Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Charles Richard Thomas Haist

Henry County Police Department, Georgia

End of Watch Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Reflections for Police Officer Charles Richard Thomas Haist

Hey buddy. It's been over a year now and it still seems like yesterday. They put your name on the wall in Forsyth and in Washington. There you have it, you're finally famous. Ha Ha. I think every now and then about how we use to go out after roll call and stand in the parking lot. How's the wife, How's the kids, We've got to get together. How I wish we would have got together! I Know writing this will not bring you back, but it makes me feel better. You can't hide, you know me better than that. I know where you are. Let me finish down here and I'll see you soon. I miss you buddy!!!

Ofc. D.B. Gibbs
Henry County P.D. Same Watch Partner

June 9, 2006

Not a day goes by that I do not think about and miss you. Especially with summer starting. We used to have the most fun during the summers. Oh, the places we've been! Oh, the places yet to go. I wish you were here to experience them with us. Nothing will ever be the same without you here.
Love ya!

Brandy Mapp

June 1, 2006

I love you and I miss you very much!!!!

May 23, 2006

Hey man, I got back fron D.C. yesterday, and boy what an experience. I was honored to be there for you. I left a patch for you, and a small note. I continue to thank you for what you did for me. I hope I have done you proud. Please tell Sergeants Berry, and Gilbert, and Officer Chandler I said hello, and viewed their names as well. Take care friend.

Detective Sergeant V.T. Rosen
Henry County Police Department

May 17, 2006

Well we just returned from D.C. I cannot put into words what it was like. Seeing your name on the wall was bitter-sweet. I hate that it has to be there, but I am glad that there is a wall to honor you and all of the oter officers who gave their lives serving and protecting others. The candlellight vigil was sooooo amazing. To see all the thousands of candles lit in your honor, and to hear your name called in the roll call. There were several thousand officers from all over the world. It was so awesome to see the comrodery between all of them. I see why you loved it so much. Jay even said he wants to be a motorcycle cop when he grows up. Of course that could change, but it is easy to get caught up in it all. Especially because of how well we were treated by all of them (HCPD officers rock!) This was a very hard weekend for all of us, especially for you mom, dad and Kat. I believe this weekend was so important for them. I am so glad I got to be apart of it too. Monday at the capitol cannot even be put into words. David Wilhelm's brother sang the National Anthem with the US Capitol building as the background. I have never been more moved by the "Star Spangled Banner". Vince Gill sang "Go High Upon the Mountain". President Bush spoke, and then he spent time meating the families. They did the roll call where your mom put a flower in a wreath in your honor. That wreath was then taken to the wall. There were 2 more amazing songs and a police helicopter flyover. You would have loved it. Of course, you actually had a better seat than we did. There is a Police museum being built and will open in 2009. I want to be there for that. I hate that you had to leave us, but since you did, I am glad there is such recognition for your sacrifice. Your name will forever be engraved on a wall of honor in our nation's capitol. I am proud to be your cousin. I am glad that we had all the times we had together. I cherish all the memories. I love and miss you.

Brandy Mapp

May 16, 2006

We were in Washington this week with your family to see your name on the memorial wall. We enjoyed it very much. We now have a lot of enjoyable memories that we got to share with your family. It was an honor to be there and represent the department on your behalf. We still find ourselves telling stories about you every week. So you may be gone you will never be forgotten.

To the Haist Family
We both would like to say a big thank you to you guys for letting us be a part of this experience. And as we told you before we parted ways if you guys need anything you know how to get in touch with either of us.

Jeff and Amanda Maddox
Henry Co PD and Henry Co 911

May 16, 2006

I am not in Washington for you this week and i am sorry for that. You would have done anything in the world for me and I still love you and always will love you with all of my heart. I know this week is important for the reason that you are being honored in such high ranks but I will be at your grave side every day remembering you as though you were here. There will never be a better man than you on this earth and the people that know you and read your reflections will see this. You were so special in many ways. You were caring to people that needed your help, you were the cheerful one when people were having a bad day, you were the rock that so many people could lean on and I will never feel this way about anyone else. Thank you for the time you gave me on earth and I hope you have saved me a seat next to you in heaven. You will always be my boogies and i still cry at night thinking of you. Tell my dad and grandad hey and I know all 3 of you are watching out for me. I can say that i wouldn't have made it this far if you weren't. I love you so much and miss you so much! I want you to come home......

