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. The sacrifice you made will never be forgotten, nor diminished, it is always on our minds and in our hearts.
It is Spring time now, the house projects are done (for the most part) and we are looking forward to summer (and by the way, our Weber grill is still cranking out burgers and dogs after almost 11 yrs).
What a blessing it is to have my family with me, and I try to never forget that. Take Care Jes, please keep an eye on the guys, it is really awkward asking that, as you died doing your job, but your death has been so traumatic, in so many ways, and it makes you realize just how dangerous police work can be, and it would really just be nice to know, that you are looking over their shoulders. Thanks Jes.

Easton PD Wife

May 24, 2010


Just sending you love and a prayer of thanks that you are finding peace and happiness. Jesse up above and Michael down here will surround you with the love you and your family deserve.

Linda Rittenhouse, Matt's Mom Always

May 20, 2010

Thinking of you and all of your loved ones today, Police Officer Memorial Day. Continue to watch over your loved ones.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." by Albert Pike.

Thank you for being the hero that you are. You have not been forgotten.

Bob Gordon
Father of Chicago Officer: Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

May 15, 2010

well its down to 3 days Jesse,then we start the big ride to Washington, DC. Hope you are doing well up there and looking down on us to keep your family and BROTHERS in good health. We won't ever forget your sacrifice.

Ptl. Nick Cevasco
Rutgers University PD

May 4, 2010

Hey Jes ~

It's hard to believe that you've been gone 5 years, it just doesn't seem possible that so much time has passed.

This past year has been a real turning point for me and the kids, Jes, in every way imaginable. And I know you had a hand in everything that has happened. For so long after you died I felt like I was living in some kind of limbo - longing for a past that was already gone, but too afraid to move towards a future that was uncertain.

It was a horrible way to live.

But things changed for me last year - all the dark clouds began to clear and I could finally begin to see the sun again. Then everything just fell into place.

Settling the lawsuit in November was huge for me; I had no idea what an emotional burden it was to constantly be reminded of the horror of that day. Driving home from the Courthouse that night, I could feel the weight of the suit and the trial and everything associated with it just lifting from my soul - like a physical weight being removed. I didn't know how much I needed "closure" until I actually had it. Closure is real - it's like a physical entity that you don't realize you need until you have it. Then once you have it, you realize that you couldn't have lived without it.

I will never understand why you were called home so soon, Jes, not until I can meet our Maker myself and see His master plan. There was so much left here for you to do, so many plans and so many dreams, so much hope for the were only given half a life and I have many, many unanswered questions. But after all that has happened over the past 5 years and where I find myself now.....I can honestly say that while the pain of losing you and the life we had together will always be there, it IS possible to find inner peace again. It IS possible to start a new life, to have new hopes and dreams for the future, to have new love and new happiness. It IS possible to put all the unanswered questions aside and to continue living.

All the love I had with you will always be there - our life and all of our memories are tucked away in a special place in my heart. But the amount of love a heart can hold is boundless.....there is room there for more love and more memories. But you already know that - that's why you sent Michael.

I feel you around us all of the time, Jes. I know you've had a hand in everything that has happened over the past year - that you've orchestrated many things and influenced many decisions. I know that my life right now is exactly the way it is supposed to be, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you still looking out for us. And for all of the signs that you are still with us.

We love you, Jes. We love you and miss you.

2010......Life begins again....

Always and forever.
Loving Widow


April 10, 2010

Hey Jesse we met at the grave again this past anniversary. The wind was not blowing as strong as it usually does but it was chilly none the less, but you know that. One of the guys brought Rolling Rock, I hoped you liked it because we drank the Michelob Ultra. Same guys, every year. We'll be meeting every year I imagine for many years to come. I've grown attached to the place, so peaceful and serene sometimes. I know you Tim and Taylor are having a blast up there. Take care of us down here Jesse, watch over all the guys and their families. We keep your memory on our minds and lips all the time telling the new guys what a great cop you were and the Jesse stories. I gotta tell you sometimes we laugh so hard the new guys look at us like we're crazy. Till we meet again Jesse.

Just a friend

March 28, 2010

Well Jesse, its been 5 years, wow right. The guys went up today and spent the ENTIRE day there, as they usually do, then went out to eat, like they usually do. They miss you Jesse, in their souls, heart and minds. I am glad Carin has been able to move forward, I know you have been guiding her, and the kids are getting so big, but I am sure they are happy, just like you always were, they'll be just like you Jesse I am sure of it. Take care up there, plenty of people to keep you company now. Watch over the guys for me, I worry about them all. Your sudden death reminds me every day how quickly life can flash in front of you, and it scares me so much that something will happen to one of them. Carin is a very strong woman for coping with all of that, not sure I could. I will be up tomorrow to visit you, and my daughter drops by often, so, you're missed and thought of more than you ever thought possible.

Easton PD Wife

March 26, 2010

It's hard to believe 5 years have passed since your tragic death. We think of you and your family often. I see your brothers on the street every time we get hiked out.
You will never be forgotten.

Easton Fire Department

March 25, 2010


I am thinking of you and the kids and and all of Jesse's loved ones on this difficult anniversary date. I am sure that Jesse is proud of the incredible strength you have shown in your fight to do what was right for your beloved husband and your family.

Rest in Peace, Jesse.

Phyllis Loya
mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater

March 25, 2010

Words cannot express how much you are missed. It’s hard to believe that it has been five years since we lost you. Comfort has come from the reassuring words and support of friends, family, our neighbors, and the public safety community.

I recently lost a two other friends...solid, good, hard working, family men. True American’s! Guys who give everything they can and have, to make this world a better place. These recent passing’s of my friends rocked my foundation. I began to question my faith and core values. Is it worth it?

A friend sent me an e-mail that has given me strength. I read it when I’m down or when I’m trying to figure out the non-sense going on around us. It helps. I hope my friend’s words may help others too...

I know you are sad, and as tuff as we both are...we to understand hurt. I know you are hurt. I know exactly how you feel. I have been down this path
too many times in my life. Your friend is a memory away. You visit him often. He'll come to you out of the blue. There are no answers. This thing called life is a daily mystery to us all. That's why we must truly enjoy our todays with all of those who have a spot in our heart. I have learned to always play the tapes
in my head of the fun, stupid, and good things that I did with my lost friends, constantly playing the mourning tape brings me way down. Look up, smile and know that your friend is watching over you now, WE ARE THE PLAYERS. GOD IS THE DIRECTOR. It’s his movie and its all good...I wish you strength and peace.

With that said...As I leave for work, I glance at the picture on my wall of you Jess(and Tim). I’m comforted knowing you guys are watching from above, reminded of our friendship, staying tactical...And, YES! It is worth it! We make a difference in peoples lives for the better!

To those who carry the torch...Stay strong! Be safe! I wish you strength and peace!

A Friend

March 25, 2010

Five years later and it still sucks... What else can I say? We'll all be up to spend the day with you today as we do every year. I really miss you pal. Take care of Colton for me until we can all be together again...


March 25, 2010

On this day we remember you Jesse! You will never be forgotten!


March 25, 2010

Hey jess, it's been 5 years since you were taken from your family
and friends. You are greatly missed by all.
Sometimes I think to myself why him
he was so young and a great guy . But I am
sure there was a reason for him to take u
away so young in your life . RIP Jesse !
We miss u!


March 25, 2010

Another year has passed and you are still admired and respectfully remembered in the hearts and minds of so many. My thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones and friends on this anniversary of your EOW. You will never be forgotten.

James Sheppard
Father of Sgt. Jason L. Sheppard EOW 12/7/06

March 25, 2010

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