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Corporal Mark David Jones

Hardeeville Police Department, South Carolina

End of Watch Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Reflections for Corporal Mark David Jones

Some days it feels like yesterday. I miss you brother!

Sean ONeill
Former HPD Reserve Officer

February 25, 2022

Keeping Darlene, Mark, and all of your loved ones in my thoughts today. E.O.W. dates are always so hard, no matter how many years have passed.

Norie Haas
Mother of Deputy Brian A. Haas

February 27, 2021

I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds tonight and a few things made me think of you daddy. I also learned the full quote to time heals all wounds by Rose Kennedy. To say the least it hit me hard and that wall I’ve been building back up crumbled again. This past year has been the hardest for me mentally/emotionally. I miss you so much, it seems the hole in my heart grows with each passing I know you will always be with me in spirit but most days it’s not enough when all I crave is to hear your voice, feel your hug, and see your smiling face. I know I will see you again and until then all I can hope is my memory of you will remain strong and never fade. I love you.

Kayla Blanks

January 16, 2020

Happy Birthday daddy! I know it has been a long time since I left a reflection, it has been really rough for me. Not a day goes by that you aren't on my mind and in my heart. These last few years have been a roller coaster for me. I've had my ups and a lot of downs learning to live with my anxiety and PTSD, and learning to love without you here. You have always been my rock and the voice that guides me even now. It has been hard not having you here for all of not only my mile stones but Taylor's and mom's as well.
I'm a Pharmacy Technician now and work for an amazing company taking care of those in nursing facilities and hospice, and considering going back to school to become an RN. We I graduated high school and started college I quickly realized I wasn't ready to take that step yet so I dropped out and began working on myself a little at a time and before I knew it it's 11 years later and I'm ready to finally do what I had my heart set on from the beginning.
I miss you so much it hurts, some days are better than others but I do my best to power through the bad ones. When they get really bad I just think of you and all the amazing lessons you taught me and stick my chin up and push through. I make sure that I enjoy life as much as I can a laugh often, I help those I can, and try to make at least one persons day better just like you always did.
You will never be forgotten and will love in my heart and soul for the rest of my life. You are the reason I am the woman I am today. I often joke and tell mom you raised a son not a daughter but damn am I proud of that. It's kinda funny to see so much of you in me.
Guess I should wrap this up, need to help mom with dinner. I love and miss you.

Kayla Jean Blanks

October 7, 2019

Just stopping by to say hello and been thinking about you a lot. I’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues and it’s been overwhelming. But you know me I’m not giving up. I still have your picture hanging in my living room and look at it several times a day. It’s still so hard to believe you’re gone after all these years. But one thing for sure you will never be forgotten and will forever stay in my heart ❤️. Keep watching over us and all your family as I know you do everyday. Love always your friend.

Your friend from Georgia- Louisiana

July 14, 2019

Rest in peace Corporal Jones.

Rabbi Lewis S. Davis

April 1, 2019

Mark it's been awhile since I wrote you, but you are always on my mind and forever in my heart... It's still so hard to believe my Best friend was taken way to soon. I miss our talk's, our phone conversations, your jokes and miss your singing. I still laugh at some of the song's you made up. When I'm driving down the road and the chair or whiskey for my men beer for my horse's and a few other songs come on I tear up thinking about you cause you sang those song's a lot. And around Christmas time there were a few songs you would sing and change the words around and I couldn't stop laughing still to this very day when I hear them I smile really big and sing the word's you sang. Or course people around me say's that's not the words I just smile and say my best friend said it was and you really wouldn't understand... Lol and of course my kids say hey Mark made those word's up... Lord knows I just wish I could hear you sing them again.. I miss you Buddy I will write again soon the tears are starting to flow.... Please keep watching over us as I know you do daily.... <3

Missing you gone but not forgotten
Love ya your friend always and forever from Georgia--- Louisiana

November 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mark David. Sure wish you were here to celebrate. You are missed and loved by so many people. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you as much as the day you left us. Still don't understand why, but that is not question to have answered, that alone belongs to God. I know one day I will be with you again and that is what I have to wait for. So until then, I will continue to love and miss you as any mother would. Forever in my heart, Always on my mind. Again, Happy Birthday. Love, Mom

Darlene Jones

October 7, 2015

Mark, I tried to write to you on the 27th but I just couldn't do it. Ten years does not make it any easier or dull the pain. I still miss you and love you just as much. I don't know why I am having such a hard time. It breaks my heart knowing that we have reached a point where you have been gone longer than we were married. It wasn't supposed to be this way. I spent your EOW with my family. It helped some, but in a way it made it harder. I know you are watching over all of us but please watch over my sister. I am afraid she will be joining you before too long. I kept thinking that you two met before we did and that she will see you before I do. I love you and miss you so much.