May 15, 2006

Blue Angle,
Well...I did it. I finished the 268 mile ride in your honor. I met your family for a brief moment. So much going on. I would like to speak with them again. I gave your sister the dog tag I had around my neck. It never came off until I met them. I heard your name in roll call and could not take it anymore. The ride was worth it. I felt at times i wanted to give up. I knew though I would have to dig deep and not give up since you did not give up on me. I know you were with me the entire trip and I thank you for that. To your family. They were very nice. I cant wait to talk to them again if possible. I will leave my e-mail address here for them. It is [email protected] Thank you sir for being a good guy. Thank you sir for doing what we love to do. I celebrate your life and will never forget you. I did not know you, but I feel very close now. Your always in my thoughts and Prayers Along with your family.

Officer Steven Bingenheimer
Newport News Police Department

May 15, 2006

Well bro. I hope you have adjusted to patrolling with your new wings. We sure miss having you here. It was good to see your family this weekend. They appear to holding up very well though we all wish we could have you back here. I cannot believe how much time has passed. I know several people are going to Washington this week for your induction. I cannot think of a more deserving soul to claim their fame than you. It is a privelege to have known you. Know that we think of you daily and we continue to pray for your family. Take care up there. We love you bro.

Greg Banks

May 10, 2006

We will be in Washington with honor and respect to hear your name read.

Linda Rittenhouse, Matt's Mom
Matthew Rittenhouse EOW 9/16/04

Linda Rittenhouse

May 2, 2006

I was just sitting here thinking about you and missing you. We leave next week to go to Washington, D.C. I am sure this is going to be so emotional. I am looking forward to seeing your name on the wall. I wish it did not have to be there. I have not decided what I am going to bring to leave at the wall. There are so many things that make me think of you. I am sure the perfect thing will come to me. I love you and still cannot believe you are gone. So much has happened in the last year. I hate that you have not been here to share in them. Of course, if it were not for you, we would not have been a part of a lot of them. We have been able to celebrate your life in so many ways. I think some of the things we have done have helped us cope with losing you. But, it doesn't get easier. I do not think it will ever feel normal that you are gone. We all miss you so much. Know that you are with all of us everyday in our hearts.

Brandy Mapp

May 2, 2006

thinking of you and your family


May 1, 2006

Hey Boogies, I love you so much! I am still trying to make it here without you. It is still so strange how I want to call you everytime something funny or weird happens just because I know you would get a kick out of it. I am doing much better, I have wonderful friends, and you would be proud of me but that doesn't change the fact that I will never see you again (until heaven of course), but that is going to always be something that I can not grasp. I love you and miss you very bad!!!!!!

April 29, 2006

I was just thinking about all the fun we had in class. I miss your smile and your hugs. I love you.

Linda Brewer

April 26, 2006

Well it was a great turn out Saturday in Fayetteville for the Memorial Ride, as they were doing role call my heart broke for you and your family, I wanted to hug them so bad but I didn't want to intrude, you are missed so much. We miss Blake so much too, I hope you guys are getting to know one another. Please know that you and the sacrifice you made will never be forgotten and to your family they are all in my prayers everday.

R.E.C.O.N. Intelligence Search and Rescue

April 24, 2006

Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you on your birthday. I wish you were here to celebrate. It is so hard to believe that this is the 2nd birthday without you here. You would be 34 today. You were too young to die. Of course they say, "only the good die young". You definately fit into that category. It just seems to me that the good should live long lives, and only the bad should die young. I think somebody got it wrong. Know that you are missed and loved today and everyday. Your birthday is precious, for with out it none of would have had the pleasure of knowing you. It is definately a day that should always be celebrated. You lived more life in 32 years than most people do in 80, and for that I am grateful. But, it still seems so unfair that you were taken away so abruptly, there was still so much for you to do. I guess it is now up to the rest of us to do whatever we know you would have wanted to do. I doubt that we will be able to do it quite like you would have, but my personal goal is to keep you alive by serving others as you did.

Brandy Mapp

April 9, 2006

Happy Birthday! I love you and miss you.

Linda Brewer

April 9, 2006


You and I had a friendship that will be charished even today. Your laugh and smile brought others not only close to you, but close to each other. You will be remembered for your courage and dedication to the law enforcement field. Your bravery will live on and your time here will live on because you go on through all of us true blue. Rest your heart now. You are at peace.

Officer James Robert Winningham, Jr.
Valdosta Police Department

April 5, 2006

Hey man,

I got word last week that Sgt. Maddox, and I will be sharing a room on the trip to Washington for you this year. One of the most memorable moments of my life was when he and I pinned your shield on you for the last time. It seems right that we will be sharing a room, just seems wrong that we need to be there in the first place. Chuck, we all miss you, and I am honored to go with your family to D.C. I know you will be there too. See you.

Detective Sergeant V.T. Rosen
Henry County Police Department

April 3, 2006

Blue Angel,
This year I ride for you. On May 10, 2006 you will be my motivation. You among many others have given the ultimate sacrifice. I don't know you but I know you look down on us and help protect us. In my thoughts and Prayers.
Officer Steven "Bing" Bingenheimer

Officer Steven Bingenheimer
Newport News Police Department

March 28, 2006

Well we had our first Ga. officer killed last week. It is so sad. Kat, Beth and I are going to the veiwing in Macon tomorrow. It helps us to be able to help others that are going through what we have already been through. We are also going to Savannah this weekend for a fallen officer's memorial bike ride. We are trying to make you proud by doing things in your memory. We love and miss you everyday. Especailly at family functions. We had a cookout this weekend for Beth, Kat and Jay's birthdays. You should have been there and included in the birthdays. I wonder if it will ever feel right again?
Somehow I doubt it.
I love you,

Brandy Mapp

March 27, 2006

To Officer Haist and his loved ones:

On this the thirteenth month following your tragic death, please know that your memory is honored and revered today.

My heart goes out to your family. You’re in our thoughts and our prayers.
I hope that our paths cross in D.C.

Officer Haist, you rescued us, saved our possessions, our lives and our families. You are one of the rare heroes among us. You were always there for us in the most traumatic moments of our lives. No matter when we called, we just expected that you would come and do whatever it took to help us, and you always met our expectations. Your selflessness and dedication are awe-inspiring.

This world, this country, your community truly are better places because of you. To have lost you is a great tragedy, an irreplaceable, immeasurable loss for society. We are grateful for and to you, and honor you for all you did for us day in and day out whether you received a word of thanks or praise.

Rest in Peace, Officer Haist. I am so sorry that your life was taken at such a young age.

This reflection is sent with the utmost respect for the distinquished service Officer Haist gave to his community and the citizens of Georgia, and for the supreme sacrifice he and his family made on February 16, 2005.

Phyllis Loya, mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater, Pittsburg PD, eow 4/24/05

March 16, 2006

Another "Birthday Season" is approaching, and I cannot believe it will be the second one without you here. You are still missed and thought about so much. My heart hurts when I hear certain songs, see certain movies, eat at certain restaraunts, and many other things that remind me of you. The Washington trip is coming up soon. We are working on raising money so we can all go. I am going to take Jay out of school to go, I think it will be something he (or any of us) will never forget. I hope you know that you will live on through all of us. We are all trying to follow in your footsteps and make the world a better place. You inspired and touched so many people. We want to honor you by doing the same.

Brandy Mapp

March 14, 2006

To Chuck and his family:

I did not know you but my husband JR Winningham used to work with you at HCPD. It is kind of ironic how I know about you. Deputy Blake Gammill who lost his life on 2/24/05 was a very dear friend to me. His ex-wife and I are best friends and they have two precious little girls together. JR and I was talking about Blake the other day and he told me all about you. He has spoke of you before, but I never put it all together until I was leaving a reflection on Blake's page and saw a reflection from your family to Blake. I know you were an awesome officer and loved what you did. Every day that JR leaves to go to work I say a prayer for him and hope and pray that I never get another call like I did the night Blake left us. Your family and friends are in my thoughts. JR and I will keep you in our thoughts always. I know you are up in Heaven with Blake. Please tell him I miss him very much and that I'm taking good care of his baby girls with Brande. Please keep a watch over us and PLEASE keep a close watch on JR and protect him every time he gets in his patrol car. Thank you for being you!

Kristie Winningham
wife of JR Winningham (former HCPD officer)

Kristie Winningham

March 3, 2006

Chuck, last Friday night (2/24/06) Kat, your mom, Susan, my mom, Beth, Jonathan, Jennifer and I attended the 3rd annual Henry County NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet. They have inducted an award named after the first African American US Marshall, Bass Reeves. You were the first receipiant of the award. We were so honored that they choose you to be the first. Of course, you would not have it any other way. The banquet was beautiful and we all had a good time. It gave us a chance to be together and celebrate your life and accomplishments once again. By the way, you got 2 standing ovations. We are all so proud of you. We all miss you so much, and would trade all of this to have you back. But, events like this remind us that you will always be with us.

Love ya cuz,

Brandy Mapp

March 2, 2006

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