You will live forever in my heart. I will never forget you or stop loving you.

Surviving spouse

March 4, 2015

Ten years has passed since you left us but it still feels like yesterday when we received the call from Chief about the accident. But then again when it comes to the last time I heard you say I love you Mom, or felt your great big hug it seems like eternity. I miss you as much today, if not more than 10 years ago. This is the first February 27th that Dad and I have not gone to Hardeeville and to the cemetery. We are moving into a townhouse and needed to get things cleaned. We will make a later trip north to visit the cemetery. I know you would understand.
You will always be remembered. Forever in my heart, always on my mind. I love you and miss you so very much.

Darlene Jones

February 27, 2015

Mark I miss you brother!

1stSgt Sean O'Neill USMC Retired
Resv. Officer

February 27, 2015

I had the honor of meeting a relative of yours tonight. As she spoke of you and the approaching 10 year mark, her love for you and the grief were still apparent on her face. You are not forgotten brother and we are still here, watching over your loved ones, as they have been and will always be a part of this LE family. I will carry your memory with me now every day when I put the uniform on.

Anonynous Patrol Sergeant
Just Another Agency on the West Coast

February 20, 2015

Remembering my good friend and partner....10 years and I still keep you in my thoughts. You are truly missed.

Officer Clavey
Partner & Friend

February 13, 2015

Merry Christmas Mark. This just doesn't get any easier. I am so thankful for the many good memories we have.
We spent a quiet Christmas here, no big plans. Sure would love to have a Christmas like the one we had in Beaufort when all three of you boys were there, that's one of the best memories I have with all of you. Those are the things I look back on when I start feeling a little depressed.
I spoke with your girls today, they all seem to be doing well. Taylor is really enjoying college. Kayla is working, still living at home trying to save money so she can get her own place.
Your brothers are both still in Iowa and doing well.
Dad and I are doing well also. I am recovering well from the stroke. Dad has been my rock this past year.
We both miss you so very much. I have rambled enough.
I will now just say good bye.
Merry Christmas. I miss you so very much, more and more every day. I love you.
Forever in my heart, always on my mind.
Love, Mom

Darlene Jones

December 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Mark David. Another holiday without you. These are the times that seem to be hardest. At least we have many good family memories to look back on and smile and laugh. I'm sure you will be having green bean casserole with you aunt Chris today.
Dad and I will be spending a quiet day here on the boat. I will be fixing a turkey breast with fixings and we will watch some football.
I love and miss you so very much. Still have a hard time believing that you won't be calling on these special days. I know that one day we will see you again. You are always on my mind and forever in my heart. I love you.

Darlene Jones/Mom

November 27, 2014

Corporal Jones,

I know that you are in a better place. I was thinking about the time we had working together. One thing that comes to mind that I remember was the night before your accident when you jumped on me for not wearing my bullet proof vest. I remember making a promise to you that I will from now on. Its still hard to believe that you're not here. So much have changed at the Police Department. I do miss you and the great times that we shared, especially getting on those new marines who forget to wear their head gear. Go ahead my brother take your rest. We all love you but God love you best.

November 6, 2014

Captain Arnold Middleton
Hardeeville Police Department

November 6, 2014

Dear Mark David,
Just thinking about you today, as I do everyday. Tomorrow is your birthday. Your mother and I are traveling so I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I sure do miss you and the good times we had. I would give anything to be able to spend just one more day with you. All my love, Dad

Mark Jones

October 6, 2014

Happy 44th Birthday #1 son. Dad and I have been in Iowa the past 2 weeks, visiting friends and your brothers. Both Ray and Matt are doing well. Sure wish you were still with us to be making memories. You are loved and missed more than you could ever imagine. Always on my mind and Forever in my heart. Love and miss you.
Love , Mom

Darlene Jones

October 6, 2014

Happy 19th anniversary, Mark. I doesn't seem possible, but you have now been gone longer than we were married. I don't know why, but I am having a really hard time dealing with this milestone.

Are baby girl is now in college and is really turning into an amazing young lady. Kayla and Wade have also grown so much since you left us. I know you are proud of all of them.

As for me, I love you and miss you as much as the day you were taken from me. You will forever remain in my heart.


September 30, 2014

Hey Buddy, Just thinking about you today, as usual Love you so very much and miss you even more.

Darlene Jones

May 31, 2014

Hello Mark David, WOW it has been a long time since I last posted a reflection. Sorry I missed wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year but I was a little out of it during that time. I had a stroke which has left me with some visual impairment.
Yesterday marked 9 years since you left this world for your job patrolling the streets of Heaven. It has been a really rough time for Dad and I, but we are getting through together.
I miss you as much today as 9 years ago. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. A parent should never have to endure this kind of pain. One more big bear hug and one more I love you Mom would be great, but I know I will have to wait for that.
Know that I love you ad miss you more than anyone can imagine. You are always in my heart and forever on mind.

Darlene Jones

February 28, 2014

Mark, I came to this page to tell you how much I love you and miss you. After reading the post from Taylor, I am sitting here with tears pouring down my face. Yes, she is having a tough time right now but she is facing it and dealing with it. She is such an amazing young lady and I always tell her how proud you are of her. She is so excited and ready to move on to the next phase of her life.

Wade is now a truck driver. He still remembers those short trips with you when he was little. You instilled in him a love of driving and he told me he knows you are with him in the cab as his copilot. When he got his employee number he wasn't surprised to see that the first three numbers were 506. I feel good knowing that you will be riding with him.

Kayla is also doing great. She is working as a pharmacy tech and has really grown into her own in the last couple of years. She knows that you are watching over her and helping to guide her through her life's journey.

I am also doing well even though I miss you so much and can't help but wonder what all of our lives would be like today if you were still here with us. We are going to be moving to Arizona after Taylor graduates. It is time I was closer to my family. I know I told you that if anything ever happened to you I would move back to be with them. But when the time came I just could not leave you. I know now that you will be with me wherever I go and that I will never leave you behind. I will carry you in a special place in my heart that is reserved for only you. I love you and miss you so much and that will never change.

You will be forever in my heart. I love you,


February 27, 2014

Hey Daddy! It's been a while, huh? Next Thursday marks nine years that you've been gone. I know it will be a tough day, same as the last, but I'll get through it. I'm finally starting to deal with everything that I've kept bottled up for the past nine years. I guess I thought that keeping it all in made me strong. Maybe it did, but it sure didn't help me any. I know that I have an amazing support system and I mean truly amazing. I think its time that I let them help me.

I know that you've been watching over me, and that you know what has happened this past year, but I just want to give you a quick recap. I'm seventeen now, getting ready to graduate from high school (only 107 more days!). I have a job (Rue 21) and I've been accepted into college (Eastern New Mexico University.) I'm really excited to start the next chapter of my life, I just wish you could be here to start it with me. Even though you aren't physically here with us, I know you're still around. I think you'd be pretty proud of me and of all of us. Speaking of graduation, it's hard to think that I won't see you there. (Wow, this whole "feelings" thing is harder than I thought it would be.)

To be honest, there have been a few milestones that I wish you were there for. I wish you had been there cleaning your gun, no matter how embarrassed I would have been, when mom met my first boyfriend. I wish you had been there to tell me that I didn't need him and that I was better than him when we broke up (not that I didn't already know that, but it would've been nice to hear you say it.) I wish you had been there to celebrate getting my acceptance letter. I wish you could be here when I graduate. I wish you could be here for all of life's big moments. But the hard truth is that you won't be. And I have to learn to live with that. I know it will be tough and I know there will be times when I don't think I can handle it. But I will. Because that's what you taught me.

You taught me how to live. You taught me how to laugh. Most importantly, you taught me how to love. And these are the things that I hold on to. The memories and the lessons, the good and the bad. I've realized that I shouldn't focus on the things you won't be here to see because without everything you taught me, my life would never be as happy as it is now and will be in the future. We both know that mom had everything to do with constantly reminding me of these lessons that you taught us both, so I'd like to thank her as well. (I love you mom!)

So to conclude this reflection, I'd like to say thank you. For everything you taught me and for all of the memories. I would not be the person I am today without you. And, if I do say so myself, I'm proud of the person I have become. I know I have been given all of the necessary tools and I'm ready to put them to use. "It's a goofy thing but I just gotta say hey, I'm doing alright."

I love and miss you so much more than you could imagine. We all do. Nine years later and you still have not been forgotten. You never will be. I look forward to seeing you again someday. I love you, Daddy!

Your little girl <3

Taylor Jones

February 17, 2014

Was thinking about you today. I know you're doing well friend. Rest easy.

Bill Hunnell
former Hardeeville PD

February 3, 2014

Saw the marker for Cpl. Jones on my drive up to Massachusetts from Georgia. As I see the markers along my way, I make note of the names and look them up to learn about how they came to end their tour of duty. Thank you for sharing Cpl. Jones's story with me.

Natasha Hubbard

January 26, 2014

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